2015 Chevrolet Colorado Video

2015 Colorado front II

We had the chance to spend a little time with the new 2015 Chevy Colorado Z71 off-road package, and we liked what we saw. This isn't a perfect midsize pickup, but it's a solid entry into a segment that's been ignored too long. Many of the design and engineering lessons learned from the 2014 Silverado 1500 have been incorporated into the Colorado, which should play into its favor. Take a look.

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Great looking truck. I can't get video to play.

@Lou BC
Works fine for me. Maybe try a different browser?

Video works for me.

Surprisingly, I love it. I hate the Holden Colorado! I am not a fan of the looks of the 2014 Silverado, but this looks fantastic! Chevy should redesign the Silverado to look like that, plus offer the 4.5L Duramax diesel in the 1500.

I told BAFO nothing would be carry over from the globals except a small bag of bolts.

We don't want that global garbage in the US market.


We already know that Ford is the Perfect Original Standard for trucks. You don't have to tell us. lol

Life's to short to hate all the time bro. Just love the fact that your favorite brand name made a good looking truck with this new Colorado. I would agree with you there. The hating I won't agree on.

I'm thinking you are incorrect.

Look at the body of the truck. It only has a reskin.

I would assume the chassis is identical, or near enough.

I would also like to find out where the components are sourced from.

The trucks are as similar as my BT50 is to the Ranger, or as similar as the Dmax to the Holden Colorado.

Big Al, Mark said in the video that it uses a different frame.

The video works now.
Nice truck. It will eat into the Ecodiesel Ram sales since the 2.8 Diesel in this truck is only 200cc smaller moving a lighter truck.

GM has a winner on their hands with this truck.

Toyota just got a kick in the rising sun. LOL.

very nice. This truck should eat into both Toyota and Nissan's sales since it looks to be better in every way. It should also eat into sales of other full size trucks (RAM V6, Chevy/GM V6) depending on the fuel economy. I like that there is a diesel option available. If I hadn't bought a new truck recently this one would be one on my short list, but then it's still a year away. Should I need a new truck, this is one on my short list.

The best truck company just got better GO CHEVY!

Too bad some folks are too small minded to get past their silly brand loyalties. What we have here is a great looking truck and it appears to well appointed, at least from this initial preview. I will certainly consider this truck as it looks like it will suit my hauling needs, fit in my garage, and not be too unwieldy on twisty mountain roads. Not all of us live on the plains or open country. Driving a full-sized truck on narrow logging roads or in coal country can be challenging. I have gotten past the silly politics and factors that drove my purchase decisions in my youth. My former first-pick abandoned this segment, so I will buy from whomever meets my needs.

Nice looking truck, the front has similarities to the global Ford Ranger.

I'm a dodge guy. I really do like the looks of this truck! This will definitely give the Tacoma and Frontier a run for there money.now only if ford and ram will grow a nut sack and bring back the ranger and Dakota...job well done GM just hope they offer a reg cab.

The Colorado is definitely on my short list. It's all up to Jeep now as to which "smaller" truck I end up buying.

i cant get the video to even show up let alone play......

You guys don’t get it. Trucks have come and gone in this segment and the only one that prevails is the Tacoma. The Tacoma sells based on the quality of the truck. People know this. You guys see brand only and base your opinions on that. Buy something you plan on keeping a long time otherwise wait a few years and get one of these on the used car lot.

How bouts a regular cab with a 7 foot bed?

You people really think this will actually cut into Toyota? They owned the market for 30 years. The big three all bailed out of the fight at one time or another, all while Toyota grew their marketshare.

I appreciate this Colorado and the fact it is incorporating a diesel (eventually). I wish them luck with sales but only because I hope it forces to Toyota to improve. Congrats to GM for a good looking truck. I will keep my Tacoma until they release a diesel variant (or Ford brings a diesel Ranger here).

Careful johnny doe, you just dropped your poms-poms.

Nice truck, hopefully they sell.

Nice! I am glad to see at least one American Co. to offer a choice in this particular market!

My 98 Sonoma is still fun to drive plus a plus well made pickup. This new offering from GM may be a future new truck possibility.

HATE how that beltline sweeps upward at the rear glass! My only gripe.....for now.


A new boxed and hydroformed frame is closely related to the Silverado’s and increases structural rigidity and improves crash performance versus the global Colorado.

Inside, the instrument panel and dashboard have been completely redone. Outside new skin except for the roof.

Different engines and trans.

BAFO was way off on this one and let his arrogance get the best of him.

I think you'll find the frame is dimensionally exactly the same as the global truck.

Maybe a lightened version to reduce weight.

@Cooper--I would have to disagree with you on the quality of today's US brand vehicles. I have had my 99 S-10 for almost 15 years and it has been relatively trouble free. One of my neighbors who is a friend of mine has a 2002 Tacoma which is in the garage when not used and the rear bumper and body panels are showing noticeable rust. The rear chrome bumper is so rusted it is about ready to fall off. My friend takes excellent care of his vehicles. His Tacoma has been a good vehicle but my S-10 which is 3 years older with more miles is in much better shape. This new Colorado looks to be a very competitive truck to the Tacoma and Frontier. Toyotas are still good vehicles but they are resting on their past and are not the same as they were in quality. I am hoping that this Colorado gives Toyota and Nissan an incentive to update their trucks and make them better.

From a GM Forum, Australian Automotive PR fellow .
"Having seen the previously posted renders and now your shots Nick - I have to say this has more in common with the global version than not. The global version is full of high-stength steel too - rates 5 for ANCAP for the Crewcab in frontal, side and pole tests; without side airbags in the version tested (which it now has). I would be surprised if the whole structure hasn't already been engineered to Ace NHTSA testing, because it was designed from day one to be compliant around the planet. It would make not much sense to change it. It's highly likely underneath, allowing for the fact the US gets only a longer-wheelbase crewcab, it looks pretty much like thisThe cab, doors, lower front fascia including spotlamp housings looks identical - even the underfront 'bashplate'. The bonnet, front guards (square wheelwells, mmmmm), rear tub and lights plus grille assembly appears changed. I'm glad they find favour in North America. They look fine.

The underdash is missing the pull out trays for drinks and toll change, the upper dash including the HVAC, hill-descent and difflock controls and Mylink housing is different. The lower console including the shifter is the same, apparently. The door panels and seats appear identical underneath the different coverings colourings.

As for the chassis, seeing as they are only selling a crewcab and not a single or spacecab, they've apparently extended it by 19". It seems strange the 'economy' midsize truck won't have a fleet singlecab version and the more expensive half-ton trucks will, but that's probably deliberate to protect their marketshare.

I would imagine though, given the track front and rear are likely to be the same, the chassis will look like this underneath as the global unit is already.
I'm not quite sure why they've dropped 1,000lb on the tow limit, unless it's the much lower torque of the 2.5 and 3.6 - or they're just defending the half-ton truck's specs. Interesting they would say these are the engines used elsewhere: other countries it's the 180hp 2.4 and 3.0 V6 units in South America, or the 2.5/2.8 diesels. I can't find any market advertising either the 2.5 gasoline motor or the LFX, alhough given there's 60 markets it's possible. I suppose they are similar to the 2.5 and 3.6 LFX even if they're not exactly alike. No-one else appears to have them in other markets or vehicles, except Holden is using the LFX in Commodores.

I think they're using some Realpolitik speak to try to say it 'isn't the global truck' which it pretty much is. I'm glad they changed the wrapper for the US, however, and made people there happy.


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