Toyota Celebrates 10 Years of Building Trucks in Texas

Tundra line photo II

In celebration of its 10-year anniversary of making pickup trucks at its San Antonio manufacturing plant, Toyota has donated 10 trucks to various charities in the San Antonio area. This "10 for 10" program is Toyota's way of giving back to the community where it has spent 10 years. Currently the Texas plant produces midsize Tacomas and full-size Tundras.

It was 2003 when Toyota announced it would build pickups in San Antonio; just 10 years later it celebrated manufacturing its 1 millionth vehicle there — a 2014 Tundra 1794 Edition CrewMax — where it now makes more than 200,000 pickups each year and employs more than 2,900 workers. The plant cost $2.2 billion to build, and there are 21 suppliers onsite to help with any production or trim changes that may be necessary.

The nonprofits and institutions that received either a Tacoma or Tundra were:

  • Christian Senior Services Meals on Wheels
  • Floresville Independent School District
  • Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio
  • Northside Independent School District
  • San Antonio College, Challenger Center
  • San Antonio Fire Department
  • San Antonio River Foundation
  • Somerset Independent School District
  • Southwest Independent School District
  • South San Antonio Independent School District


Though I have no plans to ever buy a Toyota, congrats to Toyota and Texas for helping improve the suffering economy.

Great Job Toyota

Alex: I would have to agree with you, however one could make the mistake, if not told in advance of the video, that this was an F-150 being built, until of cause the front view is shown!

Yeah 10yrs of Profits going oversees... Anyone buying a Toyoda should be ashamed of themselves.

For those who say they making jobs BS, those men and women have talents that others do not they would of found jobs either way.

Buy Ford or GM, where the profits stay here in America for American Expansion.

It's good to see a company donating to charitable organisations.

It doesn't matter what brand the vehicle is, if it makes it easier for the charity it's a plus for the neighbourhood.

All American, the Tundra is the second most American Truck, just behind the F-150. Its a global economy buddy, a lot of the profit going overseas gets invested right back in America with new plants, new jobs, and other interests.

Oh and I will buy a GM that is made in the US., I won't buy a Crew Cab Chevy thats made in Mexico, Let me tell ya, your really supporting the American worker thier.

What a fugly truck, but not as fugly as a Super Duty or F-150.

@Andy because of people like you and the way you think, America is being chip away little by little. All I'm saying is buy American GM or Ford, where the Profit stays here in America. Do you really want to see the Japanese Own our Land and take-over, come on now.

Even if GM have trucks in Mexico, that's a business move you know why Profits. More Profits in American enables more opportunities for us Regular guys who live here.

Profits is what it's all about, you think Toyoda sells Tundras in Japan or other parts of the World no because there's no Profits for them.

All I'm saying is support an American Company founded here in the United States of America...

Darn, I went down too far and my eyes caught the comments part of the article. I try to avoid the negativity most of these articles generate so I tend to avoid them. Aside from that another great report by!

Not big fan of the present toyota , but that could change when they bring in a completely new Thundra .
Great to see Toyota investing in the Great state of Texas .

All American I like to support the US workers so I buy things made by Americans like the Toyota Tundra plain and simple. You can't win your argument about buying American Made so you talk about profits but you have no idea what money goes back to Japan and what stays here or what gets invested here. What I like to here is who puts American workers to work. Thier are a lot of US companies like Tide soap for example, its made here but its owned by Unilever a British company.

@Andy Wrong again Tide Soap is own by an American Company Procter & Gamble.

When Profits go overseas it hurts American, so anyone contributing to those Profits going overseas is going against America... Plain & Simple




This is good reading wonder why those jobs didn't stay in the U.S.

Good grief "AllAmerican," when are you going to grow up and leave the juvenile trolling behind. You sound like such a imbecilic moron when you post.

As far as the article, kudos to the Toyota corporation not only for their donations to the nonprofit and other organizations but also for playing a part in a vibrant and growing Texas economy.


