The King of Beasts Tow Test Is Live

1 Two Truck Road II

It took us months to put this one together and almost two weeks to complete our 1,600-mile journey with more than 24,000 pounds strapped to the back end of two behemoth pickup trucks, but we did it. We pulled the two biggest animals out of the jungle and threw them into a single cage-match-style fight; last year's towing champion (by the numbers), the monster-sized Ford F-450, versus this year's on-paper champion, the 2013 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty. 

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Why did somebody drive the Ram on hi-beams at day?

The Ram had been driving all night, and they just forgot to turn the highbeams off when the sun come up.

Before I go read the details of the test, I'd like to mention that I saw one of these '14 Ford SDs involved in a collision today. Interestingly, there was surprisingly little visible damage on the front end--nothing a new fender, hood and nose cap couldn't fix body-wise, but the poor beast dumped all of its coolant in the 50 feet it took to drive from the impact point in an intersection to the median where it parked in the grass. To me that doesn't say a lot for how well it was engineered. The fender wasn't even buckled, just crushed in a few inches as was the right corner of the hood and the right side of the grill surround and headlamp assembly. It just seems hard to believe the impact ruptured the radiator when in most cars and trucks it's well behind the grill.

I know the old chevy 3500 is no match. Give the little boys a chance. LOL.

Those fools at Ford and GM better be taking notes.





I saw a Chevy and a Ram in an accident today. They both buckeled into a pretzel. What poor engineering, right Vulpine? LMAO.

Crash to pickup face to face and bolt look like a can off coke ??? But a car is different truck is heavy daaaa,,,

I saw a Chevy and a Ram in an accident today. They both buckeled into a pretzel. What poor engineering, right Vulpine? LMAO.

Posted by: Frank | Oct 15, 2013 9:26:01 AM


Congratulations Ram! Good job Ford for still being capable.

Frankly, I am glad to see Ford making such big improvements. The Cummins still has the advantage for MPG, torque, and RWHP.

In an ideal world, Ford would put the Cummins in their truck. Ram by itself is nothing without the Cummins; Cummins makes the truck.

Without the cummins it would be .....a.....a......ram 1500 truck of the year! Don't get cocky cause the 6.0 hasn't blown the heads off ...... Yet, it will. But seriously they are all improving every year and the competition is good for all fanboys no matter what your flavor and o ya good job ford f 450 you almost ran with a fiat 3500 nice to see the improvement

I like better the ram its have better torque and it can tow more than what anyone expect I have trust ram for so many years and it never fails so I consider that ram are the best trucks

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