Ram Commercial to Offer 2015 ProMaster City

2013_fiat_doblo II

Now that Ram's new full-size commercial van, the ProMaster, is available, Ram Commercial has officially announced it will offer a smaller van platform for the commercial and passenger van segments called the ProMaster City. It will be available for the 2015 model year.

"The Ram ProMaster City further expands the Ram Commercial truck lineup, which includes everything from vans to pickups to Class Four and Five trucks," said Reid Bigland, Ram president and CEO, said in a statement. "As Ram Commercial continues to gain share and grow sales in the market, we will be aggressive in our goal of expanding our commercial vehicle offerings."

Based on the Fiat Doblo, the panel van and "leisure activity vehicle" has been sold since 2000 and offers gas, turbo-diesel, compressed natural gas and electric hybrid powertrains; the vans are sold as two, three-, four- and five-door models worldwide. No information has been released about what powertrains will be available for the U.S. and Canada, but we're guessing at least one gas and diesel four-cylinder engine will suffice, with alternative variants likely soon after its debut. Final decisions on styling and features are being made now.

The ProMaster City will likely replace the Ram Cargo Van, which is a slightly modified version of the Dodge Caravan minivan, which Ram Commercial has used as its entry-level cargo option. The ProMaster City platform will be more configurable, most likely offering long- and short-wheelbase versions to better compete with Ford's Transit Connect and Nissan's NV200.

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Dodge is really going out to kill off Chevy here huh? Insane.





More like Chrysler is slowly morphing into Fiat.


No coincidence I suppose that the Ram van story fits in neatly alongside the Nissan van recalls... Juss sayin'

@Big Bob - that is what I am thinking. I wonder how long it will be before the Cummins I6 is replaced by a iveco sourced I6. They have an engine almost identical to the Cummins 6.7

An optional Sistine Chapel ceiling painting will be available after its debut.

@papa jim - what I find interesting is the fact that PUTC has NEVER mentioned the fact that Ford got dinged for importing the Transit Connect as a "car" and then converting it to a truck by shredding the passenger seats and putting metal panels in the window openings.

"In the Jan. 30 decision USC&BP told Ford, “It is clear that the Connect is a commercial vehicle first and foremost,” in a 13-page ruling, that importing it as a passenger van it “serves no manufacturing or commercial purpose” and that Ford’s process was nothing other than an attempt to “manipulate the tariff schedule.”


@DenverMike - what tariff schedule would that be?
Here is a hint - think Colonel Sanders.

I want one in hot pink with lime green wheels and a big fuzzy purple mustache on the front bumper.

Lou, Stop trolling, you smelly pirate hooker.

Ram is now Fiat Ram. Italian sheep.

RAM shouldn't be associated with this liberal Italian garbage. Obama and the liberals running Chrysler/UAW are at fault. Bought and paid for, then handed over to Fiat with OUR money!!! No company needs TWO BAILOUTS!!! NOT ON THE TAXPAYERS DIME!!! The Dodge Bros are rolling over in their graves!! Dodge Motor Co didn't need bailout money!!!

@Don - you forgot to change your name to Pablo when you made that comment.
Trolls are morons.

@mopar madness - there are rumours that the name "Dodge" will be completely dropped from Fiat North America's portfolio.

Dodge Ram trucks are now Ram.

The Dodge Viper is now SRT Viper.

The odds are that we will see the following nameplates:

Ram - all pickups, vans and commercial trucks.

Chrysler - all passenger vehicles that are not performance oriented.

SRT - all performance based products.

Jeep - SUV's

This van looks much heavier-duty than my '03 Ram. It's been a real piece of crap. I wish I could get a Chevy or a Ford, but I've sunk my life savings into this turd just to keep it running, and have no money to put down on a new one as a result. So I'll just keep driving(or pushing) my Ram and saying it's awesome to make myself feel better. I hope you guys understand.




Might I suggest Fiat Ram since this is a Fiat rebadged as a Ram. Just drop the Dodge name altogether and just call them Fiats.

Fiat 3500 does have a nice ring to it. They can let Nissan have Cummins and put VM Motori engines in them.

"Based on the Fiat Doblo"


Amen Tom





@Big Bob

@ Lou_BC


GM has the new Renault-Nissan vans rebadged as Chevrolet vans,the new Colorado is a European truck all of GM's cars and most suv's are based off of Opels and Vauxhalls ! Some small cars made by Suzuki !

