North American Truck/Utility of the Year Finalists Announced

Chevy Silverado 1 II

The top three finalists for the coveted North American Truck/Utility of the Year award have been announced, and this year there is another pickup truck in the mix. Last year the Ram 1500 won the award as the only all new pickup in a diverse group that included vans, crossovers and SUVs.

This year the top three vote getters were the Acura MDX, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Jeep Cherokee. The 2014 North American Car and Truck/Utility awards are determined by a group of 48 U.S. and Canadian auto journalists who make two separate cuts from all qualifying vehicles. This year 28 cars and 18 "truck/utilities" qualified in their respective categories. Each group was cut down to 12 vehicles in September, then down to three this week. The three pickups that made it past the first cut were the Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra 1500 and the Silverado 1500. Oddly, the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty, which offers a revolutionary new coil-spring rear suspension, an impressively redesigned front suspension and an all-new multidisplacement 6.4-liter Hemi V-8, did not even make the first cut. Although the Jeep and Acura are impressive vehicles, our favorite is the Silverado.

The winner of the award will be announced Jan. 13 during the first press conference of the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The three qualifying cars are the Chevy Corvette Stingray, Cadillac CTS and Mazda3.



My money is on GM sweeping with the Corvette and Silverado.

The more I look at the new GM pickups the more I like the clean simple crisp lines of the new body style. Now do I get a Silverado or a Sierra?

Let's try this one.

Complete the sentence. The more I look at the 2014 GM pickup the more I see:

My response: obsolescence and GM's Hummer.

Who knows... who cares.
Just another award that means nothing.
None of them deserve an award.






The Silverado looks nicer then the Sierra. That rear bumper on both of them with the corners cut out, we'll i'll just say ugly looking.

I don't really care for any of the new GM's looks wise but if I had to pick a favorite I would say it would be the GMC Sierra with the All Terrain package.

the award should be for who has the best vintage 2008 truck, than the silverado would win

I think the Jeep sins this one.
But these journalist awards mean less and less. Thinking of the last article on this site pointing out how little the automotive journalists know, and these are the voters for these awards. Meh.

@John - I agree, the All Terrain with the body colour matched grill is the best looking truck of the bunch.

Lou_BC - AND a WASTE of AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS!! There's NO Reason, NONE, that This could not be a Chevrolet! Offer two stupid grille Options LIKE Ford! TYPICAL of Obama's Government Motors and their GovtMoCo truck. NO Company NEEDS TWO TRUCKS! DODGE Ram should have won this. MY vote is for Chevy STILL. DON'T like the new Jeep!

I guess I'd go with the Silverado on this.

@John, I'm just the opposite. I liked the Sierra last model better. Silverado was nasty. This model I like Silverado way better. Sierra looks weird now for some reason. Go Chevrolet..

no guts
no glory
no award for ram, it just can't make the cut
no surprise lol

@Nissan Addicted. The Grand Cherokee didn't make the list either, and the Cherokee did, does that mean that Cherokees are now better than Grand Cherokees? Other vehicles that didn't make the list include the diesel-electric Range Rover Vogue, the Knight XV, FED Bravo, Porsche Cayenne, and the Unimog. They must all be crap. :) The new Silverado is not a bad truck and it drives well, but it's a bit of a let down in light of the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, new Ram 2500, and even just the announcement of the 2015 Titan Cummins.

Updates. Whoever votes for the GovtMoCo Sierra aka Chevrolet Silverado is a fool. This is what you'll get after the warranty is gone. Typical cheap asses.

Pathetic Chevrolet is even associated with GovtMoCo/GMC. What a disgusting corporation.

the award should be for who has the best vintage 2008 truck, than the silverado would win

You mean 1988? No wait, 1987. This truck is a 1970's-80's squarebody throwback. Yet it has the dual stacked lights which harkens to the early-late 80's. The 70's Chevy's had single headlights. Dumb of them to change it. Chevy's used to look the coolest. Typical GM. Screw everything up for Chevy.

Chevrolet's got this, best looking and longest lasting trucks on and off the road!

@ gene

If you were ceo of GM (or had the power to change the direction of that company, particularly in the truck department) what would you do?


@Mr Chow, they should have magnified the prominence of the grille and power bulge in the hood by making them bigger and/or making the lights and everything surrounding smaller. They should make the back seat more like the Ram, make the seats bigger and have proper rear air vents (not just holes in the front seats). Offer 8+ speeds (inc Allison), new Duramax engines with class-leading power and torque, including the 4.5. An air suspension system option would also be good, especially for the Z71 package.

