Van Damme Viral Video Validates Volvo Steering

Van Damme split II

No doubt you've seen the Jean-Claude Van Damme YouTube video (and if you haven't, watch it below right now) of his impressive mirror-to-mirror split between two semi-trucks — at speed and in reverse! Yes, it looks fake, but from everything we've read about the backstory, this was real, sans a few safety harnesses.

Not surprisingly, the video has more than 25 million views and is a polished production piece. What seems to have gotten lost in all the hoopla, though, is that the computer-controlled programmable steering setup Volvo is promoting is some of the most advanced and practical technology that we've seen in a long while. Not only will the new dynamic steering option all but eliminate kickback into the steering components, but the controls also allow the computer to determine what changes to make to the input ratios and resulting steering wheel feel depending on need and circumstances.

Ford, Lincoln and Infiniti are just a few of the companies offering self-parking technology, in which subtle and precise steering control is handled by a computer. There's no question that technology like this, seen here in a big-rig Volvo commercial transporter, will make its way into heavy-duty and chassis cab trucks. These technologies not only make life easier for truck drivers, but they also will likely make the roads we share with them a lot safer. We saw this steering technology demonstrated at the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show and were impressed. We'll be reporting more on this technology as it evolves.







I like to park myself, I pride myself in being able to parellel park my full size truck in one easy shot, while some yahoo in a Honda Fit take five trys.

Hi, my name is Michigan Bob, I only come here to TROLL, nothing else. I like to think that Chevy is the best truck on the planet. My brother Johnny Doe will vouch for me.


All American I think I'm in love with you, I love the way you talk.

"Ford, Lincoln and Infiniti are just a few of the companies offering self-parking technology, in which subtle and precise steering control is handled by a computer."

@Mark, I see no mention of Chevrolet. Why doesn't Chevrolet go after Ford? This is pathetic. I'm so sick of GM/GMC holding back Chevrolet!

Lol, this reminds of the old Blood Sport movie.


Educate yourself !!!

FORD doesnt own VOLVO !


Volvo Trucks are owned by Volvo of Sweden,Volvo cars owned by a Chinese Company !!

Ford did own Volvo cars,but sold them off to get extra cash !!

Volvo Trucks,H.D Equipment was always owned by Volvo,Volvo trucks also bought out White and Mack trucks and Renault trucks...Volvo even bought out the GM big rig line in the early 1980's.


Furthermore,Ford sold off Volvo cars in 2010 (different company then Volvo Trucks) Ford also sold Jaguar,Mazda and Land rover !! Its not widely reported but Ford had to sell off Volvo,Jaguar,Mazda to get Government money from the Bailout.Ford got more money then Chrysler ,Chrysler paid it back,Ford was gifted hundereds of millions...

Ford is just Ford-Lincoln-Motorcraft !!

Oh yeah,Ford sold off its rigs L-Series Dailmer-Chrysler in the late 1990's.. were redone as Sterling,none exist today !!

Like most on this site,people are clueless,just troll,name call with no facts,please educate yourself with accurate information before you post something...Ford doesnt nor ever did own Volvo trucks !!

Remember , isnt even General Motors Corporation anymore !
It is General Motors Company ,after the bankruptcy !

@All American

Ford never owned Volvo Trucks...

Great Video. Jean Claude is one fit 53yr old. Volvo and Mercedes are in a race to see who will become the World's Biggest truck manufacturer.

As an aside the Globetrotter HDT comes in 500hp to 750hp models and is Volvo's' best selling HDT.

Canadian RAM owner,

Where are the facts to back up your claims? Ford took secret bailout money huh? You haven't been hittin' the ole crack pipe like Rob Ford have ya? Ford didn't take ANY bailout money! They got a green energy loan like all car co's have before. GM got bailed out once, and I'm okay with that. Everyone deserves a second chance IMO. They screw it up again they should go under. Chrysler got their second chance in the 70's when Carter bailed them out the first time.

