2014 Nissan Frontier Pricing

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Nissan recently announced pricing for all crew- and King-Cab Frontier midsize pickup trucks, and pricing is relatively unchanged from 2013 models. In fact, starting price of the base model King Cab 4x2 with a four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual remains at $18,850, including an $860 destination charge. Practically all other models have gone up in price between $100 and $400 when comparably equipped.

There remain just two cab configurations, two engines and five trim levels: S, SV, PRO-4X, Desert Runner and SL. The most expensive trim (before options) is the SL crew cab 4x4 longwheelbase with a V-6 engine and an automatic transmission that starts at $35,030, priced $380 above 2013 pricing.

Pricing for 2014 Nissan Frontier King Cab (KC) and Crew Cab (CC) below, excludes $860 for destination: 


2014 Nissan King Cab II

2014 Nissan Crew Cab II


To download the full 2014 Nissan Frontier press release, click here.



Nice truck, I want one.

I would say that the Frontier is probably the best choice of the mid-sized segment. Really it's either that or the Tacoma, and given the choice between the 2, I would take the Frontier for sure.

It good to see that it's priced in the low 20k's. There are plenty of people in need of a pickup, but don't necessarily need a full size that costs 40-50k.

This is not a significant increase and should still keep Frontier competitive. It will be interesting to see what happens when the new Colorado is released.

Will the Frontier get a redesign with the Titan next year?

The little Nissan is hardly a small truck. The well equipped Frontier V6 Crew weighs almost as much as my Silverado LS Reg Cab.

Even though the Nissan is getting a bit long in the tooth, the little guy has a great drivetrain and is one of the few trucks or SUVs that I'd take the auto over the stick; their 5 speed auto is that good!

All that said, the weight of the truck and its thirsty V6 means that its FE is not a big advantage over a half ton, either around town or on the highway.

Boobs, big bouncey boobs. I WANT TO RUB MY FACE IN BOOBS.

I have a soft spot for the Frontier. I had a Nissan Hardbody back in the day and really liked that pickup.

Had there been diesel/manual trans CC/long box Frontier available back when I bought my Tundra, I would have given it a look. That said, I would have looked at a Tacoma/Hi-lux in such a configuration too.

At least they offer a stick with a 4 cyl. in a 2WD King Cab.

The Frontier isn't a bad little truck. I'd choose it over a Taco.

The Frontier isn't a bad little truck. I'd choose it over a Colorado/Canyon.

The Frontier is getting old and tired. It needs replacing. I hope the new Navara/Frontier come with the little 2.8 ISF Cummins.

As for prices going up, well, that's life. Without inflation our world couldn't exist. It needs inflation to survive.

The earth would just deteriorate without currency inflation? I know that's not what you meant, but the reason inflation exists is because there is an increasing supply of currency. With inflation, there is a chain reaction. Minimum wage and Nissan Frontiers go up because of inflation, but the increasing price of goods and labor also causes inflation. It is possible to deflate the currency (increase its value) without causing the world to not exist.

The Frontier (and hey, the Titan while we're at it) reminds me an awful lot of how pickup trucks used to be made--for instance, the 1973-88 Chevy/GM, 1972-93 Dodge, or 1980-96 Ford. Minimal changes to powertrains, maybe changing the grille/other sheetmetal, but keeping the same basic truck for many many years. Last one to be made like this was 1993-2011 Ranger, and that was more by virtue of Ford trying to squeeze every last drop of milk from a tired, shriveled-up old cow than for any inherent superiority in its design. But this sort of business model doesn't work anymore, especially in the hyper-competitive pickup truck market, where every manufacturer is constantly trying to one-up the others in some kind of (inter)national pissing contest.

The best config of Frontier, IMO, is one that was once made but is no longer: Crew cab 6' bed, manual trans 4x4. Remove any one of those criteria and you'll find it, but the last year for all of them was 2010 or so.

@Snapdragon McFisticuff

You got that right regarding truck makers hanging onto designs. I would add that it still happens but to a lesser extent. Ford's current fF150 has mostly cosmetic updates and is the same basic body since '04, the E-Series has used the same sheet metal since '92. The Superduty design is basically remained the same since '99. I could go on all day, I haven't even mentioned the other manufactures yet.

I think that in general there's nothing wrong with lasting designs. The problem is that now if a design is more that a few years old, everyone starts whining and making a fuss. The truck makers had no choice.

I remember back in '76 I got my first truck, a '74 Chevy, I had just graduated from college and bought a nice 2 year old truck. 4 years later I bought a '80 GMC which was the same thing in many ways. I had no problem back then buying a aging design. In '85 I switched to a F350 diesel dually and then again in '92 got another F350 diesel. Those also were pretty much the same truck as well as far as sheet metal and the engines were concerned.

