2015 Chevy Colorado to Debut at L.A. Auto Show

Chevrolet Colorado_Teaser 3 II

The all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado will debut at next week's Los Angeles Auto Show, a little less than a year before it begins production in Wentzville, Mo. The completely re-engineered midsize pickup truck (in fact, the first new entrant in the segment in decades), we suspect, will be something of a downsized new Silverado, with more attention to weight savings, aerodynamics and targeted capability than any little pickup that has come before it.

Where big brother 2014 Silverado 1500 was promoted as stronger, smarter, and more capable than the pickup it replaced, Chevy says the new Colorado will deliver more capability, versatility and technology than any of the trucks that have come before it in this segment. That may sound like boasting, but consider that the compact/midsize pickup segment has been shrinking for more than 20 years now, with the last three years seeing the exit of several models.

Chevrolet just released this teaser photo to give buyers a visual idea of its "three-truck" strategy and why it's banking that it will work:Chevy will have a truck for every need. For a long time, many in the industry assumed the midsize buyer was someone who couldn't afford a full-size pickup. But a lot of things have changed since those assumptions were made, especially since new vehicle buyers now have fewer choices in the entry-level and downsized-option market.

Clearly something more fuel-efficient, less expensive and easier to park in a garage — not to mention that, generally speaking, a pickup truck always looks better than a crossover — could work for a lot of families and younger buyers. We'll get all our answers about what the truck looks like on Nov. 20 during the Chevrolet press conference at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. In fact, you can watch the press conference live by visiting here.

Chevrolet Colorado_Teaaser 2 II



They did NOT just release this photo, I seen it Monday, so this is old news.
This site seems to check out other sites, and pretty much copies and paste the story, and tells us its a new story. Just like the Ram recall, old news.

That photo has been photoshopped badly.

The HD's really look goofy. The 1/2 ton is starting to grown on me.

Lets hope they get the steering wheel centered in front of the seat this time.

Now this the segment where I think a 2.0-2.5 liter Diesel would make a bigger impact than in the 1/2 ton segment. Provided you could get the engine option $2,000 or less.

I just can't help but think most looking at the Ram1/2 ton Diesel will to wind up going with an HD 2500 Cummins instead.

Thanks for the link to the live press conference.

If it is as good as it is being hyped up to be Toyota and Nissan are going to have to bring out the big guns to remain competitive. No more watered down global trucks for NA. Anything that could potentially force Toyota to finally bring the Hilux to the US is good in my books. I cant wait to see this thing!

Anybody know what the starting price will be on the new colorado? I hope they make it look like a mini silverado. That actually sounds pretty cool although I'm not a huge fan of the new silverado.

They only truck maker to have the GUTS to offer in all truck segments 4500's coming soon


The most capable, most versatile and technologically advanced trucks in the market GM trucks!

Maybe Ford and Ram won't run away like little girls and bring the Dakota and Ranger back. Oh yeah sorry they want to milk every cent of profit from you fools...so why would they bring them back....lol

Way to go GM you show those Japs!

too many truck trucks
too many truck lines
not enough buyers
going bankrupt again

the 3 truck strategy doubles to a 6 truck strategy when you include gmc. mid size trucks is a decling market.

This is great information, it would be great to read more on the future Diesel option. Hope GM offers the new 4.3 V6 as the top gas engine.

@Mark Williams,

Enjoy your columns Mark but this quote is a sour note for me.

"...The completely re-engineered midsize pickup truck (in fact, the first new entrant in the segment in decades)."


The Frontier, the last Dakota, the Canyon/Colorado/Isuzu, the Ridgeline all notable exceptions to your statement. The Ford Sport Trac is another.

"For a long time, many in the industry assumed the midsize buyer was someone who couldn't afford a full-size pickup."

Finally.......... the automotive industry has realized that there are those that are more interested in size and efficiency than initial purchase price.

They can afford one but that still doesn't change the fact that they are cheap skates and bottom feeders.

"capability, versatility and technology"


"Nevermind what you want. You'll drive what we give you"

It looks little, I hope its bigger then the old Colorado, just make it about the size of the old Dakota and I will be happy.