@CDN Dodge RAM Owner

I trust you have facts to back up your argument and not just random things you heard from someone down the street. In my quick google search I did not see anything that stated Ford received any of the bail out money that GM and Chrystler received. I do see where Ford received a loan before the bail out however. So if you have a news article from a reputable news outlet to share with us, please do.

If you are going to tell someone to educate them selves and state they have no facts then surely you would have facts to backup your statements, right?

FYI Ford also owned Austin Martin, Ford never owned Mazda, they just had a large share but I don't think they ever owned majority.

This is not Toyota invention and ford copy again,,,??

Ford took no bailout money. GM took over 50 billions, Chrysler took 12 billion, and Fiat paid it back. The relatively small amount of money the Department of Energy GAVE to Ford was for investing in alternative fuel vehicles, nothing even close to a bailout, and GM got money from the DOE as well.

Just another pos computer control to make big trucks less reliable. Along wiht the stupid dpf, urea injection, egr, new trucks are always broke down and get crappy mileage.
my old pete with a 3406 mechanical engine always starts, lasted over a million before an overhaul, and averages 7 mpg includig running a pump at 1000 rpm to unload every trip.


IIRC, Ford took around $5 or $6 billion from DOE. Hardly a small amount. In comparison to the bailout, yes; but still a large chunck of our money.




@Volvo D13 13 litre turbo diesel
You can say whatever you want, I know people don't like us mopar guys saying the GUTS GLORY RAM thing, but using that slogan for another brand??? Really??? You couldn't think of anything more unique to say?

I don't see anything special about Volvo trucks. I guess since I'm a mopar guy, I should like Freightliner.




Nah even that sounds lame. If it sounds lame for Freightliner, don't even thing about using it for Volvo. Got that?


And you really think Guts, Glory, Ram sounds any less lame?

In all fairness I didn't invent that catchphrase. Ram's marketing department did that, and by the looks of what I see on PUTC everyday, it's an excellent marketing strategy that they developed, because everyone knows that's their slogan.

I couldn't tell you what Volvo's slogan is if my life depended on it. I remember awhile back Chevy had that "Runs Deep" thing going and eventually the dropped it because they said that people couldn't relate to it.

Obviously I like Ram's motto, because has the "American" feeling to it as well as ruggedness. Take it or leave it. Plenty of us like it. Even if you feel like it sounds lame, well I'll tell you what's lame is earlier on the Toyota article someone posted "GUTS GLORY SIENNA". Now that to me is just plain wrong. Guys aren't even supposed to drive minivans.

"Guys aren't even supposed to drive minivans."

Says who? Ones manliness has zero to do with what they drive.


I thinks it's pretty obvious that you didn't make the catch phrase, my question was does it sound any less lame. And to me it does. Just as the Chevy Runs Deep was lame. Like a Rock was to me so much better then anything they have tried in recent history. Go further by Ford.... lame too.

@Paul: I'm proud of you. You can parallel park like a pro. Great!

Can your wife? Can your son or daughter? Have you actually WATCHED some of these people on the road try to parallel park? They NEED the help!

How good are you at parking a trailer? Long wheelbase like a boat or fifth-wheel? Short wheelbase like a utility or popup camper? Again, have you seen how poorly some drivers do this?

Fine. You're the greatest driver on the road. That means you get absolutely livid when some poor sap in front of you does something so easy as just getting out of the driving lane backwards into a spot very little larger than their own vehicle.

Do I need the help? No. If my 18' Road Whale™ can fit, I can get it in there. My wife? Even my Jeep Wrangler, more than three feet shorter, can't fit into the same spot.

My balls and socket joints are crying HARD after watching that video!!!

Those Fiat fans are clueless. @lean mean Chrysler machine, here is a Dodge Caravan commercial for you..........

Back on topic - PUTC looks like they are going back to being Pickup Trolls dot com and the news stories here are later than everyone else.

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