Recall Alert: 2003 to 2012 Ram HDs

RaM012_015TH II

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 1.2 million Ram heavy-duty pickup trucks platforms built from 2003 to 2012 are involved in three separate recalls.

The Problem: At issue are steering tie-rod ends that may have been misaligned during installation or service repair. This condition could lead to component fracture and steering loss. One recall targets 842,400 model-year 2003-2008 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups to find approximately 116,000 previously repaired tie-rod assemblies that could have become misaligned. Two additional recalls are aimed at vehicles known to have tie-rod assemblies linked to previous recalls. They include 294,000 2008 to 2012 Ram 2500/3500 pickups and chassis cabs, and 2008 Ram 1500 4x4 Mega Cabs 43,500 2008 to 2012 Ram 4500 and 5500 4x4 chassis cabs.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the tie-rod ends to determine if the assemblies have been aligned properly. Affected customers will be notified by mail in December. Customers who own affected 4500 and 5500 models will have to bring their trucks into dealers for interim service because replacement parts may not be available until late 2014. Interim service involves component inspection and, if necessary, realignment.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call 800-853-1403 for more information.

To read the Chrysler press release, click here.

RaM012_014TH II


Oh Boy, not another one

Dang it, why do the best-looking trucks on the market always end up having such spotty build quality?

No surprise here! Ram trucks are KING of the recall race! You Ram boys can be proud of this accomplishment.

Is the truck in the picture suppose to be going strait? :)

Man I use to own one these. Used it to pull my horse trailer. That cummins ran like a top but it was everything else that just fell apart, my neighbors said it would. Never again will I ever own any kind of fiat product, just way to many recalls and very poor service to go with it. They brag about that long warranty and they should cause you will need it, if you can get the dealer to honor it.





Yup thats a Dodge for you. I meant Ram. No, I meant Fiat I'm sorry.

Ram is get just as bad as Furd another day another recall.

They all have issues, Ram just fixes thiers, while Ford and Chevy let thier owners fend for themselves.




Posted by: Frank | Nov 12, 2013 4:33:58 PM


@Big Roy,

That is the most stupidest comment I ever read aside from all of johnny doe's post.






Assuring Mopar Mechanic have job security,


Hey guys, looks like the fan boys are back from every brand. @Mark Williams - PLEASE do not allow the comments on the recall articles. Again. It is exactly what your rules above the posting area say not to do.


Let me guess, you're a RAM homer and get butt-hurt when people express their opinion.

You remind of Michigan Bob and johnny "the troll" doe.

Re: 4500 and 5500 models

"replacement parts may not be available until late 2014."

Oh, boy.

Big whup, they all get recalls.
You all straighten your skirts settle down.

Someone should punch this frank kid in the face. He's the biggest retard on this site just look at the dumb s43@t he post every time he comments. What a dumb a^&!

Where's the Ramtards now? What? No Guts? No Glory? No Ram?...I mean Fiat.

@ joe I agree that frank never post anything good, he's a waste of cyber space for sure.

Hey Frank still trolling that's nice but no surprise. Keep doing It I get kick out of watching you act like a 10 year old LMAO!

This really isn't that funny. It is flat out dangerous.

My Dad literally just broke a tierod end on his 2008 3/4 ton Cummins about a month ago. Luckily, he wasn't pulling a gooseneck loaded with a tractor--like he is 90% of time--and he coasted into a ditch nearby his house.

Dodge/Ram/Fiat has been putting absolute junk front ends on pickups for decades. I am amazed they finally recalled (a portion of) this legacy of junk front ends. Now they need to recall every transmission they have ever built... except for the heavy duty ones they need to buy from Toyota... .

Hey Frank, I don't know how I am a troll, if you go back on many other recall notices I have posted the same comment that you should grow up and that the comments should be closed on recall articles. If you do not understand this and are completely stuck in your fanboy ways, feel free to carry on, but be prepared to take comments from me on your childishness. Ciao.

Look, I personally think Toyotas are the most boring cars in the world (aside from Honda, VW/Audi). But I don't gloat every time I read about those recalls. Why don't some of you guys grow up? I wouldn't hesitate to buy a brand new Cummins. Recall means they fix it for free (even outside the warranty period), so who cares? Prior to the recall, nobody knew anything about it. They announce a recall and all hell breaks loose. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

This is not good news . I hope Ram improves on build quality. I would love to buy a Ram truck, but getting some many recalls puts a bloke off.

