Voting Is Now Open For Shoppers' Choice Award

Three Truck Shopper's Choice Awards II

For the last few years, our sister site,, has conducted its Shoppers' Choice Award. Based on millions of car and truck searches and dealer contacts throughout the year, collects the top 10 most-shopped vehicles and allows readers and fans to determine which vehicle should win the award. As you can see from the list below, we're partial to three of the top 10 entrants (but it wouldn't kill us if the Camaro, Mustang or Wrangler won either).

The 10 finalists are:

  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford Mustang
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda CR-V
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • Ram 1500

Here's how to vote:

Voting will take place on the's Facebook page and continue through Dec. 6. Just click the link, "like" the's page, then cast a vote for your favorite. And to make it interesting, this year will be selecting one of the lucky voters to win a trip for two to Miami for an afternoon of driving several exotic cars (sorry, no exotic pickups will be available).

The winning vehicle will be honored on Jan. 14, 2014, at the Best of 2014 Awards Show in Detroit. This year marks the fourth year has given out the Shoppers' Choice Award. In both 2012 and 2013, the Dodge Challenger was the winner.



I voted for the Honda Accord, now its not a truck but I think its a great all around vehicle

I like and vote for 2014 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado great truck great improvements would definitely buy.

While I am going to be buying a new Ram 1500, I'm voting the CR-V. It's not a fun vehicle to drive, it's not particularly good to look at, and I hate being seen in it.

But its practical, is easy to get stains out of, isn't terrible in the snow and if push came to shove, I could tow my boat with it. It would be slow going and right there at the limit, but it could do it.

I do not do Facebook so I'm not voting.

I voted for the Civic. I like the Camaro, F-150 and Silverado, but the Civic is a well built vehicle with good fuel mileage at an affordable price. Who could argue with that?

I am not a Facebook fan , so I can't vote .

I'm votiing for the best selling vehicle in America!







FORD F-150

I vote for the CRV because it is a very utilitarian vehicle. It is a good compromise between a compact sedan and it is the closest thing you can get to a compact wagon. With AWD it will get you through most winter weather. It is just a good all purpose vehicle.

I'm voting for the most dependable longest lasting truck on the road!










Great, Facebooks shoppers choice. Waiting eagerly for the results. rolleyeyes, rollyeyes

Spoiler: Camaro and Mustang are tied at 18% each so far, two very fine American cars that get decent mpg, and are fun to drive!





Well, my vote is in and I'm sure everyone is going to be shocked by what I'm about to say, I didn't vote for the Ram. I actually voted for the Grand Cherokee.

The reason I voted that way is because of the introduction of the 3.0l Ecodiesel. Yes, I know, the Ram is getting that option too. What I think is extraordinary about the GC offering the diesel engine is that it is generally considered to be a higher end luxury SUV.

People don't usually think of diesel and luxury in the same sentence. Basically Jeep is taking a HUGE risk offering the diesel. Only time will tell how well it does, but I think that the future lies in diesel. Europe already understands its benefits. Diesel is the solution to both good power(especially torque) and good mpgs in trucks and SUVs.

As much as I love the sound of my Hemi at WOT, I realize the days of large V8s in trucks and SUVs are slowly drawing to a close. As diesels are becoming more and more refined, they become more desirable for the average consumer.

I vote that we impeach Obama NOW!!!!

Impeach Obama, for what? Oh let me guess, for bailing out GM and then allowing them to continue to produce the same garbage that they always make? Well put it that way, sure, lets impeach Obama, I'm all for it!

Ford4life: nothing to do with the bailout of the auto industry, it has something to do with is inability to tell the truth, and being able to get anything done!

@sandman4x4 aka lynn

If it has nothing to do with the auto industry then what is a comment like that doing in this article? This discussion is regarding pickup trucks. I agree that Obama lies, but according to the rules here we have to:
"Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post."

I voted for the Ram is really a POS but I think it needed all the help it can get!

Just keep on talking. FYI, Ram doesn't need your vote. Mopar vehicles are tied with Honda for the most finalists on the list(both have 3). They wouldn't be finalists if they were as bad as you say they are.

At any rate I could go find youtube videos dissing your brands, but I'm not going to play those games anymore. I don't have that kind of time to waste. How about grow up and tell us what vehicle you really voted for, then we can have mature discussion.


He's a troll.

The fake Lou is pro GM.


2014 Silverado
more capable

I'm not sure the new 6.2 Chevy is as good as everyone was hoping....

