Toyota Trucks Win Best Residual Value for 2014

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Toyota is doing something right with its midsize and full-size pickup trucks, according to the latest reports from ALG, a leader in determining how well a vehicle will hold its value over time. Our friends at have several stories up (about the best and worst scoring vehicles) and have noted that the vehicle winning top honors across the board for all 2014 vehicles is the Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup, which is expected to maintain more of its overall value (or resale price) over time than any other vehicle sold in the U.S.

In the full-size pickup segment, the Toyota Tundra won. Congrats to both pickups.

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Having never ridden in a Tundra, and having ruled out owning a Tacoma, I can only comment from a distance.

Toyota, and Honda, have for years owned the public's belief that they build high quality cars/trucks/suvs.

Resale value is a reflection.

Does the Toyota have the best residual values? Yes
Would I buy a Toyota pickup? No

To me a comparison of truck residual values is kind of silly. For starters, many people drive their trucks to the ground. For those who actually plan to keep their truck for a decent length of time, residual value means next to nothing. I heard recently that people are keeping their vehicles 12-15 years on average. At that age, the residual value on any pickup is going to be low and comparable between the different makes.

At any rate, Toyota doesn't offer what I need in a pickup(1 ton w/diesel) so don't buy them. Actually diesel trucks themselves have quite a high residual value, so I doubt that in their "survey" they included these.


Residual value is entirely based on how hard a vehicle is used. Toyota's are rarely used for work, therefore, they are typically in much better condition when it comes to resale. Ford has the highest commercial market, and therefore the lowest resale value because the trucks are well worn when they are resold. GM trucks are also primarily pleasure vehicles and they, like Toyota, are in better shape at resale time.

The dodge caravan has probably the worst resale value in the industry because they are typically used for taxi-type duty.

"Ford has the highest commercial market, and therefore the lowest resale value because the trucks are well worn when they are resold.GM trucks are also primarily pleasure vehicles and they, like Toyota, are in better shape at resale time."

If you say so.

Toyota generally makes great quality, dependable vehicles, few will argue that. I have owned a Toyota truck and my wife drives a Sienna Limited AWD minivan. The Sienna has been good but far from flawless. The rack-n-pinion died at 80,000 mi, and the stereo-navigation system-DVD entertainment system crapped out at 90,000 mi....replacement cost would have been $4000 except for the fact that I purchased the 100K bumper-to-bumper warranty. The rack replacement would have cost another $1000.

What irritates me GREATLY about Toyota Tacoma (and to a far lesser extent the Tundra), Toyota is absolutely milking the crap financially out of the Tacoma. They are not reinvesting a dime in improving the truck. Toyota is not a segment leader in any truck category (mechanically, and innovation wise). Toyota is a LAZY company that refuses to take risks or invest in innovation. Like China, they steal ideas from the big 3 then make better quality vehicles.

Congrats to Toyota on the award although papa jim foes bring up a good point. I have owned Toyota pick ups in the past and they never let me down with all the crap I put them through. Of course these were 80s models and was not newer ones.

geesh. that tundra sure is one fugly looking machine. it may have surpassed the ford super duty for fugliest grille. they need to go back to the drawing board!

Funny to here the people make comments to try to splay the Facts. Toyotas are used for work, ozzy said he doesn't care about residual value. Guess what Ozzy not everyone runs thier trucks into the ground some people do trade ever few years like myself.

The Toyota Helux has been dropped off a ten store building and it still started right up.


Thanks for sharing re: your Toyotas.

I think your stats point to a key concern: I doubt that Detroit (or Tokyo for that matter) cares much about the buyers of used cars, or the buyers of cars/trucks who plan to drive them past 50-70k miles.

Their focus seems to be on the traditional Ford/GM buyer who trades every 2-3 years--always has.

Now all they have to do is sell a few of them,,,

IMO Toyotas are well made no doubt. But I think some of their residual value has to come from the fact that Toyota rarely offers large discounts on them. Look at Ford or Ram. At years end or sooner its nothing to see $10-14,000 in discounts. How does that help current year truck values? If you don't buy at the discount then you will take a hit when selling cause the unsold new ones are selling for less than you owe on yours.

