2015 Chevrolet Colorado: What GM Got Right

2015-Chevrolet-Colorado-TurboDiesel II

We've seen it before. A new vehicle is slated to debut, especially one that's been gone for a while (the last Chevrolet Colorado was built in 2012), and what we get tries to make a big splash in the shallow end of the pool. Trying to bust out of the gate at the startline usually tells us the runner doesn't realize this is a marathon. It bodes well that GM is coming out of the gate with a focused, simple product in the 2015 Chevy Colorado. That tells us GM wants to be here for the long haul. Here are the top five things we like the new Colorado.

1. Diesel Engine Option

The baby Duramax 2.8-liter turbo-diesel is the right engine in the right truck at the right time. This will give the littlest GM pickup solid torque, plenty of fuel range and make it the first in the segment with a diesel. It will be offered across all trim levels as a stand-alone option.

2. Safety

No cost cutting here. Six airbags are standard throughout the lineup, and collision alert and lane departure systems (both using "seeing-eye" technology) will be available as a stand-alone option. Z71 models will get StabiliTrak, rollover sensing, trailer-sway control and hill descent control (which includes hill start assist).

3. Simple Trim Packages

Just three trim levels means an easy-to-understand ordering list for dealers, which allows them to choose the right truck for their region. The base model (called, appropriately enough, WT for Work Truck) will be the fleet choice; the LT will be the cost-saving well-equipped model; and the Z71 will be the only "premium" model with unique wheels and tires, and a host of off-road technology.

MyLink connectivity II

4. Packed With Tech

If the new Silverado made one thing clear, it's that the new GM understands that safety and connectivity will be important to buyers now and in the future. The new information center will communicate better with the driver and offer more engine and vehicle data. The available navigation screen is 8 inches wide, and most Colorados will have the next-generation OnStar and MyLink enhancements.

5. Rear-Seat Delete

Extended-cab models provide both fleet and personal truck buyers with a smaller (not for adults) rear seat, but if customers want to save a little money, they have the option of a rear-seat-delete, opening the area for more workspace.

Seat Trims II



I think the interior looks better shape wise the Silverado, It doesn't have the leather stitching but its a bit more rounded (Sleeker) then the straight upright dash in the Silverado.

They should still have an LTZ trim option. Chevrolet has it in everything and in cars costing much less than this will. They also need a sport package. RS/SS as well as something more off roader oriented over the standard Z71 which is not much more than a sticker and some shocks. This would make a great trail truck! Still, this truck is a homerun waiting to happen. Hopefully Chevrolet/GM is smart enough to not handicap it in any way. There's so much potential I think the sky is the limit. I'm still in shock over how great it looks.

6.) No carryover parts from the global Holden.

HATE how the beltline curves up at the rear window, straighten that out and I'll take one over the Silverado!

Does anyone know of any emission laws that prevent this from launching on time as with the Ram Eco?

Why this truck will not sell well at all and will be discontinued just a few years after introduction:

A) It’s made by GM, who produces the lowest quality most poorly engineered vehicles in the world.
B) It’ll cost $30K or more for a decently equipped crew cab 4x4 and for that same money you can buy a 1500.
C) Nobody else is making a direct competitor except Toyota, and they basically own that market. No other truck has ever come close to competing with Tacoma except for the Ford Ranger, which is now dead.
D) The fuel economy will be low to mid 20s and full-size trucks are getting into that ballpark now days.
E) Diesel fuel costs more and the diesel engine option will be around $4,000 and people won’t do the math to figure out how it’ll still save them money over time.

WXman, if you can find a decently equipped 1500 crew cab 4x4 for 30K let me know becuase thier all in the mid 40's sticker price. Plus your missing the point as some people don't want a full size regardless of price. Also I'm not brand loyal to any one brand but the GM's I've had have faired well for me.

WXsaid $30K OR MORE. I can buy a 2013 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 TEXAS EDITION for $32k.



Agree on some of the points, but not having the diesel option available for the actual product rollout next Fall means that certain buyers will hold their decision until it's out and receiving good reviews. Not sure that was very smart on GM's part.

Also, the fact that GM's had a global version in the market for a couple of years, even if it doesn't share a lot of pieces, means that GM was nervous about the success of a mid size. Recent years have seen the Honda, the Dodge, the Ford and Nissan all losing ground in this segment. We'll see.

