2013 SEMA Show: Silverado Cheyenne Concept Truck Set to Debut

Chevrolet-SEMA-SilveradoCheyenne 1 II

What do you do when you introduce an all-new half-ton pickup truck to the segment and can't afford to show every performance-truck variation at its debut?

You create special concept versions and show them to select audiences to gauge customer interest.

And that's exactly what Chevrolet will do at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show this week in Las Vegas when it will debut the Silverado Cheyenne concept, which is about as close to a new muscle truck as we've seen since Ford's attempt with the F-150 Tremor.

Chevrolet is not calling it the Silverado SS, but it wasn't that long ago that Chevy tried to offer a performance pickup; most of them were sold (2003 to 2007) with all-wheel drive, the extended cab and 20-inch rims.

This new Cheyenne concept will show off several high-performance options, not the least of which will be the 420-horsepower, 6.2-liter EcoTec3 V-8; Brembo ceramic brakes; a Borla exhaust; a lowered suspension; and 19-inch aluminums wheels with performance tires. Also, in order to give this truck the best power-to-weight ratio possible, Chevy replaced the bumpers, tailgate and inner bed liner with carbon fiber versions to save more than 200 pounds. That should put the short-bed sport-truck weight at just less than 4,500 pounds.

According to the Detroit News, that should put the little half-ton truck in the 5.3-second zero-to-60 mph range. You can expect to see more photos of this truck later (keep checking back) and find out what we thought of it when we post our video. More to come. 

Chevrolet-SEMA-SilveradoCheyenne 2 II

1 Cheyenne front II

3 Cheyenne tire II

7 Cheyenne bumper II

5 Cheyenne rear II

8 Cheyenne hood II


love the square wheel wells

@ nitro ,

Yes,people will be greatful in 5 years when they have to do bodywork/rust repair.Square wheel wells are quicker/easier to repair.So not so handy people will take it upon themselves to repair them,and being square,not much thought in the process,nor not hard to do.So,thankyou GM for making a simpleton truck,thank-you !

To Square to be considered anything remotely sporty.

The back of the truck looks very similar to 2010 Dodge Dakota.

The dash of the new GM trucks looks like the Dodge RAM dash.

The square wheel wells look like...Well...All GM oh Lord !! Help them please !

I have a 2010 Dodge Dakota and a 2007 GMC Canyon,87 FireBird Formula 350(original owner got when I was 16) so dont label me a spammer as you guys do with any brand criticism,or snark remark.And my husband is in the market for a fullsize,looked at the new '14 GM trucks and '14 RAM and the GM clearly copied the RAM,but not the square wheel wells or chunky styling.We think a new RAM Big Horn Q.C HEMI 8spd auto will be our next truck,we just have to wait until Thursday until they get one our color and one without the console,we want the fold down armrest,so we can fit 6 if need be.

Any one else see the bolstered seats in that last pic?

Can the square wheel wells be any bulkier?

I like the idea of putting in the 6.2. It's not just an appearance package but has a bit of umpf too. Give it a 4.10 rear end and it'll be a burnout machine.

Pretty cool truck. 6.2L in regular cab will attract many potential buyers if they put it into production.
GM said it. There is more to come when it comes to their LD trucks. This might be one of them.

Don't get a flat.

Chevy also removed the truck’s trailer hitch, spare tire, center console and other material to save weight.

You'll need all the weight you can over that rear axle, shouldn't be taking weight off the back end.

@Jason: How can you tell that there's no center console? Not trying to call you out on anything, I'd just like to know where you heard that.

Click on the linked article to the Detroit News linked in the last paragraph or just go right here: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131103/AUTO0103/311030011/1148/auto01/Chevy-unveil-Silverado-Cheyenne-concept-Monday

Not sure, but with the same size tires, front to rear? could this be AWD??? Now that would really be something! and would make sense to make it as light as possible!

@Jason: Great. Now I just feel stupid for not reading the article before.


Like the new Z-28 will GM want $60K for this too? Would really be nice if they just offered the 6.2 in the standard regular cab without all of the fuzz, and high dollar posturing....

@rr7mc: With all due respect to your opinion, here's mine.

There is absolutely no conceivable reason for a 420 hp, 460 ft-lb monstrosity of an engine to be offered in a standard, no-frills regular cab work truck. A 355-hp 5.3 is more than adequate. Remember, plenty of Chevy work trucks came equipped with the 292 straight-six--119 hp. Chrysler 225 Slant-6? Never more than 145 hp stock. Ford 300 straight-six? The same. And they all got the job done just fine.
The only good use for a 6.2 RCSB _is_ the "high-dollar posturing" of a sport truck.

If you don't agree, that's just fine.

what is it with you people......and square wheel wells. I like them...truck looks much better. I just hope gm doesnt change that.

Ian, Wheels are round so they look much better when the wells are round to match you don't have gaping wheel well openings on the right angles of the square.

@Ian, Dusty. Pies can be round, pies can be square (I'm talking pizza here, not lemon merrange)

They each taste just as good to me. Thin crust is a must, however.

This concern over looks and style gets pretty subjective. When I bought my Silverado back in 2011, I really did not care about wheelwells--I don't think I even noticed the round/square thing at all. I did pay attention to the engine and tranny.