Coming back to the present day, many truck buyers wouldn't even think of buying trucks 7 or so years apart and getting the same basic truck. People want to be seen in the latest and greatest.

@pickup or die

The current gen F-150 really doesn't look like the 2001 F-150, and their frames are completely different.

The current Ram 1500 looks a lot more like the 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 than the current F-150 looks like the 2004 F-150.


You need glasses brother ! The Ford is the same as the 2004 model..RAM is totally different from the 2002 model !

The new 2014 F-150 is the same truck as the 2004 F-150,same box,panels ect..just a newer style dash,grill.It was never redesigned it is a 2004 truck with new lipstick !

The new RAM is a totally different truck then the 2002-2008 RAM 1500 ! Totally differnt body/suspension/interior/frame.Not one body or interior part is the same as the 2002-2008 RAM 1500.

Ford 2004-2014 f-150 is the same truck,same body/parts just new grill,fender shape..

The Ford is old it is a 2004,the RAM isnt,newest truck on the market !! Yep GM trucks go back to 2007,just new lipstick like the Ford !

The current RAM is totally different then the 2002-2008 models..

Body is not the same,all different (unlike F-150,GM,Tundra)
Every piece of sheetmetal on the RAM is new ect..Sure it looks similar,but hardly looks or is the same.They stuck with a winning design.

I own a 2004 RAM 1500 and a 2013 RAM 1500 and NO,they are not the same.

My neighbor has a 04 F-150 and a 2012 F-150 those are the same ! Same body,RAM doesnot have the same body !

Same with the 1997-2014 F-250-350 those date back to 1996 ! Same truck just new grill,dash ect..

The RAM,unlike the F-150 or new GM truck has all new frame,suspension,interior,body parts the Ford/GM are old trucks Ford is going back to 2004 for the F-150 look at them same doors,windows,box,fenders will bolt on to all 04-14 models,the RAM is all new,different body ! GM is the same from 07 ,just new grill,suspension ect..

Look at BMW,Honda ect their cars are 20 year old designs just tweaked every few years.

The present 2014 F-150 looks enough like the 2004 F-150 as the present Ram look like the 1994 Dodge Ram. Yes the grills have been changed and a few other cosmetics but the original design is still there. Now as for the power trains, gadgetry, and newer safety features there is a significant change. These changes are much more important to the average owner than just looks.

I never thought of a truck as a status symbol and that is not why I own a truck. When I grew up a truck was considered more utilitarian and those that owned them used them in their profession. Most who owned a truck had a car. Maybe I am in the minority but I use my trucks and keep them for at least 10 years. If I wanted just transportation then I would just buy a car. If I wanted something more sporty and powerful then I would get a Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger. I like the fact that the basic exteriors have changed little and are just tweaked every few years. I would not like to see designer editions of trucks--Cartier, Eddie Bauer, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and etc. I will leave that up to the cars and SUVs. Platinum, High Country, Denali, and King Ranch are enough.

@ pickup or die,

You said "people want the latest and greatest"...

I say,Not really true,why do they buy the F-150 and Ford heavy duty trucks those date back to 2004 and 1996 ! Same body,same looks.GM trucks go back to 2007,yes the new 2014 GM trucks are lipsticked 2007's(look good though),RAM the most current with a actual all new 2009 style (then a new frame again in 2013)!

Again,You said " people want the latest and greatest",

I say,Thats why people are in so much debt !

The wealthiest people I know drive older vehicles (multi-millionaires) I am wealthy but,I like to spend money on some new vehicles and mostly old ones ! I would rather be seen in a older ride then a newer one.When I drive my classic muscle car or late 50's classic muscle (yep some efi,duel quad,hemi,big block late 50's cars move like or better then a new 1/2 ton from any make) most likely I am the only on driving that day with that exact car.Kind of hard to feel special/original when you drive around in your new Silverado,F-150 and feel special,and you pull up to a dolt in the same exact truck..But then again,it is annoying to have people stare at me and snap pictures non stop,so I think I need a beige minivan !

The wealthiest person I know,drives a 8 year old sedan.But,they are not car-truck people and dont get the car scene..I live,breathe engines,octane so my shop is full of vehicles.But I dont want the latest or greatest every year..I buy the best new truck every several years,and no need to buy the greatest new show-off ride.

Its like these million dollar homes,those people have high debt,sure they make the money but have the need to show it off to feel special.So their portfolio of liquid cash is non existant.They owe 95% of their homes value,and have no real cash reserves.Again people like to show off with the latest and greatest meanwhile they are broke...Not all,as my some of my family members buy newer high end cars and do have cash left over,but the majority are pennyless.

One of my favorite things about Nissans is that they aren't constantly changing the body styles like Toyota.

