Best Pickup of 2014 Nominees Announced


The pickup truck segment has been one of the biggest bright spots in the auto industry's recovery, and full-size pickups, in both heavy- and light-duty configurations, dominate the landscape. Three of the top five best-selling vehicles in the country are pickups. We've collected some of the best and brightest stars for this year's inaugural Best Pickup Truck of 2014 award where we reward capability, power and value. The nominees are (in alphabetical order):


* Chevrolet Silverado 1500: Chevy's biggest selling pickup truck is brand new, bumper to bumper, for 2014. It offers an all-new frame, powertrain lineup, interior layout, a new extended cab and more safety features than ever before.

* Ford F-150: The winner of our most recent Light-Duty Challenge and the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for decades, the F-150 has been a perennial favorite of ours, balancing rugged capability with impressive interior refinements.

* GMC Sierra 1500: The fraternal twin of the Silverado, the Sierra 1500 is all-new this year as well, with all the new foundational changes as well as some unique and premium trim packages. The Sierra half-ton reflects a more sophisticated and powerful light for 2014.

* Ram 1500 EcoDiesel: Although for all practical purposes the Ram 1500 is a carryover vehicle, it does get an impressive little turbo-diesel engine that produces a mountain of torque and class-leading mileage numbers.

* Ram HD 2500/3500: Probably the biggest secret in the auto industry, the new 2500 gets a revolutionary rear suspension setup with heavy-duty coils and an airbag option as well as a new front suspension and all-new 6.4-liter Hemi.

* Toyota Tundra: The new Toyota half-ton gets a more dramatic evolutionary push with a bolder and more powerful exterior look and design, but the interior is really where the power sits; it's practical, state of the art and more refined.



I am placing my bets on the Ram HDs. Yeah yeah, I know the 1500 won MT TOTY, but in my opinion the HDs are the real deal. The HD trucks are out of this world, and miles ahead of the competition. For example, the 2014 Ram 3500 boasts 30,000lbs towing capacity, while the not even out yet '15 Silverado 3500 is only expected to be at 23,000lbs. HUGE difference. Additionally there is the new 6.4 hemi option available. People should be thrilled with the fact that Ram was considerate of the buyers who don't need or have money for the diesel. Ram offers something for everyone. The new suspension is awesome too.

"Best Pickup Truck of 2014 award where we reward capability, power and value."

The Tacoma wins!

Capability, yes it can go to the grocery store, hair salon, church, etc... like the full-size pickups do anyways! But a smaller pickup is easier to park and a much better off-roader than the tanks!

Sure the Tacoma would have to make more trips due to smaller size and power but with its better reliablity, no problems!

And then we have value and everyone knows the Tacoma is the BEST in residual and resale value!

Good job Tacoma!

Sorry to burst your bubble but the Taco isn't on that list. Its just like when there's the presidential election, by then all the candidates from each party have already been eliminated and it's just the "finalists" so to speak. In other words, I highly suggest commenting on the trucks from the list instead of a truck with an 8 year old design.

Ram will beat em all, with the recall award that is!!!!!!!

I agree with you Hemi Monster.. I'm a Chevy fan and allthough the 6.0 will Run for forever.. I'm tired of its underpowered numbers from 2000!!! I too am glad that ford with the 6.2 and Dodge with the 6.4 are giving people power that the want.. Why GM doesnt stick the 6.2 under the hood of its 3/4 and 1 tons dumbfounds me...

I've been asking for a diesel in a 1/2 ton for a long time, but when is the Ram diesel going to be available? If is interesting that it is entered into and won contest, when we still don't have EPA ratings, nor do we have a delivery date. I wonder how long it will take until Ford and GM add a diesel to their lineup too.

The Tundra? Really? Essentially unchanged since intro?

Bit of a stretch there guys.

The Tundra WAS a game changer back in what...2007? That's 7 model years ago.


Here in the west we choose Ram HD , You easterns can keep the 1500s. Men don't drive 1500's......

It'll go to one of the GM twins or the Ram HD.

I love the idea of the Ecodiesel however where the heck is it and how can anyone vote for 2014 vaporware?

So why is the old unchanged f150 is on the list?


He told you why.

"the F-150 has been a perennial favorite of ours"

Mark Williams, just like Mike Levine before him, are totally biased. Its Ford or nothing.

Well looks like another win for Ram 1500.

Has Ram truck ever had it this good?

LMAO, Williams and Levine are not Biased. Funny comment though!!

Lets be serious here, here is the only one that WONT win....................CHEVY

Ram 1500 Diesel has not arrived.... how can it be considered for anything? For all we know it will need a extra 50 recalls over the gas Ram.

HD Ram with coil springs.... like their 1/2 ton ...great for ride but not great for a working truck... oh yes air bags... another point of failure to happen.

oh like their commercial comparing it to rail cars... what's next a Italian under the hood shoveling coal for power.

The F150 is on the list because even without a update this truck is class leading and the sales numbers clearly show this truck is number 1.

Rams do have nice interiors... makes it more comfortable when waiting for roadside assistance or in the line up at their service centers.

I do have to agree that the F150 shouldn't be on the list. Does the "Tremor" count as a new truck? or a HD like lame assed C-clamp grill count as a new truck?
This is NOT a fake Lou posting.

I'd say that it should be a toss up between the Ram 1500 with Ecodiesel or the Ram HD's.
The GMC siblings are good trucks but all they have done is moved GM into the 21st century. Nothing new with either of them.
Toyota - might as well include them since they have a new look which is more than I can say for Ford.

It doesn't have to be new. The award is for best pickup.

