Recall Alert: 2013 and 2014 I-4 Toyota Tacoma

2013 Tacoma base II

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 4,000 model-year 2013 and 2014 2.7-liter four-cylinder Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks.

The Problem: According to a Toyota press release, the engine valve springs made by one of two suppliers could develop cracks and break over time due to improper maintenance of the manufacturing equipment used to make the parts. Affected pickups could exhibit abnormal idling noises or possibly a rougher high-rpm sound. Worst-case scenario inlcude engine failure while being driven.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the valve springs for pitted surfaces and replace as necessary. Owners will be directly notified by mail.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Toyota 800-331-4331 or go to and input their truck’s information.


2013 Tacoma 2.7L II





Ouch! Valve spring failure is a big deal, but the process at the dealership for assuring that the specs for the springs was properly complied with at the plant will be a HUGE expense.

It would almost be cheaper for Toyota to simply put new cylinder heads on the affected cars. Major screwup.

Darn Americans, wish these things were still built in Japan

Toyota Tamoma 2.7l I-4 gets an EPA estimated 21/25mpg

Ram 1500 3.6l V6 Pentastar gets an EPA estimated 17/25mpg

A full size truck that gets comparable fuel economy to a compact pickup?

Best in class fuel economy?

Better highway MPGs than the Tacoma V6?







Wow, those mpg numbers really put things into perspective. I never really though of it that way, but it's true, the Ram gets comparable fuel economy to the Tacoma.

As for myself if I have the choice between a small cramped truck that has valve spring issue or a full size pickup with excellent MGPs, well the decision is an easy one.

I used to drive only Toyota. I haven't purchased one since the early 2000's. The last one I had was a 2001 Tacoma and it was a piece of $hit, just like the Camry my wife purchased about the same time. The quality just wasn't there and after numerous times in the shop, we traded in both vehicles and I got a F150 and the wife got a Fusion and we have not had any problems since.

I think the problem is that many perceive Toyota to be a quality brand and it just isn't so any more. Toyota is riding the wave of it's past reputation, and eventually it will crash. Actually it already has started too, just look at all their recalls in the past few years.

What is a valve spring? Is this the part that holds the spring onto the axle?

@hemi*, et. al.

@LJC et. al.

Every maker has recalls, that's a fact. A broken tie rod is just as dangerous as a scenario as a broken valve spring causing engine failure while driving. The one thing you have to realize is that Toyota drivers(Old ladies in their Camry's, Prius drivers, etc) don't know how to control their vehicle in an emergency situation. Thus a failure while driving is much more severe in a Toyota than your average Joe driving a Ford or Ram.

You want prove of the above statement I made? Well just look at the unintended acceleration ordeal Toyota had. If Toyota drivers had half the brain to put their car in neutral when it started accelerating, the problem would not have been much of a safety issue.

There you have it, a Ram recall is not significant compared to a Toyota recall.

Hemi Monster, thats the most rediculous statement I've ever heard. Just as many old ladies drive Fords as they do Toyotas probably more, maybe not Rams since thats only trucks but Fords and Dodges yes.

Explain this to me please:

Just another example of a Toyota driver who shouldn't have been driving a vehicle with an unsafe problem.

When us Ram drivers have an issue with our trucks, WE TAKE IT IN FOR SERVICE AND GET IT FIXED. We definitely don't keep driving it and put other people's lives at risk.

I don't care how anyone tries to rationalize it, there are a number of Toyota models that have been deemed to be unsafe by both the NHTSA and the general public. Toyota has denied these problem exist and lied about them, putting both other drivers and their own customers at risk. Toyota came up with a "solution" by replacing floor mats. Well that ain't a solution.

And like I said before the problem is that Toyota drivers don't know how to put their car in fkn neutral.

Ram recalls a gazzilion trucks for steering system tie rods.





Ram has sold over a gazzillion trucks?!?!? Last I hear from you and all the other Ford/GM fanboys that Ram was in last place for sales figures. Well, which is it??? Make up your mind already!





Ok, you're right, it was only 1.2 million

I am really starting to find it quite annoying how lately all the comments on PUTC somehow find there way to a discussion about Ram trucks. Does anyone here know how to post on topic about the subject of the article?

I saw on ABC news last night that over a million Ram pickups are being recalled for steering failure. No guts or glory here!!! You Ram owners sure have a great hobby on your hands.

I was going to buy a Ram but after the comments I've scene on here you have to be doush bag to drive one and I don't want to be scene as a doshe so it looks I'll be going with another brand.

Looks like Ram copied this ute for style :)

This diesel dual cab is getting; result = 36.75227864583332.

That's combined cycle or average. That would place it around or even above 40mpg on the highway.

Looks like a baby Ram from Korea.

I was going to buy a F350 powerstroke, but then I found out every major engine repair would result in removing the cab, which can result in repair costs of $10k or more.