Who likes to buy a new truck and a year or two later (literally) it's "the old model" already?

When you buy a nissan truck when it first comes out, you don't have to worry about it becoming "the old model" for like 10 years and for someone who doesn't get a "new every 2" like cell phones, this is a big selling point. If my full size toyos were totalled in a wreck, I'd most likely end up with frontiers as replacements. They are the more reasonably priced and come packed with a lot more goodies for the price. They do need to work on fuel economy however and alternative fuels if they ever expect me to voluntarily trade in.

@Jack--Agree, I would much rather have my money invested wisely and drive an older vehicle. Your classic car sounds neat. If I want or need a new car or truck I will buy it and I will keep it for a long time.

@Jack - Truck buyer aren't such girls that they need a new redesign every 4 years. Unless this is 1992 and '93 and Dodge is still running an A$$ ugly and ancient, early '70s design, actual truck buyers don't care. And they're likely keeping them long term and not leased. This is part of the reason truck resale value is much higher than cars that are dumped short term.

But the Current, and last of this generation, '14 F-150 shares only the door skins and cab sheet metal with the '04. All new drivetrains too.

It's a bonus to time your new truck purchase on the 1st and 2nd year of a new generation (or refresh), but it doesn't make much difference. Trucks are trucks and most of the advancements a new generation brings are cosmetic.

It's a wonder anyone prefers the Tacoma over the Frontier when you can buy the King Cab for about $300 more than the reg cab Tacoma. But that's a lot of cash if you're a fleet buyer with 80 - 100 trucks to buy in one transaction. A reg cab improves MPG and increases the # of truck you can lock in a small yard. In this case, the Taco wins.

There's no reg cab Frontier on the market in North America. Funny how it's available in other markets in any cab you want. No, all the cheapskates, fleet and other bottom feeders spoil the deal in North America were mid-size truck prices are severely capped by full-size trucks and their rebates too. It's a losing proposition for mid-size truck OEMs in NA and this is the last and final year you will be able to get a Tacoma reg cab. You still wonder why? No more after '14. Canada lost all reg cab Tacomas and Frontiers years ago.

Big Al is getting old and tired. He needs replacing. I hope the new one will cum a little more often.

As for the parts going up, well, that's life. Without inflation that little blue pill wouldn't exist.

As long as there is at least an extended cab available. I would hate to see just crew cab models available on midsize trucks. As for $300 more for a Nissan Frontier King Cab versus a single cab Tacoma I would rather pay the $300 for the King Cab. I have seen more of the Frontiers in fleets such as NAPA, home irrigation companies, and other service companies. I have also seen basic F-150s in Orkin's fleet as well. Company fleets have adapted well to what is available. As for the rest of us who want a midsize truck there is the Frontier, Tacoma, and the soon to be Colorado/Canyon which are all competent. I have no problem owning any of these trucks.

The new GM half tons have a new frame also. Get with it Ram lovers! Get it right or do not post your BS!

The whole "Ford never changes their design" complaint is lame and shows a lack of understanding of how the conservative truck buyer's mind works.
Any big departure in design is a big risk. The standard mantra is "evolution not revolution". Ford has mastered this approach in relation to the F Series line up. This strategy works since they outsell the competition and have rarely ever worried about loosing the #1 crown.
A guy wants to know that his truck isn't exactly like the previous year's model but finds comfort knowing that it is similar to the previous model.
Ever wonder why GMC built the Ecotec engines with a displacement of 4.3, 5.3 and 6.2?
It is reassuring to buyers when they think there is continuity due to things "looking" or "sounding" similar.
It is a case of sociology/psychology applied to marketing and design.

I dig regular cabs and would rather have a regular cab midsize over buying a car or SUV.


Agree, unfortunately Detroit does not. The Chevy S10 and the Ford Ranger could have been world class compact trucks but Detroit wanted to move in a different direction, away from body/frame construction, and away from giving truck buyers a decent choice in the compact market.

GM and Ford milked the compact truck market with inferior models instead of creating model upgrades that could have been effective.

GM and Ford each could have offered a turbo upgrade to their DOHC four cylinder engines ten years ago. Better FE and better torque. It would not have cost very much.

Instead, GM brought out the weak Colorado/Canyon/Isuzu trucks and the Trailblazer cousin. No winners there.

Ford chose to build the Sport Trac, a Ranger/Explorer clone. It was very expensive and the V6 option that 90 percent of buyers chose was a 25 year old design that was pretty uncompetitive 20 years ago.

