U.S. Pickup Trucks Makers Struggle in Consumer Reports' Reliability Study

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Consumer Reports' most recent reliability study (considered to be the largest and most influential of its kind), based on a survey of new-vehicle purchasers, shows that U.S. pickup truck manufacturers (Ram, Chevy, GMC and Ford) are still struggling. According to the Detroit News, the only exception seems to be Toyota, which makes both the Tacoma and Tundra in San Antonio. Toyota has traditionally done well in these kinds of surveys, and this year ranks in the No. 2 spot (same as last year), with its luxury division Lexus at No. 1.

The survey does not separate pickups from other car segments, but considers all the vehicles in a manufacturer's lineup. Specifically, pickup truck makers such as Honda fell two spots (from 6 to 8), GMC moved up (from 12 to 9), Chevrolet dropped (from 15 to 17), Ram moved up by the largest margin of any truck maker (from 25 to 19), Nissan fell by the widest margin (from 13 to 22), and Ford stayed flat, finishing at 26, one spot lower than last year. It's worth noting that the vehicle that scored best in the annual survey for Ford was a 3.7-liter V-6-equipped F-150, and the EcoBoost twin-turbo F-150's reliability rating dropped from last year.

To read a copy of the full report or find out where your new pickup ranked, you'll have to subscribe to Consumer Reports to gain access to the report.

2014 Tundra 5.7L V-8 II



AutoNews Now:EcoBoost stalls Ford

Ford Eco Boost is unreliable


J.D. Power says Camaro is a very reliable car. Consumer Reports says it's very UNreliable. My experience is Consumer Reports is right.

The problem is that the Japanese have played it safe. They haven't really taken a chance on new technologies with the Tundra, so it hasn't really appealed to me. I get it, that's all some people want. They don't take risks. Well I already have an old reliable truck. The Tundra just doesn't excite me. I'm thinking that the next Nissan Titan will offer more innovation than the diesel engine.

Well, well, well THE FORD EGO BOOST IS NOW SHOWING IT'S TRUE COLORS!!! This just confirms what anyone with any sense already knows. THIS ENGINE IS AN UNRELIABLE TURD. Keep slurping your FORD KOOL-AID girly girls. LMAO

I don't see EcoBoost mentioned in the linked Detroit News piece and CR doesn't mention it on the available page.....and I spend a lot time on Ford pickup truck forums and never heard anyone complain about MFT in F-series which has the new version of MFT and knobs you can use with gloves on.

Three points,

1) It is "Predicted" reliability, rather than actual reliability. CR will not disclose what they use to predict the future nor will CR present the actual data measured.

2) Infotainment systems from ALL manufacturers are the #1 "reliability" issue per CR and the #1 item that drives CR's rankings. Vehicles that don't have infotainment systems are rated higher than those with infotainment systems all else being equal. CR counts 'confusion' using the system as a "reliability" issue.

3) CRs director of testing noted that CR's survey was conducted BEFORE Ford introduced an improved version of MFT.


To put things in context, here are two statements

A) CR's director of testing: "Fisher said Monday that most of Ford’s problems are software-related — instead of a nuts-and-bolts hardware issue — which means the Dearborn automaker should have an easier time fixing glitches."

B) BONer's hypothetical director of testing said Monday ....'the problem with the Camry, RAV4 and Prius V are hardware/structural related -- instead of an upgradeable software issue with an MP3 player-- which means the Japanese automaker should have a more difficult time fixing their poor safety ratings"

CR's methodology is mostly good, but often skews the results. The models that only sell in small numbers are often mis characterized by their survey.

Models that are sold with few electronic options and gimmicks simply have fewer complaints cause there's fewer things to go wrong. Doesn't make it better though. Is a Yugo better than a Mercedes S?

Yugo has fewer things to go wrong but it's not the car I want.

"Ford was a 3.7-liter V-6-equipped F-150, and the EcoBoost twin-turbo F-150's reliability rating dropped from last year."

Probably because 3.7L is a base model and doesn't have infotainment systems and the infotainment systems will be 95% EcoBoost.

Least reliable luxury sedan: Cadillac XTS

Cadillac declined more than any other manufacturer in the study, losing 14 positions

It's funny how adding an Infortainment system (CUE) skews the results, isn't it ?

