Video: Ford Compares Suspensions at Michigan Proving Ground

F-150 Silver Creek 1 II


Ford just sent us a short video clip it put together when doing some engineering comparison testing of suspensions at its Michigan Proving Ground outside Romeo a few months ago. When we heard about it we asked if we could see it.

Videos like this are usually sent to us when a truck maker want to show how much better its pickup truck is than the competition in a particular area or a special drive event. And although this video definitely shows how well the current Ford F-150 performs in relation to the major players in the segment, it looks as if Ford has done a good job of keeping the test vehicles closely equipped; however, we do not have the specs from each truck.

Still, the back-to-back testing provides good information about how well each of the three pickups (the Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500 and Toyota Tundra) handle a rather punishingly uneven section of test track at a relatively slow speed. All the pickups look to be going the same speed and filmed from the same angles. We're not sure exactly what conclusions you should take away from this video, but we thought you might find some value in it.




Look out for that rams stabilizer bar laying on the track! Looks like fiat forgot to screw down the bed too. Looks like another recall to me!!

Is there a reason ford chose a dark color vs the competitors light colors. I bet it has nothing to do with highlighting flaws.. lol

Gotta give ford credit for a great marketing team.

Look the ford frame moving ,,,this truck is not better everything move???

Sheesh even with the dark color obscuring stuff did anyone else see how badly the bed was twisting and flaxing in the opposite direction of the cab? That tells me how good the frame is. The only truck that looked worse in that regard was the tundra.

The Chev moved around a little more but everything was in the same plane as the bumps so no frame torsion = the truck I want to be driving in when stuff gets heavy.

Put a white F150 out there and you will see the gas door flapping in the wind like all the rest were.

Mark Williams = Ford Flunky.

I call BS on Ford!!
1. Ford moves in slow motion while other trucks in fast motion (not speed, video)
2. why does chevy is long bed while others are not??
3. fords dark color tends to blend in which makes less visible stress.
4. done by ford (thats says it all since we all know they are most guilty in rigged tests)

Hey Ford! Way to show confidence in your product by resorting to video slow motion, gap hiding by choosing dark truck color and and comparing it to Chevy with long bed!

But again. It's Ford....enough said.

Hmmm, I'm not sure what that vid was supposed to prove except that Chevy and Ram seems to have improved their suspension since the first vid of that type of coarse was made back in '09. I see that the Tundra still has a lot of bed movement, I see they are still using an outdated chassis.

typical rigged Phord propaganda!

Majority of people doing reviews on all trucks know Ram will handle uneven road alot better than Fords leaf springs.

Has anybody read what Edmonds had to say about Fords suspension when they compared the 3.7 v-6 truck to the Ram 3.6 v-6? Yeah, same article where the Ford trans overheated when they added the extra 3 or 400 pounds Ford added to their tow ratings after Ram initialy rated the v-6, where it should be, higher then Fords v-6. Lol, overheated in only the springtime, at gross combinedmax weight. Gotta love Ford, if you drink the kool aid! Some people will believe whatever Ford tells them!

Anybody remember when Ford brought out their newest F-350s and did informercials showing the time it took for their truck vs. Chevy and Ram trucks to pass a vehicle while loaded? Real easy to get the drivers (Ford employees) to drive slower in the competitor trucks.

In this case, you can drive it differently, vary the speed, put weight in the bed of one and not the other...

Ever notice Ford only shows what they want, vs. comparing to all? Like no comparo of the Ego-boost vs Chevy and Ram, but not Tundra, up Davis Dam Road?

I wonder why this site is so pro Ford, is it owned by Ford? They didn't even report the latest F-350 recall (on ambulances only) anybody else, if your truck shuts off and has to wait an hour to restart, your screwed!

I was flying down the freeway one day and noticed a pretty new Ford on a rough section of freeway and man that bed was jumping around. Now of course we all drive inside our own pickups so do we really know what our own trucks are doing? But it was quite a lot of movement for a newer pickup. And who has not seen a car with bad shocks over rough sections of road jumping up and down.

