Honda Releases Teaser Photo of New Ridgeline Coming


By Patrick Olsen

While there had been talk about Honda's midsize pickup going away, Honda surprised us all Tuesday when it announced that although production for the current generation will end in mid-2014, a new version is coming within "the next two years," whenever that might be.

Honda released a teaser image, and a teaser it is. Mostly a silhouette, it offers little more than the outline of the cab and bed. It's hard to tell from this if the Ridgeline will be bigger (or more capable).

The automaker says that design work is underway in both its California and Ohio research and development centers, and notes that the current Ridgeline has seen something of a sales bump in 2013, with sales up 29 percent for the first 11 months of this year.

How will dyed-in-the-wool pickup truck people respond? You tell us.


All my posts on have been from a nuetral point of view. Many of my posts relate trucks on the market here in Australia with trucks sold in the U.S.; and this is often misconstrued as cultural bias or Anti-Americanism. A little more respect is all I ask for.

It looks like a Tacoma X-Runner!

Why is everybody copying the Tacoma?

It seems like the Ridgeline is always getting crap for not being a "real truck" because of the unibody construction. I don't know, maybe it's not. I guess it depends how you define what it takes to be a real truck. But the good thing for honda is, the "real truck" buyer is not their target customer. I think the Ridgline is for people who like trucks but don't want or need something as big as a full size. I think people are more likely to cross shop this with other midsoze trucks and SUVs. And you can't really blame honda for going after those buyers. People buy a lot of midsize crossovers every year now. The big problem with the Ridgline is that it's a truck that's not as capable as it's other truck competition (see putc's midsize shootout) and costs just as much with the same fuel economy. And while I've read good things about the ride comfort, I doubt that it beats out crossovers in that regard. So the sales aren't there because while the concept is good, the execution was a little off. If the next Ridgline drastically improves fuel economy and competes well on interior comfort, I think they could change little else and have a big improvement in sales.

Also, please stop with the comparisons to the Avalanche. Just because the profile looks similar (sloped/integrated c-pillar) it does not mean they are the same truck. If so than all Ridgline are Avalanches and all Avalanches are El Caminos!

The Ridgeline in it's current form is a good vehicle, for what its for- a lifestyle vehicle for non-traditional truck buyers. Yes, we can have a debate about the spare tire all day, but in all its a well made vehicle, that competes with other midsize trucks. Great interior, far superior ride and handling. Fuel econ is on par with the Frontier and Tacoma, but given the same level technology as the newest 1/2tons benefit from, they should ALL do much better. Styling has probably been one of the biggest points that has caused Honda buyers to go to Toyota or Nissan.
The segment is small right now, but GM and Honda must be expecting it to grow.

My 2006 Honda Ridgeline has been the finest vehicle I've ever owned. I love all the full-sizes, love the luxury, love the power; but I haven't bought a new pickup because nobody offers what the Ridgeline delivery. The closest is the Ram, but the recalls and the goofy frontend bug me.


Because "you'll drive what we give you."

Want a smaller truck? Tough.
"you'll drive what we give you."
The ever-growing American waistline dictates the trucks must grow in size at a proportional rate.

Want a truck with better MPG? Tough.
"you'll drive what we give you."
Be happy with the wonderful 15/20 MPG that the v-6 gas engine gets. Hell will freeze over before we help you out there.

Want a truck that's more affordable? Tough.
"you'll drive what we give you."
Not to worry though our financing arm will be happy to loan you some money at a very competitive interest rate.

Want a truck that's easy for user maintenance? Tough.
"you'll drive what we give you."
Why wouldn't you want your truck to be loaded full of electronics and sensors and touchscreen driver distraction centers?

Test drive the new 6000SUX today, it's larger than ever, has more horsepower, payload and towing capacity than ever! You'll never need 10% of the capacity but you'll have the largest truck on your block. At least until next year when the new model comes out.


So let me get this straight...I'm an idiot?

The closest is the Ram, but the recalls and the goofy frontend bug me.

Posted by: Cameron Carlile | Dec 11, 2013 7:07:37 AM

I tend to agree with your comment on the goofy front end for the Ram, but I think the frontend of the Tundra is far more hideous. To me it looks Mr. Potato Head's stick on mouth and mustache. Very fugly.