Hey you Ford boys, your truck is more reliable then last year. You can now drive 50 miles farther without worrying about calling a tow truck. Now you know why Ford's warranty on their trucks is not equal to GM and Ram trucks. It saves Ford money but cost you more out of your pocket. Fix Or Repair Daily, so very true.

To further put things in perspective, note this percentage from CR's director of testing:

More than 15 percent of vehicle owners reported problems with their infotainment systems in the Ford Taurus, Ford C-Max and Cadillac XTS. (note not F-series) Fisher said, "failures at that frequency are not something we're used to seeing."

I'm suprised the percentage is only 15%. I'm suprised they call an Infotainment issue a "failure", and su[rised they count it the same as an engine blowing up.

15% is enough to dramatically alter the results and really makes the info provided useless when it comes to what a reasonable person would consider a "relaibility" issue, i.e engine, transmission, braking type issues

Bad news sells. So, when infotainment systems are no longer an issue, I'm going to guess that CU is going to start bellyaching because a vehicle either has too many drivers' aids, or not enough BUTT BUZZERS (GM). Or the wrong kind.

The term, "least reliable" seems to get thrown around by CR to cover general displeasure rather than any actual mechanical failure.

That's because, frankly, there is no such thing as a truly unreliable car anymore. There hasn't been for some time. Consumer magazines still need to find something to gripe about to remain relevant though.

Perhaps they should change the wording from "Reliability" to "Annoyability".

If you read consumer reports you DESERVE to be misled...

My most reliable cars - 95 Honda Civic, 82 Ford LTD, 98 F-150
Least reliable - 2002 Honda CRV (bought brand new). Never listen to CR again.

@Greg I have owned all of the domestics over the years and not had any bad trucks, but I will not own another Ford until they change the warranty. Nobody I know drives only 12k a year, so your out of warranty before the 5 years. If you say your truck has the highest payload, towing, etc. you need to back it up with more than words. Are you listening Ford?

Of course Mark, you've got to plug that Ford had 1 truck that scored well, otherwise you wouldn't get the Ford advertising money! Why don't you point out that of all the domestic truck makers (i.e. The Big 3), GM's trucks ranked the highest/best? Yup, Ford ranked the lowest overall for reliability! The Ecoboost is a turd and Ford has done a great job of keeping their problems from getting out. Reality is, the twin turbo 6 cylinder is a bad idea for a REAL truck and everyone that's bought one is going to realize it, if they haven't already. Too many moving parts under a lot of pressure from the boost. Ford will continue to be at the bottom of the list as long as they're fooling people into buying that Ecoboost motor. But let's not let the facts get in the way of your slanted story, Mark.

I read consumer reports for things like washing machines, but for cars and trucks they are all over the place. One year a car is at the very top then at the very bottom when it hasn't changed at all, and the latest rating are mostly based on the technology info screens in the car. I care more about the mechanical of the car and how it drives then whether I can get it to read my email to me granted I don't want it to not work at all. What really irks me is when they recommend a car before they even have the data on a new model just because its a Toyota or what ever it is.

Ford fooled me into buying an Ecoboost when I test drove one. They are still fooling me cuz I'm loving it everyday. This Ford company must be extremely deceptive (they even charged me more money for that turd motor).
It is nice to know how many people out there are very concerned with the product I purchased. I've never seen such a concern before (about a specific motor in my vehicle). I guess I'll have to just enjoy it until it blows up (hopefully at that time, it will be under warranty). This must be a very bad motor indeed. Either that or you tell me?

Hight-tech = high cost to repair, there is NO getting around that.
My wife drives a Toyota Sienna Limited, with infotainment, navigation, etc...
The van has been flawless, EXCEPT when navigation screen, stereo, info unit went out. The cost to replace? $4000.00
Luckily, I purchased the 100K mi bumper-to-bumper warranty.

CR needs some way to easily identify vehicles of built to very reliable mechanical standards versus vehicles that have annoying electronic Options that are hard to use (hands free systems, and nav systems).

Unfortunately they have allowed these annoyances to affect there list of "reliable vehicles"

After all it is now their reputaion on the line. For most die hard car guys (and car/truck forum readers) Consumer Reports are great for appliances ratings. It is interesting to look down the Powertrain reliabilty column...thats what I care about. They hold the same weight for me as Popular Mechanics or Motor Trend does in the automotive world.

Anyone who actually has to use "research" data as part of their job knows that you do not look at one source only. Common sense or better yet, critical thinking will tell you the same thing.
A perfect example is the bloggers on this site. Am I going to use Greg as the only source of information on truck reliability? (Poor example but you get my point).

