Video: Icon Ultimate Thriftmaster Is Impressive

12 ICON front II

Photo by Evan Sears

We caught up with Icon 4x4's founder and president, Jonathan Ward, as he explains where he got the inspiration for his latest creation — a classic Chevy 3100 resto-mod called the Ultimate Thriftmaster. Although the new pickup has a hefty pricetag, there is plenty here to drool over; that's why we've gone a little longer than our normal videos. Enjoy. 


I wish I could afford a truck that nice, but I'm just a janitor at McDonalds so my Fiat will have to do.

Sweet ride.


Did you know Ferrari is a Fiat,as is Maserati,Alfa Romeo ? Iveco trucks....Take a look at Iveco trucks..Case Tractors and more !!!

GM has small cars as well,Suzuki built small turds and Ford's small cars are all European(some were built by KIA years ago) !! If you are a Toyota/Nissan/Honda fan those are all laughable !

Your trying to bash Chrysler products because of Fiat ,it doesnt work as you are uneducated..

Furthermore,I know of a few people who own a Janitorial Company and make Millions of dollars per year !! I also know someone who worked at McDonalds,flipping burgers ect..,then moved up into the Corporate side of McDonalds and she now is earning hundreds of thousands per year.If you strive for something McDonalds is a good company to work for,as you can make big money and move up if you apply yourself..or remain ignorant like you and you probably make less money than a burger flipper at McDonalds,and you wish you could buy a new Fiat 500 !! LOL !! Jokes on you dolt !!

Again,the majority of spammers and bashers on here are GM,Ford,Asian fans...We all know you guys are jealous,and come up with extremely ignorant comments bashing RAM.

Pertaining to above article about the Icon,

Looks good,but those dull/dirty tires drive me nutts,slap some shine on them please...Even in the 1950's we had tire shine !!

And it needs a set of wide white walls,to set it off !!

This icon guy needs punched in his c09K sucker for messing up great trucks. If you're going to mess up old trucks use dodge trucks as nobody cares around them!


I applaud you for finally not calling the NHRA top fuel engines a Dodge motor, sounds like you finally got that through your head.

Also yes, there was a motor by Ford I believe that was making more power and beating the Hemi back in the days before it was banned. So yes, there is another engine that makes "10,000hp".

Finally good point on the McDonalds thing, that is true. Anyone can work their way up from the bottom. I have buddy who is now an owner of a Chic Fila after starting there at the register in college. Many others have worked their way up from the bottom. Sounds like HemiV-ate is just a jelous idiot that doesn't know or appreciate hard work.

I wish I could afford a truck that nice, but I'm just a janitor at McDonalds so my Fiat will have to do.

Posted by: HEMI V-ATE | Nov 8, 2013 5:12:28 PM

What would I do with it get high centered on a speed bump. lol
Useless garbage.

I really like the style of Jonathon's trucks. They are amazing pieces of rolling art.

@Tyler, "I applaud you for finally not calling the NHRA top fuel engines a Dodge motor, sounds like you finally got that through your head."

I am assuming this comment was toward me? The Top Fuel engine in todays Alcohol and Nitro cars are designed after the 426 CHRYSLER ELEPHANT HEMI. This motor from Chrysler has dominated the sport. So when Chrysler stopped production in 1971. The teams were soon running out of Chrysler Hemi 426 Blocks. So Guys like keith black copied Chrysler's Hemi 426 design out of aluminum. Thus the engine used today is not manufactured by Chrysler. It is Chryslers design. Chrysler's 354, 392, 426 Hemi's on Nitro dominated Ford and Chevy at he track. From the 50's to the 70's. They were Chyrsler Hemi's. That is the motor produced by the after market in Today's Top fuel and Alcohol cars.

" Top Fuel Dragsters: The fastest-accelerating vehicles in the world, these are the most recognizable of all drag race cars. The 25-foot-long landlocked missiles can cover the quarter-mile in 4.4 seconds at speeds faster than 335 mph. The engine of choice is an aluminum version of the famous Chrysler Hemi. The supercharged, fuel-injected nitromethane-burning engines produce an estimated 10,000 horsepower."

@HimiV8 - no he addressed that comment to "HEMI,so good Everyone uses them in Drag Racing...10,000 plus horsepower..NO other Engine does this..NONE !!"

It is interesting that you are saying that his comment was aimed at you!

Ever try maintaining a ferrari, maserati or alfa romeo?
It's a lot like owning a Dodge, only a lot more expensive.

How does an art about a 50's classic Chevy Thriftmaster pickup become an article about Mopar hemis? This site has not changed much.

@Tyler, Furthermore, Pro stock drag racing class for Dodge use a Mopar Hemi engine built by Mopar. The Dodge Avenger's body is made by MOPAR. The Top Fuel funny car Dodge Charger body is made by MOPAR. Current Pro stock driver jeg coughlin in his Dodge Avenger with Mopar Hemi power is leading the Championship points standing as of yesterday. Could see his 6th Championship today.

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