It got absolutely destroyed!

░░██████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄


All1 and myself were discussing that video and something about that tranny and tow/haul mode just wasn't right. I don't drive a GM pickup so maybe someone who knows can shed light on that video. I know in the Tundra I have always read 4th gear is the towing gear it is also the 1:1 gear so if were shifting like that wouldn't you just get out of tow/haul and go into S mode and shift into into 4th gear
Toyota AB60F transmission gear ratios:
1st: 3.333
2nd: 1.960
3rd: 1.353
4th: 1.000
5th: .728 (First overdrive)
6th: .588 (Second overdrive)

Should they have gone into s mode in that video?

I think the CRV is the best all round vehicle in AWD. For most of the population a small trailer for Lowes, AWD to drive in the winter and up tracks.

It's relatively economical or very economical in comparison to a pickup.

The Grand Cherokee diesel isn't a huge risk. There is a large market outside of the US for the vehicle.

More like the ford eco turd got absolutely destroyed! LMAO

Since this is a pickup truck site and the article focuses on the 3 pickups in terms of the picture, you guys go ahead and be part of that system.

I will enter the Toyota Tacoma as my choice.

Silverado = democrats

F-150 = republicans

Ram = independent that caucases with the democrats

Forget that system of choices, free your mind and get rid of those party lines.

Just saying.

I wrote in 2014 Tundra!!!






@Expediditon, Most Chevrolet and even Cadillac owners are Republicans or Independents in my experience. And most don't care for GM now. My brother in law bought one of those new C7's and literally took or ground anything off that said GM on it. Chevrolet was good-GM was bad. I'd guess most Liberal Democrats gravitate towards GMC's now.

@Ecotech3, odd that Chevrolet is not the sponsor of George Straits farewell tour next year. Very strange. Given what he used to do for Chevrolet and Toby Keith does for Ford for those country crowds. Tons of trucks would be at those shows I bet.

These are tough choices. I'm torn between the F-150, Camaro and both Jeeps for different reasons. I'll have to think about it. The trip to Miami sounds enticing.

@AD I have long been a critic of GM's 6-speed transmissions (not the Allison). Yes it would have been better in manual mode, but it should have been ok in drive.

@Expedition, the Toyota Tundra = the illegal immigrants :)

The most liberal truck brand in my experience has been Dodge and RAM, followed closely by Toyota. Most F-150 and Silverado owners I know are conservative, this may blow FordTrucks1 and MoPar Madness' minds; but most Sierra owners I know also vote republican.

I agree with you and I am not making any excuses for it as it should have performed better in drive. I had the same problem when I buying my pickup as believe it or not I am way more partial to Ram than any other brand but in 2010 when I bought my new Tundra I didn't want the 5-speed Ram had back then.

I am curious with all the brand bashing that goes on here what is everyone's 2nd choice if you couldn't get anything from your favorite brand. I think that might make an interesting article as I would choose 6.4L Hemi Aisin AS69RC Ram 2500 4x4.

@obama luvs ram

You might want to go through Tundratalk as it is not filled with progressive people like myself.

@ expedition

Don't associate the Silverado with that weasel/rat/cockroach/snake/lemming/zombie/anti-American/immoral/sycophant/cool-aid drinking/illogical/traitor party.

F=series = Tea Party and Regular Americans

Tacoma = Occupy marxists that don't vote

Tacoma buyers marxist? How about moronic! I feel dumber from having read oxi/expedition's post.

I was just kidding about the Taco buyers.

I am willing to bet that most full size pickup truck owners are conservative and lean more Republican regardless of brand. A pickup appeals to most who do not like as much change and want to drive something that will last a long time. I don't really think of today's Republicans as conservative, as much as right leaning extremist. A true conservative is not an extremist to the right or the left but is less reactionary and more pragmatic. A true conservative thinks carefully before reacting.

As for choice of vehicles that is a personal choice and I myself do not want to judge anyone by what they drive. When you reach a certain age labels are less important. Judging others on what brand of vehicle they drive is like judging someone as to what label is on their clothes. At one time you were not cool if you did not have a Polo or a Nautica label prominently displayed on the outside of your garment.

I don't have a facebook account so I can't vote but I'd be inclined to chose the Chevy. It is the newest of the 3 trucks and Chevy has always been more reliable than Ram. That may change but I haven't seen much from Chrysler to make me gain confidence in their products.

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