I would like to see an independant test. From what I've scene Ford scews thier videos. Every Ford F-150 I see going down the road has the worst bed bounce of any truck.

Sorry the Tundra didn't look bad at all. It sure looks a lot better than the last generation did on a similar test. More Ford BS. They only show you what they want you to see. I would like to see their F-250 on the same test. The Chevy and Ram looked good too.

Crybaby crybaby,

If you looked for ways to make a better truck instead of making excuses then you could stop comparing yourself to Ford.

The Silverado looks the worst. It has A LOT of side to side movement compared to the F-150, Ram, and Tundra.

@smtrthnu, you hit the nail on the head. A lot of crying babies are commenting here. They can't handle another manufacturer even having one advantage over their favorite brand! They all have their pros and cons and of course a manufacturer is going to highlight their strengths, and so they should.

It is obvious that any car company will not make their own truck look bad.
Ford done this test a long time ago.
I have test driven the previous generation Ford F150's and they moved all over the place on a gravel road.
My 2010 is very stable at speed.

Remember the GM HD commercial where the Ford SD bent the tailgate?
I have never ever seen that ever happen and I know guys who beat their trucks to death.

Take it with a grain of salt but it is vey effective at making the others look bad.

There is a video floating around where Ford took the Ford Raptor down this track, and it's bed was dancing. The Super Duty would be dancing around also, since it uses a "outdated frame".

@John - the Raptor runs stiffer suspension and 35's add unsprung weight to the chassis over a stock truck.

I don't find any value in these "comparison" tests. Obviously Ford would never release a video in which made their trucks in any way look bad. The thing that's the most ridiculous about it all is not one in the real world goes out and buys a $40k+ truck, only to go tear it up on some crazy roads. It just ain't gonna happen, which brings up the question of why it would even matter to anyone which truck handles those kinds of roads best.

@Hemi monster, it is to show the rigidity of the frame, which makes the vehicle feel tighter and handle better. This is one of the F150's strengths.

@Lou_BC the Tundra squats the least (in all half ton shootout tests) maybe that's why it "dances" around also? The Raptor has more travel than a stock f150, logically it is "plusher" then the stock f150 suspension. The rear suspension on the Raptor is -1 leaf from the factory f150 leaf pack with a 1.5" block to make up for the height. So that should favor the Raptor since it's rear leafs are NOT as stiff...

Frankie drove his F-250 across this same course and the frame twisted and snapped in half. He is having a buddy weld it back together as we speak.


Real world suspension performance and frame rigidity is determined by a variety of factors and certainly not reproducible on a closed course. The whole video is just Ford propaganda.

I would like to see this test done by a independent tester, with all the trucks the same color , same spec etc. Love to find out if Ford is being honest .

You are full of crap. Here is what Ford does NOT want you to see!


ford is going away from a fully boxed frame on the 2015 f150 and is copying the Tundra's triple tech frame because it is so much better. Wait and see. open c-channel is coming back.

The Ford is also Braking in a few of those shots. You can see the brake lights. It's also probably going slower in general.


Thanks for sharing that video, now we know which truck really handles the best off pavement ;)

@moparman, you are so full of crap. Here is what Ram does NOT want you to see!


Don't be so quick to believe everything you see. A comparison test of trucks done by Ford just reeks of suspicion. A year or so ago, GM hired a private party to do a comparison test of the Big 3's HD trucks. That is how it should be done, by an independent party. I don't usually have anything good to say about GM, but they got one thing right with that test.

Ford on the other hand must think it's customers are pretty stupid if they think people will take a video like that at face value. It's kind of like how some people will go into a brick and mortar store to make an expensive purchase without even bothering to check prices on line. There are so many resources available you just have to learn how to use them.

The above statement is what Ford DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.

BTW why is everyone using commercials to prove their point. Come on, really?!?!?

@Hemi monster, I don't buy into propaganda, one reason I chose my 2005 F150 was because it FELT tighter than the competition. The fully-boxed chassis rails are bigger, it feels firmer and stiffer. I had a Chevy before that, which felt looser than Miley. If you read all my posts, you will know that I love Rams (especially the Cummins), I love the new frames on those too.


