Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Wins 2014 Truck of the Year Award


Photography by Jessica Walker, Motor Trend magazine

It's official; the winner of the 2014 Motor Trend Truck of the Year competition is the new Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. For the second year in a row, the testers at Motor Trend magazine have selected the Ram 1500 to be the best of any all-new or significantly revised trucks (defined as vans or pickup trucks) for the 2014 model year.

Other competitors this year included the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Toyota Tundra, Ford Transit Connect, GMC Sierra 1500, Ram HD and several others. As near as we can tell from the winner's story, the Motor Trend staff still appreciates the Ram 1500 for the same reasons they awarded the truck the Golden Calipers last year, with the single difference being the impressive 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel powertrain that's new for this year. 

Although at times sounding a little defensive about their choice, the test drivers say this new engine is more than just another powertrain choice; it's a new strategy that will change the way half-ton buyers think about their next pickup truck purchase: "This isn't just a new engine — this is, strictly speaking, a different technology for the segment."

In short, Motor Trend is calling this new VM Motori turbo-diesel a game-changer for the segment: "The Ram 1500 makes history as the first back-to-back winner because it offers all the things truck buyers want in a rig: choice, value, great design and more than enough power and torque." 

In a recent interview with Autoblog, Reid Bigland, president and CEO of Ram, noted the EcoDiesel will not arrive at dealerships until March 2014. This is a little odd; in past Motor Trend Truck of the Year competitions, the testers have noted that vehicles must be on sale the first week of January to qualify for the award. As far as we've been told, Ram 1500 EcoDiesels will be starting production in January. Still, this is the first time the MT TOTY award has been won by the same vehicle in back-to-back years. Congrats to Ram Truck. 

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2014 MTTOTY 2 II



Ouch! Sucks to be GM with their all-new trucks!

How can it be truck of the year when we don't even know the official MPG numbers yet?

"will not show up to dealerships until March 2014, which is a little odd, because in past Motor Trend Truck of the Year competitions, they have noted that for vehicles to qualify for their award, vehicles must be on sale the first week of January. As far as we've been told, Ram 1500 EcoDiesels will be starting production in January"

The award was rigged.

Motor Trend should have given it to something else and entered the EcoDiesel in next year's competition.

Silverado is not a game changer but it should have won. Lesser trucks have won in previous years.

It was rigged.

Way to go Ram! Congrats on making history!

Dang it!!!!!!! The Ford Ego Boast should have won!!!!!!!! This contest was rigged!!!!!!!! I'm telling my mommy!!!!!!!!

Its always rigged when someone doesn't agree with the choice. Awards and trophies end up collecting dust on the shelf. The truck's owners are what matters. If someone likes Chevy, then its the best truck for them. If they like Ford or Ram then it's the best truck for them. I'm happy Ram got the nod, but agree that the others are pretty darn good trucks too.

628 miles in a single tank is very impressive in a 1/2 Ton Truck. Congrats to Ram and it's team. Can't wait to see what the next Generation of Trucks are going to do.

Miss Piggy must be really proud with a snout like that, let's not forget this engine was all GM owned and designed with-out once more we would have a dead Ram.

628 miles in a tank is not that impressive. With a 36 gallon tank that's 17 mpg. Too bad the EcoDiesel has a smaller tank.

I just found my next truck! Move over Ford, here I come RAM!






GM had nothing to do with the design or build of this engine period. VM is 50% owned by GM but no longer as of this year, it's all FIAT.








Mustang II, Chevy Vega, Chevy Citation...

Each of the above lame-oh's was a Motor Trend winner

Good job RAM! Back to Back wins!
The article I read, the Editor-in-Chief for Motor Trend, Ed Lowe stated he got 28.2 MPG without changing his driving style (80-85MPH).
That may have cinched it for RAM.

The same basic RAM truck since 2009 with steady improvements, What does this say about the "All New" GM twins?

Looks like the EcoBoost is yesterdays news.

Toyota seems to be an also ran as well.

Of course Fiat-Ram is going to stay quiet about this...

Fiat-Chrysler 3.0L Diesel V6 Was Originally A GM Engine

I am very surprised that Ram won for the sole reason of putting GM's defunct diesel designed for the CTS in a full-size truck.

While I don't agree with Motor Trend's choice, I'll still say congratulations to Fiat-RAM. That had to hurt up at the Ren-Cen.

I bet if this engine turns out to be crap down the road and because GM’s name was on it people in the media will kill GM for it!

If you designed it you are going to get blamed if something goes wrong which is why you should be getting credit for the engine if it’s a winner!