"GMC TO COME LATER"?? LOLOLOL!!!! Gotta LOVE the GovtMoCo line!!!! SierraGS,BVonScott,Tyler and ALL of the GovtMoCo Liberal Obama BABIES at GMI are CRYING over This. I STILL want My American Taxpayer dollars back for GMC! NO Company NEEDS TWO DAMN TRUCKS! NOT on MY Dime!!! Chevrolet was Enough! GovtMoCo trucks are PATHETIC REBADGES Anyway. DODGE,Ford,Toyota and EVERYONE ELSE ALL have ONE (1) Truck!

I have a feeling the new Colorado might end up being the best looking GM truck yet.

Who is this mysterious Chevy and/or Chevrolet that supposedly releases and says this stuff Mark? Why not call a spade a spade. There is no real nor legitimate Chevy or Chevrolet. It doesn't even exist and hasn't for decades. It's a faux badge at best from Government Motors Company. It's not even a legitimate entity like Ford or Toyota. Gotta love GMC inc. Pathetic.

MoparMadness, GM doesn't really have two trucks, Its one truck with a differant front end. So what get over it

We will always get a watered down version of the globals. We fat asses chose comfort over utility and durabilty. Take a hilux vs a tacoma. The difference is work/utility/durability vs grocery getter/driveway queen/picnic.

"MoparMadness, GM doesn't really have two trucks, Its one truck with a differant front end. So what get over it"

@Ben, that's just dumb. Is GMC actually Chevrolet Motors or is Chevrolet Motors actually GMC? What a weird deal. Like I said, dumb. No wonder everyone hates this company. Who the hell are they? At least when I know we put Ford motors into Ford cars and trucks they are genuine Fords. I can see why Chevrolet enthusiasts don't care much for GMC GM. I wouldn't either.

How much is the Colorado going to cost ? 30k ? 40k ? maybe they will bring out a platinum model for 50k !
Would be nice if you could get a crew cab model for 22k. I know that's not going to happen.

How much is the Colorado going to cost ? 30k ? 40k ? maybe they will bring out a platinum model

- I'd take a Colorado Platinum any day. If it looks good that is. No GM Denali's either. I don't like what GM did. And who cares how much it costs? You're going to pay 30-40 grand for a new anything that's halfway decent these days. Give me center shift or dial, plush leather and trim and I'd trade my Limited Dodge Ram for a Chevrolet in a second. You listening Dodge? The Ram is too big. Bring back the Dakota!

@DaffyDuck - last time I used the Cars.com search engine, base model F150 reg cab trucks were selling for less than base model Tacoma's.
But I do agree, I doubt that this would go for 22k in a crew.
I found 63 Tacoma crewcabs in the 24-25K range out of 5410 crewcabs so I suspect a base crew will fall in that same price range.

GM doesn't really have two trucks, Its one truck with a differant front end

= wow, talk about the definition of redundant. Same ole wasteful spending-brand diluting GM. JS is right, is it GM/GMC/GM2.0'bama' still or Chevrolet now? Those screwballs needs to figure that out. Especially when it comes to trucks. These guys have been the laughing stock of the industry for years over this issue and I swear it only gets worse with each decade.

@devilsadvocate The Current Hilux is a bit old in the tooth.It will be interesting to see how Toyota reacts, as the current(very old underneath) Tacoma is not going to cut it against the new Colorado.

I wonder if this vehicle will come out in the US?

Looks in the skin much nicer than the Colorado, I hope the US doesn't have the 'big rig' grille for little boys.


@ben, please. You make the fool. So called GMC trucks have pretty much always been Chevrolet's with a logo job. That's what all of their stuff has been for 60 years now and even then many. The cars were the real deal way back when. Real Buick's like the Nailhead, Real Pontiacs like the classic Midblocks, Real Oldsmobiles like the Rocket's. The trucks though have been Chevy's since the early roaring 20's. I had family who was There and designed the stuff. Original Chevrolet Motor Company workers. Not that of GM. Bill hated GM at that time and I can verify this. GM or GMC trucks were only rebrands of that of the Rapid company pushed by the banking industry in those days. Certainly not something to be proud of. Denali trim or not. Which in reality, should have gone to Cadillac or Chevrolet. GMC's are white trash.