Consumer Reports "predicted reliability" is done pretty much the same as JD Power's "Initial Quality" report. They look at intangibles like ease of use. If you can't figure out how the "infotainment" system works, that counts as poor quality or poor predicted reliability.

Consumer Report does do a good job of providing statistics on vehicle durability and problem areas but that is from previous models. It can show trends. An unchanged model should show improvement in all areas.

I personally will stay away from any new model until there is evidence that new tec has been sorted out.

JD Power, Vincentric, TrueDelta, even Consumer Reports taken together and averaged out is a better approach.

One must take time to understand what was studied and how those results apply to what you are buying.

A dead navigation unit, dead radio, dead info unit is quite a bit more than an "annoyance."

Ecoboost a problem? Are trolls even reading or watching videos or doing research at that, oh wait TROLLS don't do any of the above I just mentioned.

Meh, moving on to the next page.


Replying to: ipad3 (Aug 04, 2013 9:22 am)
got a 2012 150 King Ranch Eco boost has same problem in rainy weather check engine light comes on; goes out after 2-3 starts. Good now just came from Dealer .... another new fix ... got the converter and shield no help; now want to check manf date on cooler and but bigger shield on .... love the truck very very disappointed in Ford ........ PS mileage over 580 miles on high way at 70 to 80 is solid 16.3 PERIOD .... got better with my 5.4 V8

I have a 2005 fx4 ford f150 with 287,000 miles. I've been so happy with this truck that I haven't even considered looking at the new models but with the odometer approaching 300k, I thought now was the time. I knew that the new fords had Eco boost but knew nothing about it. I called a buddy and he told me about the problems he was having and basically said his was a piece of garbage and had actually just traded for a Chevy. I was hoping he was exaggerating or his was an isolated case as I really do like Ford. Now, after researching the ecoboost engine, there's no way in hell I'd buy one. Thanks for info, guys.

purchased new 2013 F 150 ecoboost about three weeks ago. had waited for some of the "bugs" to be ironed out of this powertrain. after driving in the rain for about two hours with all systems apparently fine and clocking 19.6 MPG on the trip computer I moved off the expressway onto secondary roads and needed to pass a slower vehicle. as I punched the throttle the engine went to idle, the transmission shook and the check engine light started flashing. could continue at about 50MPH till it was safe to pull off, did so, and switched engine off for a second then restarted. no warning light, and I continued the final 20 miles home. noticed MPG was falling right out of bed though I was only running about 55. decided to try punching it again and the same happened, except this time i got a steady check engine light. took it to the dealership and i was the fourth complaint that day. truck was assembled in July and supposedly had all the fixes already applied. with only 900 miles on the odo i am considering going to war with Ford if a fix does not arrive soon. have had 4 previous turbos, 3 Volvos and one VW and never a hint of a problem. cannot be too difficult to fix. wonder if Ford is paying attention. this is my 6th Ford and 3rd 150.

as i began to read this I was trying to remember posting this but now i see someone else has the same problem and complaint as i do. I also had a 2011 FX4 overall average never went under 18 the 2013 FX4 seemed to be better at first but at 360 miles cruising at 75 it lost power and almost died I pulled over check engine light went out and seemed fine until i noticed my mileage dropped to between 12-14 Have you noticed your tail pipe sooted up? mine is horrible but the dealership says everythings fine im about to lose it

I was driving home from Calgary today and I was merging off an onramp when i gave it some gas and all of a sudden my engine light started blinking and every time i gave it gas it would hesitate and choke. almost felt like i blew a turbo or a coil pack went. I pulled over, shut the truck off, turned it back on and it was fine. I'm a little worried though, has anyone experienced this? It was raining bad but still.. never had this happen.

Had the exact same thing happen to me last week a few times on a trip from Kansas to NC / VA and back. 2011 ecoboost with about 5,000 miles. It went away as well. Haven't taken it to the dealer yet. Others here seem to having the same problem. Not sure what it is.

Yes, I have had the same issue and my new 2011 ecoboost is sitting at the shop waiting for Ford to manufacture the coil.
I was driving home and accelerated to pass the vehicle in front of me. The truck bogged down, shook violently and the check engine light came one. The coil fried and took out half the converter.
sounds like a design problem to me and I've written to the Ford CEO.