I do not look at residual value as heavily as some may. I keep my trucks for a long time, put many hard miles on them. My 05 is case in point. Owned it since May 05, now has 170k on its dealer installed supercharged 5.4 and skyjacker lifted suspension. The truck has been absolutely great for me. Only major breakdowns include alternator at 90k and transfer case at 148k.....par for the coarse considering all of the towing and off roading this truck has seen. The real value in this truck is the fact that it just does not seem to nickle and dime me, or wanna die. I hope my current 11 Ecoboost is half as good, for that truck has also had a hard 62k mile thus far. No heavy off roading but PLENTY of heavy, over 8000 pound towing. That being said, Toyota Tundra is a great truck, and Toyota deserve props for it's designed in reliability of this great truck.

Umm...could it be that Ford's have the least reliability because they break down all the time! Duh. And by the way Ford's are not "driven to the ground" go by any used car lot and they're ALL sitting there waiting to be resold.

It wouldn't take much for the 2014 Tacoma to win best resale because it is one of only 2 mid-size trucks for sale, and pickup trucks have higher resale than cars.

Last time I heard you had to add thousands of dollars on mods and upgraded bumpers to a Tacoma so that reverses a big chunk of the resale value. At the end of the day it is probably a little bit worse than any other truck unless you keep it bone stock.

Most people let their trucks stock.

ya know looking at the picture here ,,, its a damn ugly truck. In fact its as ugly as the GM, Ram and Ford (1/2 tons) Have you all noticed Ram ,GM and Ford .HD's look like a truck.The 1500's look like something Obama and my grandma would drive....

Who cares! I still would never buy one!

Len, my grandmother would never drive a pickup and I don't think Obama is a pickup guy like Bush wash.

The Tacoma doesn't have proper bumpers so you have to take away a few thousand from the resale value for mods to make it capable.

Loved my 5.7 Tundra - the fit and finish were far superior to the Ford Mustang I had prior and the JK I replaced it with. I purchased all of the vehicles new and the Toyota is just higher quality. I look forward to the day Ford/Chevy/GM/Ram have the same level of quality.

wow you haters are PATHETIC!!!! your grabbing at straws!

Further PUTC didnt even post how BADLY they beat the others in this catagory BUT if it were Ford you would have seen ALL the stats and a long article about it...... COMICAL!

way to go Toyota!


Hey Mark, can I make a suggestion on improving the website? How about implementing idiot filters in the comments section? I know the comment numbers would drop dramatically from present numbers, but the improvement would be worth the cost.

I would have no problem buying a Tacoma in the future, and the fact that it has a higher residual value is an added bonus.

Your statement is flat out a lie "Toyota's are rarely used for work, therefore, they are typically in much better condition when it comes to resale." I guess someone can only use a big pickup for work, private use or off-road. You better not tell those people here in S.A. who are private contractors and use theirs for work. The correct statement is not many are used for work in large fleets as Toyota has very small fleet sales with the Tundra.

I guess you guys do not want to post the numbers...Try to keep your domestic raving articles short like this one.

"In the full-size pickup segment, the Toyota Tundra won. Congrats to both pickups."

Worst resale values....

2014 Nissan Titan
2014 Ram Cargo Van







Sorry to go off topic guys, but I am just continuing a conversation AD and I had in another article.


Apperantly I was worried about the new Ecotec 6.2L for nothing. They just posted the the Chevy 6.2L run on the Ike Guantlet and it did it in over a minute slower than what the F150 Ecoboost did. Although as he said in the video that it had more to do with the transmission which goes with what I said that is doesn't matter how much power is under the hood, it's how much you can get to the ground that really matters. He did however give 6.2L props for better engine braking and fuel economy though, but the Ecoboost easily out did it going up the hill and holding speed. I can just imagine how bad a Ecotec 5.3 would have done especially since Chevy says it can tow the same amount of weight in that test.

