2013 SEMA Show: Kiss Bassist Gene Simmons Reveals Ford's Snakebit

Ford Snakebit 56 F-100 II

As if having a gorgeously restored classic 1956 Ford F-100 pickup on the center stage of the Ford booth isn’t enough to get attention at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, this truck is connected with world-famous rock icon and Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and his wife, actress Shannon Tweed. The press conference for the reveal was as packed as any rock concert.

The project truck is called "Snakebit" and it is the brainchild of Canadian Tom Foster of Industrial Machine & Manufacturing, a car builder based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. All proceeds from the sale of this pickup truck (it will be auctioned early next year at a Barrett-Jackson event) are part of a Wheels of Dreams fundraising effort aimed at building a children’s hospital in Tweed’s hometown of Saskatoon.

The truck chassis itself has been stretched 5 inches to give it a more proportional look, and it has 18-inch wheels and tires in front and 20-inch wheels and tires in back. The F-100 is lowered and basically has the powertrain from a Shelby Mustang Cobra, producing 550 horsepower through a Ford six-speed manual transmission.

The exterior color is Metallic Gray with two prominent racing stripes down the middle of the truck, again paying homage to the classic Shelby Mustangs. Inside, the interior boasts two-tone leather, with all the knobs and dash surfaces wrapped in leather as well.

Simmons said he hopes the truck will bring as much as $1,000,000 when sold, and he’s willing to do just about anything to make that happen. Snakebit is one of more than 50 vehicles Ford brought to the show this year.

To download the Ford press release, click here.

3 F100 reveal II

4 F100 grille II

7 F100 rear II

10 F100 engine II

11 F100 int II

9 F100 headlight II

12 F100 bed II

2 F100 front II



Oh no it got square wheel wells so its no good. Oh what its a Ford so that some how makes it okay LMAO!

Nice Truck!!! LOVE IT!!

Johnny go troll somewhere else, like your boring GM Truck news.

This thing looks like it has Down Syndrome just ugly as hell big fail!

They should of call this thing Beat With Ugly Stick Truck!


Great looking truck!
F-series wins again.

It be nice if they put a real engine. Maybe a corvette engine,,,:))

Gene is a tool. Known him for years and he's always been a jackass.

While I appreciate the Shelby Mustang Cobra inspired styling, the front of the truck just looks like a giant frowning face. :(

Here is another beauty.



Very nice truck but it looks like Ol' Gene and Shannon have seen more bodywork than this truck. LOL

Being a parent and having watched all the Disney Cars movies at least 100 times for all three, this reminds me of Tow-Mater

Why didn't they drop the roof & tint the glass ?
Would have been worth what there asking.

"FRANKS A TROLL" is a troll.

It would of been nice if they kept the 1956 f-100 face. The truck looks kind of cheap . Shame .


Nope,not a Vette engine a pre 71 426 HEMI,factory race cam its 1000 hp ! A car mag did a engine special and with Mopar factory stock part rebuild it put out 850 hp..Add a race cam its over 1000..With reliability of a HEMI and you can mod it up to over 10,000 horsepower like a Top Fuel/Alchohol dragster..Hemi does Rule..

But,I am for keeping the engine of the brand of vehicle it is.Ford should have a Ford,GM should have a GM and Mopar keep it all Mopar.

Did you know alot of old GM/Ford trucks run Mopar front suspension,the torsion bar set-up was smooth,handles like its on rails and in 2 minutes you can either raise or lower the front end to any height.And alot of GM trucks use Mopar 8 3/4 rear ends as GM rear ends were garbage.All the GM MuscleCars couldnt keep a rear end from snapping.Yep,I owned/own many GM cars over the years have a few keepers and my 102,000 orig mile 68 GTO snapped its rear when 2000 miles,then 25,000 again at 42,000 where it sat until 1985 when I bought it,I put in a aftermarket Auburn posi(from a trade I think a 72 Datsun 510 or something like that lol..yeah its noisey but back then I didnt have a Mopar rear laying around back then plus wasnt layered with cash as I am today so...My 68 R/T Charger 440 still never broke its rear many burnouts,rolling burnouts (20 mph floor it it lights the tires up) and 12 second 1/4 mile times 95% stock !!!