Can’t have it both ways.


If the 30 MPGs they claim are true, these will sell well, and I may actually give one a serious look.

My Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel has been getting 27 MPG in combined driving and hovers around 30 MPG doing between 70-80 on the freeway. Great engine so far - hope to see it through to 250k plus over its lifetime.

If you read the article in ALLPAR. The person from MOTOR TREND that presented the award said he has been driving the truck and getting 28 MPG even with stints of 80-85 MPH. After driving 628 miles on one tank he still had 21 miles left in the tank. Let's see 649 divided by 28 equals what size tank. Congats RAM for another outstanding year and for the doubters RAM is the second best selling vehicle in Canada outselling Chevy & GM pickups combined. Chrysler overall came in second to Ford in Canada by less than a thousand units GM finished third.

Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say 'rigged', but they should follow their own rules. If one of them is it has to be for sale in January of the year awarded, then stick to it. No changing of the rules unless it is done ahead of time without a specific competitor in mind. It doesn't matter if this engine is 'game changing', follow the rules.
By rule, this pickup should not have won. I wonder how Furd and gumby will answer this one. Anybody here remember this one?


More details:


I think this tech is the way forward:
They now call it Via Motors.

It was rigged? This place gets dumber by the day. If you don't agree don't buy it. Nobody here is buying a truck based on a magazine award. The only thing worse than the trolls are the conspiracy guys who take these awards seriously.

When was the last time an award mattered to you personally? If it's any "of the year award" from a magazine you're lacking in life.

Who cares about Canada, this is America folks.

By the way GM and Ford sell more trucks in Mexico then in Canada combined.

They sell the same trucks in Canada plus the internet doesn't exactly have a border.

All American, Canada is part of America. Did you get out of first grade?

Its seems to me the Ram Heavy Duty should have gotten the nod. Didn't it have more new tech in it than the half ton. Coil springs, new gas engine, new heat management systems for the Cummins?

I heard the Sierra outsells the Silverado in Canada, and that the RAM HD outsells the Super Duty. Any truth to that?

As far as trucks go Chrysler has a very good line up right now. When you look at the rest of their product line, all you see is a bunch of mediocre outdated products except for maybe their new Jeep and rebadged Fiat car. If it wasn't for the success of their trucks, how good of shape would they really be in?

man, the Chevy, Ford and Toyota boys sure can whine!

Congrats, Ram!

It sure didn't win it on looks , its damn ugly as 1500 go....

Talking about Motor Trend, it looks like they have more news showing off the next F-150 interior.


kinda like the chevy SS that NASCAR said win on Sunday sale on Monday.The only thing is it is December and I still have yet to see one.

Great here come the Ram trolls..

2012, 2013 Truck of the year
Most capable
I secretly live in my moms basement

Honestly, the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 was much more deserving; a complete renovation of all powertrains with active fuel management, direct injection, and variable valve timing, much improved handling. Several innovations such as a built in tailgate step, in-bed LED lighting, a easy lower/lift tailgate, and more in-bed tie downs. The Ram 1500 definitely deserved it last year with the air suspension, 8 speed transmission, but not this year.

@lynn.. You're thinking about the Toyota Tundra. This is the Ram 1500, the most beautiful truck design inside and out ever made...and every journalist writes about it.

Congrats to Ram. I wonder what Ford and GM are thinking... "We are selling more trucks, but we're not winning any awards. How long is this going to last?" Something along those lines..

Lynn, its your opinion but you are by far in the miniority with thinking the Ram is ugly. And WXman, I think the Ram is the best looking on the outside and second for the interior, while I don't care for the exterior look in the Tundra, after looking at one I have to says the Tundra's new interior is best in class for comfort and looks.

@obama luvs ram, no that's not true. The Ram HD doesn't sell more than the Super Duty in Canada. Canadian sales mimic the U.S. Sales for the most part, with Ford 1st, GM second, Ram 3rd.

@Hank, Canada is in NORTH AMERICA. "American" is what you call a resident of the United States, just like "Canadian" is a resident if Canada. So if someone says "in America" they are refering the the United States, What are we supposed to say United Statesian?

@ Dafuq
Now that was funny although I am not sure if you meant it to be.


Nothing you mentioned is ground breaking or even impressive. A built in tailgate step? I'd be more likely to fall trying to find the thing then it actually helping out. I am not bashing on GM, but they did not deserve to win. Ram and Ford have more advanced and all around better trucks than GM. All they did was catch up, and it took them 7 years to do it. GM is selling due to brand loyalty, not because they are ground breaking trucks.

