Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: October 2013

Fords Pair 2013 II

October pickup truck sales finished strong even though there were plenty of voices on both sides of the argument about whether the partial government shutdown could impact consumer confidence. As it turned out, October sales numbers were even stronger than September. All of the big truck makers were up by double digits, with the Nissan Frontier crushing it's monthly sales numbers (up 71.8 percent) when compared to the same month last year.

Both the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra half-tons bounced back from a tough September as both truck plants producing the 2014 models are fully online. Likewise, Ram continues to have strong sales (leading all full-size pickup year-over-year sales percentages) as the new and popular Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and re-engineered Ram 2500s get ready to make their way to dealerships.

The auto industry looks like it will finish the year with just less than 16 million total sales, with pickup trucks inching close to the 2-million-unit mark. We fully expect to see all the truck makers get more aggressive and focused in the last two months of the year.




GM sold a lot of trucks considering they don' t have all that cash on the hood Ford does.

for the months of Sep and Oct &9000 for Ford and less than &2000 for GM. Ram has about the same as Ford. So more profit for GM, maybe they can pay us tax payers back in full.

F-series has the lowest incentives.

h/t Mike Levine and WSJ

I did my part in September. I love my new F150. Thanks Ford.

Fords looking good, even as one of the more dated trucks in the market it still sells well. People know a good truck when they see one.

Quote: GM uses lavish incentives to peddle its mainstay pickups.

@ Madmax

So you would rather pay thousands more for a GM truck thats similar to a Ford so they get rich off your hard earned money? Wow super fanboi for you to pay up to 9k more to help buy some execs pool for them. I bought my FX4 in 2005 for 8k off towards the end of the year and $32 was my price range. Got way more truck for my dollar!

@Tom L I guess didn't read the Oct 22 story right here at PUTC.

The sales by month ranking track the YTD rankings closely until you get down to the discontinued stuff:

8. Chevrolet Avalanch -- 526
9. Honda Ridgeline -- 1,239
10. Nissan Titan -- 984
11. Chevrolet Colorado -- 29
12. Cadillac Escalade -- 137
13. GMC Canyon -- 5

How many of those Canyons and Colorados are still out there?

GM has a better truck face it!!

@ Madmax
GM has a nice truck but its kinda Vanilla compared to all the trim levels you got over at Ford. Ford give the most options and trim levels of any truck. For my needs if i had the money i would buy a Raptor, best looking truck on the market and its how many years old now?

Does anyone know when the Super Duty is supposed to be fully redesigned? A year after the F-150?

@Mike. 60000 people must like the vanilla and don' t mind spending the xtr bucks to get a better truck.

Ford is just amazing, and Ram still pumping out numbers with a refresh,

@Tom L

That is a bunch of crap! Ford may only be offering a few thousand in rebates/cash, but dealers are giving the farm away on inventory to move the 2013's! Every commercial from local Ford and Ram dealers in the Central Texas area has anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000 off the MSRP of their 2013's and now even the 2014's!!! GM dealers are making no such offers!

What the manufacturer gives in rebates and what the dealers are giving are 2 completely different things! But you're not that big of a dummy, I'm sure you knew that, huh? LOL!

What is the big deal regarding "INCENTIVES." People are buying what best suits their needs and TROLLZILLA'S are crying about it.

You all need to get a f'ken life, it's like if your life depends on Monthly Truck Sales.

You are pathetic.

"GM dealers are making no such offers!"

We are offering Silverado at $12,000 off only at the Houston Area Dealer Munday Chevrolet.

via google

GREAT JOB GM! Racking in the profits and moving trucks. Gotta love the longest trucks on the road!


@Tom You've been talking all whole lot of smack. MEET ME SOMEWHERE and iLL smoke you. MEET ME SOMEWHERE! GIVE ME A ADDRESS.

Frank You got a problem well come get some #####. MEET ME SOMEWHERE! Lets do this. MEET ME SOMEWHERE!!!!

Lets talk about incentives; even though it really means nothing (a sale is a sale), in my area both the F150 and 2013 GM trucks are heavy discounted. I'm talking $7,000+ on the hoods of these trucks here in the Midwest. I saw a commercial that said $12,000 incentive for a 2013 XLT 5.0 F-150, that's just crazy.
Ram has something like $7,000 cash back or $3,000 cash back and 0% APR on 2013s.

Last time I visited my dealership, the Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma had maybe $3,000 on the hood for 2013s or $2,000 cash back and 0% APR. You only get a $1,000 cash back on a 2014 Tundra.

Nissan Titan? My local Nissan dealer never has any in stock, so I have absolutely no idea what the incentives are.

This is purely talking incentives.

So to be completely honest, with Toyota having a generally higher transaction price, Toyota probably makes more profit per truck compared to Ford, GM, and Ram. But Toyota also sells less trucks than the big 3.


Anytime, anywhere lil beeeyatch!!!


"New 2013 Toyota Tundra Crewmax
$15,000 OFF MSRP!"