@BAF0 - Why do you answer questions I didn't ask on a thread/article I haven't even been on or read yet? Did you get kicked off TTAC?

Honda will have a new truck with a van (Odyssey) engine a car handling and unibody (car frame) will tow 5000 pounds with no torque and some fan will get excited for ridiculous specs.

If you need a Jap truck buy Nissan or Toyota but American truck are the best (I`m Canadian not American)

Damn, I was hoping Honda would develop a hybrid or diesel compact pickup based on the CRV - something like the Toyota A-BAT. This truck doesn't look like it would have a midgate. I hope the new Ridgeline at least offers an extended cab and has base price of under $20k. $35K+ for the current vehicle is too expensive for a vehicle with limited capability.

I want a small diesel like the RAM ecodiesel and this would be the perfect truck

People can knock the Ridgeline all they want, but that fact is, it's been a quality vehicle. I, for one, am glad more mid-size pickups are on their way in the next couple of years. More choices is always a good thing. I own a 2006 Ridgeline and love it. (I've also owned an F150, Silverado, and Ram 1500 in the last 20+ years) I agree that price is an issue, seeing that even the lowest trim comes with a lot of features. I think there's a niche to be filled by a base trim, extended cab, 2wd model that would appeal to former Ranger, Dakota, and S10 owners who still want a smaller pickup for a reasonable price. The awd system is good but a low range would be a nice option. It's not a hard-core off-roader, but won it's class division in the Baja 1000 a few years back with a stock transmission, engine, and asd system.

@Len "Just what we need a unibody spineless pick up truck without a frame"

Yeah Len sounds like a truck made in your image!

I think the photo is misleading. What I mean by that is, the shape looks like a traditional pick up profile, but I'll bet it follows the basic size, proportions and function of the current Ridgeline except for al mid-gate basket hoop that's more vertical. I don't think this truck will compete directly with the traditional body on frame fullsized PU's so no worries for the brainwashed domestic loyalists. It will have it's own niche market just like the current version. Still, making it look more like a traditional PU (in profile) ain't a bad thing.

A good small diesel 2.5 to 3,0 with 5 to 6 k towing capacity would bé perfect , my first ridgeline was really god but thé 3,5 is to small , my new full size Can pull a house but 1/2 ton is 1/2 ton ans more than This you Need a 2500

@ Jules Really? Regarding GM- GM got a loan from the government and paid all of it back except for $10B. The reason the $10B wasn't paid back was because the dumb ass Obama Administration basically let them keep it. GM is making a ton of $ now and certainly could have paid it back. GM is laughing all the way to the bank. Regarding Honda- they have sold 16,160 of these crossover POS's through November. GM has sold 610,642 Chevy and GMC trucks/Avalanches/Colorados/Canyons through November. I'd say Honda is the one getting their butt kicked in the truck market. And I can guarantee you their new model will be another POS crossover vehicle that will look real good with you and the ladies driving it.

I've been driving my 2006 Ridgeline since I bought off the showroom floor. I just passed 140K and have not had any serious (or minor) problems, with the exception of the low washer fluid warning light being stuck on for the last few months. I'm excited about this news simply because there isn't another truck out there that I'd want. The ride and handling on the Ridgeline is great. The interior is roomy and the cargo space is sufficient for my needs. That being said, I sure hope the next generation has greater towing capacity and better mileage, though those may be mutually exclusive...

The Ridgeline is one of the only pick-ups out there that actually looks unique. I hope Honda retains some of the character of the original. The current Ridgeline packs a lot of utility into a manageable size. I've seen all of you full-size pick up drivers out there trying to park and I laugh everytime I see it. Who are you kidding, you're not pulling stumps, hauling pallets of bricks, or really doing much of anything with your truck except getting from point A-B. Buy what you need and you'll actually use it instead of some idea that a steroid injected muscle head is telling you to buy!

If the teaser photo is for real, it looks like any other pickup- nothing to make you look twice. I am a fan of the old style-over 200000 miles and still loving it.

offer two options 4.0 L and a 5.7L new v8 with multiple displacement tech. for fuel efficiency believe me ford dodge and chevy owners will buy.

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