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We had the chance to speak with David Ives, Ford's technical leader in charge of the coming upgrades for the 2015 Power Stroke turbo-diesel V-8. Ives did not tell us exactly what the new horsepower and torque ratings will be, but we're guessing Ford is making the significant changes even if it didn't directly beat all of the competition's numbers.

The changes are more than just a bigger block or more turbos. Ford has been very specific about exactly what needed upgrading to best allow the whole engine to work more comfortably as a complete, well-balanced system. Ford engineers have done their testing, as the slick testing video they debuted at the 2013 State Fair of Texas press conference shows.

They even gave a little tip of the hat to for helping them figure out how to best determine if their changes bore fruit. Enjoy.



The Super Duty is still the worst heavy duty truck in the class.

Everything, except the engine and trans, needs to be redesigned.

After all, 0-60 has nothing to do with the quality of the tow vehicle, otherwise semis would be able to do 0-60 is 8 seconds too.

"The worst HD in it's class" says who tundra lol? I have no love for Ford right now, BUT they do have a very nice HD truck on the market now, as a matter of fact all the manuf. have very nice HD trucks, the new Ram 3/4t with the coil springs seams like it will be very nice, but time will tell, at least we all a choice if we need a HD truck, as far as I can see? the most tow trucks and car carriers are Ford, with a few Rams and Chevy/GMC in the mix, that is called choice! The only thing in believe should be done, is they all need to get rid of the standard gas engines and have a smaller diesel available, or at least have a choice of gas or diesel, standard.

Don't forget gm diesel is the best truck to pull evryday ,,,do you thing gm don't have a surprise for ford....????

There isn't a HD pickup out there today that can't pull max loads adequately up those hills. Looks like more of the same high hp/tq marketing nonsense for 2015.

Too bad the EPA doesn't make these clowns list mpg numbers on the window.

Anybody that dogs one of the HD trucks nowadays is really just being petty and uninformed. Just because one manufacturer does something better or worse than another doesn't equate the truck to being crap. All three HD's right now are sick. F-150, Ram 1500, GM's 1500 twins, Tundra, and even the titan (kinda but still not bad) are good trucks and will fit certain buyers needs appropriately. Only people with blinders on would say a truck out there is garbage, and it happens oh so often in here.

It will also get best in class fuel economy.

The best never rest! Go Blue Oval!

Of course FORD is the best!! Just look at the number of trucks FORD sells to the competition! They wouldn't be Number 1 if the truck did not perform.

IMHO...FORD is the best...followed by RAM. The GM folks are off wondering in the grass somewhere. They just do not seem to have a clue how to build a HD truck. LOL!!


Ford just dropped a bomb on GM.

Seriously who needs more than 400hp and 800fttorque in a 1 ton pickup truck. back in the 90s 200hp and 400fttorque got the job done just fine.

Monday I traded my 07 F-350 SRW crew cab Fx4 6.0 for a 2013 F-250 crew cab Fx4 with the 6.7.

Wednesday I returned it and took my old truck back. The new truck engine was a beast.... the rest of the truck wasn't as nice as my '07. My 07 is more comfortable, has everything I want in the right place on the wheel and the dash... I just missed driving it. Gonna get an EGR delete and other stuff done to it to semi bulletproof it.... if I could have an '04-'07 or '08-'10 truck with the 6.7 it would be perfect.... the uncomfy seats alone were reason to keep my old truck.

Sure you returned your new truck for your old one. Are you sure your credit wasn't rejected and you had to return the new truck or you never bought a new one at all?

I went from an 05 Lariat to a 13 Lariat and the new seats are twice as comfortable. The truck as a whole is a million times better egronomically. I call bulls***

Hopefully the changes will help the engine braking to be on par with Ram and GM. This was a big downfall on the HD Hurtlocker test. The larger turbo may be less restrictive of the exhaust so maybe a slight boost to mpg's as well.


The Duramax is the quickest truck without a trailer. Consumer Reports 0-60 tests were in the 7 seconds for Silverado, 8 seconds for Powerstroke, and 9 seconds for Ram Cummins.

420hp 880ft-lbs seems about right.

This is the same pickup gm beat last years and all the year before ???



It already has, TROLL.

Look at the sales, Ram is getting it's ass kicked.

Now go back into your asylum. isn't that your engine needs more power (it doesn't...but it did need the exhaust brake problem fixed). What Ford needs is to lose about 500 pounds from each of it's trucks. That would automatically make it the fast and most effecient trucks.

I am no Ford fan for sure, that said the Super Duty is a good truck, as is the GM HD, I am actually ProGM, but I would go with the Ram in this category. The main reason for me would be the Cummins along with the MegaCab.

