Recall Alert: 2014 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500

2014 Ram 1500 II

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 11,000 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups manufactured in the third quarter of 2013 are affected, many of which are on dealer lots already.

The Problem: Instrument-cluster backlighting on some midlevel trim packages may function intermittently. Federal regulations require all information displays be clearly legible. Some instrument clusters with a digital memory may not activate as intended.

The Fix: Chrysler Group engineers will update the cluster software at no charge to customers.

What Owners Should Do: The recall is expected to begin next month when the Chrysler Group will notify all affected customers and dealers about the specific trucks. For more information, customers can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403.



@ HEMI V8 The Ford camp is desperate? Are you old enough to drive because your comments are ridiculous. Desperate is not out selling Ram almost 3 to 1. There is a reason for this.

I state why I have given up on Ram/Dodge. The last three trucks have been awful from major issues to unsettling unfixable minor issues. I have several friends who encounter the same problems ... some gave up on Ram/Dodge others have not and live with it.

I have owned Roadrunners and raced dusters and have bought a fair chunk of dodge and ram trucks..... When a work vehicle is down it cost time and money...let alone frustration! I took my trucks to several dealers for answers ,complained to Chrysler and got no where.... the writing was on the wall and after much research I gave up my MOPAR loyalty and have been quite happy with Ford.

Trucks cost a lot of coin if you get a decent Ram enjoy it because there are many unhappy owners that I know of and not so much in the ford crowd.

At this point I could care less about brand and just want a truck to do what it's intended use is and have reliability.

Usually, diesel engines are extremely reliable and last much longer than gas engines. Not so with the Ford F250, Ford F350, Ford F450 and Ford F550 trucks equipped with 6.0 liter and 6.4 liter diesel engines. These engines are extremely problematic and have resulted in many California Lemon Law claims. The problems with these engines include, but are not limited to – check engine light continuously illuminated; defective turbo charger/CAC tubes; defective EGR systems; oil leaks; defective fuel injectors; blows black and white exhaust; lack of power; stalling; surging; sluggish; etc. Many of these engines exhibit more than one of these problems. Ironically, the 6.0 liter diesel and 6.4 liter diesel engines are made for towing but seem to exhibit most of their problems under load.

@HEMI V8 - you forgot to post the source of your cut and paste.
You actually think that a law firm advertising on the internet to be a valid source of reliable information?

@Lou BC,

What a BIG TIME loser that HEMI TROLL is, wow, that is amazing.

Today's vehicles are amazing compared to just a few years ago.
Imagine every bolt is engineered. Torque specked. Etc....
Their is a lot that goes into these vehicles. Vehicles today are so much more dependable as well. More powerful and capable then ever. People need to stop the nit picking. Realize how good we have it now. :) Can't wait for my new truck and car.

still better than my 2012 Chevy duramax now thats a POS! big time. the Ram is my next option

Just bought a 2014 Dodge 6.7 2 days ago and problems already lights not working or when ever they want. truck not running and keys in the house the lights started flashing on and off for no reason, I am working on getting by 2003 Silverrado back and they can keep there Dodge

I just recently purchased a 2014 Ram 1500 (1 week ago). The Navigation display is already exhibiting intermittent backlighting. I called the number mentioned above and all that they can tell me is that Chrysler has issued a 'Corporate Statement' but no formal Safety Recall has been issued yet. It is coming but until then, those of us that are experiencing the problem have to endure it until the dealerships are notified and a course of action is in place.

my 2013 bighorn instrument fashes clicks and turns right off as im driving... very dangerous!!! its like its resetting itself..... be careful owners! it takes your attn off the road real quick as u think somethings failed...... starting to happen more and more..

Why so manny haters pick the truck you like and enjoy it, if somebody doesn't like it tell em to buzz off its not their truck it's yours as long as u like it who cares. All the brands a good trucks and they all have their quirks

I've got a 06 2500 had the usual... Ball joints, stearing box,built tranny to handle more power(and cause it was slipping at 127k) and of course on my third tie rod because the re-designed one is a damn road hazard! But that being said, it's been chipped since new,(a few more mods by now) chased coyotes down across the sagebrush, burned more tires off the rim than most have ever wore out,overloaded, and towed a 5 th wheel past most of my friends ford and chevy trucks (that they have traded for new ones by now, in fact it's kind of a tradition, buy a new truck- get its a$$ kicked buy the old dodge) but they gotta try. Is it perfect.... Hell no, but I've broken plenty of fords and Chevys too! I don't know what my next one will be but I bet it will be the perfect truck for me

I love my RAM. I did a search to see if there were any recalls. I professionally fish. Love how RAM supports this industry with sponsorship / advertising.
I love everything about the new truck ... especially the touch screen display.

Third day of ownership of my new Ram 1500. Check Engine Light came on the first day and is still on. Holiday weekend so no dealer check until tomorrow. Runs good and everything works. Kinda gives me the creeps though. I hope I made the right choice.

2013 ram 1500 seized transmission while driving at 3300 miles and just blew a fuel line off the fuel tank today in my driveway at 5400 miles Gas everywhere. Towed to the dealer. Glad I got a ten year warranty but I'm getting tired of driving the loaner car every few thousand miles. Ten years is a long time!

Jason Noble, have the same issue...bringing it in tomorrow morning....what was the issue?

I have 2014 3500 ram truck ! DEF system is not working proper truck sat at dealership for three weeks now $86000 worth of truck sitting cause so many other recalls . Now having said that when your truck or car are broke down there all junk at that moment but it's life they built them to break down or wear out ..... I have f150 love it have 2013 chev love it till they break down ...... Thanks for reading

I own a 2004 ram 3500 with 295,000 k on it. Tows two trailers both large and heavy. Ive only had one problem with this truck since new, all the injectors clogged and the truck was dead. Had it towed to sacramento and imler diesel fixed it. It took 1400 to get the truck out of dodge dealer, then towed to sac. This is what i wanted to say, this is my second dodge diesel and i could not afford to own any other truck. Hopefully soon i will be able to order a new one. If you dont earn at least 150,000 k a year you have to business owning a ford, cause when warranty is gone your gonna need it. As far as a new chevy diesel, i never look twice at them.

2016 Ram Rebel have the same problem. Nice to see FIAT Chrysler "fixing" problems.

I have electrical issues one right after the other. At least one cylinder was not firing engine got that fixed, It shut down and would not start, Passenger side high beam only works when it wants to, Lights will not shut off by switch after a long delay it will shut off but sometimes comes back on. The transmission does not shift properly. The engine has very little power pulling a trailer. I do not recommend purchasing a Dodge the manufacture does everything they can to get out of backing the warranty and will do nothing afterwards even when it is a manufacture defect.

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