It's funny how us Ram guys always get accused of doing all the trolling, yet now look how comes out of hiding, all the guys who accuse us of trolling are now the ones doing the trolling.

All you guys who are hatin' on Ram are too quick to criticize. GM fanboys, have you forgotten the whole piston slap ordeal back in the early 2000's???? Remember how GM denied that any problem existed? They didn't even grant you guys the courtesy of a recall. Ford fanboys, remember the issue of bad spark plug threads??? Every heard of the 6.0l powerstroke????

My point is this: every auto maker has defeats, and some choose to recall. Ram chooses to do recalls. True, GM doesn't have as many recalls, but that's because the like to give their loyal customers a big slap in the face and pretend like problems don't exist. I hear everyone sitting in the back seat of the new GM crew cab trucks gets hot air blown on them from the defective HVAC system. Likewise, Ford could care less if you have a $15k repair replacing your 6.0l powerstoke that blew a head gasket.

Way to go Ram for taking care of your customers and having a transparent process for addressing vehicle defects!!!!!

Daaang it's a


with these fiat trucks.

@Mr. Chow

And I'm sure that you would rather pay for the repairs out of pocket on your GovMo truck instead of having it recalled and fixed by the manufacture.

Dear staff...

Please bring out the troll patrol.

thank you.

Wait a minut where's HEMI RAMPAGE ?? Oh sorry maybe at the dealer .... GM piston slap is dangerous for people and ford spark plug .... Duhh


I'm right here. I just don't have time to respond to all the trolls. Want to know about some dangerous issues with both Ford and GM????

The list is quite long so I will try and keep it short. For starters, GM back in the 80's there was huge controversy over their side saddle fuel tanks magically catching on fire after a side impact collision. Fast forward to the 2000's and you have tailgate cables breaking resulting in injuries.

As for Ford, not too long ago they had a recall for fuel tank straps that would rust through, break and possibly result in a gasoline fire. Back in the 90's there was Fords catching on fire right and left due to fault ignition switches that would short out and cause a fire. Same problem with the cruise control in some Fords, they had to be recalled because they would cause vehicle fires as well.

I don't know who you think you're fooling, but the other truck makers have plenty bad track record.

Good lord, just about every damn commentor on this thread should be banned for stupidity. I am a tech for a Dodge dealer and this recall pisses me off. Ram has already recalled all these trucks for this exact problem before. The reason they are being recalled again is because of idiot technicians that can't read friggin instructions. The left and right tie rod ends need to be aligned. If they are more than 5 degrees out of alignment there is a possibilty that the tie rod could break. When you crank the wheel one direction the tie rod joint twists depending on the direction of the steering wheel. If the tie rod is not aligned, when it twists it could contact the housing of the joint which could cause a fracture or break. The first time these were recalled it was because many had been assembled incorrectly from factory. The fact that they needed to recall them over again is disapionting. Its doesn't matter how good a product is if there are idiots building and repairing them. I recently purchased a used 05 Ram 3500. The tie rods were way out of alignment so I put a new tie rod in. Any Ram truck owners worried should go check the steering linkages on there trucks. If the flat bottom surface of the tie rods appear uneven with each other then you could have a problem, if they look ok then chances are you wil be fine BUT STILL GET YOUR TRUCK LOOKED AT. Its not always the fault of Ram though. We see lots of trucks come in from alignment shops that do not make sure the tie rods are level. You could have the recall completed with new parts put in, have an alignment done a week later and have the tie rod break in the parking lot that day (saw this happen twice in the last year).

@Jordan L

I Agree with you 100% there are techs out here that try so very hard to beat the book time. And miss the details the will save them a come back. I have been turning wrenches since the 80s and I still try to tell the new guys that come to work in my shop that you can run a sprint race against the book time. But you run a much greater risk of a come back and a very unhappy customer.

Learning to pay attention and observing the small details is what helps make me a master tech.

Recall threads should have the comments section closed.

If misalignment during assemble and repair is a common issue, does that mean that the component should be redesigned to ensure a more precise factory fit and less chance of misalignment during replacement?

