Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: November 2013

Fords Pair 2013 II

Trends continue to point toward a strong year-end sales total, with the biggest winners being domestic truck makers that have struggled in years past. November 2013 will go into the records books as a strong month for just about every manufacturer that offers a pickup in the U.S. The only exception is the sluggish-selling Nissan Titan, which is in the process of a significant redesign.

The Ford F-Series continued its sales domination with 65,501 sales in a month with fewer selling days than last year. Both the Chevrolet and GMC half-tons are doing well, although certain models have a slightly higher "days on lots" total. The Silverado 1500 crew cab, for example, is averaging 63 days. Other big news for the month includes the slow and steady push the Honda Ridgeline has made; it will likely end the year in the top eight.




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The 2014 Silverado is already $10k off. In a few months it will be $13k to $15k off.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE \$10K OFF on 2014 Chevrolet Silverado_1500 is available at Davis ...

Other websites have around $6k off. Then you can email for the "ePrice" and get another $4k off.

@Lou BC

The GM 2014 trucks have been out since June/July. It's not uncommon at all for a new model like this to offer discounts especially at the end of the year in the most competitive segment.

Remember, GM has been selling down 2013 stock for 6 months. For the most part all they have left is 2014 and its going up against Ram and Ford 2013 fire sales.

@Dave WOW GM had a one weekend black Friday sale. Fords been offering 12,000 off for 3 months now LOL!

You know why Ford had $12k off? Because GM had $12 to $15k off their 2013's.

Don't play dumb and act like it has only been one weekend.

Now that GM is out of 2013 inventory, the sales are $10k off on the 2014's.

For instance, LoneStar Chevrolet $7k off on 2014. Then email for the ePrice for several thousand more off. Total $10k off.

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RAM is a superior product and will pass Government Motors up for number 2 shortly.

Guys, My F150 just broke down on the highway. I'm trading my Ford in on a Ram first thing tomorrow morning. I have seen the light!





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U.S. sales surge at fastest pace in nearly 7 years

U.S. sales surge at fastest pace in nearly 7 years
Chrysler, GM lead gains as industry volume rises 9%.

Read more:

proof Dave is full of crap

General Motors' November sales rose 14 percent on strong retail demand across its four brands and helping to lift the average price of a GM vehicle to a record high.

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@johnny doe - odd. I'm into my 3rd winter with my F150 and haven't had that problem.

WTF do you mean "manual shift" the truck to get into 4 lo?

I don't have any issues with mine either. Mind you, your torqueless 5.3 must need 4 lo all of the time.

Lou and Dave are really pissing me off.

GM's new truck has no incentives.

Ford is discounting $10K+!

Of course Ford is going to sell more you morons! GM is doing good business by not discounting!

I swear to god the whole front of the truck makes a thumping sound (like really bad struts on a car) when snow and slush packs up and then it freezes into ice. You got to get out and kick the front of the wheel well out then it stops making thumping sounds till it builds up and freezes again. My 06 and 08 F150 never did it but I was never happy with the lack of protection Ford offer up there. I worried it freeze and bust up the front plastics and head lights. As for the 4 low you turn the knob to 4low with it in D and the truck will not upshift out of 1st unless you put it in manual mode and do it you're self. Same thing happens when it he goes to down shift on a hill to save brakes and there is a stop sign at the bottom of the hill. He normally put it in 4th, then when he stops it goes to first and it won't upshift out 1st till he does it or puts it back in D.

My Chevy will upshift automatically in 4low if in D, and if I put it in manual mode on the down hill and come to a stop it will upshift automatically to the last gear I had put it in.

Maybe his transmission is screwed? its only got 15,000 miles on it 2013 STX 5.0L Any one else have these probablems?

I cant understand the jealous idiots on here always bashing RAM,with mis-information and just ignorant/uneducated !


Ford is the best selling truck due to its high volume of fleet sales and lowest priced truck around.

GM,it takes two brands Chevy and GMC to try to beat the competition and they still cant do it,even though they are the second lowest priced truck around !

RAM,all new in 2013,best looking,best driving,most performance with the best gas mileage,best quality !! And again,best driving,sounding and looking and priced higher then F-150 and Gm turd trucks !


Awful lot of anecdotal nonsense here on discounts. It's a little more complicated than visiting a dealership or seeing an advertisement. According to Edmunds, Ford discounts exceeded GM for November:

"Incentives are part of doing business in the full-sized truck market, but even so, Ford's have been high recently. According to, the "total cost" of Ford's incentives on the F-150 was $4,685 in November, highest of the Detroit brands. That's actually a small decline from last month, but it's well above the $3,432 that GM paid on the Chevy Silverado."


i like the way obama luvs ram thinks. spot on!

You can get 10K off 2014 Chevies, and GMC's if you go to the right dealer, trust me I've been shoopping.

Ram is doing well, but in reality they aren't even gaining on gm in pickups sold. At least not yet. I thought they would be by now but they aren't. Ram increased 21.8 percent last month with an increase of 5,298 trucks. Ford increased 19.5 percent with an increase of 9,202 trucks. GM increased their silverado/sierra twins 6,348 trucks. Ram still solidly in third place not only in sales but in sales gains. At this rate they will not catch up to GM anytime soon if ever. The biggest story here is how far ahead Ford is getting in this race with the oldest truck.

