Government Shutdown Could Mean Sales Slowdown for Pickups

Ford-f150 dealer lots II

The two-week partial shutdown of the U.S. government, affecting 800,000 federal employees, has experts uncertain about how automotive sales will be affected. Ford, GM and Ram all seem to be expecting strong sales numbers for October, especially in the booming pickup truck segment, but none seem certain how the shutdown could impact consumers' future big-ticket spending decisions.

That's because the shutdown increased consumer anxiety about the overall U.S. economy, according to a story by Consumer Affairs Editor Kelsey Mays at, and consumer confidence has not increased much since the shutdown ceased. Apparently there's no shortage of opinions about how the shutdown and overall consumer anxiety about U.S. debt ceiling debates could affect how willing customers are to spend a large amount of cash on a new vehicle.

There's also no question that government fleet contracts were put on hold, but whether that will impact how other consumer habits play out will be interesting to see. We'll know more later today (Friday) when the October sales numbers are released by all the automakers.



And more importantly they were above October of last year.

Hmmm as a consumer what would concern me more the 2 week partial government shutdown? Or that my health insurance premiums and deductibles are likely to increase? Hmmm, which one of these actually affects me?


Are these comments everything you expected and more, when you posted this article?

@MaXx - This same story surfaced elsewhere 3 days ago. Better late then never.

Ok guys this is crazy. arguing will get us no where and that is the problem with the government. We all work had for our money. But when we have politions making 200,000 a year and use our taxes for mobile offices that cost as much of what I make a month before taxes and using our tax money to pay for it. In stead of there own money that we pay them. I know company's look for ways to cut cost. And the problem is how they buget the money. they think they need to spend all of it. until they learn to save money and shop for the best deals I believe it will always be this way.

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