Spied: 2014 Power Wagon Models Big Changes

Ram PW 1 II

Photos by KGP Photography

Once the standard Ram 2500 heavy duties got the new rear coil spring suspension, it was only a matter of time before the special Power Wagon package adopted the change. It makes perfect sense that a rock-crawling beast like the Power Wagon would want to move to the more agile and flexible coil springs, but the bigger changes may be what's under the hood.

The fact that our spy sources seem to be fairly certain there will be a new 6.4-liter Hemi (now with cylinder deactivation) bodes well for the future of the truck, as we're guessing Ram will be able to promote better fuel economy numbers. Ram might even be able to lower (numerically) the ring-and-pinion gears from the troublesome 4.56:1 gearing of previous models. Here's what our spies told us.

"We just got our best look yet at the revamped Ram Power Wagon being readied for the 2014 model year. The new Power Wagon gets new blackout headlight clusters with projector beams and an LED strip. The grille gets a heavy chrome treatment in conjunction with the familiar Power Wagon graphics package.

“The 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 replaces the 5.7-liter unit, good for 410 horsepower and 429 pounds-feet of torque. A new coil-link suspension setup will also find its way into the rear suspension. The air suspension system that's optional in other Ram 2500 models will reportedly not be offered on Power Wagon models. There may be additional improvements over-and-above the current Power Wagon, but only time will tell how deep the overhaul goes.”

Ram PW 5 II

Ram PW 4 II

Ram PW 3 II


Man, the Cummins ISV 5.0 would be perfect in the Power Wagon...

Looks like RAM is offering enthusiasts a 3/4 ton performance option that shines both on and off the pavement. Their innovative work with the drivetrains and rear suspension raises the bar for other makers in my opinion.

Nice truck! I like it & the new drivetrain imprvements!

Like the package, but the big, lame POWER WAGON decals are a bit too...80s for me

Ditto Big Ike

Love the truck and the improvement. HATE, HATE, HATE the decals! Hate the Raptor decals too.

First they had a death wobbling front end, now they are going to have a death wobbling rear end. Shake baby shake. I will keep my leaf springs thank u.

Your "spy sources" need to catch up... the projector headlights and LED taillights were available for 2013 models (PW SLT and PW Laramie trim; PW Tradesman has the regular head/taillights), and Chrysler announced the 6.4L and rear coils for the Power Wagon back on June 28 in a formal Chrysler press release.

Just as important are the changes to the front end- the 5-link is being replaced with radius arm geometry, although with two-piece arms and an extra bushing to control/allow axle twist. I'm sure one of the 4x4 publications will compare the '13 and '14 soon enough.

I agree with top poster... They should offer the v-8 Cummins as an option on this one. Nice truck.

The only news here is the tire shown on the mule. Goodyear Duratracs would be an upgrade from the BFG ATs used previously on the PW.

That's one BAD MACHINE!!! SFA and tucked up Frames for THE WIN! STRONG Steel! PAINTED FRAMES! ROUND WHEELWELLS that FIT Tires!!! And now THIS? Sorry Chevy, you SUCK now.

I like the look of the current Ram, but this "special edition" truck I would be embarrassed to drive.

Good looking truck. The name Power Wagon should be dumped though.

I like the mechanical changes, but the stickers are horrible and the LED strips should not be on off road trucks. On any brand. I'll be glad when the "LED eye liner" phase is over.


Yeah, those massive radius arms hanging nice and low are going to do wonders for this truck getting hung up. Get real. Strong steel? Tell me you aren't talking about the body. Pretty sure it uses an aluminum hood set up like the 1500...

Painted frames, pish that is just decorative hype, its a frame who cares how it looks. GM has been dipping their frames in wax for a longtime and very very rarely do you see rust problems. Yes there is some surface rust but it better helps fight structural rust (ie holes). Google Dodge frame rust and tons of stuff comes up. Ditto with GM and Ford, but check out later model GM trucks (last 20 years) and you won't find very much structural frame rust.

Everyone knows Dodge makes the best trucks (sense the sarcasim there?) and the sales show it. #3

looks like the GM guys are trying their hardest to find issues with Rams, since their trucks are not fairing well with the public, nice work ram

That Power Wagon is a HOSS of a rig. Ram is making some serious hardware.

I have to admit that is one sexy truck ! I wonder if they take wife's in as trade in. Who needs a wife with such a hot truck. Hello baby !

That muffler/ exhaust looks a bit lost . part from that it's hot.

Coil springs will not haul the weight that leaf springs do. That is a fact! Back in the 60's my dad's Chevy 3/4 ton pickup had coil springs and he had to put air bags in them to haul our truck camper.

