Video: Ford Compares Suspensions at Michigan Proving Ground

F-150 Silver Creek 1 II


Ford just sent us a short video clip it put together when doing some engineering comparison testing of suspensions at its Michigan Proving Ground outside Romeo a few months ago. When we heard about it we asked if we could see it.

Videos like this are usually sent to us when a truck maker want to show how much better its pickup truck is than the competition in a particular area or a special drive event. And although this video definitely shows how well the current Ford F-150 performs in relation to the major players in the segment, it looks as if Ford has done a good job of keeping the test vehicles closely equipped; however, we do not have the specs from each truck.

Still, the back-to-back testing provides good information about how well each of the three pickups (the Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500 and Toyota Tundra) handle a rather punishingly uneven section of test track at a relatively slow speed. All the pickups look to be going the same speed and filmed from the same angles. We're not sure exactly what conclusions you should take away from this video, but we thought you might find some value in it.




To all the butt-hurt fanboys out there- this is a controlled (and skewed) test administered and marketed by Ford. Take it for just that. Do outboard-mounted shocks make a difference in straighline stability? They might. Should Ford have showed footage of their truck at the same speed as the others?Probably. How oftern does any driver experience a similar condition? Probably close to never. Case closed- nothing to see here

Cry all you want, but the fact is that, if Ford was actually doing something underhanded in their test Chevy and Dodge would be the first one's to redo the test to show their trucks handle as well or better then the Ford. But you won't see that video for obvious reasons.

This isn't about bed bounce guys. This videos is to show truck control and driver comfort. Look at the overall truck as it passes down the line. Ford stays on course, and does it with the least amount of shaking and losing traction. I think the Tundra is second best. Chevy and Ram are terrible. Look at the poor drivers, bouncing out of their seats like dolls. Those trucks are nearly out of control.

If I regularly drove on a road like the test, then I'd give a rats ass about the results. But until then, not so much

@Ford850: As stated earlier, the Ford went through visibly slower (and not because of the slo-mo) than any of the others.


As I stated earlier. If Dodge or Chevy could catch Ford fudging their test they would be all over them. So why aren't they? And how can you tell how fast a truck is going from a video? What land marks are you using to prove your claim? What besides your guess do you give us to prove your claim? If your spacial awareness is so aqute that you can tell the difference in the speed of a vehicle from a video then you might be wasting your time doing anything short of working for NASA.

All trucks were tested at the same speed, 20 mph.

@Bishop: Really? You're so sure of this?
Ever hear of copyright law? Literally, they can't duplicate it for a commercial or marketing of any kind because Ford would simply sue them. So they have to find another way.

Secondly, this video is fairly recent, so they simply haven't had time to create a counter that avoids copyright infringement. One way or another, they WILL refute it.

@Mike: What evidence do you have of that statement?

Ok, Mike, I'll admit I missed that statement in my first viewings of the video. You have evidence.


Are you a copyright lawyer? Did you check and see if Ford has placed a copyright on this perticular test? Can they really copyright a video of a test that other manufactures probably use to one extent or another? Or are you suggesting that Ford is the only auto manufacture that does this test? I wonder who owns the copyright for 0-60 tests. I bet he makes a ton of money since he sues everyone for using it a measuring stick.

This test means less than nothing. When Ford designs and runs the test, the deck is stacked hugely in their favor.

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amazing what Ford can do by airing up some tires to make others bounce.

It's just a Ford what you like, or if you believe in somebody else's opinion, pick an opinion that's unbiased.

Most reviewers have stated Fords suspension in F-150s is lacking in quality. It's rough.

Mr Williams, can you please report ALL NEWS? Such as the F-350 450 ambulance recall? I know, you hate to make your employer look bad.

I have to agree with TRX 4 Tom in regards to the suspension lacking in quality on the F150. I'm currently borrowing an F150 with about 30k under its belt. all 4 shocks/struts are completely blown. I am not a fan of their OEM shocks or their OEM shock manufacturer. The FX4's shocks/strut package is no better. This is one area that they could invest a few more $$$ into for a higher quality package. One would wish they'd ditch Tenneco and go Bilstein.

@TRX Tom - interesting about that recall. I googled it out of curiosity:

"Ford is recalling 3,095 F-series ambulances because of a potential defect that might cause the vehicles to stall and not restart for at least an hour.

The low-impact recall affects 2011-12 ambulances with 6.7-liter diesel engines, including Super Duty F-350 and F-450 trucks. The ambulances were built at the Kentucky Truck Plant from Feb. 22, 2010, to Oct. 19, 2012.

Nonambulance F-series vehicles are not affected, Ford said.

Ford notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Oct. 28 that a defective exhaust gas temperature sensor might cause some ambulances to stop and not be restarted for the minimum of one hour. Ford said it received no reports of the problem affecting patient care but said it is taking action because of the "unique nature of ambulances.

"We are not aware of any accidents or injuries attributed to this condition, including to the patients riding in the ambulances," a Ford spokeswoman said today.

Of the 3,095 ambulances, Ford said, 2,934 were sold in the United States, 51 in Canada and two in Mexico; 108 were sold elsewhere.

Dealers will replace the sensor."

A faulty oxygen sensor was found BY Ford, and THEY notified the NHTSA.

Wow........ that sounds like it was a real big cover up by Ford and their employees i.e. PUTC

What's wrong?

All of those Chrysler/Jeep/Ram/Dodge recalls and product release delays got you feeling like everyone is picking on Fiat North America?

@Tom - Ambulances are not pickup trucks and is not news here.

This test is old, and it is designed to highlight the outboard shock arrangement. As opposed to Chevys staggered in board set up, and how it creates wobble on rough roads.

I had a 2013 F150 crew cab V6 as a rental for a few weeks. It was very roomy inside and the V6 was fine for around town. However, there was this odd feeling when going down older streets, across tracks and ruts. I couldn't figure it out until my wife was following me in her car and saw the bed shaking. I honestly thought all the anti-Ford bed shake complainers were a bunch of car driving sissies. Apologies to them, the bed shake is awful. The more rough the road, the worse it gets and it translates into the cab. The rental didn't have a hitch, so maybe that helps, I don't know. All I know is it feels odd and disconcerting in a new truck. I drive a leaf-spring SFA truck so I'm not overly ride and drive critical. I'm not a new truck guy either, which is why I only drove one because of a rental situation, but for the inflated price of a new truck, the bed better not shake so bad I can feel it in the cab.

I have a hard time believing those saying that the F150 bounces all over the place or rides poorly. I have a 2010 F150 Super Crew and I have no concerns travelling down gravel roads. I'm not talking about slow speeds either. I've comfortably been up to 120 kph (75MPH) on straight stretches of gravel road. The truck tracks straight and only really bad holes will cause deflection. Washboards will cause some hop but nothing out of control.
My truck rides rougher with 10 ply General Grabber AT2's but still does not do anything to make me nervous.

My truck is never empty when I go into the back country but if someone complains about the ride of an empty pickup then maybe they shouldn't own one in the first place :)

This is what C&D said in a review of a fully optioned 1500 Ram - “this is what American sedans would be like today if unibody construction had never been invented.”

I'm not sure if should be regarded as praise or as condemnation.

Wow - my Ram truck rides better than a Crown Victoria - ROTFLMFAO........

I looked at the video again and not all of the footage of the F150 was shot in slow motion. I did notice the gas tank door on the Ram and Chevy opening and closing over the bumps.
Has Ram gone to a "capless" system like Ford?




Ram has the smoothest ride of any 1500.



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