The problem is, the truck hasn't changed in the entire time they've been building the Tundra in Texas. They need a completely new fuel efficient drivetrain to even be a threat in the marketplace for 2014 and they don't have it.


I wonder what kind of fuel he puts in his truck and what kind of tv he watches as he lays in bed at night, because AllAmerican hates to see any profits leave America. He's living in a limited and unrealistic world. It's not 1950 anymore and even the "domestics" know this. Time to wake up to the 21st century my friend...

If America was a business-friendly environment, we would have American electronics companies, camera companies, computer companies, and appliance companies. When there is a choice, I will try to support American owned and made, when there isn't, well then I have no choice. To label someone a hypocrite because he or she bought a foreign-made good when there was no choice is just wrong. However, if you don't care whether you support American made and/or owned, that is your prerogative. The American government has to stop promoting socialism and be business friendly like it once was. China has 12 car companies and it is an upward trend! With all the regulations and unions America has, no wonder it is down to just 2! (Downward trend unfortunately!).

No matter how you twist it, Toyota is NOT an American company, and true Americans can not take pride in Toyota!

Anyone who blindly says "Profits leave America" has absolutely no clue as to how money circulates.
The USA has faced its "Fiscal Cliff" several times recently.
Borrowed money.
Foreign counties like China own a large portion of that debt.

I bet that China alone is generating more money off the interest on that debt than the profits of any of the so called American auto companies.

Congratulations to Toyota for investing in the USA and contributing to the national USA economy as well as the local economy.

@Alex, "With all the regulations and unions America has, no wonder it is down to just 2! (Downward trend unfortunately!)."

Ya, Lets let Toyota make all the money. Get rid of those unions that give medical and pension plans for retirement. Once those workers retire we can just have the tax payer foot the bill. Medicare and social security. You nit whit. Toyota isn't even union. Do they charge you less for their truck? Hell no!

Here is an interesting quote,

"At some point, Americans have to understand that people in other countries are willing to work harder for less. And if that continues, Americans’ real incomes will fall further. It is called global competition."

The author never mentions unions but that group has priced itself out of many markets. One of the big reasons why the USA auto companies ran into severe financial trouble is due to unions. 20 years ago I read an article where an expert referred to the "Big 3" as retirement trusts masquerading as car companies. Contracts were/are untenable. The bailout ended up being aimed at the UAW more than the car companies themselves.

Hemi, Ram isn't union. Fiat makes their HD, Power Wagon and RC in Mexico paying the workers 25 cents an hour. Does Ram charge less? hec no!

Thank God that the Tundra plant isn't unionized--I wouldn't want bottles and blunts littering the cab when I buy a new one... The reason they cost more is because they are better built and all of the major components aren't outsourced to Mexico or other low wage 3rd world countries--like hemi engines... .

Foreign Cars Made in America: Where Does the Money Go?

Do Their U.S. Operations Support the American Economy?

Somebody needs to become President of Mexico, make minimum wage $100 per hour, and have socialized everything. That will send all the illegals back there and the jobs back here.

@James, Good point. I am a union worker. Do you think I am happy that the big 3 build cars and trucks in MEXICO? HELL NO!
I don't know how this was allowed to happen.

"people put too much emphasis on where a car is built. The country where a car is built only gets roughly 20% of the profits. The other 80% goes back to wherever the company is from."

"The constant war between the Domestics and the Japanese cars is a horribly uphill battle for the Domestics. American car companies have to pay for retirement, benefits, health insurance, etc. to every single person they employ. Toyota and Honda, however, do not have to pay for any of that. That is because their workers are not unionized. It costs GM roughly $5,000 more per car than Toyota or Honda."

@Dav, So only union employees smoke dope and drink?

"Finding Your Bottom Line
The U.S. holdings and employment of the three domestic carmakers easily outstrip those of overseas car companies."
ie: Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, etc...

@HEMI V8 - typical - did you read the information on the link you provided? or maybe you did but are unable to understand any of it.

