Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: November 2013

Fords Pair 2013 II

Trends continue to point toward a strong year-end sales total, with the biggest winners being domestic truck makers that have struggled in years past. November 2013 will go into the records books as a strong month for just about every manufacturer that offers a pickup in the U.S. The only exception is the sluggish-selling Nissan Titan, which is in the process of a significant redesign.

The Ford F-Series continued its sales domination with 65,501 sales in a month with fewer selling days than last year. Both the Chevrolet and GMC half-tons are doing well, although certain models have a slightly higher "days on lots" total. The Silverado 1500 crew cab, for example, is averaging 63 days. Other big news for the month includes the slow and steady push the Honda Ridgeline has made; it will likely end the year in the top eight.




These numbers must be a real blow to Chevrolet.

I'm waiting to read what all the RAM 'tards have to say when they see that GM and Ford each outsold their brand by a two/one margin.

F-Series outsold combined sales of Silverado and Sierra in November by 16,753 units. Ouch.

WOW, Ram is inching every so closer to the Silverado in monthly sales, and they are doing without a brand new truck, just many refreshes and added features, nice job!





Ford has a opportunity to surpass 3/4 of a million trucks sales this year.
That's job security at that factory.

Holy smokes Ford keeps rolling and increasing it's sales lead. GM is running out of excuses as to why their sales are lagging behind the others'.

Ford sold more pickups than Chevy & GMC combined. OUCH!

Ram sold more pickups than GMC. DOUBLE OUCH!

It appears that the new GM pickups aren't selling too well. Note to GM management: maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Chevy be passing Ford soon go back the last few months %s are right on Fords a%%. The only thing keep Ford ahead is their $12,000 discounts/incentives LMAO!


Yup, GM twins are fully out there and sales are still lagging bad!






I thought Ram was supposed to have overtaken Chevy for second place already? What happened?

GM and Ford, i would say are mostly an uptake in fleet sales with the improving economy. I just can't see the average Joe going out and plopping thier money down on a crapper F-150 or Silver ado.

vtec wins the internet

RAM, i would say are mostly an uptake in fleet sales with the improving economy. I just can't see the average Joe going out and plopping their money down on a crapper RAM 1500.

Ouch... march out all of the excuses from the GMC fanboys.
what were some of the excuses?
1. oldest truck
2. old engines
3. crewcab no long box
4. drum brakes
5. old interiors

Hmmmm..... new trucks, new engines, 6.5 box crewcab, finally has rear discs, even has a manstep



Ford has gained an 84,454 unit lead over GMC. The 2012 year end lead was 33,171 ahead for Ford.

GMC.......Back to the drawing board.

GMC ....... Ram is closing in. Remember the little decal on the mirror:

Objects are closer than they appear.

Fiat Ram may very well become the #2 truck company.

Wee woo wee woo wee woo, I've come for your Ram truck.

Not surprising that GM is behind Ford, the new truck already looks outdated. But what is surprising is that GM is beating Ram. I mean come on guys, the Ram is a much better truck. They are definitely putting more effort into designing and building them. It's weird. It's a bit like the hamburger analogy. Better burgers out there, but people still want their McDonald's.

@ Lou,

You're right Ford is stretching out its lead on GM, kudos to them. I fail to see where RAM is making any large gains on Chevy.

@Alex - if GMC is MacDonalds, what is Ram..............

salmonella surprise

@ Alex

The Ram might be a better looking truck, but it's still a poorly built piece of crap. That's hard to overcome.

They dont buy because is better because is cheap,,next year the ford sale be lower,,you buy two ford for the real price of one,,

@obama luvs ram - I can see why you like Obama, socialized medicine is the only way you can get therapy.

The local Chevy dealer here already has 2014 Silverado's 15% off MSRP. I was looking at a LTZ Crew Cab 4x4 5.3 that stickered for $48,000. They had it sale priced at $40,000. I can get a 2013 SuperCrew Lariat F-150 for $14,000 off sticker. RAM was offering $9,000 off.

The McDonalds and hamburger analogy only works if you clarify that you're talking fast food, not sit down restaurants or fast-casual.

The Top Fast Food hamburger chains:
McDonalds = is the best overall and sells the most. Ford.
Burger King = they try hard but everything is a little off. Ram.
Wendys/Arbys = Needs no explanation. Chevy/GMC.
Dairy Queen = Needs work. Tundra.
Sonic = Fred Diaz says this is how you Sonic! Titan.