I was going to buy a Chevy but then when I saw how boxy they look and their awful square wheel wells, I decided I'll be going with another brand.

I was going to buy a Toyota, but I don't want valve spring problems.

I decided to buy a Ram.

It must be the weekend and the parents have allowed their children access to the computer.

Maybe an age restriction or at a minimum a person must hold a drivers licence to blog on the site.

Better still, you must have a job and own a vehicle, a pickup, van or SUV with a drivers licence. If you own a pickup or van 2wd would be accepted. SUV has to be 4x4 with hi/lo range.

@John: spot on!

@Delusion Hemi monster: Foremost the unintended acceleration was never proven. Second wasn't it a state trooper that didn't take your advice?
Are you one of those drunken assembly line workers trying to undo some "bad decisions"?

I don't let any douchebag comments affect what truck I buy. There are just as many troll here for other brands as there are for ram.

To those people who keep posting "I won't buy such-and-such a brand because of all the comments here", you are letting yourselves be controlled by these children that come on here to troll. How about stop responding to the off topic posts instead of feeding them.

That is bad news for toyota. if they are taking the time to take a look at the valves springs. might aswell replace them. the truck owner could come back next week complaining that the truxk quit. just becuse they didnt replace them when they had the chance. and it could avoid other kinds if damage done to the engine if it does happens all of the sudden.

I own a ford. a toyota. a ram truck. a isuzu.

3 trucks and one SUV. i take good care of them and they have never left me in the side of the road.

"engine valve springs made by one of two suppliers could develop cracks and break over time due to improper maintenance of the manufacturing equipment used to make the parts. Affected pickups could exhibit abnormal idling noises or possibly a rougher high-rpm sound. Worst-case scenario inlcude engine failure while being driven."

So the 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine Taco is not bullet proof after all. Interesting. :)

No doubt an American supplier that tried to cut corners, just like with the CTS gas pedals.

Funny, how the culprit is not named and shamed.


But ford, dodge/ram/fiat whoever they are this week and gm would exploit the supplier to make themselves look better. Toyota is just a classy company not caught up in the false marketing ploys like these trolls on here. Thanks for caring about the owners instead of marketing Toyota, real customers appreciate it!!

@hemi lol
Here is a video featuring a vehicle made by Toyota, the company that you say cares about "the owners":

If you read the video description, their Highlander was totaled, and their home severely damaged. Toyota's response: " evidence of any sort of manufacturing or design defect..." Go and decide for yourself if Toyota cares about their customers or not, but don't come on here and spew your bs about how Chrysler and GM exploit customers when it is clearly obvious that Toyota is guilty of that.

Hemi Monster, Very very interesting and scary. I've never seen that video before.


What is perhaps the most scary part about it is there are plenty of drivers out there who wouldn't be able to safety regain control of their vehicles if something like this were to occur.

Now I don't know anyone else but it disturbs me how Toyota can pretend like these issues doesn't exist or are not problems to worry about. Toyota is putting its customers safety at risk as well as others like me and my family. Now that I have a problem with.

True to form, the guys using a Mopar name are the biggest morons on this site.

That video was supposed to show unintended acceleration?

How does a vehicle with a stuck gas pedal hit a house then back up and hit it again?

Every car company has cases of UA.
Toyota does statistically have a higher incidence than anyone else but once it became a "public" feeding frenzy that became a congressional dog and pony show - alleged incidences of UA skyrocketed for Toyota.
The "land of the free" should be more aptly called the "land of the lawyer" or "the land of the free to sue anyone for anything to make a buck".

Nothing like a recall notice to bring out the best in people!

Stuck gas pedals and unintended acceleration are two different things. Nice try.

1980 Toyota sr5 long bed 2wd 20r 4cyl 5 speed. 277,843 miles. no recalls. they just are not made as well as they used to be. its all about how many they can make how fast instead of obsessing about quality control even if that means doing it in house with vendors you control. those days are over for Toyota.

As long as we are all here can any of you Ford guys or Mark Williams confirm this @ the 14:00 mark he starts to talk about the 2015 F150 will be going open c under the bed. Now I have always read where the F150 guys say the next Super Duty will go fully boxed which I find hard to believe as they are the eaisiest to upfit HD pickup Then again I would be surprised to see them go back to open c on an F150.

@ AD - before Mike Levine went to ford he dropped some hints that the next F150 might have a monocoque frame. Most of the Eurovans are unibody but are available as chassis/cab type vehicles with or without ladder frames.

The first announcements for the Ram recall came out on 11/6 and the Tacoma on 11/7, a day later. Where is the RAM recall article PUTC? 4,000 trumps 1.2 million. Reminds me of the "Not so fast Toyota article"(SAE J2807 Towing).


