Video: Toyota Displays Ultimate Tundra and Tacoma at SEMA 2013

5 Tundra parts side II

There was plenty of action at the Toyota booth inside the 2013 SEMA Show where the crowds were packed wall to wall, and for good reason. We found two very impressive examples of truck-building creativity with a new Tacoma ready for all kinds of snow play, and the most amazing Tundra you've ever seen, set up to be the most extreme motorcross support station (for both technicians and riders) you've ever seen. We should note that the Let's Go Moto Tundra won Toyota's Dream Build Challenge 2013 too, and we've included the announcement by Top Gear USA's Rutledge Wood below as well.






I wonder how many thousands of pounds that poor Tundra weighs now?

Notice the roof rack and lockable storage underneath! A sign of a true truck...

Ken, With a roof basket you are higher than a F-150 and might not get through the trails.

Most trucks don't have roof racks, SUV's and station wagons usually do.

Oxi's new Bug out vehicle! must weigh more than any legal tundra ever!

Some good ideas on this truck but this is a 1/2 ton not a 1 ton. The outboard pressure washer is is a stupid location but like I said in another thread, this truck will never be licenced or driven on the street.


Most do not have roof racks because they are just a standrad pickup and not an expedition style vehicle that is more capable in the back country.

Roof racks allow max cargo capacity and much less dead space on a vehicle to carry more to go further into the wild.

@ expedition - roof racks on a pickup?
Get real.
Pounding down a rough road or trail with a loaded roof rack will just beat up the cab. Same can be said for running down a trail or road with an overhanging canopy of trees or dense regen. It will tear the cab to pieces as the roof rack will catch on everything.
The best approach is to use a good cargo rack that mounts in the box or slightly less ideal - mounts in the bed pockets and along the box rails.

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