The Chevy auto truck trans are spot on. I put almost 200k miles on my last one with no issues. The V8s that GM puts in its trucks today are really solid. Smooth. Good mileage (if you care about that!).

My last Ford was a stinker but the one before that was a champ.

my 2 cents.

Variety is the spice of life - if you don't like square wheel wells, buy a Ford or a RAM. That's why there are options - something to please everyone. Now move along to another topic than just continually beating the already more-than-dead 'square wheel well' horse to a bloody pulp!

The square stuff was cool for the 73-87's but it's something they carried on far past it's expiration date. It really is. This truck is a very cool square body tribute minus the flares but it should have been done a few generations down the road. They need to go back to normal sized styling of those 400's. More rounded. Honestly, they just need to recreate the 67-72's and be done with it. This gold Bowtie emblem doesn't look good here either. They should have made it blue, silver or the original 1911 black.

The only way a 73-87 square body looks good is lifted with beefy tires. That's when they really shine. Lowered like this they look awkward.

Can the square wheel wells be any bulkier?

@Chris, no kiddin, looks like a step side.

@Dusty, straight up. Tires are round. What is it with these guys trying to make bulky fullsizers look like Jeeps? It only works when they're lifted with big tires like jeeps do it. It's a truck idiots, not a jeep.


For once I disagree with ya old buddy!I happen to think the new Silverado looks A-OK for the most part. On another note I happen to believe that all Ford trucks are well beyond their expiration date, especially the Super Duty. How much more long in the tooth can you get? The original design of the F-150 isn't much better. Ford should not be resting on their laurels if you know what I mean!

Too big and bulky to be a sport truck. Ever since the Frankenstein looking 2007 model came out the Silverado has been a massive road whale. Way too big and bloated compared to the normal sized Silverado's before it. I just don't see this doing well. Now the old 454SS truck was perfect in size and shape. Probably the definitive sport truck. Best of all time to me. These new bulky trucks just don't work for this. It's like trying to turn a Super Duty or Power Wagon into a sport truck. Too big... It just doesn't work. Chevy shouldn't have started making their truck so big and bulky. These flared out squares have got to go too. Just ridiculous looking.


Yall mentioning the 73-87 GM pickups?

Back then not all of them were called Cheyennes or Silverados.

Those letter names going with the number on the truck were used to tell you what standard equipment they came with.

Now that they called all their pickups Silverados, the name lost its original meaning.

Used to be no such thing as a Silverado without power windows and door locks. Now you can get a "work truck" Silverado that has no electronic accessories and that twisted the Silverado name up!

Nice truck. This is the proletariat version of the Icon Chevy.
We can afford this one.

Although I do like this truck, and the set up, I too agree, this will be a 40K truck! just because GM knows there are some fools out there with more dollars than sense, and will pay anything for a toy! me on the other hand ol cheapskate that I am, would rather just buy a reg cab W/T, with all the HD tow and 5.3 V-8, and the lowest gearing and four wheel drive/AWD GM drivetrain, and save what? 10-15K? I could take 5K and have the new Banks Supercharger Kit installed and get more power! just throw some better brakes in and be good to go! See, where I live, there is this evil thing called excise tax, where the state tells the city that anyone who owns a vehicle of any type has to pay money for the privilege of parking said vehicle in the town! to the tune of around .74/thousand of value, so if you own a new 40K truck? you have to pay the city about $2,900!!!!!!! in just the first year!!!! to own it!!!! the values do go down very fast, but the second year is going to still be 2K!!! and then 1K and so on!!!! so that is another reason I will not pay that kind of money for a truck!! as I need more than one, and want some other wheels (two), to play with, that is a tough pill to swallow! it is more than insurance!!and that is on top of the sales taxes!!!is it any wonder I am so cheap?

Meh. I'd much rather have a Holden "El Camino" if I had to have such a vehicle. But I'd rather just get a Camaro/Mustang and a beater pickup.

Some of the sound insulation was pulled out, all to save weight.

@sandman4X4 - wow, that is nasty. I pay a yearly property tax on my home which is less than that. I can have as many running vehicles as I want in my yard.

Cool truck!! With a little luck I will own one of these soon!! I need to get rid of my 70's Pinto with the rusted out floor boards which has caused me to inhale too much carbon monoxide over the last several years. That is probably the cause of my moronic behaviour in here. Please forgive me.

Reg Cab short beds are starting to look really sharp now, after seeing nothing but huge Crew Cabs. Houston's largest GMC dealer is offering 2013 Reg Shorts with 4.8 l V8's for $17,999. This weekend they actually had one, I drove it, very nice, then I drove a 2014 4.3 V-6, and the difference was remarkable. Much quieter, better ride and nicer interior, except the best deal on the 2014 was $23K....so I walked. MPG on the 2014 is 18-24 vs 14-19 on the 2013. IF I can get a 2014 for less than $20k in white, I'll take it....got all year to wait. Our '99 5.3 has 230,000 miles and just rebuilt it's transmission, might make it to 300K.

Love it! I want one in red

Dan- Canada

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