Oh I can see the shotguns comin out over that government motors truck. Bring on the section 8'ers too. Blingity trash bling. I will stick with true companies with class like Ford, Nissan, Toyota or Chevrolet thank you. They do the work with classy sophistication and style. GM and or GMC is bad news and an embarrassment to mankind as a whole. A 1900's debacle created by the banking industry and Albert. Bill never wanted it this way.

Here's to hoping the Canyon falls into one. Literally. It really was a waste of taxpayer monies from this Conservatives point of view. I'll reserve judgment on the Colorado until I see it. The Silverado was not that impressive looking or feeling interior wise at the auto show. Chevrolet has been fairly disappointing outside of the new Corvette. Even the much touted Impala lacks AWD which even a Hyundai has. Pretty sad..

Great, great, news - can't wait to see it. With a smaill diesel, count me as a buyer.
Must be a IIHS 'Top Safety' pick - will not buy otherwise. GM rocks and finally a truck in the size I want. I garage my rides, so a full-size doesn't work.

Man, that Colorado looks 10x better than any POS Fiat, even with the sheet over it!! Can't wait for the GMC version. Should blow any Fiat(THE REAL GOVT MOTORS) truck outta the water! I get mad just thinking about that Fiat recall-mobile, no company needs two bailouts. NOT ON MY DIME! Keep driving your unsafe ugly Fiat-Obama trucks, just steer clear of me when the front end falls apart.

Man the Chevy HD has got to have the UGLIEST front end that I've ever seen, I thought the '10 Superduty was ugly, Chevy just took that title away from Ford.

The Colorado could be Chevy's best looking truck they have and it'll sell the least.

GM is heading way a head of the competition! They will have a truck for every segment with new engines coming out during the next couple years. Ram and Ford will be left behind with their problem plagued trucks.

I am hoping for a bench seat not a 40-20-40 split.The cab is too narrow for that.Also a column shifter or better yet a Ram-like dash mounted dial shifter.That way someone over 6 ft tall would be comfortable driving for long distances.A small diesel would be icing on the cake.

Why is it the Dodge boys are the slowest and dumbest of the group?

Moparidiot, pay attention and watch your step because I am going to drop some knowledge.
GMC was here before chevy first of all, got that? Good!
Next, GMC was here before the government gave GM, Ford and Dodge money. Got that? Moving on...
GM got rid of a bunch of companies while the government was paying for all three of the companies. They kept the most porfitable. Look how much money GMC costs GM, very little since they split production, development and other costs.
Dodge didn't get rid of any other thier brands and look where they are now. With a few good products and trailing heavily the big two. Not to mention they were doing so poorly they couldn't pay back the loan and had to get bought by Fiat! Which btw our beloved company also costs the tax payers (including my self) over a billion dollars and kept less jobs here. Atleast GM is american!

GMC wasn't developed during the bankruptcy, it didn't cost you jack. Quite crying about, you know who does that? 4 year olds and jealous uneducated idiots with no conception of business or how operations of a motor company or government work.

Why don't you go visit your companies headquarters and ask them some question on product development. Guess instead of a two day train ride you will have to take a over seas flight...

We buy mostly GM, we get the family discount, non of their products have ever failed us and we enjoy the range. If we don't like one car we can stay in GM and buy another with a different style. Our last truck before our Colorado was a Sierra, we also have a Denali, have owned multiple Astro vans (no Safari's, which they need to bring those badass vans back) and other Pontiac and Buick products. We aren't limited by if we hate one truck we have no where else to go but a competitor (hence why you sound so jealous).

I don't know who sierraGS is, Bvon is a moderator over at GMI and I am me. Are you also TRX and Hemi? You sound like their broken record.

Get your facts straight and quite spouting off nonsense. You don't know what you are talking about and you sound like everyone else perceives you, an idiot. You may not know it but you are hurting your brand. I used to work at a Ford dealer and appreciate their products, I have been impressed with the swings Dodge has made, but hearing fan boys like you would never let me recommend it to anyone, kind of like Tech fans (Texas Tech). Descent school but fans ruin it. I would say go to Ford if GM didn't have anything, stay away from Dodge (doesn't hurt they have huge recalls all the time. What is the new saying for RAM, Recall All Models? Love it!)

Enjoy being closed minded, you are only hurting your self and your brand.