You're funny Lou. You and BAFO need therapy. I voted for Romney, my name is a jab at the RAM. I'm not surprised you couldn't figure that out though.

If Ford is McDonalds, I'd like to hear what some of you think what burgers Ram and GM are supposed to be?

If you think you're like some gourmet burger you're not. GM and Ram are Dennys and Friendlys who are disgusting.

Give me McDonalds/Ford anytime over that crap.

I don't understand all the GM isn't selling well ouch comments as they are selling more than last year and check in at a solid #2. We all know Ford is and will be number 1 and just because some other brand comes in at a solid number 2 doesn't mean they suck as Ram, Toyota and Nissan would love to swap numbers. I also don't see where Ram is anywhere close to GM as if you combine Silverado and Sierra numbers Ram is down by over a 200,000 units. I know someone will say it takes 2 truck lines and not mention that it is 2 lines of the same truck that only has minimal differences which means it doesn't cost that much and both lines are profitable. Heck if Ram could swap numbers with GM they would and all of them would be posting we took out GM. Guts Glory Ram

GM is Wendy's(both are the 2nd best seller) and RAM is Burger King(both in 3rd place).

Michigan Bob probably thinks Denny's is like some high class place. But it's just an overpriced McDonalds and isn't as good.

@obama luvs ram
Good comparison, Wendys and GM have a lot in common including their fondness for selling square shaped items.

@ Alan Jackson

That's pretty funny. I didn't even think about that.

@ Chris

Have you ever been to a Denny's? They are a diner and don't even compete with McDonald's or any other fast food place. They compete with places like IHOP. So your comparison makes zero sense.

Years ago, numbers like that on the Titan would have meant it would have been axed from production.

@obama luvs ram - That is a contradiction, voting for a billionaire and being a fanboy of socialist car companies like GMC.

Romney isn't a billionaire, multi-millionaire? Yes. You think Obama isn't rich? All companies are socialist as they all take our money in some form or another. I'm not a huge GM fan either, they've done a lot of things wrong. I just prefer their product to a Ford or Ram.

Oh, and BTW. Mitt Romney drives a Chevy truck :)

GM=604,356 VS Fiat=322,268 ?not even close.

Ford wins again! Take that GM and Ram losers.

@obama luvs ram - so MichiganBobschef blog name no longer working for you?
Wow, now you are saying all companies in the USA are socialist.

Okay, what ever you say comrade obama luvs ram.

@Southern Il man: Job securiy at a Ford dealership fixing them too! These Ecoboosts get some miles on them, oh,wha's that I hear, here comes the whine of th Ford folks- "the ecoboost has been used for years!" NOT in TRUCKS!

Well the question is, would you rather sell 65,000 trucks at a $5,000 profit per truck or 34,000 at $10,000 profit per truck.

It all comes down to money and Ford is discounting the hell out of trucks. Dodge doesn't seem to be as bad but their not far behind. I have yet to see a 2014 Chevy/GMC discounted more then $5k off MSRP.

Big increases for mid sized trucks … Miss my Ranger but love my Frontier !!!

@Jack - a sure sign that GMC is having problems selling trucks IS the fact that they have put discounts on the hood.

I do not recall ANY brand discounting just released NEW models.

It is SOP for car companies to discount old models.

Screwy Louie, why don't you and Big Al go troll TTAC or FLT with your anti-American, communist garbage, eh?

I'm not the only one who feels this way. Mark Williams needs to ban you and Al along with the Fiat Guts & Glory trolls, heck Bob and Johnny Doe should go too. This site has gone to crap because of people like you.

@Lou BC

So you're saying that GMs new truck isn't successful unless it out sells Ford with no incentives while Ford is discounting $10K+. That is a moronic view IMO.

@Jack - actually, what I am saying is new model trucks do not traditionally sell with discounts. And yes, they should be able to outsell a competitor all on its own if it is good enough.

@obama luvs ram - thanks for revealing who you are.

BTW calling big corporations socialist IS communist.

What a moron.

IQ of 80 and he thinks anyone with a different opinion than his should be banned.

If you like annoying thumping sounds in the winter time go buy an F150. Since 2004 Ford has had a cheesy sit up front wheel wells. Ice builds up and you get to here a lovely thumping sound on every bump you hit. My dad is mad plus if you use 4 low in a f150 you have to manual shift the truck talk about annoying. He going to trade it in on a Ram or Chevy as soon as he can.

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