Dan, thats after rebates. I can get any crew cab for 12K off too, The midsizers will have rebates as well at least after a couple months. I'm talked sticker price to sticker price.

Midsizers is a declining market because the prices are capped by the full-sizes.

Great job GM! Truck looks great! Too bad Ford doesn't have the GUTS to make a small truck.

Smaller size and better fuel economy won't matter if Chevy can't keep a significant price difference between Colorado and Silverado.

We all know GM will put huge rebates on the Silverado if it needs to, to keep up volume and compete against the new 2015 F-150.

@ WX Man

Diesel fuel is only .5c more here in Canada so it's not a huge investment, not everything revolves around the U.S. market prices.

The Diesel option hasn't been priced your $4000 is based on the horridly and incredibly stupidly overpriced diesel on the Ram and Grand cherokee, you could be way off.

Toyota has been extremely lazy with the Taco, and it hasn't been updated in well over a decade. Unless toyota busts out a brand new 2015 tacoma, this truck has a damn good chance in making market headway.

Again pricing hasn't been announced you have no idea what a well equipped truck will cost.

And finally I don't give a rats ass what the EPA thinks a full size truck can get on their sheets. A full size truck equipped with a V8 will NEVER see 20mpg real world, to think otherwise is insanity. Hell the pentastar barely scratches 20, and thats horridly sluggish in the rams.

I think this truck will be a huge hit for GM, alas neither of us knows and only time will tell.

@WXman, People can talk about wanting the smaller truck, but talk is cheapers. Buyers are going to say, "Why go small when you can go big" for about the same price,

DAMN. Huh!!! Way to go Chevy. I CANNOT say I Don't like it. The GovtMoCo copycat model however can KMA because NO Company NEEDS TWO Trucks! NOT on the American Taxpayers Dime!!! GovtMotors Sucks. Chevrolet however is OK!. Looks like a Good truck to take hunting. IF it can go offroad! That's a BIG IF. We all Know their Fullsizers Can't! That V6 is a timing chain slinger POS so they Better get that diesel in there and FAST. STILL, Looks Good.

HATE how the beltline curves up at the rear window, straighten that out and I'll take one over the Silverado!

@OldGMguy, I don't like the curve either but I assume it's for cab structure to make it stronger. It looks a thousand times better here than the global one though. For some reason it works on this design. And as crazy at it sounds, I think I prefer these wheelwell shapes over the round ones. They look tougher. Oddly enough, I think they look tacky on the Silverado and would have looked better round. Go figure. These are just really well sculpted and not cartoonish I guess. I too would take this over the Silverado. We'll see how the fit and finish is in person but I'm very interested in ordering one. It sucks to wait a year though. Maybe they can speed that up? Chevy's on a roll. I can't remember the last time I could say that. Been years!

A new boxed and hydroformed frame is closely related to the Silverado’s and increases structural rigidity and improves crash performance versus the global Colorado.

Inside, the instrument panel and dashboard have been completely redone. Outside new skin except for the roof.

Different engines and trans.

BAFO was way off on this one and let his global truck arrogance and snobbery get the best of him.

The Holden regular-cab Colorado with a tray is only to be my wallpaper for the foreseeable future, regular cabs being such a small segment here. Mahindra promised 30mpg, but EPA tested at 21 hwy.

The main issue with the regular cabs, is manufacturers have a hard time meeting the government roll over ratings on the small trucks thats why you don't see them anymore.

Looks like a neat truck. Wish it looked more like the silverado though. Looks too much like a tacoma to me. A really foreign look. I'll probably never buy one. But it will be a refreshing sight on the road. I doubt that little diesel engine will be a $4,000 option as someone said above. I could see $2,000. I'll be interested when/if they ever release a true compact truck. It will be interesting to see what kind of MPG it gets with diesel and how that compares to the 1/2 ton. I would ONLY buy a smaller truck if it saved me a LOT of money as it seriously reduces what I can and will do with the truck. I think most truck buyers are the same way. I agree with some other posters this truck might not sell well. I can't think of anybody I know that would likely buy one if it is anywhere near the price of a silverado. I would guess the vast majority of buyers of this truck will be trading in a tacoma or ridgeline.