I have to agree with most of you on Chevy HD the front bar looks terrible. On the 2 trucks thing I don't see as it is still only different in appearance as the mechanical engineering is the same for both trucks. The GMC 1500 will sell more than Tundra and Toyota says they make a profit off it. Toyota for the most part only made appearance changes on the 3rd gen Tundra from the 2nd Gen Tundra and Toyota will probably turn a profit on that. Can anybody prove one way or the other that GM makes or loses money?

this new Colorado might put gm above ford in total sales of trucks.

So now all of a sudden the GM guys are talking midsize where they trashed them before.

By the way, it's still a GM product that needs welfare to produce.

I'd settle for a midsize if:

1. 48" wide building material fit flat on the floor in the bed between the wheel wells.
2. V6 4x4 fuel economy is 18/25 or better
3. It is capable of towing 5000lb
4. It is significantly cheaper than a comparably equipped fullsize

So far, midsize trucks have failed to be substantially cheaper and more economical than fullsize trucks. Hopefully GM has it figured out.

I'm wanting smaller, but so far this new Colorado isn't looking ENOUGH smaller. I think I'll call it "Road Whale Jr.™"

@A L you have just described a truck that doesn't exist, unless you are measuring "V6 4x4" fuel mileage going downhill with the wind at your back.

You have described a truck that will weigh almost 5k lbs. That amount of bulk will not permit the mileage you seem to want.

If you have a diesel in mind, prepare to break out the checkbook.

There's no free lunch.

I appreciate Chevy keeping a mid-sized truck. There is a definite need for a vehicle that you can haul things in that isn't a land yacht. It's hard to fit Silverados in alley ways and side streets. Sure they look big and manly but they are getting to the point of being impractical.

I look forward to seeing the new Colorado. If it looks nice, I may buy one.

@papa jim

If the half ton 4x4 gets 17/22, then the smaller truck should be able to beat it. Maybe 25mpg is optimistic, but 18 city should be attainable in a smaller and lighter truck.

And why would it weigh 5000lb? A Tacoma Crew Cab 4x4 weighs 4220lb (per C&D), why would a Colorado weigh 800lb more?

Once again, there's no point in a midsize truck if it can't beat half ton fuel economy while being significantly cheaper and still somewhat capable. The market has already proven that. I doubt GM would even build this truck if they didn't meet most of the goals I stated.

@A L It's easy to calculate, but your example is ridiculous.

The Toyota is a small and rough riding truck that most people choose only if no other option is available.

The Toyota with the V6 4x4 pkg gets lousy hwy mileage.

the Chevy will be heavier. They have yet to announce what powertrain options are available. I'm not optimistic, based on experience.

Some people are never satisfied ! GM has two truck lines,Chevrolet and GMC. Admittedly in the past there hasn't been much to differentiate the two, however that has changed with the 2014 1500's. But people moan and cry about them having two lines. So let me get this straight-you can get the same proven build quality and equipment but have a choice between two separate looking trucks or you would rather get a Ford (until the Raptor came along) or a Ram or a "yuck" Tundra with one design. Then in order to stand out, you will go snake-s@*&% crazy tricking out your new ride with all kinds of goodies to make it look different from the norm and that's okay? Seems to me consumers are constantly clamoring for choices and then when someone offers that, some of these same consumers go beserk! Enough already !

I am not going to judge this truck until I see it. If this truck is not too big and priced competitively it will sell. Not everyone needs or want a large half ton pickup. What is wrong with having more than one size? One size does not fit everyone's needs. There is more than one size of car and crossover. Not everyone wears the same size of shoe. Maybe a little more competition will give Toyota and Nissan an incentive to update the Tacoma and Frontier.

For those of you who prefer a full size half ton pickup, you still will have plenty to choose from. Why are some of you so against having a truck market with more choice in size? I will not tell you what to buy and you will not tell me what to buy.

andredifriscoli: you are not right when you say the Chevy/GMC trucks have been the same from the 1920's, as far as the facts go, it was at least till 1968, that the engines were completely different between to two as the Chevy had L-6 engines and the GMC? you could get big V-6's from what was a school bus, and the same with the tranny's, the GMC could be built with more HD parts from the real trucks made by GMC at the time, it was that way till the 1968 trucks came out that the drivetrains offered were different if you wanted, yes you could get the same as in the Chevy in the GMC, but you could not get the same as the GMC in a Chevy.

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