Ford all of its cars and small-mid sized suv's are imports based off of Mazda's,Volvo's and Ford of Europe..The Mustang and trucks are the only American Fords left,Edge/Taurus are Volvo's !!Ford vans are European vans,the Transit is made in Turkey with Chinese parts !!!

Guess you failed to understand that it works both ways for Chrysler-Fiat.. The new Maserati Ghibli is actually a Chrysler 300,many current Dodge/Chrysler models are rebadged as Lacia/Maserati in Europe.Chrysler doesnt have any vans beside the minivan,so the ProMaster is a good fit,as GM,Ford also has European vans in their line-up !

So,before you knock RAM remember your ride isnt what you think it is...Ford besides the Mustang and F-Series all else are imports..

GM has the Corvette,fullsize trucks and current Savana-Express vans all other cars,small trucks,small vans are import ! Cadillac cars are Vauxhalls as is the Camaro is a European Vauxhall !


They dont call Case tractors Fiats...

They dont call the F12berlinetta a Fiat, it is called a Ferrari F12berlinetta !

Fiat's truck division is called Iveco !!!!

Understand ? Fiats truck division is called IVECO !!!!

You people are so uneducated no wonder America is a p.o.s country today ! You people are so stupid,it takes people from other countries to run your companies as you are so ill-informed and uneducated ! As it proves by these posts you guys put on !!

You guys try to put down a company but I would rather own a Fiat Group product then any Toyota,GM or Ford ! I would take a RAM truck or a Ferrari anyday of the week !! You can keep your French-Japanese Chevy Van or Euro-Turkish-Chinese Ford Transit or your Volvo-Mazda -Ford Flex or Taurus !!

You people are so uneducated !!! I bet you cant understand what I wrote...


Your username is very ironic.

If Chevy is rebadging a Nissan/Renault and calling it a Chevy that's still a Nissan and benefits Nissan.

If Ford uses a FORD of Europe van, a subsidiary of Ford and owned by Ford Motor Company, it's still a FORD.

Hellow, McFly, anybody home?

What GM is doing to Chevy is totally different and ruining the Chevy brand.

They should badge this bad boy up as a Jeep.

fiat is cool car,,,

thing is, why not make a new passenger van based off this and put it under chrysler instead of making a separate minivan for families? more than likely like the article states, the cargo van tradesman was just a hold me over till the promaster city got here. and what about powertrain? imo, a 2.4 tigershark and the 3.0 fiat (not vm motori) diesel I-4 from the promaster should be the north american powertrain. and go ahead and put the nine speed in instead of the 62TE in the promaster cause it's on its way out anyway. and for all of the lame ass morons out their was chrysler mercedes benz or mitsubishi with their current chassis? lets be clear as long as there is a hemi v8 there is still mopar. as long as there is still mopar there is still american chrysler. when they replace the hemi with some pentastar or ferrari v8 or some forced induction v6 then you can call chrysler italian. btw, gm is going to use the nissan nv200 chassis as their small van chassis instead making their own. are they gonna have recalls on their van too? are they japanese? is the chevy ss and camaro austrailian? is buick/opel german? is gm so american that they are government motors? just sayin, i mean people say bullshit, you know. people don't realize that automobiles are global nowdays. the colorado uses a vm motori 2.8 diesel. do you think it bothers me? do i think the colorado is italian? is it chevrolet (colorado) find new italian roads/trails (for your italian diesel)? just sayin, we gotta play by the dumb ass' rules around here, right?

The Fiat boys are funny when they get mad.

@You Are Clueless
The new Maserati Ghibli is actually a Chrysler 300,many current Dodge/Chrysler models are rebadged as Lacia/Maserati in Europe."
No not really, but your on the money with your posts.From Wikipedia.
" The architecture will EVENTUALLY BE USED under a future Alfa Romeo E-segment car, next generation Dodge Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300 as well as the next generation Maserati GranTurismo coupe

"@Big Bob - that is what I am thinking. I wonder how long it will be before the Cummins I6 is replaced by a iveco sourced I6. They have an engine almost identical to the Cummins 6.7"

Do not think it is that far away. To overcome sheer paranoia, the 6.7 could be rebadged a CASE for NA consumption.

Lol, Lou says there is a rumor that the Dodge name will be gone, it's only a rumor that he himself probably started.

Oh oh, is America losing its macho status?

@Alex and Lou is a troll,

I'm not going to be bashing Canada or other country, but if I were to take an educated guess I'm some what sure Canada has a higher (much higher) percentage of "anti Americanism" (jealousy) than there's anti Canadian/anti-Australian in America. Lou and Al are really getting annoying with their jealousy and hate.