Post the link of these 4x4 crew cabs for 32k. And dont show me some wack XLT with no power seat or media system. I also don't believe the statement that you can get 12k off any truck. What are you Alan Mullaly or something?

No mention yet of front seat legroom. If a plus-sized six-footer can't sit behind the wheel comfortably (a problem even in some of the American full sized trucks) then this will be a questionable choice. Everything else at least looks reasonable.

@papa jim This has been designed to compete squarely against
the Tacoma, nothing more. It will not cannablize Silverado sales as it has been detuned as a "Lifestyle Vehicle".
It will never be able to do this(below) but neither can the Tacoma.The Hitch is almost as much as the payload on the Chevrolet Colorado.

My wife and I will be waiting on the diesel Colorado,ext cab Z71.In the last 45 plus years I've owned at least one of every American pickup available.I prefer chevy but no longer need a fullsize.The Colorado suits us to a 'T',and for us will be worth waiting for.Wow...GM finally did something right ;}>

Lets get some EFI Live for that Duramax Diesel!!!!!

StabiliTrack and trailer sway control should NOT be exclusive to the off road model!!

Stabilitrac should be default across the line! Winter/snow driving anyone?

Trailer sway should be part of the towing package.

... to indicate that a z71 is going to be required for these safety features is an absolute negative. And, no longer a plus for keeping packages simple.

What is known about 4x4 selection for winter driving?
Does it have an auto mode?

Why this truck will not sell well at all and will be discontinued just a few years after introduction:

A) It’s made by GM, who produces the lowest quality most poorly engineered vehicles in the world.
B) It’ll cost $30K or more for a decently equipped crew cab 4x4 and for that same money you can buy a 1500.
C) Nobody else is making a direct competitor except Toyota, and they basically own that market. No other truck has ever come close to competing with Tacoma except for the Ford Ranger, which is now dead.
D) The fuel economy will be low to mid 20s and full-size trucks are getting into that ballpark now days.
E) Diesel fuel costs more and the diesel engine option will be around $4,000 and people won’t do the math to figure out how it’ll still save them money over time.

Posted by: WXman | Nov 20, 2013 11:32:23 AM

You do realize you commented on one opinion and the rest is speculation? Great job Chevy!

I don't think a $4 000 premium will be on the Colorado. The engines are four cylinders.

It looks better and has a lot more to offer then Ford or Ram. Oh that's right, Ford and Ram do not have anything to compete with the Colorado.

From what I can see this is not quite a re-design of the global Colorado;

1. The truck body including the bed is the same. The only difference is the skin.

2. Engine choices are acceptable. A re-tuned 3.6 will work quite well. The diesel when it arrives will make the truck the best US pickup for FE.

3. The chassis is the same, but lightened. It isn't a Silverado chassis. The tow weights show this chassis is a '1/2 ton chassis', not a 'HD' chassis like we get.

4. The interior looks quite nice on this truck compared to our global variant. I just hope GM doesn't give it the cheap plastic look and uses good materials. The interior still isn't as good as the Amarok, global Ranger or BT50.

5. The on road characteristic of our global Colorado could be better. Hopefully GM has rectified this issue with the US Colorado. The steering is not as good as the Amarok/Ranger/Bt50 on the global Colorado, another area for GM.

6. As for the size of the cabs, they will be more than enough. Much more room than a Camry or most medium size car.

7. As Robert Ryan pointed out the US Colorado is a lighter duty truck than the global, but then again US midsizers aren't designed to compete against full size trucks. We don't have that here as the mid sizers have to do what a full size truck does and carry weight up into the bottom end of a HD.

8. The US Colorado looks great on the front end. The interior appears to be fixed. The design use of this vehicle is different than ours, but they would sell here as an SUV alternative, not a work truck as that capability has been removed by the lighter chassis, suspension, etc.

I wonder if the off road capability is still the same, if it is then the Taco will have a huge challenge. In diesel form this Colorado might out perform your full size half ton pickups off road.

Moparidiot you are dumb. Chevy is GM, GMC is GM, you like Chevy then you like GM and GMC. That is like saying I hate everything about the Jones' and they stand for and own but I do like Tommy Jones. Congratulations, you fail at life... Grow up and learn to understand what you are saying before spouting off the same uneducated crap post after post. Do you hate Chrysler then too since they are copying ram? Dumbass!

