Nissan Wallows in the Mud for Research

Nissan Mud 3 II

Nissan is deep in the development phases of its next-generation Titan full-size pickup, and the automaker is talking to people all over the country about how they use their pickups and what they want. That's why one of Nissan's product engineers recently showed up in southeast Texas with several PRO-4X pickups to participate in a teal hunt hosted by Sure-Shot Game Calls. Locals call the event a "gumbo mud" run.

James "Cowboy" Hernandez is the founder of Sure-Shot Game Calls and, apparently, a legend in the world of duck calls. We assume Nissan wanted to see how well the big tires, off-road-tuned suspension and locking rear differential could crawl and slosh through the marshes. We're told spectators/participants have seen many small and large trucks get stuck pretty bad on the area's trails and rutted two tracks.

"We sure enough tried to bury these things. And I mean we tried. We just couldn't do it. We got stuck for just a second, and we were able to rock ourselves right out," said Hillary Dyer, editor of Waterfowl and Retriever.

We can only hope Nissan collected a boatload of data to help its engineers with what they need to keep the PRO-4X package the brand's capability option. And it wouldn't surprise us is Nissan tried to beef up the package a bit to better compete with Toyota's Rock Warrior and Baja technology.


Nissan Mud 1 II




Nice video, but I am sure a little fiat panda 4x4 could keep up and even go beyond the nissan pro 4x. check it out on you tube.
Quack !!

So are they testing the Titan or the Frontier? I don't see why there's much testing to do in this type ground. Flat gumbo. Buckshots and a heavy foot will pretty much take care of you. Light trucks like a Tacoma do the best as well as single cab full size trucks. Power Wagons and the like won't make it 50 yards.

Hasn't this POS been crawling through the Mud since day one, LMAO what a waste of time, not my money and internet space. Keep on Dreaming...

If they are still gathering Data, that means we are a way off from the final product at least 2016.

Nissan has nothing on a Ford Raptor!

FIAT=JEEP=DODGE=POOR=youtube. com/watch?v=sJztPfrDVsY

len yes!! this is a (((raptor)))

youtube .com /watch?v=b0MOfv7K80I


100% J2807 Compliant
100% Better Resale

They can ask all the gun toting, camo-wearing rednecks they want and get an ear full but not a single one of them will ever buy their trucks.

Nissan, come to the cities and ask some normal working people what we want/need/don't want.

What we need:

1.) lower price
2.) lower cost of ownership
3.) WAY BETTER mpg
4.) alternative fuel
5.) long bed on crewcab option
6.) Good handling (as trucks go)
7.) Easier to self-maintain

What we don't need
1.) Any larger form factor
2.) Any larger engine
3.) Any additional towing or payload
4.) A bunch of electronic distractions in the cab

Nissan Frontiers are great small trucks. But from what they showed in this video you could handle everything there in an AWD station wagon (if you put decent tires on it).

I wouldn't underestimate this truck or Nissan. We sell these and take Chevrolet truck customers in particular weekly. It's very well built and sturdy. Has the strongest steel body panels in the industry bar none. We haven't overly thinned our metal to the point of being useless. Our frames are painted, not cheaply waxed. We've offered console shifters, large tire packages and had all wheel disc brakes for years. We also use round wheel wells which off roaders prefer to facilitate the use of a large tire and/or wheel selection from the aftermarket. In our opinion and many others the round wells likewise have a more appealing look as Ford and Dodge Ram have learned. We're also taking a large chunk of Chevrolet Express van sales and putting former Chevy customers into the NV series vans. Our American built trucks and vans are a huge success. If you think this doesn't matter, you'd be wrong. I've sold 4 Platinum Aramada's to former Tahoe owners through our truck line and several Maxima SV's. The Platinum Aramada is very luxurious compared to the Tahoe LTZ and Expedition both.

Being in sales nearly 30 years for several companies, I can tell you first hand Nissan isn't playing around. The next Nissan GT-R is around the corner and having seen what's coming, the Chevrolet Corvette will have a tough road ahead.

Great idea, however as soon as owners take their truck off paved roads, most warranty coverage is denied. 4x4 is for on road snowy conditions only (from the view of manufacturers).