I picked up my new F150-Lariate-Ecoboost, Plus Package, Captians Chairs, Chrome Package with Black and Tan Paint yesterday afternoon. I of course took it out for a little cruising, with no issue. So heading into work this morning just set the cruise control at 68Mph and enjoying an early morning commute when the truck gave a rather severe jolt and then began to run rough. Then maintenance light (Wrench) came on and the power dropped way down, I pulled off the highway after coasting a short distance when the engine quite alltogether. I had no gauges in the red and no other warning that I could see, so after a minute or so I tried turning it over to see if it would start, which it did not. I called Ford Road side assistance (very nice/helpful) and asked for a tow. After about 20 minutes of reading through the user manual I tried starting it again, this time it fired right up...I was only 10 miles away from my office, so I decided to try easing along the highway, which was fine for about 8 miles until the symptoms came back and it died again, at least this time I was able to coast off the highway and stopped on wide shoulder on the off ramp. Right now the truck is at the closest Ford Dealer waiting on a diagnosis. Has any one else had simular problems?

Thats what mine did, the service manager checked the logged code and he was like oh so you were going pretty fast hey? cause I had accelerated a bit to merge off the on ramp or whatever, like yeah its my fault that it misfired, a hole.

Same thing happened to me on the highway twice when it was raining hard and I kicked it down to pass. I took it to the dealer and no logged codes or anything? It hasn`t done it since.

I had a similar incident. I was about 400 miles into a 580 mile trip. I stopped at a rest area to use the facilities. When I started the truck up it cranked 3 times longer than normal before it fired. I thought that was odd but when I punched it coming down the on-ramp at about 35-40 mph in 4th gear it hesitated, then started to run rough with no power, backfired through the intake twice, and then took off like a bat out of hell. It ran fine until I stopped for gas 50 miles later, then hesitated a bit getting back on the interstate, again in 4th gear, smoothed out and has been fine ever since. No lights came on and no codes when I checked. I can't decide if I want to take it in since it didn't throw any codes. It wasn't raining when this happened but I did drive in heavy rain a few hours before. I got worse mileage than usual also: 19.8 versus 22.8 on the same trip a week earlier.


Yes...bad coil pack with 4000 mi I am on my second...NOT GOOD For point of reference. When the first coil pack went bad...The engine when put on diagnostics would not show any codes. Took the dealer contacting Ford hot line to figuer it out.

I have written before of my coil pack issue with the Ecoboost engine..Now. after 10562 miles I am on my 3rd coil pack, each a different cylinder. Total frustration. I chose Ford and Lincoln after a successful few years with Toyota. Thought about time to buy American. I have now discovered, coil pack problems are a universal problem with Fords and on several of there engines. NOT HAPPY. $51,000 2011 Platinum Truck...and I cannot trust it. Was planning on a trip to New Foundland this year...Natta, do not want to be stuck in the middle of no where. Currently the truck is at my dealer, he is waiting for a new coil pack and word from 'FORDS HOTLINE'.......yeah right...they know the problem. Most likely cannot wait until the truck is out of warrantee. Truck value most likely will drop now that the word is out on there problem. Well, I guess I will cut my loss after 36,000 and head to Chevy... maybe they will have a better product. Ford, for shame on you for deceiving me in thinking you have a better product.

Ford knows they have an issue with the Ecoboost ignition/control system. It's not bad gas, or water.
I've had mine in twice and it still does it, first time they changed a coil on #5 "I was told", second time I was told Ford Engineers know the problem, nothing they could do, it was relate3d to rain/moisture. I contacted FORD, they wrote back and said to take it back to the dealer I purchased it at, I did that the second time. What don't they under stand?

It is a big deal when you pull out around a semi-truck at 50 mph and have the damm thing fall on it's face half way into a pass! It's a safety issue too.
Leave a lot of time to pass, that "power" may not be there when you need it most!

Ford has not figured out programming yet, I was the victim of the rev limiter kicking in and the engine NOT recovering. It is not a simple "lag" issue. When I took my truck to the dealer, I made sure they checked into the programming update of the ECM, it is the latest. On that note, this is a serious flaw that needs to be addressed, someone is going to get hurt.

