Ford F-Series Set to Crush 2012 Sales

14F150_STX_SC II

Yesterday was a special day for Ford; it now has sold as many F-Series pickups in less than 11 months this year as it did all last year, and the company has had six consecutive months of 60,000-plus truck sales — something that hasn't happened since 2006.

Erich Merkle, Ford's chief sales analyst, says if this sales trend continues, Ford is likely to have eight straight months of record sales, which will put sales for 2013 on par with the huge numbers set back 2006, just before the recession hit. By year's end, even when you combine Chevrolet and GMC pickup truck sales numbers, Ford is likely to have a substantial lead. However, we should note that with the introduction of a midsize pickup for 2015, depending on how successful smaller pickups become, GM could narrow the sales gap between it and Ford. Then again, Ford is coming out with a new F-150 next year as well.

In a recent press release (click here to download), Ford points to several growth sectors in the economy that contributed to its current sales success, identifying the energy and housing sectors (and all the growing businesses that have purchased F-150 and Super Duties) as strong reasons why its trucks are selling so well.

It will be interesting to see where the year-end sales numbers finish, but one thing we know at this point is that just about every pickup truck maker will crush last year's sales numbers, and sales don't look to be slowing down as we head into 2014.



Apart from some of the trims, the 2013 F150 is a pretty old pup. The refresh in 2011 added new engines, eliminated the 4spd auto and improved FE.

Since that time, Ford has advertised heavily on NFL TV games to the point that I can wake up in the middle of the night reciting Dennis Leary's lines. Ad agencies must love Ford.

The truck has its pluses. GM and its various models will test the Ford numbers in 2014. Ram will have to step up its game again. Toyota is going to suffer without real improvements and Nissan appears to be making some bold new steps.

should be interesting!

Congratulation to RAM.
Best truck on the market.

Let's not forget Ram. Ram has been climbing in sales more % then Ford and Chevy for the past 2 years, that's why they earned the name fastest growing truck brand in America. But Ram will never touch Ford....maybe chevy some day. But good job Ford!

Makes sense to me.

After all these years, F-150 is still...
2013 Light Duty Challenge and Ultimate 4x4 Shootout winner.
And the 2013 EB just outowed the 2014 6.2L Silverado on another test.

Make it right and it will sell.

2014 Ram 1500

New Available 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 (Coming Soon)
Available Best-in-Class Fuel Economy of 18 City/25 Highway mpg+
Max Trailer Towing up to 10,450 Pounds+ or Max Payload up to 1,930 Pounds+
Available Innovative, Class-Exclusive RamBox® Cargo Management System+
Unsurpassed 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty+

nice job ford, beating the competition with an outdated truck(based on what the other guys), best complimate you guys can give ford

I don't like Fords, I think their ugly. Plus with so many of them on the road I want something different then the truck you see 20 of on the way to the liqueur store.

Best Selling doesn't mean its the best. I mean look at Bud Light, its the best selling Beer but everyone nows its Piss water.

@dave is a troll

The Ecodiesel is not rated to tow 10,450 lbs and the EPA numbers have not come out yet. Also, the same engine that gets those fuel mileage numbers is not the same engine that is rated to tow that much. You are mixing capabilities of different engines. Where are you getting your facts?

Congratulations to Ford.


I agree, that ECO-BEAST is decimating all!

GM has screwed up their truck line once again with this wannabe FE crap that is only killing it's Towing capacity.


No surprise here, the F-150-F450 have been old pup's as you guys would call it, looks like old pup's outsell the new doggie breed. LMFAO!

Another Kool-Aid story for two of the biggest trolls here, Frank and Dave. Drink up Frankie and Davey.


You're a f'ken idiot.

Lol! Trolls are butt-hurt. You guys needs to grow up.


You're a f'ken idiot.

Posted by: Hemi's Junk | Nov 19, 2013 1:07:29 PM

That you Frankie?

I know the real reason Ford "sells" more trucks than anyone else. They like to dump them on fleets to pad their sales numbers. It is high time I came clean and admitted that to all of you.

Like a wise man once said, "Ford is a lot like McDonalds. Just because you sell the most hamburgers it doesn't make you the best fast food joint in town."

I prefer Burger King myself.


Job well done Blue Oval!

That was me who said that, thanks for calling me wise :). I agree that sales doesn't always reflect the best quality. But it is easy to see why Ford is outselling Chevy. I can also see why Ram has the biggest growth. But I can't understand why Ram hasn't yet got its fair share of the market. I don't believe the recent recalls are the reason. I think it might be that the Ram 1500 is perceived as a little too "soft" by people who don't quite want a 3/4 or 1 ton. The EcoDiesel should pick up a few sales, but it hasn't increased capability. Ram should have also offered the 5.0L Cummins in addition to the other engines. Perhaps Ram will also include the Hellcat engine at some point.

Frank get back in your Ford Escort and F Yourself


Trolls always like to compare McDs to Ford. That is really sad and pathetic, but hey whatever makes a troll happy and at the end of the day it is fine with me, I can care less.

Trolls, GM sells more vehicles worldwide then Ford, where is your McDs analogy now. Friggin hypocrites!!!


I thought Frank drove a Tempo?!?

@obama luvs ram,

My ride is your mother, and my other ride is your sister.










