Ford Offers NGV-Equipped 2014 F-150


By Brian Wong

Ford has begun production of the new 2014 F-150 at the Kansas City Assembly Plant that can run on either compressed natural gas or propane, in addition to regular gas. The natural gas vehicle with a 3.7-liter V-6 engine allows for a total fuel range of more than 750 miles, using the combined tanks of alternative fuels and gasoline. Fuel economy is rated at 19 mpg combined.

The NGV-equipped F-150 models come from the factory pre-installed with hardened valves, valve seats and pistons and rings at a cost of $315, Ford says. Upon delivery, customers can choose a Ford-qualified vehicle modifier who will supply the fuel tanks, lines and special fuel injectors. Depending on the size of the tank, these modifications can cost from $6,000 to $9,500, Ford estimates.

The benefits to using CNG include reduced fuel costs compared to regular gasoline (CNG runs about $2.10 per gallon equivalent, on average) and lower greenhouse gas emissions (up to a 30 percent reduction, the EPA estimates). In addition, nearly 20 states are or will soon be offering rebates or tax incentives for CNG-capable vehicles.

The introduction of this CNG F-150 will give Ford eight commercial vehicles that can run on CNG capability by next summer, the most of any automaker. Ford says it is on pace to sell more 15,000 CNG vehicles this year, which would represent a 25 percent increase versus 2012. We drove one of the first natural gas F-150s at the Texas Truck Rodeo and found the drivability impressive. 

Ford offers an extensive lineup of alternative fuel and electric vehilces all up and down their car, truck, and commercial vehicles. Although this large downloadable flyer is from last year (as is the chart information below) and does not include the new F-150 NGV options, it will give you a good idea of the portfolio.  

To download the full press release, click here.

2013 Ford Alt Fuel Chart



I wonder, can you get the option for $315 with all the hardware involved, and then not get the rest? that would seem like a nice start to a aftermarket hop-up? with the standard V-6, but for the same money as maybe a small diesel, you could get the milti-fuel truck, and get long miles out of a single load of fuels?

Way to go Ford. Take an aging platform and inject some government stimulus to let the old horse limp a little farther before it goes completely out to pasture.

The only place I have seen where you can pull up to a station and fill up with CNG is out west. Haven't seen any stations here in the east that have a CNG pump. I'm guessing most of the trucks that they sell will be fleet vehicles.

Too bad GM's new full size truck doesn't look this good.

Like the rest of the truck build cheap,cheap price, imagine ram pass ford on quality next lada,,,

You need to be stupid to pay 6 to 9 for cng???

gm dont have fire sales like ford,,,gm sold more pickup,,,

GM offers supplier pricing for all in Black Friday sales promotion
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DETROIT -- General Motors is running a Black Friday sales promotion for nearly two weeks

GM’s supplier pricing is the dealer invoice price, plus destination charge and a $150 program fee, a GM spokeswoman said.

GM has been ramping up its sales promotions to certain buyer groups in recent months. In October, the company sweetened discounts to employees, retirees and their immediate families, and expanded it to include aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. It also enhanced its discount for active-duty military members.

Well Ford has always been full of gas. So what's the news here.

@GM- Who cares about Government Motors Corp/GMC except you idiots at GM. It's all about Chevrolet vs. Ford, Not GM. Government Motors Corp and the rest of their brands/companies/fake subsidiaries may as well cease to exist except for Cadillac. Take the rest of your GM crap to China and badge it as a fake Buick. GM Shmee-em. Otherwise known as GMC/Buick. Taxpayer swindlers. Chevrolet Motor Company NA did Not need Federal assistance to survive. GM should have died.

@JT, No kidding. If the Silverado looked half as good, they wouldn't have the sales issues they do.

Don't forget ford have big December and watch ford the sales by one get on free...

If Ford really wants to sell NGV's they need to use their ecoboost motors. Use the turbos to take advantage of the 120+ octane rating and let the motor make 400HP on Natural Gas. Most folks don't realize these dual fuel conversions have way less power when running on natural gas (or propane) because the motor is built to use 85 octane gasoline. The ecoboost could solve this by cranking up boost when on Nat Gas, where as the naturally asperated motors cannot. Also, have the dealors sell a discounted at home Nat Gas filling compressor so people can fill up at home (like Honda) and then I suspect you will see Nat Gas vehicles start to sell.

There is no reason to be unhappy!

It is fun to buy a G--M--C.

It is fun to buy a G M C.

They have everything - all you need.

You can hang out with all the GMC boys.

Just announced.

Black Friday Cash.

$3000 off 2014 GMC Sierra + $2000 cash back when you trade in.

Gay Buick GMC in Dickinson, TX

GMC, I can get 10K off 2014 Silverados in my area.


The 2014 Silverado is already $7k to $10k off without any trade in required. 2013 Silveradoss are $12 to $15k off.

The joke was un-funny except to a 10-year-old @GMC (AKA MoparMadness, Jason). Chevrolet Motor Co North America didn't need a bailout eh? I would sure hope not, considering said company hasn't existed since 1920 or so.

still can't get Mark Williams to report on the Super Duty ambulance recall, while the non ambulance truck owners get the shaft.

Typical Ford folks, looking the other way.

@TRTXTom, Let it go. Ambulances aren't pick up trucks.

Tthere's a TSB & extended warranty on the part. Should PUTC start reporting on all of the Ram TSBs?

Also, the reason why only ambulances are being recalled is because this does not represent a safety issue for drivers, as this failure will *not* cause the vehicle to stop dead in the middle of the road. It will cause it to go into 'limp mode'.

Recalls are required where either the manufacturer or the NHTSA determines that safety is an issue. In the case of these ambulances, a recall is in order because suddenly entering 'limp mode' can compromise patient safety.

I recall many 2013 Rams on the cumminsforum going into limp mode. None of those were recalled.

A workmate of mine has recently bought a Chrysler product and it went into a complete and utter fail mode!

He went to go into 4x4 in his Grand Cherokee diesel and it wouldn't move, all wheels locked.

He ended up getting a crane to lift it onto the back of a truck to take it back to Chryler. Chrysler wouldn't help him because he was off road.

Imagine buying a 4x4 Grand Cherokee and taking it off road.

I suppose Chrysler is expecting many call outs on Grand Cherokee's. I heard they run similar software and running gear as the VM diesel Fiat Ram's.

Sorry mate, I should have used RICH.

Nothing to see here other then a pile of cheap junk.

I guess it never gets old for you to troll. How old are you johnny, 12? You're a laughing stock. Keep posting, I like reading your utter stupidity.

I would need some tax incentives to get me to put out $6 to $9G's.
CNG is starting to show up more in the Midwest. Flying J truck stops are offering it and some farm co-op's.
I would be willing to bet if you ran CNG all the time you could go 15,000 to 20,000 miles between oil changes. The cleaner the combustion the longer oil stays clean. That's a money saver their.

Still better then you're 5 year old acts Frank.

please go out and take a good look at a new chevy. if you likre it buy it! black Friday sale is on till Monday dec 2nd. Chevrolet has incentives for returning buyers as well.

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