I'm talking about the RPM limiter...aka "rev limiter". After reading all the responses that have been stated by dealer service; not replicating the problem or having stored trouble codes, lead me to believe that it is in fact the rev limiter. Consequently, it happened to me today...the engine going into limp mode is the same feeling as having the rev limiter kick in only that the engine did not recover and resume normal operation. By the rev limiter kicking in, the ECM did not think that there was a malfunction so there were no codes thrown. The CEL flashing is an indicator that the rev limiter has been activated (every Ford I have owned has done the same thing). So this is why customers are getting the "no codes" response. I had a lengthy discussion with my service writer who actually knew what he was talking about, I then discussed this with a field engineer who admitted that in all likelyhood, this was the issue. So, hopefully there will be a fix soon...

Hey guys,

I recently just got back from almost a 4k mile road trip from south florida to various locations on the east coast and up into ontario Canada. Truck did ok with mileage considering the 35 inch tires and 3.73 gear ratio. got a hand calculated mpg of 16.1 round trip.

Now for the bad, I experienced the shudder problem several times throughout the trip. I've never experienced it before I don't know if its because I live in FL with the climate here or what but man was this problem bad.

First time the truck was in cruise control at approx 70 mph and I had to get on it quick to pass a semi on a 2 lane road. the truck downshifted like normal and went up to about 4k rpm and the truck when absolutely no where, when the truck started to shake severally I got off of it and it just continued to shake for several what felt like minutes. I left the truck in cruise control and the truck continue to down shift all the way down to 3rd gear and didn't go anywhere at all.

I'm aware of the condensation issue with these truck but this was my first real experience with the truck. I guess I'm partly writing this to vent because my almost 50k truck shouldn't have any kind of issue of the sort and now I really now what some of you guys have been going through. I felt this to be a very dangerous issue on the road.

I recently heard about a class action lawsuit or are there any other ways for use the consumer to remedy this issue, because from what I hear ford still wont stand behind their product.

Do not let them do TSB 13-3-3!!!!
You will hate the loss of power and the problem will still be there!

There is definitely a loss of power with 13-3-3. My truck has lost that kick in the pants that it had. I'm not certain exactly what is happening and what they changed. It seems to be a little slower on the throttle before boost hits. It also seems to downshift earlier. Perhaps an effort to spin the turbos and build more boost to force condensate out of the CAC, if indeed that's the problem.

Right now, I think Ford engineers are scratching themselves trying to solve the problem. I imagine the pressure is on to come up with a solution that does not include a major component redesign. They are also under pressure to avoid a recall.

For those of you who have not had this problem, I understand how you think it isn't that big of a deal. But, believe me, it is. I love the EB, but another one of these stutter and limp issues in rainy/humid conditions and I'm in for a 5.0.

I know 4 people personally with EB F150's, one never had the issue and everyone else has. One was Lemon lawed because of it. Even a 1 in 5 is 20%, thats not acceptable much less 75% that I know personally. I have owned cars of all makes so brand loyalty isn't the issue, ignoring a known problem and trying to let customers figure it out themselves is ridiculous. Ford bet big and put most of their eggs in one basket with the 3.5EB and they really need to start treating that bet with the respect it deserves. This does nothing to address the MPG issues they are having with their smaller EB's.

Your story is about the same as mine but I had little accurances around town and I asked the service manager to performer the tsb and he wouldn't without a hard problem code. Well today I got a bunch coming from Nebraska to Austin about 650 away driving threw the rain. Had my wife and kid in the truck when I almost got run over by a 18 wheeler. I woukd like to talk to somebody and compare data. It happened 4 different times and the check engine light didn't go off for about 500 miles until I stopped about 45 min from home to get milk. I did stop it and turned it off 3 times before the last time and the light stayed on and the truck ran like. c :-) :-) p. I noticed when the check engine light was on, the cats were running about 200deg. hotter.

I had torque running when the problem started.



for Pissed off Ford Owner-
Sorry to hear about your experiences. I hope my truck doesn't follow the path that your's has.
Which engine do you think they put back in the trucks?

if anything fails or misfunctions. we need to know this(especially a 4k problem!). These are costly systems, and they are frustrating to have to deal with a Dealership mechanic to repair. We really need to know about these types of failures.
But I have noticed that many of the customers will purchase a top level vehicle (cause thats what they are used to) they will now (after 2010 ) receive a lot of high tech blue tooth gadgetry, yet they won't take the time to learn the procdures to use these systems. Yet, they will respond negatively to surveys and user feedback questions. And CR and JD will pick up on this. I just want ot make sure that what we are hearing when complaints are dished out on a vehicle is failures or user issues...