$10,000 OFF msrp on a new 2013 Tundra CrewMax Texas Edition!
- Mike Calvert Toyota

Save $10,000 off MSRP on this new 2013 Tundra
- Toyota Plano TX

$10,000 off 2013 Tundras

$10,000 off 2013 Tundra

I'm not going to post anymore. These $10,000+ off 2013 Tundras are a dime a dozen. I even found $15,000 off Tundras. They already have over $3000+ off the new 2014's linked above. You choose what you want to see. But Google will come back to bite you.

Wow gm dont have fire sales like ford and ram,,,gm sold more pickup wow,,,

It's good to see improvement in the US.

There is still a little ways to go to reach the figures from 2008.

If you reach the 2008 sales figures in 2016 that's 8 lost years. With millions of vehicles that are older driving on the road in the US.

This doesn't take into account a population increase of 30 million, which is another one million vehicles per year to be added onto the 2008 figures.

Potential vehicle sales in the US is down at least 25 million over the 8 year period, how and if you can make that up is another story.

I hope the US can make sustained traction in all industries. Will there be a 20 million vehicle per year figure in the future to make for this shortfall?

I love all the pissing matches. Give me your address! I'll kick your !!! Honestly.... If this is the best you can do you need to go out and find a better purpose in life....

The fact of the matter is no matter which brand you prefer they're all good trucks. To each his own and so what if someone disagrees with you. Boohoo. It happens. Get over it.

However, there will be no doubt next year when the next F150 launches who makes the best truck. Don't expect ford to rest on its laurels.

I've been looking at 2014 Chevy/GMC trucks in the Austin and San Antonio area and have only been able to get about $5,000 off MSRP.

Ram and Ford have internet prices listed at 10K off.






Anytime, anywhere lil beeeyatch!!!
Posted by: Frank | Nov 1, 2013 4:29:15 PM


" Ram continues to have strong sales (leading all full-size pickup year-over-year sales percentages) as the new and popular Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and re-engineered Ram 2500s get ready to make their way to dealerships."

More Guts

More Glory

More Gains



Posted by Big Al from Oz " This doesn't take into account a population increase of 30 million, which is another one million vehicles per year to be added onto the 2008 figures."

I seriously doubt the kids are buying new trucks just yet! The oldest one would be 5? Give them until at least 1st grade!

Ram sales are going crazy! Up 23%!!!! This is crazy! This is crazy! This is crazy!

Who can be proud of a truck built in Mexico.

all this crying about incentives but I watch these sales every month and ford has increased market share more than any other manufacturer pretty consistently for at least a year. I for one am amazed that they are still selling so well when GM and Ram have newer trucks. If you look at the percentages ram has been doing really well, but if you look at the overall increased numbers of sales year over year ford consistently has the most, gm consistently 2nd, and ram still way behind.
Ford- 7,306 sales increase
GM twins combined- 5,856 sales increase
Ram- 4,624 sales increase

It varies a little every month but ford has consistently gained the most sales month after month for at least a year. This also shows that ram is not gaining on GM at all yet (actually losing ground). And Ford amazingly enough is still increasing market share more than any other manufacturer. I have been expecting ram to start catching up to gm and ford like many others have but ram still remains way behind. Personally I don't like the new rams but looking objectively I still expected them to sell better than they are.

Ram Truck brand sales were up 22 percent compared with the same month a year ago. Sales of the Ram pickup truck were up 18 percent, its 42nd-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains and its best October sales since 2004. The Ram Truck brand recorded its first sales of the all-new 2014 Ram ProMaster van in October.

The Ram Truck brand took home eight awards last month at the annual Texas Auto Writers Association Texas Truck Rodeo, including the Truck Line of Texas. The 2014 Ram 1500 was named Truck of Texas for the second-consecutive year, as well as Full-Size Truck and Luxury Truck of Texas. The 2014 Ram 2500 received the Heavy Duty Truck of Texas award and Best Technology award for its five-link coil rear suspension. The 2014 Ram ProMaster was named the Commercial Vehicle of Texas, while the Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee shared the Best Powertrain award for the 3.0L EcoDiesel engine.

Sales of the Ram Cargo Van were up 120 percent, its best October sales ever.

They really ought to show the hard numbers of sales increase rather than a percentage. It is kind of misleading. for example 22.5 percent increase looks good for ram vs. 19.8 and 19.7 for ford and chevy. But 22.5 percent of 250,000 is a lot less than 19.8 percent of 600,000+ for ford. In case anyone didn't understand the logic of my last post.


Really, look at what you just wrote.

What's your nickname? Lantern?

Not quite bright enough to be a light.

bebee, People are waiting for the 2014 Ram. 2014 HD Hemi, Power Wagon with the new 6.4 and the new EcoDiesel!!!

Just wait and you will see Ram catch up to GM in 2014. Ford, You're next! People are wating for the 2014 Rams which have NOT hit dealers yet but will be arriving shortly.