I bought a 56 F-100 for the engine,it had a sweet oroginal never touched 1969 440 Magnum/727 and 8 3/4 sure-grip..I changed the Ford to a good running 390 from a wrecked 70 LTD,added the 9" it wasnt as quick but I put the numbers 69 440 in my 69 Charger R/T I bought that had a swapped in 1978 400 4bbl..I later redid the 400 to a 451 stroker 560 horse mild cam,low 9:1 compression,89 octane set-up it ran mid 11's and got 16 mpg in my 1970 Coronet Super Bee clone,that I drove hard off and on as a daily driver for 4 years and 85,000 miles.

I now have a pile of mixed match parts from people who bought parts for a project but didnt finish nor know what they were doing.I have a 1996 Viper engine/trans from a failed Miata project some guy started,a 2006 Vette engine from a 67 Chevelle project..A 2010 Ford Mustang GT 500 5.4 S.C that was somewhat put in a 70 Torino SCJ (original 429 car and going back to that)

Furthermore,the front end of the Ford looks bad,the stock grill is a good looking one....Some things shouldnt be changed...Like pro touring muscle cars,is a big NO,NO !! Value destroying,uglyness disasters..shaved handles,new style interiors wth guys !!

Terrible approach/departure angles...


Just look at that low slung frame and poor ground clearance. As usual Ford loses again!

cdn dodge, what would be better than a hemi is Fords own 427 cammer. There is one on ebay for 30 some thou. Back in the day it took Ford 3 months to build the hemi killer. Unfortunately, due to Chrysler crying, Nascar banned the cammer even though it did achieve production status. It was used in drag racing where it did kick the hemis butt. Oh well, some things never change.

BTW, I fully agree about destroying classic vehicles. They should be restored to stock condition. I cringe every time I see a chopped and modded 55 chevy(car or truck), and it seems to be common. A local guy had a museum full of Chrysler classics, hemis and wedges galore. I admit not being a Chryslerholic, but seeing those birds and bees was awe inspiring. Not one was butchered either.

@Tom, I agree the Ford cammer was a rocket on nitro right up until that lengthy timing chain would stretch and cause catastrophic failure. Not very cost effective. :(

"The real bottom line: Ford was getting the crap beat out of them at the race track, both drag and NASCAR, by the newly introduced Chrysler 426 "Hemi". The boys over in Highland Park had done their homework developing and building the "Hemi" into a production/race engine, and were decimating the ranks of the Ford powered racers by winning almost everything they set their sights on."

"some things never change."

I agree. I am going to the winter nationals this weekend to watch those 500 cubic inch Nitro Hemi's are still dominating. ;)

@Tom - I don't like seeing "old" vehicles chopped either. I'd rather see an original restoration since these vehicles are getting more and more rare.

@HemiV8 - your posts remind me of Tom's last sentance, "Oh well, some things never change."

@Lou BC, I thought we covered this already? LOL! ;)

Lou, Their are two kinds of people in this world.



@HemiV8 - let me know when you buy something with a real hemi in it.

@LouBC, You will be the first to know buddy. LOL I am a little short on founds right now.

This original Hemi Cud'a is only a cool 2,000,000.00


That goofy looking thing looks like "Tow Mater" from cars.


You say it has square wheel wells. What do you think the same year Chevy step side has ? Oooh Yea, and they look big enough to get a monster truck tire all the way up in it.

fORD truck by Gene ? Shelby under the hood , nice hey and whos the blonde shelby he's with another conquest?

wow the chevy girls are crying big time over this truck. what its got real power not some super slow or junk vett motor.
All you maxi pad favs. take a good long look at that motor it makes more power than any of your junk chevys do. and they did not kill the truck. by putting a maxi pad junk in it. NICE TRUCK!!! TO BAD CHEVY GIRLS ARE CRYING ABOUT IT.

WOW! What a perfect blend of old and new. In 70 years of owning and building cars this truck nails it. If you don't like Ford Tom then go buy a Chevy, maybe one of those great Volts. Some people just don't get it.

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