Good video. I'm not sure what the deal is but the only 4x4 I've owned that was a real four wheel drive was our Jeep GC. Other pickups I've had will have 1 rear wheel spin, the other wheel sometimes go and 1 front wheel spin. You could be in snow or ice and visually watch it. That's not true 4 wheels driving, it's more like 2 or 2.5. What's Jeep do that locks all 4? And it looks like this truck is doing that too. I'd look at this if I knew it really locked all fours like our Cherokee did. That was the best snow and mud vehicle I ever owned. I think the Nissan looks better than the Tacoma but the Tacoma is a good off roader I think. Lots of guys have them for that. That new Colorado has a real low ground clearance issue in spy shots so I don't know it would be any good. Raptor is neat but too wide and big for me.

Now I see where Chevy stole their hideous 3 piece bumper design from on that last butt ugly Silverado. It's dead obvious in that top pic. What a joke. Nifty vid but I'd rather wait for a new model. Or see what Ford has up their sleeve next. The next Raptor or Ranger when they bring it back as a 100 would surely make this thing look silly.

S-10 ZR2, where are you?? Chevrolet is MIA. Again. :(

@MaXx Who died and made you the voice of American truck buyers. You consistently sound like an ignorant bigoted ass.

@Ryan, not if they are advertising them like this. Nissan is basically saying this is part of their intended purpose. Like Ford does with their Raptor. Ford and Dodge also do it with their SFA trucks (Super Duty, Ram Power Wagon). Dodge just advertises it more. Still, it advertises it's off road capability. If all of these guys are making trucks to take off road and advertising them that way too, I'm not seeing how they can deny coverage. It would never hold up in court. Come to think of it, Ford is advertising their regular F-150 touting how farmers prefer it to the Silverado in the fields because it is better off road too. They'd have to warranty Some stuff.

On my last ZR2 the frame broke left and right sides both up front and they wouldn't cover it. They said it was due to off road use and the funny thing is, I never even took that one off road. 6 grand for a new frame installed out of my pocket. I fought it and said even if I did take it off road so what? Why offer the ZR2 package with those large tires then if you can't use it?? They won because of the advertising or lack thereof saying it was never Advertised for off road use. So it wasn't intended to really be used that way. Nissan, Ford, Dodge are all advertising it so all bets are off. Still, I never even took that truck in the snow. That particular one was my baby, I used my older S-10's for having fun off road. My first ZR2 had been through all sorts of landscapes and the frame was fine. My 02 saw nothing and broke. Go figure. I still say those guys were buying up some cheap steel somewhere during that era.

@ Everyone here

I like how people come on here for an article about the Titan and the best that they can come up with is to troll the people who like RAM. Obviously the RAM is 100x better and refined than the Titan, so it makes sense that people would be jealous.




" Light trucks like a Tacoma do the best as well as single cab full size trucks. Power Wagons and the like won't make it 50 yards."

Posted by: UncleBud | Nov 2, 2013 9:55:36 AM

The mighty combat proven Dodge Power Wagon would have made it no problem while pulling that tacoma with a rope. lol

HemiPowerDude, you do realize this youtube clip was testing the current model for the next model changes. Read the first sentence of Mark's article. You really think Nissan isn't going to go above and beyond for their next truck? I bet they have all sorts of interior trims and off road packages like Ford and Dodge offer. Nissan's making big headway, even going into the Heavy Duty market. They're following Ford's strategy now of One Nissan and building a loyal following.

@keith, well maybe Chevy can rebadge this truck with a zr2 emblem for you when their new supersized 1970-80's square obsessed Silverado tanks. Chevy rebadges their vans, might as well do their trucks too. Just ask GovtMoCo/GMC pretty please.

Nobody is more capable off road then the one truck that started the 4x4 truck market. The Mighty combat proven original 4x4 truck. Dodge Power Wagon. The rest are imitation.

More Guts

More Glory

More off road capability

Ram power wagon


I am well aware that Nissan is preparing for it's new Titan model. All one has to do is look at Mark William's article posted yesterday and see that the sales numbers for the Titan are at 13,000 for October, that's less than even the Ridgeline. It doesn't take a genius to realize that trucks at the bottom of that list are irrelevant to the average buyer. I don't care what people's brand preference is, but I would be willing to bet that there's a 90% or so chance that it's not the Titan.

People complain that RAM has the lowest sales number of any of the big three, however when you go and compare 292,000 units to 13,000, it really blows my mind to think that ANYONE would be so naive to think that Nissan can make the Titan a relevant truck within the next model year.