T Towing, If you are looking for bias there isn't any and I look at which one comes first a different way. You release bad news on a weekend or a Friday. You release good news or news you want people to see on a Monday. A Toyota recall report posted on a Saturday night gets no views and is forgotten - you should be happy if you are Toyota. Saving the Ram article for Monday could be for maximum impact.....

And there are so many Ram recalls it is probably hard to keep up with them all. Another month, another Ram recall. The Taco recall was more ususual and servere - engine failure - and probably rose to the top first but it was on a weekend so I wouldn't complain about the coverage.

Typical Toyota fanboy response to any recall: blame PUTC, blame the posters, blame the suppliers. They wake up and engage only when Toyota is threatened and their propoganda is challenged.

Poor Toyota. Running out of scapegoats and fairytails. Lou's fanatical support does Toyota no favors. Instead, it feeds his arrogance and reinforces his belief that he defend Toyota's problem with another post.

I propose that Lou be banned from commenting on Toyota recall threads. Not that he would ever ban himself but the Toyota lapdogs and cheerleaders won’t get off easy. Not when their crime was covering up Toyotas.

Poor Toyota. Running out of scapegoats and fairytails. Lou's fanatical support does Toyota no favors. Instead, it feeds his arrogance and reinforces his belief that he can defend Toyota's problem with another post.

I propose that Lou be banned from commenting on Toyota recall threads. Not that he would ever ban himself but the Toyota lapdogs and cheerleaders won’t get off easy. Not when their crime was covering up Toyotas.

Mark Williams is neither for or against Toyota. He is just reporting the news!

Please block Lou from posting in recall threads and delete his fanboy bashing posts.

Lol, no Big Al post goes by without mention of some tiny ute, I wont call it a truck, what is that, a 4 or 5 foot bed? Yeah...can put alot in there! Al, if it can't even hold what the small Tacome bed holds, space wise, why bother?Just an SUV with no top, that can't tow, and looks nothing like a they drug test you ever?

Another hit for American-built engines?

Thomas! You just don't get it do you? ;)

You can exhibit some very simplistic levels of judgement, are you a junior high kid who has just learnt that more horsepower is bigger. and bigger must be better?

I think there would be enough consumers who do want a vehicle like that.

If a person has already bought the Taco, he obviously;

A. Doesn't like Fiats.

B. Didn't need such a large truck.

C. Is a Toyota Tacoma fan.

D. and on and on, etc.

I think a 40mpg plus pickup would find a home in the US, especially when they are like little Ram replicas.

Hopefully, Toyota with BMW will have a nice 2 litre diesel to drop into the up and coming Tacoma giving it a 35mpg average.

If Fiat/Ram can make a vehicle without so many recalls straight up, the VM diesel would be the pick. But the ugly A$$ style would have to change. It about as ugly as my BT50.

If a full size pickup was designed in Asia, the Ram would be what it would look like. Very Asian'esque the Ram. Just look at the Korean pickup in my link, many similarities.

Bigger doesn't always mean better. I don't think these little pickups have had many recalls either.

You can keep on talking/spruiking about towing with your 2.15648 rear end, 87.9 Series, 265, 22.64" tyres, with a ratio spread of 8.69 across 2 gears and whatever you waffle on about that you know little of.

Of course you can have your extra 1/10" rear leg room over a F-150 making the Fiat much superior over the GMs and Fords.

Thomas, you are on hell of a wanker.

Go back to Allpar with the rest of the goats. I have bitten my tongue for some time regarding your input.



@Dr. Evil
Smart man +1 for you! :)

I agree with some of the posters on here.

This recall is pretty lame YET the Ram recall is a MAJOR safety recall involving 1.2 million pickups that are dangerous on the roads but does not get posted?

This shows a bias against Toyota and clear inconsistencies with jornalistic ethics and general safety of this site. Are they getting advertising dollars to not post such a MAJOR safety recall from Ram?

The Ram recall should be top and center for us pickup enthusiests to alert us for safety issues first and foremost and petty little quality VOLUNATRY recalls by manufacturers second rate, if at all.

I hope the Ram recall hits this site on Monday. It actually was released to the press BEFORE this VOLUNTARY recall of a minor quality issue, so I guess I am questioning the safety aspects in terms of reporting of this site.


I normally agree with your posts, but the recall epidemic has gotten OUT OF CONTROLL.

I think the Tacoma recall is more relevant because it is for brand NEW pickups!

The Ram recall you're talking about are for tire rods that could be as old as a DECADE and on trucks that may have as much as 200K MILES!

Yes the Ram recall could have been posted on Friday or the weekend. But the Ram recall if posted on a Monday like some others said will get more attention than on a Friday. The Tacoma recall posted on a weekend, will get no attention.

So how is PUTC helping Ram again and not Toyota??????

I agree with oxi. Why was a minor Tacoma recall posted, but a MAJOR Ram recall was announced first and the Ram recall was never posted?

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