Pissed off Ford Owner
Where does your story start and end? And which of your article you've pasted is other owners complaints you've collected? I am interested in what you are saying, but at the same time a bit confused.

The US truck companies are on the cutting edge of technology. When you are on the cutting edge, you will eventually run into problems.

Do the Ecos have problems, yes. Will they get fixed, yes. They Chevy's have problems with cyl deactivation....

Compare to the Toyota who hasn't changed a thing on the Tacoma for years. And it's reliability is great, but people bitch that they want better MPG....

You can't have both. Either take the cutting edge technology that will take a few years to be perfected or live with older technology and don't complain about your MPGs.

@zzgeorgez all storys are from www.f150forumdotcom. Pick the 5.0 3.7 or 6.2 don't waste you're money on the 3.5
my story

Replying to: ipad3 (Aug 04, 2013 9:22 am)
got a 2012 150 King Ranch Eco boost has same problem in rainy weather check engine light comes on; goes out after 2-3 starts. Good now just came from Dealer .... another new fix ... got the converter and shield no help; now want to check manf date on cooler and but bigger shield on .... love the truck very very disappointed in Ford ........ PS mileage over 580 miles on high way at 70 to 80 is solid 16.3 PERIOD .... got better with my 5.4 V8

Pickups at the cutting edge of technology??????

I suppose a you have just mastered the use of a knife, fork and spoon.

I think you should sit down and google what technologies are available and how basic most technology is in cheap vehicles like pickups.

What is causing the problems is cost. You can buy a cheap clothes peg and it will fail after a limited number of cycles. Does that mean the clothes peg is high tech?

The tech in pickups has been around for many years and decades and centuries.

Cost saving is what causes most of these problems, trying to provide the most for the least.

Yes best to look at muilt data places to get a good grip on what is best on the market.

@PISS OFF FORD OWNER I glad their is ford fan that'll give their honestness about the Eco Boost. Sucks you got stuck with a lemon.

@johnny doe - how do you know that this guy isn't another lame assed fanboy pretending to being a Ford owner?

I chose to buy a 2010 truck when all of the 2011's were available because I did not want to be the test mule for them. That goes for all of them, not just Ford.
I wouldn't consider a new 8 speed and/or air ride Ram for a few years. GMC? the only thing new for them is rear disc brakes and considering their past track record with rear discs in 1/2 tons, I'd be reluctant to look at them too.

If I had no choice but to buy a new truck right now, I'd try to find a Ford with a more basic infotainment system with a 5.0 in it ot go with a 2014 Chevy since they haven't changed much. The 2014 Tundra is too f!!!in' ugly even in real life.

@Lou_BC He could be a crazy fanboy but if not I the guy credit

@johnny doe - he could be legit but then again?
There was a guy on here going on and on about how his F150 would cut out and loose power every time he took the on ramp onto the freeway.
I asked him about it and he went on to describe basically the same truck that I owned with 5.4. He claimed that after multiple trips to the dealer they could not find a problem and he went on and on about how he hated Ford and never again bla bla bla.
I pointed out that the only time it happened to me was when it was icy and the truck yawed. Stability control was doing what it was supposed to do.
I also pointed out that if it happened at the exact same point on the road every time, why not take a technician with him and show him.
To make a long story short, the guy turned out to be a troll.

Well, if anyone bought as Gm 800 or 900 model from GovtMoCo or Chevrolet, I can see why. The Dodge prior to the 2009 refresh isn't the best either.

There's nowhere else to put it. The 5.0 Cummins will be the only real truck engine in a half-ton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgNmLotzuo0

Well, if anyone bought as Gm 800 or 900 model from GovtMoCo or Chevrolet

-Please, do Not call Chevrolet part of Government Motors! Government Motors is Buick of China, Holden of Australia and GovtMoCorp of US and the Saudi's. Chevrolet Motors did Not need Government money to survive. Neither did Cadillac. It was the rest of the trash. Gotta love Obama and his liberal global minions.