@Scott - if that is the case why not include all of the pickups available? The Ram Ecodiesel hasn't been in any PUTC shootouts, same can be said for the 2014 Ram HD. How do we know those trucks are the best if they haven't even been tested?
If it is to be based on "the best", that means it should be based on trucks that have won PUTC shootouts.
The F150 ecoboost won the light truck challenge and the Ram Cummins 3500 won the HD King of Beasts challenge.

Those are the only 2 that have won PUTC tests.

Lollll ford winer of the light duty challenge ,,maybe you need to retest your truck and take the most hp the compagnie build not what you like to show???

I hate to say it, but I think the Ram trucks will win. This is from a GM fan. My father had a 60something truck, a 70 chevy truck (which he still has and I learned to drive on many years ago...) 94, 2001HD and currently a 2005HD Duramax. I had a 73 and currently a 2001HD (best looking of the most recent trucks) and I think the new GM trucks are uninspired for both looks and features. I don't think they set any new benchmarks like they did when the first Duramax/Allison combo came out but now only match what is out there. They have had some great concepts but the penny pinchers won't allow them to take a chance. Hopefully the new CEO will allow them to take a risk and inject some new life and creativity into the designs to help set them apart and attract new buyers. I do have some hope for the new compact truck though, but GM ARE YOU LISTENING!!

When I mentioned the Tacoma winning, it is to mock stories like this!

This is nothing but some writers personal opinion about a pickup, it means nothing in the REAL world.

Gotta go with the F-150. No, it's not the newestest, but is arguagly the best overall and won the most recent LD shootout.

1) F-150
2) Silverado
3) Sierra
4) Ram HD
5) Ram EcoDiesel
6) Tundra

@Dave - Ford will have to sell the current F150 a bit longer, "Exclusive: Next-Generation Ford F-150 Delayed By Nearly Three Months Due To Aluminum Issues"

We reached out to Ford and were told by a spokesman, "We don't speculate on future products." We'll be sure to follow-up and let you know as more information becomes available.

I'm a Ford fan but would be happy with a Chevy or a Ram. That's how good the segment is. I just can't bring myself to by a Japanese truck. Good trucks just can't pull the trigger. An American pride thing I guess. That puts Ram on the edge.

@Southern IL man,

Toyota Tundra and Tacoma's are made in the USA! So why do you have a beef with "American" workers? Why are you selective to ceratin "American" workers over others?

It's like the Toyota Camry, the most "American" made car on the market!

Racism is alive and well in this nation that was created by FOREIGNERS and IMMIGRANTS!

@Dave - Alcoa issued this statement, " While details of future programs and timelines should come from automotive OEMs themselves regardless of the platform — we can say that Alcoa does not have any issues with its automotive production lines. It is important to note that aluminum is the second most used material to build cars today. Automakers have successfully used Alcoa materials to produce aluminum-intensive vehicles since the mid 1990s."

As far as I can tell, Ford is very quite about this.

If Toyota, Nissan want base their companies here than I would consider their products.
Every nation was started by foreigners and immigrants so whats your point?
Mankind began in what is now Iraq but I guess I'll get beat up for believing in the Bible also.
Mankind eventually occupied the world as we know it.
Your a little to sensitive their dude.

@expedition, A lot of Tacomas are made in Mexico. Upwards of half of the crewcabs are made in Mexico.

@Southern IL man,

And you are a bit racist with your views but I would say more hyprcrite is you ask me!

I am sure shareholders of GM, Ford and that Italian based company have FOREIGN ownership by them buying shares making them part foreign.

Their is NO 100% U.S. produced pickup nor a 100% U.S. based auto company (foreign ownership of shares) so what now, are you going to set personal limits on how many shares, etc...

Folks like you also put down those foreign based companies according to you but have 100% foreign electronics in your home and 100% forein made clothes and underwear! What say you?

If you are going to pull that "racist" bash foreign named vehicles that are really U.S. made argument, you better be practicing that in your home likewise!


The largest auto importers into the U.S. (I read a while back) was GM number 1 followed by that Italian company at number 2 and Ford at number 3.

Sorry Canada and Mexico do not fly our flag!

So before you go after Toyota, find out who the real auto importers are!

Looks like Oxi is really reaching.

Lets wrap ourselves or our favorite brand in the American flag.

How original.

@Lou and Jason,

The REAL importer is not Toyota. The Tacoma is made in the USA in San Antoni Texas! Wrap yourself in stupidity. expedition will not stoop to your level...

@jakes - that is why he posts under your name.

"While details of future programs and timelines should come from automotive OEMs themselves – regardless of the platform — we can say that Alcoa does not have any issues with its automotive production lines."

Lou, Alcoa has basically said that the opening paragraph in the original TTAC article is untrue. Pioneer on BOF also said he heard of no delay.

I don't care what truck gets what award! Its always fixed in any award that the same truck that got the award last year never wins again the following year. They simply take turns. The make of truck is regional on what part of the country you live in. Certain parts of the country favor a certain make of truck. I live in a Dodge Ram part of the country but I own a Ford F-150, yea, I get harassed and picked on cause I drive a F-150 but it doesn't bother me cause I got $12K off sticker price and they didn't on the Ram. Not knocking the Ram, my first choice was the Ram, but I couldn't walk away on that discount on a F-150

Which ever truck is the newest for that year, there is your winner. This year the Silverado, next year the Ford, next year after that the RAM, repeat. This way whoever is got the newest redesigned truck can brag about it for the first year of sales. This way it all stays even. Ford will always outsell GM trucks and RAM will get closer to GM trucks every year. Toyota will be the bottom feeder on their truck as their Camry will dominate car sales. The real winner is the final sales numbers. Ford has that nailed.

Toyota might be a Japanese brand but it employs a lot of American workers. Ford and Chevy have moved some of their factories to Mexico due to lower employment expense and less environmental restrictions. I love the new RAM design...go RAM.

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