2013 SEMA Show: Icon's Ultimate Thriftmaster Puts Emphasis on Ultimate

A ICON_Thriftmaster_F34_Shade II

ICON 4x4 founder Jonathan Ward is a busy man. PickupTrucks.com followers will remember Ward's custom creation, the Icon Dodge D200, that took a classic 1965 Dodge and turned it into a restored masterpiece. It definitely was one of our 2013 test-drive highlights.

This year he's bringing his latest creation, called the Ultimate Thriftmaster, to the Specialty Equipment Market Association this week in Las Vegas. Icon has a made a name for itself by taking classic trucks like the early Ford Bronco, old Toyota Land Cruisers and classic Jeeps and bringing them up to modern-day specifications — meaning modern frames, suspensions, electricals, engines and transmissions.

The Ultimate Thriftmaster takes the classic design of the 1947–1953 Chevrolet 3100 five-window pickup trucks but puts a custom-built Art Morrison chassis underneath with a GM 5.3-liter E-Rod small-block V-8 with a Magnuson supercharger that we're told makes almost 450 horsepower. Like Ward's other creations, there will be some wiggle room when it comes to ordering a vehicle. However, because Icon is planning to build a small number of these pickups, most will likely be loaded to the hilt. That means each will boast four-wheel discs, Alcantara headliners, bison-hide seats, a web-enabled Kenwood and Audison digital audio system, brushed nickel-plated trim with aircraft ceramic clear coat and tons of other impressive details.

The exterior (and interior) beauty of this truck is obvious. Ward is a detail guy, so you can bet every switch, handle and knob was scrutinized and second-guessed before it became part of the production vehicle. But the true beauty of the Thriftmaster is what it feels like when the tires are on the pavement and you are behind the wheel.


B ICON 3_Thriftmaster_Interior II

We got the chance to take a quick spin in the truck and were impressed with how settled and controlled the truck feels for a complete restoration. As you might imagine, with an engine producing well above 400 hp, the throttle response is quick and smile-inducing. With the wheel and tire combination that Icon used to project a lowered look, the vehicle does not have a lot of ground clearance, so in choppy pavement situations the coil springs did feel a little firm. We're guessing that's because Icon wants this truck, unlike last year's D200 model, to corner like it is small sports car. And it does. It is a real kick to have the downsized, thin-tubed steering wheel spin around as you take a corner. You almost wish for a necker knob so you can use your other arm to brace yourself against the door because your butt wants to slide across the oddly soft bison upholstery. Our test vehicle had ash wood slats in the 6.5-foot bed. Interestingly, for aesthetics, the fuel filler cap is in the bed of the truck.

As you might imagine, these vehicles are expensive. Icon plans to build only five to 10 of these vehicles. If different versions become popular, Icon says it will be able to accommodate much larger numbers. For now, the Icon Ultimate Thriftmaster will be priced between $230,000 and $250,000, depending on the set-up and buyers' special requests. The buyers most interested in these vehicles, we're told, don't have to worry about costs.

To download the Ultimate Thriftmaster press release, click here

To download the Ultimate Thriftmaster specifications, click here.


C ICON 5_Thriftmaster_Tailgate II

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Nice truck

I love the 3100s! Even more with a supercharged V8. All of you environmentalist weenies should be prohibited by law from owning one of these.

Next I'd like to see this guy do an aluminum V8 early S10 or Ranger reg cab with chassis tricks and 6 speed auto. Windsor or SBC. Either would be awesome.

WARNING: For erections lasting more than four hours seek immediate medical attention.

Easily the best truck there.

Flat Effin' Awesome! At the prices Icon charges, the name "Ultimate Thriftmaster" is laughably ironic. Still, this level of vehicle never comes cheap. I finally got to see an Icon FJ in person and liked what I saw.

A truck "priced between $230,000 and $250,000," named, Ultimate "THRIFT"master, it's very nice though.

Very nice, but not up to today's safty standards by any means.

@George. Wear a helmet.

Good idea, I will need it if I get rear ended since thier are no head reasts and my head will be into the back glass.

@papa jim

Enjoy the truck by all means, but avoid name calling please, as I'm fairly sure we are all adults here.
I can be all for conservation and doing what you can, within reasonable limit, to prolong the beauty of the world. Doing things like reducing emissions on vehicles, or throwing fish back when I've caught my fair share.
Doesn't make me an environmental "weenie". It makes me a responsible human being.

Truck is nice, but a bit rich for my blood, and not the right capability. I don't care if a truck corners like a race car...so long as it can carry me and my gear to my favorite fishing spot.

We need to have a Pickuptrucks.com meet so we can meet everyone one here maybe Mark Williams could put something together.

Love the truck but if I could play in that ballpark, I'd be looking at a 6x6 Mercedes, a Marauder, or an EarthRoamer.

You get what you pay for - talk about perfection applied to automotive restoration.

I love the rims!

If i had 250K to spend on a car I would get a Lambo.

@Jeff "...but avoid name calling please, as I'm fairly sure we are all adults here."

Name calling? All adults?

Have you ever read the posts on this site before, Jeff? You seem to take things a bit seriously.

Dr PapaJim thinks you need a vacation. Try putting a tankful of Premium Unleaded in whatever you're driving these days and go do some burn-outs.

(Preferably in a school zone)

@moderator, you sound like you might need a vacation yourself!

You don't have an easy job to do, but calling greens "environmental weenies" does not rank as an offensive entry on a site where I regularly see much worse.

Are you sure this does not have more to do with my opinions? I've recently criticized the content on the site--does that bother you?

@papa jim - "moderator" is another butt head who is incapable of standing up for themselves so they hide behind multiple names.

This truck is beautiful, I would love to take this thing cross country.

Well done ICON!

Love the truck! Then I had to read the comments. Way to ruin a great site guys. :(

Interesting rig although no way to excuse the $100,000.00 price gouging there .

Who knows ? if one won the lottery maybe buy one and have it finished in adecent paint job , make it your nice daily driver Old Man's Truck with dog in the cab and light loads out back , be sweet to be able to scoot across America @ 85 MPH A/C blasting , tunes rocking .


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