PISSEDOFFFORDGUY::: I also have an EB I can not take anywhere! as mine has blown a head gasket on each side! I would love to be able to drive home, even if it was at 50mph!! but twice I have had to be towed home! once in town, but the second? nope! I had just got it back from the dealer Ford had to make fix it, as the first dealer refused too because I have a K&N cold air kit on it, in other words a after market air cleaner! that I have on all my other trucks and have had on all my vehicles, cars, trucks and motorcycles, without any problems, and have only had to buy just one air cleaner per vehicle! but nor I have a truck that the dealer who fixed it will give me a not too bad a deal on trade, but I have to buy a 40K+ truck to do so! NOT GOING TO Happen! I am too cheep to spend that much on one vehicle! as I need more than one in y household! Good luck with yours, you should have bought the Chevy!, I have had not problem with mine, or any of them I have had in the passed 35 years! I wanted the new ford and are paying the price!

In other news...


As for me the only thing I will buy from Ford that has a turbo attached to it had better not have spark plugs. Give us the baby Power Stroke Ford. And not that weak 3L it better be that 4.4L

Disclaimer: Even though the title implies domestic U.S. truck makers, Toyota is in fact a U.S truck maker. They build Tundras right here in the US. Therefore the title isn't completely accurate. Perhaps it should be changed to "Domestic Pickup truck makers Struggle in Consumer Reports' Reliability Study".

At any rate, I don't agree with consumer reports findings. As one who has owned both domestic and import pickups, I can say that I have never experienced an import truck that was more reliable that a domestic truck. People buy a lot less Tundras than say the F150 so of course there will be less problems with it. If the volume being sold was increased to the volume of F150s there would be way more problems with it.

Apparently whoever was doing this study at CR doesn't know how to normalize data. How about go redo your study then come back with some real data.

Ok. I admit it. The Eco Boost is a heaping pile of steaming cow dung. I finally did some research on the internet and found out it was true. I am sorry for calling all of the people TROLLS for bringing the truth out about the Eco Boost on this blog.

My apologies,

Frank - The Real TROLL

@Frank - The Real TROLL





Everyone's a critic, eh?

Deal with it folks. Toyota makes less crap models that most automakers. That doesn't mean they don't make at least one crap model. That doesn't mean they don't have problems.

Sheesh. Don't take it so personal. And no, I don't own a Toyota.

johnny doe for president!

Frank The Real TROLL cannot stop johnny doe.

Hey you Ford truck owners, I read tonight that five of the ten worse reliable cars are Fords. Ford hit a home run for being the biggest pile of JUNK you can buy today. Now I see why the Ford warranty is inferior to the other manufacturers. Ecoboost, what a joke!

@Greg - on the subject of junk, the USA government reported losing 9.7 billion on the GM shares it sold. So 60 billion + 9.7 billion = a new line of pickups with nothing really new and look much like the ones they replaced.
Wow..... I can see why you are so proud of GMC.
You got no choice.





@obama luvs ram

At least I'm not like you throwing money at Toyota garbage that does not even come close to the big 3 in terms of engineering, sales and reliablity. Go ahead and keep chugging away at that CR survey kool aid, I'm sure it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

My GMC CPU is neuronetprocessor. It's a learning computer. GM wins again!


The available Silverado MyLink† system puts technology at your fingertips and a voice command away. Bluetooth®† and USB† connectivity allow you to easily pair your phone with your truck. Both the available 4.2-inch diagonal color screen and the available 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen allow you to easily access connected devices. MyLink responds to natural-speech commands, allowing you to access its features with just a few words.


Alerts from the available Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Alert systems can be transmitted to the driver through vibrations in the Safety Alert Driver Seat. Vibrations correspond to the direction of the indicated alert, reducing reaction time in helping to avoid potential collisions. Audible warnings can also be selected, if desired.


An available Bose premium audio system offers a superior listening experience. This first-class upgrade provides you with high-quality sound and is available with both bench and bucket seats.

@Greg - on the subject of junk, the USA government reported losing 9.7 billion on the GM shares it sold. So 60 billion + 9.7 billion = a new line of pickups with nothing really new and look much like the ones they replaced.
Wow..... I can see why you are so proud of GMC.
You got no choice.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Oct 29, 2013 10:27:52 PM


You can never EVER go by anything CR says. For starters they are so anti Ford its not even funny. Most of the hoopla started with the infotainment center which no one has a problem with if they can operate a smart phone or an iPod, but because some older folks could not operate it, it got a bad score and tanked Fords rating in their study. Now they have focused their attention on the Ecoboost motors. Every single car on their list was signaled out because of the Ecoboost. I'm not saying that the Ecoboost has been trouble free but for the most part its has not been a flop or a dud by any measure. When you focus your entire study over one item you don't agree with and give that product a bad grade when the overall product might be very good there is a problem with that.

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