An entertaining video.

I wouldn't call it anywhere near arduous 4x4ing, but you would have needed an at least an AWD vehicle.

The only thing Nissan could be out of this is some average PR and some information on the traction control of the vehiciles, not much else. I've driven up worse driveways.

Titan will take some of the Y62 Patrol features, why re-invent the wheeel?

The link will have some photos of what we tow up here on some rougher roads. The new midsizers do the same now towing.

My BT50 has the exact traction, braking and handling management as the Patrol, plus trailer sway and locking diff. The only thing it needs is suspension management. But I'm looking into that right now.

Nissansalestn, like I said above I think that the Frontier is a good truck, it has a lot going for it, but let's not overstate things here. They have a known radiator issue whereby you will poison your transmission with coolant, known differential issue with poor venting, and has relatively weak differentials to boot. ALL of these problems have been known of for years and should have been fixed years ago. A lot of guys throw a titan rear diff in their frontiers to help with some of those problems. The Titan has a terribly undersized rear diff, which has been known about for years. Nissan would be best served by killing the Titan and focusing their efforts on heavily updating and improving the Frontier. While the Frontier is almost there the Titan is nowhere near anything else.

@High Mileage
I don't think Nissan would use a small diff, especially with the V8 Cummins.

The Frontier is purely driven by global needs, not US needs. I don't know how, but the Navara is still doing okay globally, it could do better with a new truck.

We don't have the same issues as you guys do with the Frontier even though we have engines in our Navara's putting out well over 400ftlb of torque.

Your midsizers are 'Americanised', you guys expect them not to perform as well as a full size. That's what the manufacturers give you. Downrated midsizers.

I just hope the Colorado isn't dumbed down too much and they fix the niggles we have with our Colorado.

Big Al, the Frontier is a great platform to start from, but the very first thing anyone should do who buys one (at least in the United States) is vent the diff and replace the radiator. That to me is an inexcusable set of problems since they have been widely reported for years. If you have a better Frontier in Australia then hopefully Nissan will see the light and adopt its better features into the American version.

You are correct, if Nissan intends to put that 5L cummins in the new Titan they will have to put a much improved rear diff on the Titan.

What I don't understand is why Nissan does so little with the Frontier. The half ton market is very tough, the mid sized market is nearly abandoned and the Frontier could outdo the tacoma handsomely if they spent a little time upgrading it.

@High Mileage
Here the Navara (Frontier) isn't that well regarded for off road use. It sits to low and it's wheel articulation isn't the best. It's traction control is about the only thing that makes it marginally usable off road, or a suspension kit is needed.

It's crash rating isn't the best either. Nissan have put a fantastic V6 Renault diesel in it. The small or normal Navara diesel is about 330ftlb, which is acceptable.

The Navara here is the second best selling ute, after the Hilux. But lately I think the Ford Ranger, BT50 and VW Amarok are starting to get some sales traction. So they should, they are a couple of generations in front.

GM screwed up with the Colorado here, seems similar to the Silverado. They only improved on their own previous Colorado and not try and improve on the competition.

GM seems to be scrimping of development cash. The Colorado only have 2/3 the money for it's development that VW and Ford/Mazda put into their pickups and it shows.

Hopefully Nissan doesn't do the same with the Titan and Navara/Frontier.

@MaXx - You could not be any more mistaken about anyone outside the city buying Nissan. Nissan has a great reputation among those who understand quality build, of whom, few live in the city.

@Hemi V8, I would buy a Power Wagon if I trusted it to get me through the gumbo we have here in the Mississippi River delta. I know full well how capable that truck is in every other respect, but bottomless gumbo is no place for a 3/4 ton truck. Trust me. UNLESS, you have some 35's at the least. That new 5 Cummins is going to suck in the mud too. Too much weight not enough horses. I still want one though...

Big Al from Oz,
They are barely moving the Petrol only Nissan Patrol it is basically Land Cruisers and daylight as far as sales go.. In the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia they are only used as pavement pounders. I saw a Lot more Diesel Land Cruisers running around in Dubai

@Robert Ryan
I found it odd that Nissan stated their is no or very little demand for a diesel Patrol. Sounds like the US slant, only gassers will sell.

Looking at my demographics and considering I live in the Top End many friends of mine drive Landcruisers and some Patrols and midsizers and a couple of US 1/2 ton and one F-350 4x4 (only good on the highway towing, wheel base way to long and sits to low).