@JohnieDoe - I don't have any of those problems. A better solution for your father to try when braking on icy roads or going down a hill on icy roads is to leave the truck in drive and turn on "tow/haul" mode. The truck will downshift and hold a lower gear with braking. it works exceptionally well. Disengage tow/haul when you want to accellerate from a stop and it will upshift normally.

i don't have problems with ice build up in the front end. My truck doesn't have the button shift being a 2010 so I can't help you there. Still, I've had no problems with 4lo but then again, I seldom have had to use it.

Can't wait for "Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: December 2013"!

Lou_BC He always down shifts snow rain or shine steep twisty roads save brake life. I'll have to tell him to try tow/haul mode. As for the 4low we were get some last easy fire wood when that snow storm hit the east coast two or so weeks ago. We just goof around trying it out when we discovered it wouldn't shift on its own. We he got to my house that day he was out looking at the truck of his truck say it was making thumping sound. Everything looked okay so we kick off all the built up snow/ice on the front wheel wells and it was fine for few miles and started thumping again on every bump. stop look saw nothing kick the build up off and it stop again till it was back pack with snow again

@johnny doe - after reading your post, I played around with 4lo. It has to be in neutral for the software to let it shift. It doesn't shift in park either. Just neutral. I don't see it as an issue.

The knocking due to ice buildup is interesting. I don't have that issue.

for all you people that think ford is giving all these incentives just to sell trucks... i went to my local dodge dealer and priced out a 2014 ram 1500 and right off the bat they took 10,000 off sticker!!! after some more hagling they threw in navigation and a tonnaeu cover and 11,000 off sticker!!! so what does all that mean... everybody is making the same deals to sell trucks period.

@Lou_BC He did put the truck in Neutral before turn the knob to 4low then he put the truck in Drive but it would not shift out of 1st gear in Drive. He had to put it in Manual mode and up shift it with the button. Any interesting thing I saw to as he came by I didn't notice the first time we change the oil is there is no auto transmission fluid dip stick on the truck. I did tell him to try tow/haul mode on the down hill.

@JohnnyDoe - that is odd that it wouldn't let him use a gear other than 1st. He should ask Ford about that one.

Yeah I guess he'll have too. I am try look around the ford forums.

To: vetch & Josh C. I wanted a new Ram 1500 but I was forced to buy a new F-150 cause of the lower price, I got a full equipped F150 FX4 with a sticker of $44K and got it for $32K where the lesser equipped Ram was $39K after discounts. I'm sorry, I love the Ram more but I just couldn't spend that much more money, was looking at resale value too, maybe in another 2 years I could trade in my F150 for a Ram with a good trade in price. I hope you guys understand, I own a Ford but I left my heart with Ram!

I took my F150 to a ATV poker run hauling my ATV, they parked all of us in a wet-plowed farm field where the ground was soaked raining for a week. All the 4x4 pickups where sunk down to the axles and were stuck and the 4x4 didn't help. My F150 was also stuck in 4x4 with all 4 wheels spinning, then for the first time I turned on my rear locker and it was like the hand of God lifted me or pushed me outta that mess. That rear locker saved the day where my truck was the only truck outta 100's or other 4x4 trucks got thru that mud. Even if I am a Ram guy my F150 made me look good.

@Tom - yeah riiigggghhhtttttt.
No one else had a LSD or locker?
You the only Ford pickup owner there out of 100's of trucks?

This is why pickup sales are up:

"Though the calendar is about to change to 2014, it appears to be 2007 all over again in dealer lots and showrooms nationwide as a record number of auto loans with low interest rates were signed during the third quarter of 2013."

The economy isn't better, lemmings are lining up at the fiscal cliff once again.

I live in the mountains, redneck, hick, hillbilly land, heavy snow belt area, part of your manhood in this area is judged on the truck you own, we are a very proud bunch where no weather how extreme stops us, we use our trucks to haul firewood and coal to heat our homes, our dress clothes are coveralls and carhart tee shirts. The trucks that get the most respect are the super duty 250-350 trucks, but its useless trying to convince those guys that the new F-150 is just as capable of hauling and towing as the super duty trucks, to those guys any 1/2 pickup is a city boy truck! Its sad that my brand new 2013 F150 FX4 doesn't impress them, but it impresses me and that's all that counts!

@Tom - the only trucks that impress me are older ones that a guy has painstakingly taken apart themselves and rebuilt and restored. Anything else is just a matter of money and that does not impress me.

I live in northern Canada and the majority of guys that work in logging or any way of life in the back country own HD pickups. That is more because 1/2 tons don't hold up in those environments.

The ones that try to impress with their vehicles are guys that I don't want to be associated with in the first place.

If you look up the payload of a new Ford F-150 compaired to a F-250 with the same size bed the F-250 only has 200 lbs higher payload and I can always install 10 ply tires to my F-150

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