@Shawn - Canada has signed an FTA with the EU that kicks in in 2 years time. Zero tariffs on EU vehicles as well as reciprocity in relation to emissions and safety standards are covered under the agreement.
EU trucks like the Amarok and Ranger would be able to come to Canada unchanged.
I can see Ford USA blocking importation of the Ranger but VW wants a larger footprint in North America. There have been persistent rumours of the Amarok coming to Canada. The FTA will allow that to happen rather easily. Once in Canada, I could see VW figuring out a way to "Canadianize" the Amarok and be covered under NAFTA as an end run to the Chicken Tax so that they can ship it to the USA.

What GM got right:

Coil sprung front, my gosh how long of a wait.

Locking rear differential, my gosh how long of a wait.

Mid-size dimensions, my gosh how long of a wait.

Diesel engine, my gosh how long of a wait.

"Stabilitrack" is standard- only the hill decent and hill-start features are exclusive to the Z71.
@Frank- Emissions is the main reason. The most modern version of the VM A428 engine currently in production meet Euro5 standards, but not yet Euro6 or US federal rules. This is more than just fine tuning to get to the next level. It requires use of a DEF (SCR) to bring the NOx values in line. Implementation is on target for the Euro6 roll-out in late 2014, so they are giving themselves a little margin to get up and running.
$4000 does seem like a worst case cost of the diesel option. It will depend somewhat on which transmission is used. Currently, the only susitable transmission within GM is the 6L80, and that may not fit well.

Nevermind- the Colorado7/Trailblazer has a 6speed auto behind the 2.8 diesel already, but if it's an Aisin Warner, then it will cost more than the 6L50 probably being used with the V6.

Actually, the jump from EuroIV to EuroV is the biggest jump. If the engine is now EuroV the jump to EuroVI is relatively easy.

unfortunately extended cabs will probably not come with a leather interior that can be dressed up. GM has never dressed up small two doors Blazers, S10 or Colorado. I would like my current extended cab Colorado much better with leather, heated seats and heated steering wheel, i live were there is winter.

Some of you don't seem to know anything about the last generation Colorado. Leather, locking rear axle, mid sized & coil spring front end were all on that truck. The off road versions used a torsion bar front set up, but the 2wd versions used the same coil over design the Trailblazer and GM900 trucks used.

What I don't understand is why the top of the line truck is the off road package truck? I have the rare Colorado ZQ8 sport package (on a base truck, because you used to be able to order everything ala carte) and I much prefer a sportier street oriented package to a tall, rough and tough off road package with its added weight and complexity.

I have owned a Colorado and a Taco. Nissan builds the best compact pick-up. Looks like GM is playing catch-up to the Frontier. I will take the tried and true VQ engine that has been on Wards top ten over any Toyota or GM mill as far a V6 power goes.


Having owned both Nissan and GM V6s in recent years I can say that the difference is not enough to notice.

The direct injected GM 3.6 is a very solid engine, both in design and execution. The Nissan was a lot earlier getting to market and still is a very sweet engine. Mine was a 3.5 but the motor in the trucks is a variation having 4.0, and a longer stroke I guess.

I was not particularly happy with the Nissan interior plastics which declined a bit after only 10k miles. All in all you cannot fault the Nissan drivetrains.

Lately I have been reading the uneven quality of US Diesel fuel is one reason Diesels have been promised but not delivered.
These newer diesels are very sensitive to changes in fuel quality.

I just learned about this truck. I have been trying to figure out what to replace my 2004 4x4 Ford Ranger with and the answer is apparent now: the 2016 Chevy Colorado 4x4 Diesel.

I guess it will be about $33,000 and get a little better than 30 MPG with 4x4. Right now 4cyl 4x4 Tacomas are selling for $28,000, include the extra cost for diesel and a little for inflation. Hopefully, I will hit that on the head.

Now to start saving!

price ,reliability will make or break them
midsize buyers will only cone back if price is very low
they now know legendary reliability of Toyota and Nissan
gm might end up cannibalising their 1/2 ton sales
Once Nissan and Toyota get on the ground floor they own it

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