Where did you get the "The country where a car is built only gets roughly 20% of the profits. The other 80% goes back to wherever the company is from."

This is where the "profits leave the country" argument goes down the toilet.
What about a "foreign company's investments in a country?
Lets look at Toyota.
Capital Projects: 18 billion
Wages............: 2.1 billion
Dealer network :5.6 billion
Parts and materials:25 billion

It looks like Toyota has made roughly 9 billion in the USA so far in 2013.
If you are correct and 80% leaves the USA, that means 7.2 billion goes to Japan.

BUT Toyota put 50.7 billion into the USA economy.

One can fixate on the part that looks bad i.e. "profits leaving the country" or wake up and look at the really important part - the amount they spent in the USA.

Again - Ford and GMC and Chrysler spend more but they are much bigger in the USA. Proportional to their size - it is pretty close.

" unable to understand any of it."

Oh i understand it. Buy one of the big three.

@All Amercian
Only for America?

It they make them in right hand drive you will be getting the 4.5 V8 twin turbo diesel.

At the moment they are grey imports and expensive. Hopefully Toyota imports them.

Time to find a new truck site I think. I had enough of this.

Gub Guk & Gory can scream like to typical baby but that doesn't change the fact that ram truck fall apart almost as fast as Tundra. Very few of the tundras built in 2003-2004 still run. Very few 2003-2004 rams haven't been overhauled. The only trucks worth anything is the same ones that sold 80 years ago, Chevy's and Fords, all the rest are posers driven by wanna-bees.

@TJ actually, you are 100% wrong.

If you look at trucks from the early 2000s, the Fords and GMs are the WORST of the bunch. Cam phasers dead, spark plugs that won't come out, electrical fires, piston slap every morning, valvetrain failure, rear ends spinning bearings, etc. Just utter garbage.

On the other hand, Dodge trucks from that era are still running strong. The Hemi and the 4.7 both have proven to be incredibly tough engines. The bodies are not rusting. The frames are strong and are doing well. There are very few electrical issues reported. The gas mileage is miserable, but the trucks are very high quality.

Apparently you don't know jack s*** about trucks.

Lol if all the Toyota profits go overseas, then all the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram profits must go to Italy... And all of GM’s profits must be going to Obama…. And all of Fords profits must be going to the banks that lent them all that money during the bailout……

Seriously though, Toyota is a publically traded company, so profits get paid out in dividends to shareholders around the world. Paychecks go to workers and suppliers that are right here in America.

WXman is right, not only do I see tons of late 90s and early 2000 Rams on the road, but I also see tons of first gen Tundra’s (Pre-2007) still running also. I see these trucks specifically towing lawn trailers daily, which proves these trucks DO have the reliability and build quality. Kudos to the early Rams and first gen Tundra’s, these are the only older trucks that I see in my city that still tow daily for work and have nearly no rust on the bed sides. The same cannot be said for older GM Trucks.

Ouch: Toyota Gets Burned Again With 885,000-Vehicle Recall

P.S. My 2003 Dodge Ram is looking and running great. ;)

Hmmm...I own a bunch Toyota ADR and gets pay dividends. Looks like profit do come to the US of A. I just depends on the who owns the stock.

The brand bashing is petty and juvenile.
Some model years do have more problems than others but it varies.

@John - Chrysler profits are stuck in a "trust fund" until Fiat buys out the remaining VEBA stock. VEBA and Fiat cannot agree so a court date has been set in roughly a years time.
Once Fiat buys out VEBA they can access Chrysler's "pot of gold". The ironic thing is that it most likely will not go to Fiat head office in Italy but to a new Head Office in the Netherlands. That money will be used to modernize and update Fiat's EU products and factories.

The "profits leave the country" types oddly are the loudest from the Ram camp.

I own a couple of hundred shares of Toyota stock and I am an American. I want to see Toyota and any manufacturer, foreign or domestic, create more jobs in America. I would not hesitate to buy a Toyota truck made in San Antonio, TX.

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