Uhh no, not all magazines think the Ram looks the best, not even close. PUTC, Motortrend, and USA Today Autos, thought the 2014 Sierra was the best looking of the whole group, and Consumer Reports specifically said that they though the 2014 Silverado was better looking than the Ram.

Just because Ram won MT TOTY twice in a row doesn't mean Ram has more awards overall, Popular Mechanics has given Ford trucks their Truck of the year award much more often than Dodge/Ram, and the Consumer Reports TOTY is actually based on actual testing, not just thinking about what truck deserves it more like Motortrend. The 2011 PM TOTY was given to the Ford Super Duty because, they determined it handled better, had a more supple ride, and felt more secure than the other two. Consumer Reports just recently scored the 2014 Silverado significantly higher than the 2014 Ram 1500. Consumer Reports also ranked the Ram lowest in customer satisfaction based on actual truck owners. Not to mention the dozen recalls Ram endured this year. Lets also not forget the PUTC/Motortrend shootout where the F-150 beat out the Ram to take the top spot.

And you can't close your eyes and close your ears to sales numbers. Why do you think Ram/Fiat spends so much money on advertising? (According the WSJ, Chrysler spends more money on advertising than the other two); Ram themselves are trying to get higher sales, that's what brings in the income, that's the reason for all the recent changes to the Ram 1500/HD. In 2009 it was Chrysler/Fiat's 5 year goal to sell more trucks than the Silverado.

@Hank, well Mexico is also in North America does that make them American, heck no.

Once more who the heck cares about CANADA ehhh or is it ayyy...lol

All American, well I happen to like Canada mainly for thier fishing, cheaper health care and hot women.

It's a great truck and engine, but is also tragic, i think this is the beginning of the end for the last genuine American v8 vehicles, the American v 8 Pickup's

@John Hunt, I disagree, tailgate steps, tie downs, LED bed lighting, that's all a major innovation people who actually do work with these trucks -unlike magic towing dust, and EPA numbers that don't hold up in the real world..Whether you use your truck in the construction industry, farming, or you're a regular at Home Depot, these things are the most important features to show up in 2013-14. Plus the new Silverado has the highest V8 fuel economy; which is what most people buy, give it a year or so and GM might put in an 8 speed and will probably have the best V6 mpg.

Honestly, I think the GM trucks are the most deserving I just hate the look of the them especially the Chevy. I tried to like it but to me it looks like something from a prehistoric time with its brick shape.

It only comes with 26 or 32 gallon tank on Half ton

I'd call it a tie breaker, both Ram and GM offer some usefull goodies.

@Roger Looks like Ram steering wheel with a similar GM center stack. One thing I don't like off the bat is the radio preset station buttons are way over on the passenger side.

I would say that Ram deserves the win for being first to market with a diesel 1/2 ton.

I do not like the fact that we will not see one on the car lots until March of 2014. This has been a problem for Fiat North America. They have been plagued by delayed launches. On the flip side, it is better to delay a launch and fix problems then to release them and get hammered on "Initial Quality" and durability ratings.

The GMC siblings are good trucks but they do not set the bar industry wide. GMC advertising said they raised the bar but ONLY if the benchmark was the GMT900's. A limbo expert would be needed to get under the bar height set by the GMT900's.

Ram diesels allegedly outsell Ford diesels in Canada. I can't find any 3rd party proof other than Chrysler PR.
Sales rankings are as follows.
GMC combined does outsell Ram for those who like to aggregate sales.
On a slaes volume basis, the Canadian market isn't very big but if it is based on per capita sales - the Canadian truck market is larger than the American one.
Ford F Series is #1. Ram #2, Sierra#3, Silverado#4

I love all the fanboyism going around on this site. Everyone drumming along about how this brand is going to annihilate the other brands etc etc etc. Except they miss the point. The only reason trucks are as good as they are right now is because all 5 major 1/2 ton makers are giving it 110%. The last thing we want (and by the way it will never happen so you can drop all the bravado and chest pounding) is one brand running away with everything. Do you honestly want Fullsize trucks to become like the midsizers with one brand dominating simply because they show up? Props to Ram for winning this one, and props to the others for pushing them so hard that they innovate and develop and move the whole segment forward.

Been doing a whole lot of thinking about this and when my beloved truck rolls its last mile, I think I'm just gonna re-life it making improvements that fit me and spend half or less over a new one.

If I live long enough to wear it out a second time them I'll maybe look at something else.

If I win the lottery all bets are off!

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