GM Plant Gears Up for 2015 HDs

2015-Silverado-3500HD front II

In order to make the necessary upgrades to its aging Flint Assembly plant in Michigan, which will produce the 2015 Chevy Silverado Heavy Duty and GMC Sierra HD pickup trucks, GM officials announced the plant will use downtime after holiday break to replace and remove equipment. This is likely to require the temporary layoff of some line employees.

According to The Flint Journal, the plant will get a first-stage improvement worth $328 million, as well as a second-stage $600 million investment to install a state-of-the-art paint and body shop, along with other improvements.

Among the most significant upgrades to the new Chevy and GMC 2500 and 3500 will be new hood and exterior design cues, all-new interiors and technologies (similar to the light-duty trucks), and vastly improved bed capability and available features. The Flint plant is GM's oldest continuing production line, and the 2015 HD trucks that roll off that line at the end of January will likely start showing up in dealerships early in the first quarter of 2014.

We'll have our first shot at getting behind the wheel of the big trucks near the end of January and will let you know how they look, drive and tow. And you can expect a head-to-head challenge in the late summer or early fall. More to come.

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I talked with a guy about 3 months ago that said he had already placed an order for a new 2500. And that he would get it in early 2014. Of course I was like sure. But maybe you could order them that early.

I just looked on the chevy website.The def tank is still in the same place on the 2015,and looks fugley as hell.

They still have not fixed a lot of the major issues. So basically some new sheet metal is all.

This may be the ugliest HD of all time.

They look better than before but I'd buy a SuperDuty or a Ram, who would be proud of driving #3...
Wasn't sure they were still making GMs, thought they were bankrupt.

^^ said a fan of super duty, lol

Not one word about fuel economy.
Oh lemme guess...

The new 3500hd Gmc trucks look too posh to be used for dirty manual work. Pleased I brought the. simple 2012 3500 hd .
If I was back in London driving around the west end , I would be happy to park the 2015 hd next to a Rolls Royce , and pop and see a show ! Nice new yuppy truck !! I am sure it has iPhone apps

Ford is lookin good - been a GM man for 35yrs - goin to FORD

IMO they all are good trucks and it's really splitting hairs as far as reliability and performance. In the real world where you have speed limits and traffic any of the big 3 HD trucks will perform great. It's not like the average camper towing 12-15,000lbs is going to slow down much on any 6% grade with any of the big 3. Just pick out the one you like and go for it.
For me its 1,Ram 2 Ford 3 GM. That's just my opinion.

LMAO @ Moderator.... A million comedians out of work and you're trying to be funny.

As far as the article goes... that Denali is looking sweet!

Ugh! They look worse than an SD-80, and it's a hundred times more massive.

I think they have gone backwards in styling! If GM had of switched the 2007 and 2015 models around, everyone would be talking about how awesome the new one looks. Seriously that just looks hideous.

Looks GREAT!!! From what I have read, it will have the highest payload and rear hitch ratings available in any one ton pickup. The full package in a pickup, longest lasting and best looking pickup made today.

@Daffy Duck,
I actually saw a RAM HD parked in London not far from London's West End so anything is possible.

Robert Ryan , i am surprised you saw a Ram hd in London mate , i bet the poor bloke who owns that truck pays a arm and a leg in road tax mate. You know how nuts the Brit govement is mate.

Cdn Dodge owner, sorry if i got ya all upset mate. I still think the new Gmc hd and 1500 are yuppy trucks mate. Lets just agree to disagree . maybe we should have a beer fest 8-)
Have a happy new year cheers ps. happy new year to all you petrol heads. .

About £200 to fill up a Ram HD in the UK with current diesel prices there (£1.50 per litre). That's US$330 or AU$370. Ouch! See what socialized medicine does to the cost of living? To make the Ram viable in overseas markets, it's going to have to give up engine size for efficiency. Some good options might include diesel-electric (series hybrid), hydraulic, or pneumatic hybrid. They could probably do the ISV Cummins engine with hydraulic and get 35 mpgs in the 2500. Seriously though to make it affordable to drive there, you would have to make it economical enough to provide decent range on a 10-15 US gallon tank. Which means making it at least 35 mpg (US) instead of 18-20 mpg).