Power Wagon! Great to see that name again. The last time I saw that name was when I was pulling my brother in law's Power Wagon backwards when our trucks were hooked up butt to butt. That was the last Power Wagon he ever owned. I guess I shamed him!


I think we can all agree that Greg just had the biggest fail post of the year. CONGRATS

@greg, LMAO


I've been looking really hard at buying 2500/3/4 ton truck to replace my current 2011 half ton. If I do go 2500 I will go with a plane jane Ram Power Wagon with a Cummins swap or a Chevy Duramax with a soild axle swap. My 1500/1/2 ton Chevy gets the job done with no problems other then normal wear and tear items, but there are times I am more then likely a little over loaded. Any way it be awesome if they would build both trucks the way I plan to change them from the factory.

Good afternoon, Greg.
Give the coils a chance, I am skeptical of them too, but lets not be too hasty. I do not think that Ram would be stupid enough (though sometimes you do wonder, especially with the drop of the 1500 cummins to Nissan) to set up a system on a towing vehicle that does not work just as well if not better than the leaf spring system they have. I believe that there is a chance of them being good enough for any job, especially considering they designed them for load. Check out PUTC's review on it. And hey, we can't deny that trains use them too!!!!

And BTW: On the second post of yours, sorry, not a fan of comments like that. Keep things like that for your bar buddies.

Greg: also don't forget that pull off might not be so easy with the higher torque figures from the new 6.4L Hemi.

@ big mistake: Rear death wobble? Really?! The "death wobble" you speak of, correctly known as shimmy was related to improper angles of the steering system. AKA, the drag link, cross-car tie rod (toe-in or toe-out condtions,) and steering stabilizer (usually a worn one.) Explain to me how the rear of the truck would have any type of shimmy issues?

@ greg: How is a 1960's Chevy 3/4 ton even remotely relevant to the discussion of 2014 RAM 2500 HD rear coil sprung trucks? The 2014 RAM 2500 uses progressive rate coils made to support the additional weight of a load. The 1960's Chevy you speak of did not. In addition, the RAM also has something the 1960's Chevy lacked: a rear stabilizer bar. It helps immensely in controlling weight transfer during handling maneuvers...

@nitro We'll see where GM stands when Ford and Ram stop throwing 12-9,000 dallors on the hood to move their trucks.

@Yessir TFL has said the GM 2500s rode better then the 2500 Ram coil trucks. I don't know if the Ram rides better or not have yet to test one but will be soon.


Looks like they maybe changing the tires from BFG All-Terrain T/A's to Good Year MTR's as well.

I always loved the Power Wagons I actually like the retro decals.

@ johnny doe: TFL says the Chevy HD rides better than the link coil RAM 2500? Maybe at one point of the video. They also refer to shocks during the video as dampeners, and use the expression 'dampening force.' Shock absorbers are dampers. D-A-M-P-E-R-S. You absolutely sure you want to trust their 'expert' opinion? If I recall watching that video when it was released, one of the guys flip-flops his remarks on the ride of the trucks... I would watch it again to tell you exactly when and what was said, but it would be far too painful for me to have to watch again because they were so terrible.

Nice work RAM. This thing will be even better off road. The 4:10 ring and pinions are nearly confirmed- other sources have made the same claim. I hope the PW trim is available on the lower trim level like again like the recent version. As others have stated- please ditch the decals. Maybe a no cost "decal delete" option is the best way.

Yea,get rid of those decals,and that teenie muffler,and put the new diesel and a 6-SPEED, then you have a POWER WAGON!!!!

@RamTruckGuy No I wouldn't trust them a full 100% But they are use to driving and riding in a wide range of vehicles, as to pickuptrucks.com only riding/drive the few trucks and vans the auto companies offer. Granted the TFL guys are not full blown hard core truck guys, but they offer a honest opinion about ride and handle and drive a lot more different vehicles so they have a good idea about ride and handle.

This is a Match made in Heaven. I use to own a 2006 Power Wagon. Got it when it was brand new with 53 original miles. Had to cough it up in 09 do to me not being able to afford the gas. I was averaging 10mpg. Once the 1500 came out I posted on here that I wish they would do that to a Power Wagon. And if they did I would get one again. Well guess who's getting a Power Wagon??? Haha!!! For those who haven't drove one. Don't compare it to any other truck on the market. Because there is no other truck on the market on its level. And I'm not talking towing or payload or horsepower, even thou it has plenty of each. I'm talking about a truck that can go almost anywhere you want. I mean anywhere. I took so many off road trips in that Bad Boy. I would go up Mountain trails with fallen trees in the way. I'd just bust out the wench and remove them. I remember one time me and a couple buddies were passing by a mountain type hill. I mean this hill was big and steep. I stopped as we were driving by and I told my friends, "How much you wanna make a bet I can climb that???" They looked at me as if I was crazy. As I turn on my Front and Rear locks, I could just tell they just did think I was crazy, they themselves were scared. As I began to approach the bottom of the hill and started creeping. 25 minutes later we were starring at the towns around the the town we were in. This truck is made for Adventures. And if you are not and outdoorsmen. It's a crime to buy one. This truck literly begs to be taken off-road. The only thing that I hated about it was them Leaf-Springs. When you disconnected the sway bar. The front wheels go over them rocks so smoothly until the rear wheels goes over them. At times my head would hit the ceiling. Cause I would forget about the rear aren't disconnected. Haha!!! I'm glad the flaw had been deleted.