Now back to Ford, why did they make a new block for this engine? Ford seems to half ass their powertrain testing, the egoboosts still having problems, check the f150 forum if you don't believe me, the 5.0 is having oil usage problems. Ford has actually detuned the egoboost since it came out, run those tunes boys, those engines won't hold up in the long run, that's time, not mileage...

Just seems that they push out an engine and the poor ford owners flesh them out, and before you talk piston slap, I have seen 300k plus vortecs with no problems, with and without piston slap.

Gm releases the 6.2, 420hp, they have 50hp in reserve, easy, the corvette is at 460 with dual mode exhaust and I have family that are tied to the corvette, they had a 500hp engine with the 6.2 with mild cam/exhaust work, lots of reserve.

When the new Ford engines came out, GM fanboys warned people to stay away from unproven engines. They also pointed out that the EcoBoost was no good because Ford doesn't use it in the Super Duty. Two points here. The Gen V is "unproven." GM does not use the 6.2 in the 2500. So it's no good. :)

just because ford sell the most does NOT make them the best, the excessive chase for HP is totally unnecessary, coke sell the most soft drinks that does not make them the best. They all have the power to do the job and really they should be addressing comfort and safety and on that front Ram has to be commended for trying new approaches such as the coil springs and air suspension etc...Buying habits are extremely difficult to convince people to change as evidenced by the number of older people that stick to the boring and staid chevy models.
Have a nice weekend to all......

I tried posting this article in here yesterday.

A notification appeared that this comment was being scrutinised by PUTC. I upset at the thought of this.

Ford is placing this engine as 'for the consumer' only. Like I've stated many changes are made to meet emissions regulation.


For heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans, the standards phase-in starting in MY 2014 and achieve up to a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for gasoline vehicles and 15% reduction for diesel vehicles by MY 2018.


Above is a cut and paste. Why is this just pitched to the consumer as something Ford has done just for them?

Are HDs regarded as heavy duty diesel? Above 8 500lbs GVW?

It's good the consumer will be gaining more power and torque. Will Ford state that much of the changes to the engines are for emission regulation.

Can we have more info on some of the guts of the changes?

It all comes down to the massive COMPLEX Nature the V8 Ford and GM Motors are. The straight 6 CUMMINS will never be out worked....out any V8 Diesel EVER! GM and Ford make great trucks. Everyone on here is so damn brand bias it's pathetic.

*To the guy that bought a new 6.7l FORD .. then took it back for his 6.0 .... That is possible but not because of the seats or ergonomics of the dash and buttons. LOL -- Called BUYERS REMORSE! That new $700 a month payment caught up to your brain huh? I have been there ... but never took a truck back because of it.

This pulling test that we keep getting all worked up about is FUN to watch and read about...but in the real world when I'm hauling probably 20,000 to 100,000 worth of materials or equipment I will NEVER be running FULL BORE over any of these mountain passes.

So many different factors come into play with these test. The high elevation is a big ticket issue with the test. 90% of the land lovers running around in these HD trucks are not climbing to those elevations.

Put a 20,000 pound load behind all of the rigs and head East of Interstate 40 across the Country. Switch out drivers and let everyone get a feel for each truck. Do MPG test by filling each truck up until fuel is sitting in the filler neck (visible) ... run them all with equal time in the lead of the pack and then fill them all back up when needed. Do this over the entire course of the trip. Test the brakes before the trip with the trailers attached and after the trip. Check the oil levels before the trip ... then after to see if any oil is being used or "made". Document transmission and oil temps along the way.

But racing up these Mountain passes only proves 5% of what these beasts are capable of .... and High Altitude drag racing is the least of my concerns.

I want a motor and transmission combo that will last for 1,000,000 miles with minimal issues .... and there is only ONE motor in this group that can do that and that does it every year in multiple pieces of equipment .. CUMMINS

My next Diesel will have the 6-SPD Manual .. Why??? Because no matter how great any of the big 3 automatic transmissions are ... THEY WILL FAIL!

Monthly Rant OVER...

Lets get back to all of you 10 year old boys Tonka Truck War of the Words!

Hi girls sorry I've been away I burned my lips on the tailpipe of my F150...I'm OK now. Having said that, the only regret I have in life is not kissing Henry Morgentaler on the lips when I had a chance!

Congratulations for setting a new standard in testing (high altitude, heavy trailers, steep inclines). The manufacturers obviously took notice, you guys should be proud.

Speaking of testing.