Do you guys have something against Yuppies anyway?

@CDN Dodge Ram Owner - looks like Daffyduck hit a sore spot. Loaded in the 50's,60's,70's. Etc. is a lot different than loaded today. What a pile of BS. When did leather first show up in a pickup? Or sterio, or automatic, or power steering?

Go burn rubbers on East Hastings.

I actually think the GM HD Trucks look a whole lot better!

Love it! Best power train in class. The def tank is fugly though. I'll be interested in seeing the 8 speed tranny in the next few years. That is just speculation on my part plus what Jeff Luke "didn't say"

Not all bad, have to see one in person to really judge. All three are nicer than a guy needs, with more options than anyone could use! I remember when I got my Laramie I thought it was overkill, now I think I can't live without my leather heated seats so looking to get a new truck in a year or two and am I gonna downgrade? Hell no! I want a 120 outlet in my cab! The only bad part is the 50-60K price tag

@Ghost Rider. Best power train? Really? I'd take the Cummins/Aisin combo over it. Also, the 6.7 Power Stroke and 6R140. The 6R140 is rated at 1400 lb-ft. The Allison 1000 is rated at about 800 lb-ft (historically it has changed with the output of the Duramax).

Weakest power train (for now anyways)

All the big dogs finally have a solid motor/tranny combo but why not have the most capable truck made that year, including brakes,cooling capacity,exahust brake,on top of the highest tow rating,best looking,nicest interior and there's only one choice...... Ok,you're going to buy the brand you like anyway and make excuses for its shortcomings
Happy new year

@Daffy Duck and @Alex,
This sighting was even more bizarre, it is the middle of ROME!! small cars and traffic everywhere. Slightly battered Dodge 1500? going past a broken down Bus. I have seen mostly RAMS(singular examples) in Milan, near the red light district of Amsterdam , one on a freeway in Austria and one not far from Londons West end. To see a Pickup of any type in Europe is like seeing a UFO.
Driving in Rome with a Dodge.

@Daffy Duck and @Alex
Another shot from another angle.

@RR, yeah certainly don't expect to see Rams in Rome. I saw a Ford Excursion driving around in Melbourne and that looked out of place. Sometimes traveling between two countries I first think "something doesn't look right here." Another example was a black Pontiac G8 with Holden badges on it, driving around here in Idaho Falls. At first I think it's normal then I think hmmm, that shouldn't be here....

the chevy is the best looking hd. if the powertrains were updated the 2015 would actually be a big deal but the gas 6.0 is way far behind now, it isn't said to be updated. the new ram and the 2nd gen ford 6.7 v8 are going to be better options. the air suspension on ram hd is a real deal breaker for some. I like the chevy a lot! too bad the 6.2 isn't in this truck. maybe they will stroke the 6.2 to a 6.4 with heavier components, get a 8 spd auto that can take the work and build a truck that is competitive.

The majority of all the Super Duty Truck Shootouts or comparison tests I read the Dodge Ram always wins, comes in first.

@Robert Ryan, Alex and Daffy Duck
When in Paris a couple of years ago I saw a Super Duty outside my cousin's apartment. I should have checked to see if it was a diesel.

What is amazing is it was in the older part of Paris. Must have been a handful to drive, even a Smart car can be large at times in the older parts of Paris.

Look up Moonpig44 on YouTube. He's a guy in England who drives an F250 petrol on LPG (LHD) for doing repos. He said in one of his videos that it was cheaper than the alternatives.

Damn good looking truck only one thing I would change is the front bumper. Its to over done, tone it down and put the 1500 style bumper on it. Then it would be the best looking HD on the market.

@Big Al from Oz
I know the back streets of Paris are tiny and Rome is worse and Pickups are just plain very rare in Europe,but to see one is amazing. I know someone on the RV sites who had a 3500HD with a TC in France , since sold with a Navara and a smaller TC replacing it.