@Tyler, you're nuts. GM not having rust problems? Tell that to these guys going after GM in a lawsuit. I see the same thing here. They are rustbuckets to the tenth degree. You must work for GM or be their apologist spokesman for the beancounter department who sources third world quality steel.. Surface rust my ass. Chevy/GM's are the worst for rust there is with Dodge as second. Toyota cheaped out on frames for a bit but at least they stood behind them unlike GotvMotors. And you back your statement up with an aluminum hood? Seriously? Nobody cares about the hood. It may as well be fiberglass or plastic. It's a damn hood. In a truck, it's all about the bed. And when it comes to a HD, nobody wants halfshafts and drop low frames with T-bars. They want old school SFA's and high frames that are painted. Like Chevy and GM did 88 and prior. This company lost their way a long long time ago due to cost cutting measures and that's a fact. I remember in 90/91 reading about them possibly filing for bankruptcy that year. Funny, that was about the time everything went down the tubes for good. They banked on their truck loyalists (mainly Chevy) and took them for granted. It's come back to bite them in the ass bro.


@Emilio Palacios
"I would go up Mountain trails with fallen trees in the way. I'd just bust out the wench and remove them."

Wow. Where did you find a "wench" strong enough to move trees......... and how do you get away with calling her a "wench".
lots of booze must help?

I don't mind the "Simon and Simon" graphics. Like anything - it is an option.
Coils will be good for this truck. The "leafs are better than coils" types ie. Greg don't know what they are squawking about. The only real negative to coils is that they do not tolerate overloading like leaf springs.
I'm sure Greg used to say that drum brakes were the best ever until GMC started using rear discs.
Using Duratrac's makes much more sense than the BFG's.

Dodge need to change the front grill design,,,,

I like the truck, they need to get rid of the little muffler hanging down in the back side ways though. I hate how dodge does that on thier trucks.

LOLOL@Tyler!!! MUST be a GMI DORK for Buick and GovtMoCo'Obama trucks. Go BACK to the GM Playground and talk about your latest Buick China Trim OR GovtMoCo DENALI!!!! Maybe that rebadge Holden joke! Only REAL MEN are allowed on PUTC. That would be a FEW Select Chevy Guys! LOL!! Ford-Dodge-Toyota ALL OWN GovtMoCo and Chevrolet trucks now!

I like the truck, they need to get rid of the little muffler hanging down in the back side ways though.

@John, I AGREE with You! I had that fixed the day after I bought my new truck!!!

Looking at it's overall lowish capabilities this is really a huge SUV. It would make a good tow vehicle.

It would be a pain in the a$$ to park at the shopping mall. A Raptor is a far better truck for the 'show offs'.

If you are an off roader I wouldn't buy it as their are many better performing off road vehicles around.

This is the vehicle that hopefully the 1/2 ton V8 Cummins Titan will challenge.

I don't like the rims, I don't understand why manufacturers fit poor looking rims to vehicles and it still has an ugly Korean looking front end.

I think most sales would be to the kind of person who says "Look at me, I'm a successful and better Red Neck than you, my truck is bigger".

I'll give this truck a 4 out of ten score. The Raptor I would give a 6 out of 10 score.

'Coils will be good for this truck. The "leafs are better than coils" types ie. Greg don't know what they are squawking about. The only real negative to coils is that they do not tolerate overloading like leaf springs.
I'm sure Greg used to say that drum brakes were the best ever until GMC started using rear discs.'

@Lou, so true. Funny, Chevrolet used coils back in the 50's,60's and early 70's. They even used disc brakes from the 99-07 800's. Then when they quit due to cost cutting measures, their fanboi's come out and babble how those things never mattered. Yet then Chevrolet-GM brings them back and those same fanbois praise it. Which is it? Are disc brakes good or bad?? Are the coils good or bad? This stupidity is common among the redneck GMC guys in this neck of the woods but the Chevrolet guys? Wow.

Lou_BC, are you mocking me and calling me a liar???

Lou_BC is a very angry and miserable person.

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