Silverado would be a shoe in IF they come up with some square tires for those radically square wheel wells. It's "sadly" 1973 all over again.

Jeep wins because it's less ugly!

@ Mr. Chow: Were I in charge of Chevy/GMC here's what I'd do.

* Reduce the ground clearance on 4x2 models. 7" is more than enough for the vast majority of drivers.
* Reduce the height. 6' from the ground is more than plenty for even an HD 4x2.
* Lower the hood and belt line going all the way back along the top of the bed. 48" to 54" will give you easier access into the bed from the sides as well as reducing frontal area for aerodynamic purposes. You can still fit 18" bed walls for good carrying volume and still have plenty of room for frame and underpinnings.
* Get rid of those hideous, horrendous, huge grills and re-shape the nose for better aerodynamics.

All of these steps combined would make the truck more appealing to more people, reduce overall cost of manufacture AND improve fuel economy by as much as 20%.

On the other hand, people like the majority of commenters on this site would consider it a 'girly truck' and CLAIM they will avoid it--even while they're driving one because it costs less to own.

Y have a dodge the only thing y don't like the front grill they need to change the design,,,,

Agaian more journalists personal opinions rather than FACTS like residual value, reliability over time, re-sale value!

I do not care which vanity mirror looks better than the other, I want to know how it will last down the road!


Air suspension off road is a joke. Ever see how stiff the ram or RR is off road? The only air suspension that should be done is helper air bags out back for load leveling, that's it. If u need ur truck lower, don't buy a big lofted truck. Air suspension is for the road, its benefits off road are nill...

And moparidiot, haven't we been thru this enough? Stop posting your jealous rants. Just because we GM fans have a choice in styles & design doesnt mean you have to sound like a crying two year old. GM is blowing Dodge out of the water, suck it you grown up cry baby. Have fun with your unreliable junk truck that is on its what maybe 15th recall this year? Ha

Mopar, my only problems are repairs... Yeah, sounds about right. I don't think you dodge fanboys realize how you are hurting your brands perception with gibberish junk you post. Ah well, your funeral.

I like dodge, I really do. They have done some good stuff lately but I can't with owners like that. Why would I want to be associated or like people like that. It's like wearing a type of clothes that is associated with a thug. You don't want to be associated with that type of clientel. To each his own. Dodge is tarnished with idiots in my opinion.

GMC is no longer Government Motors. The USA government recently sold all remaining shares.

I do think that Chevy getting the nod is a snub to Ram.

@Alex - a SAE paper was leaked outlining the Corvette 8 speed and it may also go into the Sierra/Silverado.

"It’s not known if the leak was intentional or not, but the summary of a paper initially published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, since taken down from the SAE site, says that a new eight speed automatic transmission, given the designation 8L90 by General Motors, will be introduced in the 2015 Corvette, on sale next fall. The all-new 7th generation Corvette is currently offered with GM’s 6L80 six speed automatic and a seven speed manual gearbox. The 8L90 is described as being designed for rear-wheel-drive applications and variants will likely be used in GM’s fullsize pickups and in rear wheel drive Cadillacs.

The 8L90 has about the same overall dimensions as the 6L80, and is said to be able to handle up to 737 lb-ft of torque. It has a shorter first gear for better launch acceleration, an overall ratio spread of 7.0 and three speed sensors for better shift response. Other benefits are said to be better fuel economy, improved performance and a quieter car with improved NVH levels. The current automatic C7 is rated at 28 mpg on the highway and it’s possible that with the new eight-speed it might be able to achieve 30 mpg. Of course, at EPA “highway” speeds, the 455 hp LT1 in the Corvette is more or less loafing along."

I have read about this few days ago, but it's still
at least one more year to wait for gm customers and 3 more for Ford.
RAM is ahead of the game already. Best truck on the planet.

I don't think the Silverado is a bad truck per se. Honestly I prefer it over the Cherokee, I can't get past the look of the new Cherokee, it just doesn't look right. Don't take that as a GM endorsement though. GM trucks are about the only vehicle they make worthy of even mentioning besides the Corvette and Camaro.

On a side note:
This article might interest you, what is your position on this?


Tyler, I agree, I like the Ram but can't see buying one based on what kind of person drives a Ram and it really shows on this site with there ridiculous comments.