I have to agree with some of you I think the 6.0L needs to be replaced or re-engineered as it inferior to both the Ford 6.2L and Ram 6.4L engines.

I also don't like the Silverado HD's big chrome bars the one on the top portion of the grille surround and the one on the middle for what will probably have the biggest bowtie Chevy has put on any vehicle. The whole thing kind of reminds of what Ford did with the last Super Duty. "That’s not to mention the fresh sheetmetal and a grille with a pair of big, shiny horizontal bars reflective enough to be seen from low-earth orbit." "It’s big iron with a big curbside presence. And with a new 13-inch blue-oval logo up front, it would require extremely poor eyesight (apologies to Stevie Wonder) to perceive this as anything but a Ford."
Now with that said beauty is in the eye of the beholder so all we know from all of that is I hate big chrome bars and chrome grille surrounds as I swapped out my 2 bar chrome grill surround on my 2010 Tundra for the limited multiple chrome bar grille and color matched the chrome grille surround and front bumper. When I see the 3rd gen Tundra I think the overall nose shape was improved with the hood raise but I can't stand the grille on the 1794 but the Platinum looks good to me as when I made those changes on my second gen you couldn't buy a Tundra off the lot that looked like my custom painted 2nd gen or the new platinum Tundra as the only color matched ones were the Rock Warriors 2 black bar grille.

I like the look of the Silverado grill better. The grill on the Sierra looks too big and reminds me of the Super Duty.
The problem with the Silverado is the huge looking bumper. Did they get rid of the plastic end caps? It is hard to tell the way the picture is shaded.

@HemiV8 - Ram Canada makes that claim based on registrations. GMC used to make the exact same claim in the USA based on registration.

Does registration data list the number of repairs required to keep that truck on the road?

It's official.

CHRYSLER No Longer American Company, to Go Italian...

Courtesy of U.S. Taxpayers...

@Dave correct it is now joining Freightliner and Mack as wholly owned by European corporations.

Sad day for America as Chrysler is now 100% Fiat according to Dave's links... the U.S. is now down to the big 2. As far as the GM HD's I think they look good but need to be hard at work with there next round of chassis and engine improvements. With holdover engines and chassis they should be very reliable but won't have bragging right for highest output. That said all current HD diesels already have more power and ability than most guys will ever need. If you still want more under the hood its easy to come by with aftermarket tuning.

Chrysler was 41% uaw owned....... Now 100% fiat AND made in Mexico dammit I'm gonna have to buy a ford in 2015(I hope they aren't the ugliest truck on the road by then) o well we had one hell of a run. Ram, wrangler, srt8 gc in the driveway right now.... In a few years ?

I would stay away from Ford's, everyone I know has a lot of problems with them.

Yeah disappointing about the complete takeover of Chrysler. Donald Trump or someone will now have to buy out Fiat. Seriously, the trend in the US is pretty scary. Losing manufacturers instead of starting and acquiring them! America should have 10 manufacturers, not two!

Whats wrong with the Italians anyway? The can certainly make a good Pizza and the women are beutiful. I think they can make a decent car and truck as well.

those of you that are mad that the now 100% foreign owned ram is better than your mexican made fords and chevys, it will only get better for them, just like cars, foreign made is more reliable, and longer lasting, once the US owned companys start making good vehicles, then we can all say lets buy american again, then again, ford an chevy frames on all trucks made in mexico in plants side by side, so looks like that wont happen

As Fiat also owns Ferrari, you never know Pininfarina may design the next Ram. The replacement for the Hemi might be long-stroke version of the 4.5L V8 from the 458. I'm sure the benefits will be a two-way street. The replacement for the 458 might have a Cummins ISX.

someone here mentions the HD Chevy's grill is ugly? and they own a tundra? even the HD Chevy outsells the tundra! and if the tundra is so superior, in every way, why do they not sell more of them?

@Alex - I suspect that the Cummins I-6 will be replaced by an Iveco sourced engine. The rumopur is Fiat/Chrysler will move their head office to the Netherlands. They have favorable tax laws and Marchionne is tired of dealing with socialist Italian governments and unions.

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