Good one there Frankie.

The food analogy always works in Ford's favor.

McDonalds is fast food. Some guys may be Arby's and Wendy's men, but the best overall fast food burger place is McDonalds and they sell the most.

A more unique special burger may be found like on shows like Driver's Drive Ins and Dives. But where are you going to find that in trucks? It is all mass produced/fast food type industry.

The only unique specialty truck is the SVT Raptor.

High end burgers - it's still hard to beat a King Ranch or Platinum.

Any way you slice it the fast food McDonalds sells the most analogy doesn't take away from Ford.

Best fast food burger: XLT

Best specialty burger: Raptor

Best high end burger: King Ranch

Ford has all of its burgers covered.

Ford - McDonald's

GM - Wendy's

RAM - Arby's










The reason why Ram is having a hard time gaining more market share is the past. Dodge was never know as a division that built solid durable long lasting trucks. In 1994 Dodge release it new completely redesign, its was a truck that was way ahead of its time and they were selling like hot cakes. But in time the durability, was severely lacking and the only part of those trucks that lasted was the Cummings 5.9L. The frames were weak, transmission problems, rust, etc so many people opt for Ford trucks and GM trucks, Ram has to over come this past in the public's eye. Personally I would never by a Ram or Dodge product, We were looking to buy a new SUV at auto mall and a Dodge salesman said we can sell you a Dodge Journey and I said is it as well build as a Toyota 4Runner he said well I'm not sure, he knew the true. So we brought a 2011 Toyota 4runner, damn thing is rock solid, well built with high quality of materials.

So that why Ram isn't gaining market share

What's wrong with Arby's?

I've had enough of eating burgers.

Taste the Arby's difference!

2014 Silverado

Hey Frankie,

Can you come pick me up? My F-150 Eco Turd is broke down again. You got your Tempo runnin' again? I shoulda bought a real truck! The Nissan Titan!

If Ford = McDonald's
Nissan = In & Out (no changes)
GM = Jack In The Box. (only get it when there is NOTHING else)
Ram = Taco Bell
Toyota = plain stale bread

I'll take a Big Mac with extra secret sauce!

Speaking of upcoming mid-sized trucks from GM and Chevy... the new Colorado leaked>>>

Looks pretty good to me and am a F-150 SuperCrew owner!

Yeah only reason that junk is selling because they have to offer 12,000.00 to move them UGLY and big POS! LMAO

hahahaahahah johnny troll, you don't have anything better to do then to TROLL the best truck in the U.S. You're a LOSER!

hahahahaha I don't have anything better to do than troll PUTC. My Ford won't start AGAIN!


Nope, I guess you don't have anything better to do, you sure you don't have to feed the Hobbit? LMFAO!

Is not because you sale more pickup is mean is the best on the market,specialy if the price of the truck is very low,the problem is the resale ,,,

Hey.. way to go Ford. More sales means more jobs for people. Good for the economy. I can say i'm a GM guy, but i'd take any American truck out there. Keep innovating big 3 so I can continue to hear everyone bicker and boast about their brands they're loyal to.

You are by far the biggest dreamer ever to walk this plannet. Ram has nothing but does go in its own direction...They'll never be first LMFAO what a Fken Idiot!

Ford = McDonalds (A classic. There are two kinds of people in this world: People who understand that they have the best fast-food French fries and people who are lying about how McDonald’s doesn’t have the best fast-food French fries)

GM = Burger King (pretty sketch, they usually have weird sauces, on them or they’re ultra greasy. There’s usually just something off about everything.)

Ram = Wendy's (They try to offer people classier food, but it always comes out kind of strange looking)

Tundra = Panda Express (nasty oriental food you eat at the airport or mall when all other food options have been rendered impossible.)

Runner up: Ram = Sabaro's. (nasty fast food Italian found in food courts and rest stops)

One advantage for Ford, their trucks do not last as long as a GM truck. Their reliability record is near the bottom and they cost more to operate then a GM truck. There are many reasons why Ford truck owners have to replace their trucks more often then a GM owner. Facts sure tell the truth.

@Frank best truck in the U.S.? The ford is the most outdate full of cheap plastic truck in the U.S. There is v8's getting better fuel mileage then fords big POS v6 LMAO

The other similarity to fast food is that many of these trucks are put together by low skilled UAW workers. The only difference is that fast food workers don't make as much as UAW workers. I think the fast food analogy could be construed as a negative. Too much fast food is hazardous to your health.

I will have to say this that if Mulally goes to Microsoft and does for Microsoft what he has done for Ford, then he will be worth every dollar they pay him. Losing him would be a great loss for Ford but a great gain and opportunity for Microsoft.

The food metaphors are funny but really do not fit a 40K purchase.
The Chevy fans kept on saying that sales were down due to an old platform - that belief falls apart when applied to Ford.

Ram has made sales gains but not enough to gain market share when compared to Ford.

Toyota deserves what they get for trying to promote the Tundra facelift as a new truck.

Lou BC doesn't need food his fellow Canadian Rob Ford...he has enough to eat at home!

BTW - in honour of Toronto Ford is coming out with the new Ford Fiasco.

Seriously staff, you need to step up and start banning the trolls.

On topic - Kudos to Ford, they earned it. Proving that even with an older design, you can still outsell the competition regardless.

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