Ford Dealers Concerned About F-150 Shortages

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Dealers are preparing to make some short-term and long-term changes to cope with the coming 2015 Ford F-150, which many are expecting to show up at Detroit's 2014 North American International Auto Show (public days are Jan. 18-26).

According to the Detroit News, some dealerships are stockpiling 2014 F-150s in anticipation of the coming shortage as Ford slows and shuts down production — at different times — at the Kansas City, Mo., and Dearborn, Mich., truck plants where the half-ton pickup trucks are built.

Additionally, some Ford dealerships are heavily investing in upgrading their body shops to cope with the more labor-intensive procedures and practices involved with working with aluminum. Several reports throughout the year have suggested that the 2015 F-150 could be lighter by as much as 750 pounds (depending on model), with much of the weight savings coming from the extensive use of aluminum, composites and possibly carbon fiber.

Naturally, dealerships and auto body repair facilities would have to be trained and certified in aluminum repairs if the top-selling vehicle in the U.S. uses those materials.

As to whether there will be significant 2015 F-150 shortages as Ford transitions from its 2014 models, Automotive News reported earlier this year that Ford might be incorporating some plant changes that will allow the company to produce both old and new pickups on the same assembly line as it moves from "old" to "new" F-150 model years. Whether that strategy — not tried in previous changeovers — will alleviate shortfalls remains to be seen.

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There ready to go here In Utah each dealer has enough 150 on there lots to give one to everyone in the state.... No lie....

The change over of vehicles on the same line isn't a new production model.

The line that made my BT50 is the same line that makes the Ranger.

Mitsubishi and Nissan are assembling the Triton and Navara on the same line in Thailand as well. These are two completely different vehicles.

The use of carbon fiber and composite materials will drive up the manufacturing process, thus costing the consumer more money at the end. I know each manufacturer has to lighten their respective trucks for fuel economy, aerodynamics, etc. I hope their transisition from MY2014 to MY2015 will be seemless.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

It will be easy for Ford to build old and new models on the same line since all they ever change is the grill and headlights, maybe a new dash this time.

@Big Al
Most assembly plants build multiple models on the same line. The difference is that it would be 2 different years of the SAME model vehicle on the same line.
I'm not really sure why they would have to. Have a week or 2 holiday shut down and retool.

I sure get sick of the people who complain that ford never changes anything on their trucks. The people that like Fords don't WANT them to change the trucks much. They should make improvements where they can like the interiors and powertrains, suspensions, frames, and brakes, but I would hate for them to try to reinvent the pickup truck. Why would the best selling truck need to totally reinvent itself? If anything it is chevy, ram, toyota, and nissan that need to reinvent themselves. If they want to sell more their best bet would be to copy fords designs.

Hardly anyone drives Fords here anyway. I doubt our local dealership is stockpiling the old model. Like anyone wants the old model that is 750 lbs heaver anyway.

UP TO 20% more is not stockpiling.

Lol at the bottom photoshoped picture. For the size they made it look, they might as well have drawn in the R/C antennae too! :-D's Mark Williams takes a look at the Ford Atlas concept.


Great Comment!!! I agree 100%

I agree with Jason, BeeBe, Paul and Frank.

The change over of vehicles on the same line isn't a new production model.

The line that made my BT50 is the same line that makes the Ranger.

Mitsubishi and Nissan are assembling the Triton and Navara on the same line in Thailand as well. These are two completely different vehicles.

Would love to see a comparison of crash repair estimates between current and 2015 model.

Sandman, its all speculation that the F-150 will use aluminum body panels. I highly doubt there will be much more then the Hood made out of Aluminum.

Chrysler to Recall 5,600 Vehicles; N.H.T.S.A. Investigates Hyundai

Chrysler will recall about 4,200 cars and pickups in the United States and 1,400 in Canada because the 8-speed automatic transmission could fail

LOL Ford has gone through this before with model changes! No worries! They will get by just fine!

Ford has done dual production before... in MY2004, they produced the F-150 Heritage (old body from 1997-2003) and F-150 (new body) for the same reason... to prevent shortages and give time to those on the fence about buying the new design.

@Lyn, where in Utah are you? I was in SLC the other day (I lived there for 8 months). I noticed that La Point Ford in Murray is gone, but a new LHM Ford had opened up just south of downtown if I remember correctly. All the dealers there seem to have tons of inventory.

I think the aluminum on the 2015 F150 will make the truck look more prestigious. I have noticed that Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and Jaguars have a matte finish on them (which I like), whereas steel bodies are much more reflective.

"To be eligible, a new or significantly improved engine or propulsion system must be on sale in a production vehicle during the first quarter of 2014. Base price is capped at $60,000, up from $55,000 last year." - WARDS

I don't see the Ecodiesel being on sale Q1 2014. No way it should have one, but, as always CAR RAGS, err.. MAGS would give it a WIN. To me, I can care less, I am good with GAS.

The 2015 F150 is supposed to be having pre-production issues with the aluminum panels. The F150 may not be revealed at NAIAS because of this.

just bought a 2013 ecoboost and i love it. that thing is amazing. i did look at a dodge and seen that the powertrain is made in mexico and the profits go to fiat in another country. i will drive a chevy before i ever look at a dodge again. foreign junk

My 2002 F150 7700 striped down work truck has an aluminum hood. GM has also used aluminum in some vehicles for many years.

I assume this article was just an excuse to get the lovers and haters to post with no real information.

Merry Christmas all you lovers and haters!

Ford F-150 now has an 80% American made parts content and is tied with Toyota, get it right.

Every time there is a story about a Ford change up in design the same people come on here and cry a river about the headlights and grill being the only thing that changes. Although this is not correct since everything gets updated no matter if its the same design, its pretty hard to upgrade something when its already the best.

Actually GM started using aluminum in hoods and trunk lids on the downsized full size cars in 1977 and the downsized midsized cars in 1978. Aluminum reduces a lot of weight. Any problems Ford has with using aluminum for body panels will be short lived, they will get very adept at using aluminum and this will make it possible to use smaller engines in their trucks. In the long run this will be a plus for Ford.

Hey Mike? Atleast Ram is recalling and fixing them before there is a big issue. Unlike Ford who has issues with Super Duty and just did a recall, but only on ambulance models, the same engine can be in everybody elses Power Choke Super Duty, but Ford snubbed them. Mark Williams did not report on the Ford issue, hes a Ford guy.

Fords F-150 suspension is outdated. Read a review or two. Their engines might be new, but will the not even 3 year old ecoboost even last?

They cant even straighten it out for humid weather.

Its up to you if you like the looks, I find them overstyled. As in, the designers didn't know when to stop.

Looks like Mike got TRX4 Tom all wound up. funny.

Still bringing up that ambulance recall.

I just read a story about police cars. They all said the same thing about the Dodge Charger - fast but unreliable.
Many police agencies are switching over to PPV Tahoe since they are reliable and many feel are the closest viable replacement to the Crown Vic.

Cue TRX and a rant about the gutless 5.3. LOL

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