Video: 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Impressions

EcoDiesel Label II

While at the State Fair of Texas, we thought we'd record a few of our thoughts about our recent time behind the wheel of the new EcoDiesel-equipped 2014 Ram 1500. This is the first light-duty diesel in a half-ton in a very long time and something we've been hoping to see for almost a decade.

It's worth mentioning that the EcoDiesel will have a maximum tow rating of 9,200 pounds, will come standard with 3.55:1 gears (3.92:1 gears will be optional) and will have the same payload ratings as a similarly equipped half-ton Ram with the 5.7-liter Hemi. Because of packaging, the EcoDiesel will weigh a touch more than a Hemi-equipped Ram 1500 and will have a $2,800 premium. We'll have more on the quality of the package when we get our hands on one to do some more serious testing. Enjoy the video.

(Editor's note: Some of the content above regarding axle ratios and availability have been changed to more accurately represent the gearing choices.)




Just for the gas rating alone I think it will be a huge success. I am not a Ram fan but if I where in the market for a truck I would have to give it serious consideration.

Whats the gas mileage on it?

Looking good. I'm not expecting a spin the wheels, look at me, pickup. Give me function, fuel economy, and a good price. The latter will be the trick. So many years of CGI engine block talk it's nice to finally see one hit the road.

He said 20/28 city/hwy.

Only $2,800 more than a comparable Hemi? For some drivers, that could mean making up the difference in fuel savings in less than a year. And then there are those that don't even care about the price, they'll just be happy to have a half-ton diesel.

It's an exciting time for pickup trucks.

Thanks Ken, I couldn't turn the sound on since I'm sitting at work I don't want people to know I'm goffing off LOL.

Mileage rating puts it in the same territory of our 4 cylinder SUV, which is really pretty good after years of comparable small V8 trucks averaging 14 mpg.

Anyone notice Nascar's race last week? Lot's of Dodge advertisement and to my amazement the first segment they actually said Sponsored By Dodge Trucks. Not Ram. About time they got it right! Long live Dodge.

Thats pretty good mileage, that's about the same as my Mom's 2014 Impala.

I'm kind of curious as to way they Ram gets 28 and the Jeep gets 30 and in the gas motors the Ram is the same or even 1 MPG better then the Jeep.

I think they will easily get 15% of buyers to go with the EcoDiesel. I wonder what maintenance will cost? Oil changes, etc..

$2800 is a lot of money to try to make up for. In a perfect world, for someone who drove 20,000 miles a year, and never had to slow down for traffic, MIGHT get 5 extra mpg over the Hemi 8-speed.

At $4/gal diesel, and $3.35/gal gas, driving 20,000 PURE highway miles, his annual fuel savings would be about $40, meaning it would take about 70 years to make up the $2,800 price premium.

If you factor in the extra $$ for Diesel maintenance, and you will be paying at least $10,000 more over the 70 years, if the truck lasted 1.4 MILLION miles with nothing more than oil changes...

It would however save you about $2,00/year over driving a Ford Raptor, which is a small price to pay for being totally awesome...

Haven't been a fan of U.S. Built trucks for a long time....have had 12 Toyota's, 3 Nissans, 3 fords, one Chevy and one dodge for my business and pleasure....In the last year, Toyota is out of the running for my next trucks, Nissan has been out for a while and all three U.S. Trucks are on the list ...and this new Diesel is at the top....nice job to all of the U.S. Mfg's

Where I live the price difference between gas and diesel is only .15. Figuring 20,000 miles a year, and comparing the 3.7 to the diesel it would take 4.3 years to make up the 2850.00 option. I would also bet that the maintenance on the diesel will be the same or close to the 3.7. It's not some big 6.7 that takes 12 qts of oil. The VM only uses 7.7. My 2010 5.4 F150 took 7 qts. FYI the new 5.0 F150 needs 8qts. This 1500 isn't the same as the 2500-3500 6.7 wok horse. It's more car like. Maintenance will be the same as any other gas truck.

Does it have spark plugs?

Total ownership costs of a diesel also has to include longevity and resale value.
Diesel engines are more durable than gas engines and have higher resale values.
Diesels do cost more upfront, diesel fuel is more expensive than even premium fuel in many states. Maintenance costs are usually higher for diesels. Oil changes, fuel filters, etc cost more. Then there are those costly 30,000psi injectors that are prone to fail at 100,000-200,000 miles.
All said, I love my diesel. It would be very difficult to switch back to gas.

