Analysts Expect Best November in a Decade

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Due to Black Friday sales events and less consumer uncertainty, analysts are predicting one of the strongest new-vehicle November sales months in 10 years. According to the Detroit News, when compared to October's sales numbers — which included the 16-day U.S. government partial shutdown — November sales are expected to reach the 1.2 million vehicle mark.

Some are looking to Chrysler to lead the sales growth as November was the first full month that the all-new (and delayed) Jeep Cherokee was on sale. With just one month of sales left in 2013, it looks like year-to-date sales could reach more than 15.5 million units — up 1 million units from last year.

We'll have the exact sales numbers for all pickup trucks later today.




With the fifth year of record low interest rates, and banks looking to be on the verge of having to charge depositers for the privilege of saving money, it is not hard to imagine that dealers are able to move some inventory off the lots.

I can't wait for the Bond Market crash, should be fun........not.


Actually Gom, the folks who have big positions in bonds are grown ups who should be considering risk management and asset allocation when making their choices.

It is the neighborhood banks that are squeezed here. It isn't an accident that the top guys in the current administration all came from HUGE banks and Wall Street firms, who'd love to see all the mom/pop banks wiped out.

See today's Wall Street Journal--good article!

Should be even better next year. Banks are supposedly going to start loaning to those with low credit scores again, like what lead us to the financial collapse of 2007-8.

@papa jim - I have to agree that low interest rates and going back to more "generous" or dare I say "liberal" loan practices are driving car sales as opposed to an economy that is actually improving.
Talk about a populace with the attention span of goldfish.



Re: Banking, and the killing off of America's small bankers:

If you LOVE big tobacco, big oil, big pharma, big unions, big Sports, big business, you will love the big bankers.

While the Walmart in my area is 24/7/365 the banks all have their own special holidays and sweetheart deals. Democrats took over the banking committees in the Congress and Senate, the Wall Street big shots went wild.

Which is why we're here in the economic ditch five years later and we are getting ready to see it happen all over again.

U.S. sales surge at fastest pace in nearly 7 years

U.S. sales surge at fastest pace in nearly 7 years
Chrysler, GM lead gains as industry volume rises 9%.

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