They all want a diesel Patrol. I only know one guy who drives a petrol V8 Landcruiser and he wishes he never bought it.

The petrol engines aren't just that good off road and are limited in how far they can travel. They are okay on the blacktop, but once you venture a little further off road they chew up fuel and you can't get petrol, only diesel.

The diesel ute guys have to carry the fuel for the gas V8 pickups and Landcruisers! They are like station wagons, can't carry a decent load off road without breaking something.

This will surely 'rock the boat'. But the truth is the truth.

Nissan needs the 5L Cummins diesel in the Patrol, Armada, Titan, and NV3500 and make all these vehicles global.

@Alex and Robert Ryan
I think Nissan is not being truthful about the diesel requirement for the Patrol. Imagine the US getting a large diesel 4x4 and we get nothing. It would appear Nissan considers the diesel market in the US is larger than ours.

Well, I'll be damned! Nissan would have done their research.

I don't think the guys on this site realise that where I live there is only one road north and south that is sealed and basically one that goes east and west that is tar sealed.

That's in an area more than twice the size of Texas and in that area there is only 5 towns and two of those towns have more than 20 000 people. The other 3 towns have 3 000 people. It's very desolate.

Oz sounds like my kind of place

Here are some pictures from where I live. We don't talk in miles or kilometres, we talk distance in time. Fantastic place. Different from anything you could experience in the US or Europe.

There's not much to do other than hunt, fish, BBQ and drink beer. Darwin is a very modern city of 150 000 people, but very expensive the average home is over $600 000. The mining boom has done this.

HD replacement RV off roader from Oz

A Northern Territory road hazard, normal stuff, you have to be very careful up here.

A touring bus on a gazetted road.

Another road, it's quite famous up here. Gibb River Rd.

The only city in the NT. The nearest major city is over 3 000km away.

No word of a lie, this is our local swimming hole. The crocs are managed.

This is an Off Road 5th Wheeler(about 27ft long) that runs around areas where Big Al would live.
I really like this shot, it shows how deep the fine dust get in the desert.

I'm not seeing anything tough in these photos or even in the video. Let's blow donuts in a wet field and hand out some free beer to the locals and they will praise our products. Ha Ha.

I'm with UncleBud - big trucks do not work well on tight trails or very soft ground.
There is a reason why we log more in the winter. Heavy stuff sinks.
Modified heavy trucks are more prone to failure and stock trucks get stuck more easily.
If I'm a 1/2 days walk to a remote ranch or logging show, I'm not going to risk getting into trouble with my truck. Especially if my kids are with me.

This is how we off road here in the good old U.S. of A. California style. Imperial county. Glamis C.A.

P.S. LouBC, This is were the B.L.M patrol in Power Wagons ;)

"'m with UncleBud - big trucks do not work well on tight trails or very soft ground. "

Agree on that. Although those humongous beasts they run in the Dakar do weil in the dunes but not tight tracks.

3 Power Wagons B.L.M. Rangers. Very soft dune sand.

A too big a pickup for the task.

I have to agree off roading needs specific vehicles sort of like fishing. There's no such good thing as a general purpose fishing rod.

As fishing goes, that Powerwagon makes for a good artifical reef. For future breeding stock :)

@HemiV8 - your 3 PW video does not shed any positive light upon Ram. If you noticed, the 3 PW's were parked and a stock Ford Super Duty crew cab 4x4 was the one doing the work towing the broken buggy.

I love it when your enthusiasm gets the best of you ;)

@Big Al - I'm sure that is a photo of Ram testing the Power Wagon in extreme salt water conditions.

They wouldn't want to be out done by Nissan :)

I can imagine Fred Diaz laughing his ass off right now.

Here's a couple of Youtubes on Roadtrains up here, you can see the type of roads we have.

this is a true nissan



hemi: mazda it was accidental about power wagon was premeditated and studied

@mistic don't even bother. Your words have to many syllibles for HEMI V8 to understand. He'll always choose a couple pics/videos/evidence that suit his needs.

@BAFO, Hey@HemiV8
As fishing goes, that Powerwagon makes for a good artifical reef. For future breeding stock :)

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 2, 2013 11:56:57 PM

Hey mate looks like these light 4x4 utes make for a good artificial reef as well. LMAO!

So much for that


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