For instance if you were to go to youtube or this blog on PUTC and watch some sort of an Americana/American video or read some post about the USA, the first anti American comment will most likely be Canadian (try it you will be surprised). If I were to watch some canadian video (i don't know, them making syrup) or a Canadian truck post the first hate filled comment toward Canada would come from... most likely not an American and when there is, an American is defending Canada.

For the most part I don't think Canada is obsessed with the United States of America, but it just seems odd that most Canadians can't keep the name "America" out of their mouth when talking about anything. They keep everything competitive with Americans and in turn we the Americans really don't care about Canada. So why do you think Canadians are so fascinated with America? New Zealand (compared to Canada in general) doesn't complain or make everything competitive with Australia or Scotland with Britain or Hong Kong with China etc.

My only explanation for this is that Canadians are fed up with so much American culture and American trucks and vehicles in their country that all they want is some self recognition with their own culture. So they lash out anything they see as "American". Do they have the right to do this? I don't know. I do think they have the right to be frustrated but lashing out at Americana really seems insecure. Kiwis and Scottish people are very proud to be who they are but Canadians seem to be more insecure when it comes to being Canadian. It's not like it's Americans or America's fault.

I honestly don't know much about Canada...have never been there. But I have seen Lou post on here that he is from Canada and praises top down authoritarian government-run healthcare. Seems to me he wants everyone to be as miserable as they are.

After many claims that the popular Fiat Doblo van, made in Turkey, would be imported to the United States and Canada with minimal changes, Ram implied today that it would, in fact, be quite different from the European model.

A small press release, issued, withdrawn, and then reissued, claimed that the 2015 “Ram ProMaster City will encompass familiar Ram Truck styling cues and offer features and powertrains preferred by North American commercial customers.”


When the Fiat Ducato was converted to American use as the Ram ProMaster, it gained a toughened suspension and body for added durability, and also gained a substantial increase in payload capacity; Ram also changed the interior and added a Chrysler powertrain option, the 3.6 liter V6 with a six-speed automatic.

Read more at allpar.

The Americanization of Doblo

@TRX 4 Tom - Google "is the dodge name going to be discontinued" or something similar.

@John - " jealousy and hate". That is right up there with labelling someone as a communist or socialist or left wing or Obama lover etc.
"I honestly don't know much about Canada" if that is the case why are you making assumptions about Canadians?

I don't make assumptions. My observations are based upon what I see, read and hear. A large amount of what I see, read and hear is from American sources. It is easy to be conscious of what goes on in the USA since what the USA does affects everyone. I try to know what goes on in many parts of the world because it impacts my country and indirectly my standard of living.

Ignorance can be by choice or by the simple fact that if one grows up a certain way exposed to only one way of thinking, doing, and believing then that person will be oblivious to what is around them. One does not notice the air we breath for the same reason. It can take real conscious effort to see the box that one is confined in and to try to see outside that box.

Your entire post confirms what I have just said. You post also proves that you swallow hook line and sinker the belief that the USA way of doing things is the best way or you would not have criticized " top down authoritarian government-run healthcare".
Around 15% of Americans do not have health insurance or any form of health coverage.
When one looks at the efficiency of health care, the USA falls between Serbia and Iran in 46th place. Wow - Serbia and Iran are well known as the gold standard for heath care.

I didn't bring it up, you did. Stick to discussing trucks and you might stand a chance of sounding credible. Take the discussion to any other topic and you aren't going to fare well.

Part of the reason why I pay attention to what goes on south of the border is because USA based recruiters have tired many times to get me to move there. Why would that so difficult if I was jealous and miserable in my current place of residence?

@Scott - interesting tidbit.

"Ram implied today that it would, in fact, be quite different from the European model."

Now substitute Ram for Chevrolet and Doblo for Colorado.

This thing is hideous. It's a mini van with a thyroid condition. Bring back the old American designed vans. The only one that looks halfway decent in this segment is the Nissan full-sized NV. At least that looks like how a full sized van should look. The rest of them look like European transplants.

"and also gained a substantial increase in payload capacity; Ram also changed the interior and added a Chrysler powertrain option, the 3.6 liter V6 with a six-speed automatic."

Sounds great but Ducato already has a 4,500lb payload for the Van. The V6 will be gutless as a "workhorse" but fine as a small delivery vehicle A bit of PR to make it sound "tougher" than the European version which it is not.