I talked to a fellow who gets new trucks every 160,000 km (100,000 miles). He usually gets a new truck every 2 years. He had 2 Ram HD's in a row ('04 and '08) with multiple front end issues. This explains why.
It is too bad for Ram since he now swears he will never buy another.

I also agree with Jordan L. This is NOT Ram's fault.

This is the fault of the Ram installers, Ram technicians and Ram suppliers!

@ rancherogt There's nothing wrong with getting a job done quickly. That allows me to make a very good living. But it can never come at the cost of saftey. The shop I work at is a flat rate shop so the faster a job gets done the more money can be made. With the last recall Chrysler issued for this problem there were 2 senarios. Either the tie rod end got replaced or it didn't. Either case paid well enough to make time and do the job properly. Ford has had this problem as well. There was a recent recall to repair leaking brake fluid on a wire connector. If not repaired could cause a fire, of which there were several. Ford found that after the recall had started there were still cars catching fire. The cause was incorrect or not completed recall repairs. They ended up having to recall every single vehicle again. The repair when done properly worked but it had to be done properly. The paper trail on recalls allows manufacturers to see which dealers have repaired which vehicles. I wonder if there will be some kind of "punishment" for dealers that couldn't complete this simple repair.

@ Ronald. Its not Chryslers fault, but it is their repsonsibility.

@ Hemi Munster - companies do not have a choice when it comes to safety recalls. They are issued by government. You make it sound like it is done out of pious benevolence by Sergio Marchionne.

GM's "piston slap", Ford's spark plugs etc. are not safety issues. A manufacturer ONLY has to recall what the NHTSA tells them to recall.

I agree with Lou_BC. And please Hemi monster dont go 20 to 30 years later ...we are talking about 2010 -2012 ram's that they have allready like 10 recals in a row

I mean 20 to 30 years ago*







@The Real Lou
Thanks for highlighting that to the kids.

Why are all the Ram supporters at Junior High in the US?

Is there some kind of marketing of Fiat products to children, sort of like soda, McDonalds, junk food, etc targeting school kids? Maybe one of the consumer organisations can talk to Fiat.

Shame on Fiat.

It seems the elderly (above 21 years of age) buy Fords, GM twins, Toyotas and Nissans.

I can't believe that Fiat is having so many problems in the US.

Um............Al.........I hate to tell you but I am not in Junior high, neither is my father. Or my grandfather. Perhaps commenting from Australia on North America is not as wise as it seems.

How can it not be Fiats fault if other trucks don't have this problem? OK, I'll explain . If being out of alignment will cause a tie rod to break, and all trucks have tie rods, why aren't all trucks being recalled to check for alignment? I smell a cover up and anyone with an open mind should too.

It is Ram's fault that they had these recall because it's Ram's people.

Built wrong at factory - Ram's fault.
Installed wrong at service - Ram's fault.
Failed parts - Ram's fault for using the parts.

If you sell a failed product or serive the responsibility for failure or a wrongful act is on you, which is the definiton of fault..

@Lou BC

Actually companies DO have a choice about recalls. Chrylser choose to initiate the Jeep gas tank recall on it's own, even though it was a problem lingering from the "old" Chryler before bankrupcy. On the other hand there have been mulitple issues of both Ford and GM products that there was no recall for, when there should of been. I don't know about you, but I would much rather buy from a company that has recalls than one who turns it's back on customers.

@Big Al from OZ
You've got to be kidding me. The comments section is for discussing the Ram recall, why don't you try and keep it that way and try to have a mature discussion.

And I'm sure that you would rather pay for the repairs out of pocket on your GovMo truck instead of having it recalled and fixed by the manufacture.
Posted by: Hemi Monster | Nov 12, 2013 8:14:27 PM

Sounds great but this is amateur hour. I prefer to have my parts installed correctly. No cost involved if had done the proper alignment.

Will Ram finally smarten up over the next two years and not have so many recalls? I'm not sure they will.

We are seeing an usual number of mistakes. Why isn't Ram doing a better job? Is this sloppy workmanship, inadequate supervision or something more insidious like cutting corners to increase profits?

Since June over half of the recalls on PUTC have been from Ram. This is a big problem.

@Jim an BIG BOB

Every truck maker makes mistakes. What about the new GM trucks. Haven't they had 6-7 year to work on the new model??? Then why do the rear vents in the crew cab blow hot air?? Lapses like that are inexcusable.

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