I know what you mean, in the mid 2000's the Silverado suspension was horrible, soooo bouncy. I had actually thought about getting one at one time until I actually road in one. What sold me on my current '11 Ram is when I was out taking it for the test drive, the sales guy told me to take a speed bump without slowing down at all. I did exactly that and there was none of the expected bounce that you would get with the traditional leaf spring suspension. Granted Ram's payload capacity is lower than Ford or GM, but the coil suspension won me over. I don't think I could go back unless I had to upgrade to an HD truck.

I'd be willing to bet there's a sweet spot as far as speed is concerned. Try four different speeds and you might very well have four different percieved winners.


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Why be this stupid and buy a recalled ram? Someone has to much time on their hands and no brains to go with it!

I'd be careful of having such a rigid frame.

Just look at military tactical wheeled trucks, they are c-channel for a reason.

Also maintenance of the frame is much easier with c-channel, that is all of the dirt, rocks and debris that get stuck inside the boxed framed rails.

Nice Ford propaganda! I would like to see a independent party take these trucks through he same course, but all the same color, all the same air pressure in the tires, and the same tire brand, same wheelbases and a small load added, and an m/t test. That would make the test equal!

LMAO!!! This is nothing more than A BIG PITCHER OF BLUE KOOL AID from our old friends at Ford. We know for a fact that ALL OF THE FORD GIRLY GIRLS LIKE FRANK, DAVE, FORDTRUCKS1, ect. will just guzzle down that pitcher LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW and will sing the praises of how wonderful their precious Ford is. What will they think of next!! Maybe it will be a video on how manly the man step is?? LOL

Since I don't HAVE a favorite brand of Road Whale™, I'm exempt from one persons' criticism. What I noticed in the video was the fact that nearly every truck entered that beater stretch notably faster than the Ford, even taking the slo-mo into account. I also noticed that every one except the Silverado 'settled in' very quickly.

Interestingly, the Silverado also proved the most rigid frame as there was less bed vs cab movement and the Toyota the least rigid despite the amazingly short (almost useless) bed. The Ram showed the least instability in the video (if you ignore the Ford) though it did show a lot of initial hop.

The Ford itself? Those who recognized that the dark color hid imperfections are right; with less contrast between color and shadow we really couldn't see what the Ford was doing. But it was obvious that the Ford went through the test slower (or the suspension is much, MUCH softer) as the tires fully tracked every change in the driving surface.

The reason why the Super Dutys are so popular in the heavy duty market is because they are easy to add aftermarket components such as a fifth wheel. It is just much easier to add a fifth wheel hitch to a c channel frame than one that is fully boxed. I’m not surprised that Ford is going to a similar frame on the 15 F150s, the Super Duty never went fully boxed so c channel frames must have a benefit (less weight for starters) that Ford has decided is better than the fully boxed frames.

I know here in the Midwest, salt eats fully boxed frames from the inside out, it is MUCH easier to clean a c channel frame compared to a full boxed frame.

What's the downside for Ford if they go c channel frame on the 15 f150s? They can't make any more propaganda videos like these anymore, unless they say, look at that flex!

A properly coated frame will not rust out for years and years. My 9 year old Titans frame is still solid as new

For and independent party test, get Bilstein dampers for all pickups.
First run with Bilstein only on the rear axle, then the second run with front & rear Bilsteins.

I think that the Bilstein monotube design would negate Ford's advantage of having the widest mounted dampers. (closest to the wheels).

this site has gone downhill it is as biased as consumer reports no credible information anymore just bulls#h@t there are many other websites that offer honest credible comparison sites goodbye and good riddence done with this site for good

"Hey look- we can make our truck look better in this test we not only designed, but actually tuned the vehicle to do well on."
We could turn this into a proper 3-ring circus and replicate the tests in Milford and Chelsea, with the host getting the best results every time.

guts glory ram

At the .28 mark the Ford hits his brakes not once but twice to slow down. Look at the tail lights.
Do you see the other trucks brake lights come on...NO.
Boy the Toyota front bumper looks like its unbolted.

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