The Sport Trac with a 2.3 turbo 6sp would have been a fun and practical option to the 4.6 V8 that upgrade customers were offered. Now the Sport Trac is dead. Ditto the Ranger. Ditto the S10 (in North America). Ford offers an all new Ranger in other countries but not here.

its a nice little truck, that said I think the crew cab is usless unless your really short. I couldn't even get my feet in the door. some extended cab full sizeers have more room that this crew cab. May as well just get the extended cab because people don't want to ride in the back of this anyway.

@papa jim - A 4 cyl turbo is a bad idea when a V6 can do the job with equal or better MPG. Not to mention, a simple V6 is more reliable and a better choice all around and down the road. But then a small V8 beats both of them, when talking a mid-size 4wd crew cab.

The reason regular cabs have become unavailable on anything less than a full-size is because of, well, size. A compact/midsize extended cab is slightly longer than a full-size regular cab, and a compact/midsize crew cab is slightly longer than a full-size extended cab. Neither of these is really meant for long-term passengers, more for carrying people a short distance while still having cargo space.

We know that the 2015 Colorado will have a crew cab/6' bed model, which is unavailable anywhere else in the world, but will it have the regular cab/7.5' bed model like what's available in Brazil and elsewhere? Like this:


I guess we'll find out on Wed. at the LA Auto Show.


You could be right, but please cite some examples. Not all turbos are unreliable and not all V6s deliver great FE and torque.


Maybe. But consider this. The Jeep today known as the Wrangler is a 2 seater with a crew cab upgrade option. Is anybody at all buying the 2 seater anymore? I see the crew cabs everywhere.

@Snapdragon McFisticuff - It doesn't matter what cab configurations OEMs offer, small trucks are the lowest common denominator of trucks and really, all of vehicles. They're the target of fleets and every cheapskate including commuters wanting cheap, economical and versatile stripper trucks. After rebates, small base trucks come in cheaper than Corollas, Sentras, Focus', etc.

OEMs need to price small trucks over and above full-size trucks, to clear a profit, assuming they sell enough of them. They won't and can't. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

DenverMike, Just because someone buys a smaller truck doesn't mean they are a cheapskate. Usually it means they don't want utility but don't want to drive around a land Yaugt. Hence the reason you see a lot of loaded up Frontiers and Tacos running around that cost way more then a base full sizer.

@Paul - Cheapskate or or smart buyer is irrelevant. The fact is they don't sell enough high-end small trucks to make it worthwhile

Nice pricing. I've never owned a Nissan truck but would like to see this mid-size with a V8 option.

@Red: The best way to get a Frontier with a V8 is to get a 3rd-gen Pathfinder (the last SUV, not the current Mallfinder crossover abomination) with the 5.6 out of the Titan/Armada, then cut the back off and put a Frontier frame/body on.

Notice, I didn't say "easiest way".

I guess you could call anyone who buys anything small a cheapskate. Buy what you want and like regardless of what someone calls you. Small does not mean inferior, small is small, large is large. I am not going to use a word like "cheapskate" because for most it has a negative meaning.

@Jeff S and papa jim
The smaller trucks don't necessarily mean less capability. It's according the situation the vehicle is required for.

This 'bigger' is better has become passe in many ways around the globe, including the US.

Even a tiny Kei truck in certain situations is more capable than a midsizer, just as a full size can be more capable than a Kei truck.

The issue now is the newer generation of global mid sizer we get are becoming larger and more powerful, to the point now they are quite competitive against a full size in most areas of performance, and in many instances outperforms a full size.

I think the term competitive should be used instead of capability in comparing vehicles. Not many people really require a full size but are forced to buy one because your midsize offerings are dismal.

There just isn't competition in the US, so a competitive environment is required. Like I stated the US has over 200 000 vehicles per model offered, far outstripping is next rival in the free world, only countries will massive controls match the US for vehicles per model.

You will never see anything other than what you have for pickups until the barriers and tariffs are reduced or removed that protect the full size pickups, protect the UAW and the Big 3.

This article is a dream, because the UAW/Big 3/Government will not allow change, they fear change.

@Big Al--Agree, most people don't equate bigger as being better unless it comes to their pickups, boats, guns, and houses (McMansions). Most of the younger generation does not buy into the notion of bigger is better. I believe that eventually the US vehicle market will not have the protection it has now and then you will see the change you have mentioned. Nothing lasts forever, even Communism has died out or become more like Capitalism. The McTrucks will eventually become less big and go the way of tail fins and wide white wall tires. The challenge will be to keep the interior size and bed size the same as the current full size trucks while making the outside dimensions a little smaller and also using lighter materials. I think when push comes to shove all the manufacturers will be able to offer a slightly downsized pickup with the same capacities or more.

Re: F-150 doors

Doors are different from the 2008 to the 2009 door. Different inner panel, different outer skin, different reinforcements. The hinges are even different from the 2008-2009. Longer supercrew. Nothing carried over from the 2008 model concerning the door.

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