My vote is for the Silverado. I like the Chevrolet better than the GM this time. Which is typically true for me in the past but not the last two models. Chevrolet's have been duds in the design dept. Good to see them back.

Monster, I've called him out several times about his protectionism comments about USA. The lack of them in Au is what killed off Ford and GM, even though they were govt subsidized. Toyota hinted they were likely the next to close shop there.







I read that the latest round of high tech engineering, including the dual stacked double headlamps was inspired by the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

I'm sure for around $70k you can buy the Woodie version with the faux wood paneling. I'm sure that'll be a hot seller amongst their target buyer, the 65 & up crowd.

What about the Ram 1500 Eco Diesel or the new 2014 Ram 2500 series pickup trucks? Are they actually using the "2014 MY" vehicles or what?








Blah. Chevrolet won't mean jack again until they are no longer part of Obama's GM/GMC/GovtMoCo. GMC has destroyed Chevrolet trucks beyond all recognition from that of the early 1920's through the early 1970's. Those old 88-98's were the last glimmer of what I'd call hope for Chevrolet trucks. It was over after 98. For offroaders it was over after 87. Or even 72 for that matter. Chevrolet matters not to GM/GMC/GovtMoCo. It's all about China's Buick and U.S. GMC consumption to those jerkoffs. Piss on em. Buy a Ford, Dodge or Toyota for that matter. Chevrolet has gone into the toilet thanks to GM.

@Tyler: Chevy has it's share of idiots, I seen one of them on here saying "Chevy is blowing Dodge out of the water" Lol, now that guy or girl, probably a little girl, hasn't paid attention to current sales changes....things are changing, if you haven't noticed.

Whats the new Chevy offer, a poor bumper step and a few gear hunting engines, in low riders, trailer brake on WRONG SIDE.

What's RAM got to offer Tommy? Not much except for countless recalls and non-existent Eco Diesels! LOL

It appears GM is having trouble outside of the US, maybe not including China. The Chinese market could pose a problem to GM as the Chinese market matures.

GM seems to have problems as of late operating in mature and protected markets. Let alone a free market like Australia.

I read this yesterday in the WSJ.

GM and Ford leaving Australia isn't great, but it is necessary. Why should someone who buys an imported vehicle pay extra to support a job? Or for that matter any/all of the Australian tax payers. Why don't we use that money to invest into infrastructure to reduce business cost?

This would increase our ability to compete better on our high wages.

It makes more sense to look at the future than the past.

GMC is no longer Government Motors. The USA government recently sold all remaining shares.

- @Lou, Sorry there guy, GMC will Always be Government Motors. They took the money period. You can't call take backs on this stuff there bud. There is no rewriting history. They would not be here without the Government so they are justly named. Add to it, they Still owe U.S. taxpayers over 10.5 Billion dollars even after the joke of a selloff. And who did Obama sell the shares to? China?? The bottom line remains, Chevrolet should have dumped GM/GMC like a bad habit long ago. GM/GMC is now and forever a disgusting Liberal institution. It sucks to be American Chevrolet.

@Lou, Sorry there guy, GMC will Always be Government Motors. They took the money period. You can't call take backs on this stuff there bud. There is no rewriting history. They would not be here without the Government so they are justly named. Add to it, they Still owe U.S. taxpayers over 10.5 Billion dollars even after the joke of a selloff. And who did Obama sell the shares to? China?? The bottom line remains, Chevrolet should have dumped GM/GMC like a bad habit long ago. GM/GMC is now and forever a disgusting Liberal institution. It sucks to be American Chevrolet.

Posted by: Dale | Dec 13, 2013 1:06:39 PM

Speaking of that.....has Ford paid back the 6 billion that they got off of the gov't in 2009 or 2010? Last I heard they hadn't paid back a penny yet.

The only thing good on the new GM trucks is the direct injection and better fuel economy, nothing else is innovative as far as I'm concered they just changed it for the sake of changing it.

Tom, care to elaborate on "current sales changes"?

Last time I saw Chevy was widening it's lead over Fiat even further.

Joe, what's innovative on truck brand you drive in comparison to Chevy?

I am loser who has nothing else better to do then to log in as a TROLL and TROLL! I am pathetic.


This year, for the first time ever, we have a sweep: Chevrolet wins both with two new entries, its Corvette and its Silverado pickup. Congratulations to General Motors and the Chevrolet team with an extraordinary effort -- and execution -- indeed. Two of them, in fact.

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