First thing wrong is this is a FIAT= Fix It Again Tony Diesel.
Second thing wrong is its a Chrysler/ Ram Product which
means that the body & sheetmetal will be rusted through in
five years! Just like my Bosse's HEMI truck I see parked
next to me everyday! Looks like a giant Rat chewed through
his bed, & ran through it! No Thanks Ram keep your garbage!

john I hope you are joking. Diesel engines don't use spark plugs. It will be interesting to see how many people buy the diesel. I don't think it will be your typical diesel truck buyers because this truck is not the powerhouse that HD truck diesels are. I think most of the people that buy it will be strictly trying to save money on fuel since it doesn't have near the get up of the hemi. I'm glad they didn't make it real powerful and focused mainly on fuel savings when designing this truck. I wish the big three would offer a less powerful, maybe slightly less capable but more efficient 3/4 ton diesel. I am doubtful about how much this ram will save money but hopefully it will be a nice surprise. No way I will buy it next year when I get a new truck. I just don't trust ram quality.

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Ram is really pooring money into their trucks and it shows, I hope they keep it up which will make the competition keep it up and provide better trucks for everybody even if your stuck driving a Chevy all your life.

Whats the gas mileage on it?
Posted by: Ron | Oct 1, 2013 8:15:47 AM

ZERO, it burns diesel, not gas.

I see on Motortrend that Nissan is still planning on the Maxima having a small diesel. If the fullsize Titan gets the 5.0 Cummins then I'd imagine that the Frontier could get the smaller diesel from the Maxima.

We may be entering into a new age of diesel trucks here in the US.

@Len, way to contribute to this thread! How many rams have you owner len? I bet 0.

I hope Ford and Chevy follow with 1/2 ton diesels. Those would be some neat shootouts!

This looks like a winner, and the price of the option is not too much either.

Credit where credit is due.

We now might be able to buy and legally register a truck that gets comparable mileage to everywhere else on earth.

So a Ram Ecodiesel 3.42 is rated for 9,200 lbs. Not sure if that is in a 4x4 Crew cab or not. Going by thqt tow rwting, that would mean this truck will compare with a F-150 Ecoboost S-Crew short bed 4x4 with a 3.31 rear gear ratio since that configuration is rated to tow exactly 9,200 lbs as well. It is also simalar to GMs Silverado/GMC 1500 5.3L 4x4 Screw Short bed with a 3.42 that is rated for 9,600 lbs tow rating. (Isn't it funny the least powerful engine in the GM has the highest tow rating? I thought so using.)

If these were matched up doing real world towing of 9,000 lbs. I would have to say the Ecodiesel will pull the weight use the least amount of fuel versus the other two and will be able to hold speed going up hills. However, I know it will be slower at getting up to speed and I am not sure if it will have power to spare. I am not saying it won't, I am just saying I am not sure and will hold off saying it will for sure until I see for myself.

Towing that weight with the Ecoboost will be probably be in the middle on how much fuel it uses when towing based of previous testing from reviewers. It will be the quickest to get up to speed and will have an easy time holding the speed limit going up hills with plenty of passing power to spare. It will use more fuel than the Ecodiesel, but that is a given since it is more powerful.

The Ecotec 5.3L might do fine pulling 9,000 lbs on level ground, but will not be able to keep the speed limit going up hills. It might have some passing power on level ground, but not going up hills especially in higher altitudes. If the test we on level ground with slight hills then I would say the Ecotec 5.3L might get better fuel mileage towing. However, if there are any constant hills greater than a grade 2 where the 5.3L will be in the 4,500 rpm range just to keep speed, then the Ecoboost will easily win using less fuel consumption since it does not require any where near that much rpm to get power.

That is just what I think going off of my experiences of towing and reviews I have seen. Only real world testing will prove me wrong or prove me right.

What makes this really interesting is that Ram is selling a "HFE" version of their truck along side the EcoDiesel. The HFE has start/stop technology and a Pentastar V6...which means that in the real world it will get the same MPGs as the EcoDiesel.

So, if somebody is at the dealership shopping for a truck and fuel economy is a major concern for them... that will work against the EcoDiesel due to it's $2,800 premium and higher fuel costs.

I still say it's good to have options though, and Ram has the most options hands down in it's lineup. A V6, two V8s, and two diesels.

@All1 The 5.3 got better MPG towing 8,500 pounds 12.6mpg then the Eco Boost 10.9mpg.

I have never been a fan of any Japaneese automobile, but I will take a hard look at the Nissan with the big Cummins when it comes out. I just hope they build a strong truck around it. Alos Nissan if you're listening - 130 liter fuel tank!!! as far as I know only Ford offers this in an ext/crew cab with 6.5' box. I know GM doesnt, but theyre basically obsolete anyways.

@ johnny doe

Post the link to this info please. I would like to see if they were towing on flat ground or in hills. If it does then I will stand corrected. From the reviews that I have posted on this site before. The 5.3L got better fuel on level ground, but not going up hills.

I want! Regular cab, long box, 4x4 please. Too bad i cant get a 6 speed manual.

Well, I'll put my 2 cents in.

I like the looks of all the trucks. They all have one spot where they excel. For instance the v10 medium duty Fords should always have an advantage over the other gas offerings.

But I always fall back to one preference.