YOU DONT GET TO HAVE THE BEST RESIDUAL VALUE BY BUILDING JUNK. OUT OF THE BIG THREE U.S. AUTOMAKERS FORD IS THE CLOSEST TO TOYOTA'S BUILD QUALITY. I own a 2007 Toyota Tacoma 140,000 miles no problems, I bought a new 2011 Toyota 4runner, now has 70,000 miles no problems. The build of the Toyotas are excellent, I also have a 1994 Ford ranger that I bought new after finishing college 280,000 miles still runs good, its the most durable vehicle I have ever own. My brother bought a 1995 Ford Ranger he put 580,000 miles on it before the 2.3L 4cyl finally died. I have also own a 2002 Ford ranger with the 3.0 v-6 and manual trans, I put 230,000 miles on it before its was total in a accident, replace the clutch at 200,000miles only repair.

I brought a 1995 Chevy cavalier new, poor build quality, window motor stopping before the warranty expired, paint fade, etc. After this I have only bought Ford's, Nissans, and Toyotas.

Congrats I guess, but it just means more consumers would rather buy one used and it's seen as a bad value if bought new, compared to what the others are offering. Yes Toyotas are good used trucks, but the rest is supply/demand.

I love all the idiotic rationalizing you guys do whenever something is posted that doesn't fit your worldview...

Don't ever change! =)

If you pay 5% more up front and get the 5% back at resale that means you are just loaning money to the banks at whatever interest rate they are charging.

I'd rather pay less up front. It is like people who think it's great to get a big tax refunds. You are not getting money back. You just paid too much and gave the govn't an interest free loan.

It's because there is a higher demand for Toyotas in the used market than new. The big 3 have a higher demand for new vehicles, which floods the market with used vehicles. Simple economics.

Because of the higher residual values I would rather buy a new Tacoma than one a couple of years old. For a little more you get a full warranty and a truck with little or no mileage. If for a couple of thousand more I can get a truck with less than 50k or 100k miles then it is worth getting new. If the American brand is much less used then I would rather have that is a few years old with not too much mileage and that someone else took a large chunk of the depreciation. For me I would only buy a Toyota or Honda new because of the higher used prices.

Not a Toyota fan boy , but nice to see they have good resale value. If you like a truck made in China. assembled in America, that so wants to be a America Truck. .

Too bad most of that residual value is sitting on the dealer lot.

@ All1
The problem with the new 6.2L is the tranny but that is no excuse and I give the EB credit for the victory now I just want to see the Ford 6.2L out of curiosity but I consider the EB the overall winner for best performing 1/2 ton production model.


I actually did some more research on the transmissions if the two trucksbecause it got me curious. The GM 6L80 has almost identical ratios in every gear as the Ford 6R80. That plus the factor that both of the trucks had 3.73 rear ends made it worse for the 6.2L doing as bad as it did. Hell, ithink the Tundra 5.7L would have done better then that thing. I would also love to see the Ford 6.2L go up that as well.

When you can buy a 2005 Tacoma and it is identical to a new 2014 model, why wouldn't you pay top dollar?...

Ram, most recalled truck award. Congrats Ram for spending more time in the dealers parking lot then the owner's driveway. Another reason I do not own a Toyota, I will not pay the money they want for them.

To all of the non-Toyota owners that "don't care about residual value cause you keep vehicles along time" well, you should.

I used to think the same. Then, the very week we paid off my wife's car, she got in a wreck. The police didn't cite the other person, so we were SOL. Along comes the insurance company and they give you CHICKEN FEED for your worthless residual value car... . Just another reason why I bought a Tundra--which also happens to be THE BEST vehicle I have ever bought.

@All1, as I watched the EcoBoost absolutely destroy the new Chevy 6.2, I was thinking to myself: "imagine if Ford comes out with a 5.0 V8 EcoBoost! :)


Actually they did, but it was in a concept Cobra Jet Mustang.

For everyone that is so concerned about buying American products take a look at all the crap you buy from Walmart... Look at your clothes, shoes, electronics, and all the other things in your house. I'd bet 50-75% of things we have in our homes came from another country.

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