Chrysler sold 140,083 new cars and trucks in October. Chrysler brand sales increased 6%; Dodge rose 12%, Ram rose 22% and Jeep increased 7%. Fiat sales fell 1%.

“After a choppy start to the beginning of the month, Chrysler Group sales accelerated in the second half of the month with renewed consumer confidence and the launch of our all-new Jeep Cherokee,” said Reid Bigland, Chrysler’s head of U.S. sales.


@Hemi V8, Most people are wating for the 2014 Rams!

@Mopar Mechanic

Everyone is just jealous of the trucks we drive, that is, an award winning, all around best truck on the market today.




Govt Motors GovtMoCo Sierra is a WASTE of American TAXPAYER MONEY!!!
NO Company NEEDS TWO Damn Trucks! NOT on OUR DIME. Chevrolet is ENOUGH!! DODGE is Killing it with a FIVE year Old Truck! Ford is doing it with a truck dating Back to 2004!! Too BAD for Chevrolet.

Toyota is holding fairly firm on there prices on Tundras. There are very few 2013's left to choose from (2 of my local dealers in AUstin Tx area are out of them). They are mostly stocked up with all 2014's. Different story with Ford, they only have 2013's (F150s) at this time (but for a couple Tremors). So when people are claiming that Toyota is making similar deals (with similar Incentives), they are not. Toyota is making good profit per unit on Tundra. Ford is trying to move out 13's to make room for as many 2014 F150s as possible (for a dealer's 2014 sales determines their 2015 allocation rank)

Wow - 44 entries and most of them complete crap.

Looks like the US government's stare down that "fiscal cliff" hasn't hurt sales as much as expected or maybe we will see the effects of that next month?

The rebate/cash on the hood argument is getting old, real old.

It is never a good idea to go buy the first run of any new truck for 2 reasons:
1. They tend to sell for more cash than an older model and
2. They tend to have more glitches than an older model.

I hope that these sales mean a strengthening economy but I suspect that it is more a case of easy credit combined with pent up demand.

The truth is Toyota is holding "firmly" onto to the $10,000 off discounts that I first reported back in March for the February sales reports.

That is 7 months ago and the $10,000 off was for 2012 and 2013 Tundras. See all the links I provided in March at the link below. Currently at my local Toyota dealer just over half are 2013 models still. Toyota people want to play ignorant of Toyota's discounts, but I believe in full transparency.


You are worst than Hemi and Mopar Mechanic, get a life and maybe an education and you would understand how business wise the two truck strategy makes great business sense and the reason GM is decimating dodge truck sales. Chevy on it's own outsells Dodge by a huge margin, throw in GMC and everyone can see why you are the kid crying and whining in the corner of the play ground with a broken truck... In case you don't understand basic mathematics (Moparmechanic idiot pay attention to this too) and read what beebe wrote. Dodge is getting outsold even though they have a couple percentage points on the other two big dogs and every month are losing more and more ground. Get that through you thick skulls.

Mopar Mechanic, who brags about having to fix their beloved truck so much? Even the Toyota fan boys don't brag about fixing their trucks, what a idiot.

No once cares about the "awards" you have won, awards are jokes. Think otherwise, see how much attention real car people pay to writers and non car magazines like Consumer reports, what a joke. I bet Dodge won full size truck of the year from yarn & thread magazine. Why not brag about that?

You want to play that game? Gm won the car and driver comparison, ditto with the CR if you so willingly want to brag about that. Last year Dodge didn't even make the list for JD Power and Associates.

Wanna talk safety? GM trucks 2014 5 star, Dodge 4 star... It keeps going and going!

It is like a broken record with you Dodge boys. All last year all you said was "wait until 2013, when the 2013 comes out it will be all over (air suspension, active shutters). The 2013's are just around the corner" blah blah blah. Guess what, you fell even further behind ford and Chevy and a ton behind GM trucks as a whole. Air suspension and Active shutters did jack for your 2013 sales you so heavily used as an excuse.

Wait for the 6.4 they say, it will be a monster they say; what it barely cracks 400 hp and less than 430 ft lbs? It is a brand new 6.4L motor. GM did 460 out of a 6.2 with a 100k warranty.

How does that apple taste???

@Tyler - you missed the Mopar and madness part. Both those words go well together to explain those Rambo nut jobs.
Why bother arguing with them?
They got you pissed off which is what they want.

I'm not sure why the press and the fanboys keep bring up the VM Motori diesel.
Allpar says that they are stuck in Italy for some unknown reason. They will most likely show up in late spring if the rumour mill is correct. The speculation is non-compliance with USA emissions and/or some sort of programming problem. We all know that Allpar is to Ram fans as to what the Koran is to Muslims - a source of comfort and inspiration for radicals. (My apologies to Muslims for comparing them to Rambo's)
Software and programming issues do seem to be a common problem at Fiat North America lately. 19,000 Jeep Cherokee's were held up due to transmission programming issues.
Marchionne even apologized for it but since PUTC doesn't cover SUV's we won't see that press release here.

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