Gas engines should be v8's
And diesels should be inline.
And they all should have a stroke longer than my arm :>)

ALL1 Look in the 2013 light duty shoot out on this site.


I don't know how good this new diesel is, but if it comes close to living up to the hype it will best the hemi by a lot more than 5 mpg. The hemi is a great motor but it sucks fuel something fierce, especially if you drive one in a city.

On the other hand it could turn out to be more chrysler hype. Never know with that company. I think they would do themselves a good service by making a jeep pickup and trying this motor out in that.

Off topic: This not only a comment about this particular truck but all the new "more efficient" trucks out. If you cant afford the fuel costs of yesterdays' trucks of 14-16 mpg how are you going to afford the price of a new truck average 40-55k plus fuel costs? regardless of mpg the new trucks get your better off keeping your old truck financially. The price of the new vehicles are crazy.
Im willing to bet if you can afford a $50K truck (I can, drive an escalade as my tow vehicle) you can afford the gas regardless if gets 16 to 24 mpg on average. I get it for fleet buyers who make money of there trucks but for the average Joe?

On topic, I really like this new Ram though but first thing I would do is get a power programmer once it came out so it could get out of its own way, especially towing. Im sure a reprogram you could easly get 300 hp 500lb torque and still get low 20's mpg. Numbers sound familiar? that's what the 2500 series diesel trucks of early 2000's got.

Mark Williams, Do you have any information on that Ecodiesel If it has a Timing Chain or Belt ?? Thank you !!

@ johnny doe

You are right. The GM trucks got better fuel mileage than the Ecoboost in that test. However, from reading the description on the test loop, it does not say to much. It seems mostly flat from what they do say which still goes with my origional statement that the 5.3 will probably get better fuel mileage on level ground, but not in the hills where it has to work harder like in the real world reviews.

@ Mark Williams

Can you shed some light on this "test loop" that you all used in tbe shoot out, and wheyher or not it was mostly flat ground.

Also, I think y'alls shoot out is somewhat of a joke for the real world. It did not cover a lot of things that people that use their truck for work really want to know. Two years ago when reviewing the EB, ya'll did a run towing 9,000 lbs from California to Colorado and back. I think this should be used on your next shoot out. Get all trucks that are in the 9,000 lbs tow rating range, and hook them all up to identical trailers with the same weight. Test their fuel economy, holding speed on cruise control, how many rpms needed, how loud, how much spare power is left to pass, and how they generally handle the weight without that uneasy bouncy rear end feeling. That would be a true real world shootout because it goes from flat to inclines and from see level to high altitude. Just a thought.

BTW, before someone starts bashing the Ram EcoDiesel for only towing 9200 lbs.
Unlike most of the readers posting here, I tow a decent size boat 100+ miles to the coast fairly regularly.
If a person is going to REGULARLY be towing 8,000-9,000lbs, you need a 3/4 ton truck not a half-ton.

Hat's off to Ram for the EcoDiesel. I hope Ford, Toyota, and Chevy follow. I also hope Bosche will design an injector that will last more than 200,000 miles on US grade diesel.

I am perfectly fine with the EcoDiesel only towing 9K, its well within the realm for Half ton trucks.

Ram truck has you covered from two V6 class leading MPG models. To heavy duty class leading Gas engine. To the big class leading Diesel in three power modes. More capable than Ford and Chevy. Their is only one name in trucks you need to know, Ram trucks. No one comes even close. ;)

Way to go Ram. You keep building them and i will keep buying them.





If you're going to say that Dodge trucks is right and not Ram, than it's only right that you are correct as well. Dodge hasn't been called "Dodge Brothers" for almost a century.

I don't car what the say a Ram 1500 is a Dodge, its got the big Dodge Cross hairs grill right on the front of it.

The Diesel will seem cheaper until you factor in overall maintenance. Wait till it needs a few glow plugs, or the intake manifold and heads get clogged with carbon. Price in a few dozen stretch bolt. And at 100k, you'll be listening to that injector pump, and looking for smoke from the turbo... ca-ching $$.


How exactly are the Ram trucks more capable? Because of their towing capacity which lord knows how Ram came up with? Because a French guy comes up with their slogans and commercials? Or maybe because they don't make any of their own engines or transmissions. (The Hemi uses Mercedes cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing, and the Pentastar is even more of a dressed up Mercedes engine).


Cheap to run


Yeah it's still a Dodge just like daddy tells his little girl that she's still a princess.

It's not a damn Dodge anymore, sorry but it's a separate brand, Dodge changed the crosshair grille to black with chrome trim. The Ram grille is fully chrome.

DafuQ, It might technically be called a Ram but to me its a Dodge escpicially when I have to go to the same place that Dodges are sold to buy one and the same survice guys work on them and the same parts shared with many Dodges like the same exact eight inch touch screen, but more importantly its the big grill on the front the little emblem might slightly differant but it still has a cross hair grill that everyone see's and says oh its a Dodge.

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