"Leisure activity vehicle" tells me all I need to know, and is in the same realm as "lifestyle vehicle" but worse. Bloated passenger cars don't belong in a work environment any more serious than pillow delivery.

@Alex and John, Macho status? You do know America is the most hated country ever! And I have a life thanks, and you Americans are the ones that talk about the war on British army videos all day! You talk about how your country is the "best" and your trucks are the "best" and "how you can kick anyone's ass" I hear that all the time from you Americans. No wonder everyone hates your country. But I'm done talking to you.

This site needs to be run by someone from outside the American pickup community, that has no ties with Ford, GM, or Chrysler to run the stories! I am tired of all of the American coverage and propaganda all the time. But I'm done talking to you.

I find it very interesting that this site has never mentioned the payload on the Ranger.

Its interior may be comfortable and relaxing, but the Ranger is a vehicle designed primarily for work. With outstanding payload and towing capability, along with a range of features and accessories to manage all kinds of load, it's a very practical choice. And with new, lower cost-of-ownership figures, it's a good choice financially, too.

The Ranger is designed to be able to cope with virtually any carrying or towing task you set it.

Payload and towing capability
The Ranger achieves exceptional payload and towing capability of an impressive 1,340 kg and 3,495 kg respectively.


That's 3000 lbs payload for you Americans.

1500 lbs payload,,, but with a higher payload gas mileage will suffer. There's a fine line with the weight of the vehicle with a heavy payload based on the size of the engine on gas mileage. Those eco-boost Ford guys don't drive around all day with 2500 lbs in the bed and claiming 22 MPG,,, you know what I mean? If you're going to load down this "van" with weight all the time you will never get any decent gas mileage, you're better off with a full size van with V8 power.

@Lou_BC - Why do you troll? Every import brand that sells trucks in the US (or has sold trucks since 1964) is guilty of "manipulating the tax schedule". Unless they're paying the full tax schedule, all of them are manipulating. And? Ford found a weakness on the tax schedule and pounced on it with the Transit Connect. So what? They were stopped, but that doesn't mean they'll stop importing the TC. Or stop manipulating the tax schedule. Unaffected. And Fiat/Ram will import their van while manipulation the tax schedule. Beyond trolling, what's your point?


Now if only the auto cartels would apply the same "Bigger is not always better" philosophy to their pickup truck offerings.

@YAC: It's not that Americans are "clueless", it's that the typical American is conceited. They have to believe they are the best at everything or else their lives will fall apart. The problem is that such conceit is going to eventually cause the collapse of American society as we currently know it. Such conceit is WHY we're fighting such extremism on both sides of the "Aisle". They have to believe they know everything because they don't want to hear others can do it better.

It's because of this conceit that American healthcare is so broken.
It's because of this conceit that American education is so far behind 23 other countries.
It's because of this conceit that the American automobile industry is in such a shambles.

Is Ford the best automaker? It may be the most popular, but that doesn't mean it's the best.
Is General Motors the best automaker? Personal opinion but to me their products are better than Ford's--but still not the best.
Chrysler Corp? Seemingly the least popular and if you ask me Benz did almost everything they could to ruin it--after giving up on it long before they should have. Fiat is beginning to reap the benefits of Benz's efforts as they're realizing significant sales increases. Part of this is the fact that Fiat is working to undo the damage Benz did with their poor quality control. So no, even Chrysler can't be called the best.

Who is? You'll get as many answers as there are auto manufacturers in the world. However, it seems that Toyota currently has the right to claim that title as it is one of the few brands that is highly praised around the world--no matter what political ideology may rule where it's used.

The market is going to be way over saturated with all these new models at once.





How about PUTC cover Body on Frame SUV's like the Tahoe and Expedition, if you cover unit body vans you should cover body of frame SUV's which is more of a truck.

You have several times mentioned something you have imagined called the Auto Cartel. No such thing.

There is no place on earth today where consumer choice is limited by their nation's auto industry.

Auto manufacturing capacity, in fact, has been in either a surplus (or near surplus) condition for almost 20 years. It is a buyer's market.

40 years ago the average car would rust completely through in 10 years or less. The drivetrains were $hit. They had horrible brakes and tires.

Today's cars are brilliantly engineered and have a much smaller impact on the environment than ever before. They are far safer.

There is no Cartel.

@England Forever, I was born in England, grew up in Australia and now live in the US. I know what England is like, and I know that pommies give it back to everyone just as much as they are on the receiving end. So don't play the victim card! Gosh, in England, they can't stand people from another city let alone another country. The idea that you would visit a city whose football team you can't stand is unfathomable!

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