@Frank, Simple economics. It's not how many you sale. It's how much profit from those sales. Also it's about CAPACITY. ;)
Have you ever heard the saying QUALITY OVER QUANTITY?

Usually, diesel engines are extremely reliable and last much longer than gas engines. Not so with the Ford F250, Ford F350, Ford F450 and Ford F550 trucks equipped with 6.0 liter and 6.4 liter diesel engines. These engines are extremely problematic and have resulted in many California Lemon Law claims. The problems with these engines include, but are not limited to – check engine light continuously illuminated; defective turbo charger/CAC tubes; defective EGR systems; oil leaks; defective fuel injectors; blows black and white exhaust; lack of power; stalling; surging; sluggish; etc. Many of these engines exhibit more than one of these problems. Ironically, the 6.0 liter diesel and 6.4 liter diesel engines are made for towing but seem to exhibit most of their problems under load.

@HEMI V8 - you forgot to post the source of your cut and paste.
You actually think that a law firm advertising on the internet to be a valid source of reliable information?

Still prefer a Duramax.


It already has, TROLL.

Look at the sales, Ram is getting it's ass kicked.

Now go back into your asylum.
Posted by: Frank | Oct 4, 2013 1:16:16 PM

Looks like the DOLT has started TROLLING again.

@Lou BC,

@HEMI V8 - you must of overlooked the latest Ram recall.

The Ford super duty has the weakest springs and a outdated cab and suspension. Changing the Power Stroke helps in the power department but still lacks in most other departments.

Somebody posted in the YouTube comments section that it was to be rated at 465/910. Of course I take this with a grain of salt, but those numbers also seem pretty realistic.

Sooo I get it now we are "improving on a given exsisting design",in plain english we been getting our ass kick on comparison runs with our competitors,soo we scrap the twin spooler for a single and changed the injector size and design.Now we still think we are class leading in 2014.Ram and GM will respond in a mid year design change to be sure so hold on to your hats cowboys this 2014 Rumble in the Rockies is gonna be good one.

Well I predict now that Ford will win Rumble in the Rockies and people will complain about the website's bias toward Ford. Cummins 3500 w/ Aisin will come second.

@Alex - it is interesting that the Ford engineer mentioned high altitude power and PUTC. PUTC was the first to do it and now it has become the unofficial tow standard.

They do pay attention to tests and blogs after all - well maybe 10 % of what is said on the blogs the rest is crap but they do seem to notice.

if you go by the last serveral years, this engine will be a dud just like the previous few have. give me a cummins or duramax any day of the week.

@murphy jackson - that is not what I've heard.

To all the Ford Fan club. What does Ford have over Dodge trucks? I can give you a list of class leading, class exclusive features from Dodge that G.M. and Ford do NOT offer. Please tell me more than cheap fleet sales.

I'm not a big fan of the Super Duty, but I don't hold a grudge against it either, the 2015 Silverado/Sierra HD's are also good trucks but did not come with any major updates to it's 6.6 or 6.0 liter Powertrains , the 2007 Tundra nearly outperformed all three trucks back in 2007/2008, but has truly fallen behind even with a 2014 exterior update; we have to fair on this and state for now, it's the RAM HD that leads the pack on the Towing Numbers, 30,000lbs, until we find out more information with the revised Powerstroke, it's a "Coin Toss" guessing game between FORD and GM as to which one will unfortunetly be a 3rd Place contender here.

I'll agree that the biggest issue is that the new Ford diesel's exhaust brake sucks in comparison to its competition. #1

Dropping weight should be priority # 2

Adding direct injection to the 6.2 liter should be #3

Keeping the price flat should be #4

So my honest question is with these "improvements that are essentially plug and chug on a new platform" can I get them on my current 6.7 without any issue if Ford has deemed them to be essential? I mean I buy a high end diesel (no matter what manufacturer) I would hope to get some upgrade lol.

Truth be told my grand father hauled horses with an old gasser from the 70's and guess what…did it just fine. I helped him in the same truck and we still use it. 1979 Ford, and it works wonderfully…so manufactures BUILD A BULLET PROOF ALL AROUND TRUCK stop chasing HP and TQ numbers. We as consumers have an obligation not to buy into that as well. I bought my new diesel because A: I am a ford fan and B: my older truck had 368k on it and I could justify the upgrade. C'mon folks.

Last time I checked anything 1/2 ton wasn't considered HD. The big 3 still have that category locked up. And as for the three, they each have their pluses. Dodge has Cummins, Chevy has the best overall ride quality, and Ford is just overall the best work truck.

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Very deep analysis about the models of Ford. It is helpful to increase the performance of Ford PowerStroke. One who want to buy Ford, he must go through this information.

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