Recall Alert: 2013 Nissan NV200

2013_NV200_Sliding_Side_Door_Open II

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 2,500 Nissan NV200 compact vans from the 2013 model year manufactured between Feb. 6 through Aug. 2.

The Problem: Select models could have a routing issue with the wiring harness that leads from fuse link to the battery fuse terminal. The harness could potentially wear through the protective wrap and cause a short circuit in the wiring. This could cause the vehicle to stop running.

The Fix: Nissan dealers will inspect the wiring harness and reposition as necessary, and they will add another protective shield for extra protection.

What Owners Should Do: Nissan will contact all owners regarding the recall, which is to begin in mid-December. Owners may call Nissan at 800-647-7261 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236, or go to

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Make fast all of your lines: Here comes the wave of fan bois noise.

I assume this affects the Chevrolet badge job vans too? Better take your new fake "Chevy" to the local Nissan dealer ASAP for it's warranty repair.

The fix is to "reposition the wiring harness." I think I will just take it to the dealer for the next oil change rather than rush to the lot, demanding action.

Anyone else notice some recalls are just getting dumb lately?

Nissan will get it figured out. my hat is off to them for getting the issue fixed. at least this recall will take some of the heat off of ford with all of their recalls lately.

Take a deep breath everyone. Repositioning a wiring harness is pretty simple stuff. If that is the worst it gets for recalls on this vehicle, then I'd say this van is pretty well made.


No recalls for the Chevy "City Express" version because it is not coming out until the end of next year. 2015 MY.

@Dave, Chevrolet shouldn't be tied to this crap. Just another Obama failure. GMC/GM is an evil organization run by Liberal's in disguise. Chevrolet is a true Independent's and Patriots company. Or at least it was decades ago before big daddy (Big Brother) GM (Government Motors) ruined them. Thanks to Obama, GMC/GM and their evil empire is alive and well sucking the taxpayer dry. A GMC brand truck purchase is like another vote for Obama. The Denali trim should have gone to Chevrolet Motors where it belonged in the first place and GMC/GM should have gone bankrupt and closed. Buick of China should have been sold to the Chinese. Sad to say, a true American would be better of buying one of these Nissan's or a Toyota if they are concerned with American parts content and assembly. Either that or buy a Ford. Chevrolet was the real deal way back when, GMC/GM destroyed em.

That seriously is the funniest and stupidest thing I've heard in a while...
Grow up and get a real education, not a Faux News education.

Voltage , really? GM is a bad deal all around. As a Democrat and not a hardcore leftist lib, I didn't care for this either. I support my fellow Union members in the USA man. Not the Chinese Buick and German Opel organizations. This is JUST like Faux news, Not Cool!. GMC IE:GM sucks. We rooted for Chevrolet and even Cadillac too since it was the start of Michigan but not now. Screw GM.

Nice looking van, but the interior is very depressing . It needs some fake tiger skin seats and a furry dice .

Nice looking van, but the interior is very depressing . It needs some fake tiger skin seats and a furry dice

@DDuck, LOLOL!!!!! LOOKS like a CHEVY INTERIOR! Silverado, Corvette, Camaro AND THE REST! CHEAP junk. Chevrolet enthusiasts can THANK GovtMoCo for that!!!

@DENNIS, AMEN!!!!! SCREW GovtMoCo! NO company NEEDS TWO DAMN TRUCKS! NOT on the American Taxpayers dime! gm SHOULD HAVE died.

I don't understand what the problem is. GM is a global company. No auto maker can afford not to be in this market. China is poised to be the biggest car market in the world in the next couple years. GM already sells more cars in China than here in the US. Why would greater sales be a bad thing?
And how is GMC worse than Chevy? It is typically a little bit higher trim, and higher margin brand.

Nice van! This would be great for picking up chicks in the red light district (no back windows).

Come on Renault,get your act together !!

I remember seeing Renault LeCar around but after about 5 years old they were in the junk yard,seems Renault-Nissan hasnt changed !

Well, I'd rather support Nissan over Chevrolet anymore. Heart Of America my ass or whatever they called it.

@Voltage, are you insane? US tax monies going to support global operations? You're saying our tax money should and rightfully went to support the Chinese. People like you are the problem with this country. The same goes for GM-GMC. Thank God for companies like American Ford, or sadly Toyota or Nissan. I agree with others, Chevrolet's and even Cadillac's potential was wasted on GM-GMC-Buick. Disgusting that I worked all month to help That. William Durant and even the Swiss born Louis Chevrolet would be appalled at what their venture turned into. GM-GMC is tainted, dirty and disgusting. So is Buick of China. Yuck. This world an American's need to wake up.

"Sad to say, a true American would be better of buying one of these Nissan's or a Toyota if they are concerned with American parts content and assembly"


The Nissan NV200 is made in Mexico.

Voltage, dude, GMC will be the End of Chevy. The Bowtie can't even compete on a level playing field with the Blue Oval and Ram head nor the rest. The Bowtie is held back by GM big time. It's a sad way for Chevy to die since they've been around so long but they are going the way of Plymouth and Mercury. If not for the Camaro-Corvette-Cruze trifecta, they wouldn't have lasted the first half of Obummer. GM/GMC wrecked the Silverado and from my information it was intentional. Same with that rental Impala. You can't even get All wheel drive on the new one like you can in others that compete. I dunno man, I'd have supported Chevrolet over GM-GMC too given the option.

@Jason, Heck, Toyota and Nissan have better American parts and build content over the Chevrolet Silverado.

Between, Nissan, Ford and now Dodge, I'm not sure Chevy can survive. I too think GM has turned Chevrolet into damaged goods at the alter of the rest of their brands-companies.. Not cool GM. Not cool. Chevrolet was the only one that really mattered long term and was worth the investment dollars.

Nothing like a thread about a Japanese vehicle to bring out the political nut jobs. I didn't expect it to turn into a GMC bashfest.

To those who think that Ford is keeping their money in the USA needs to get a proctologist to pull their head out of their a$$. The only "AhMurCAN" vehicles in their portfolio are the F Series and Mustang. ALL of their cars are European sourced. Their SUV's are European as well. The E Series is going to be replaced by a European van.

Chrysler - who owns them????

Looks very flimsy. How is this Japanese when it is French owned and built in Mexico. Might want to check up on that. Same with the Ram guys who think Italian owned and made in Mexico is American because of where the Chrysler headquarters is located. Nothing like a "Japanese" brand post to bring out the American haters from outside of this country.

@Rodge - you spelled Dodge wrong and Renault does not own Nissan (at least not all of it). It is considered an "alliance" or partnership.
I do not hate Americans. I dislike morons regardless of nationality.

You anti-GMC guys do realize Obama wanted to axe GMC, until GM showed them it was their most profitable brand.

There is no such thing as an American car anymore, it's sad but it's true. So buy what you want.

GM is run by liberals in disguise. That's funny.

You guys realize the 67-72 Chevy trucks you guys love so much were built by GM, as were the 88-98 C/K pickups.

Lou, Stop your anti-USA trolling.

Hey Lou, Stop your anti-USA politics and anti-USA trolling. It is dividing the blog and not helping Mark Williams.

@don er Pablo - LMFAO. Funny you mention USA politics and division in the same sentance.
Too bad it wasn't deliberate, that would mean that you are brighter than your posts indicate.

@don er Pablo - LMFAO. Funny you mention USA politics and division in the same sentance.
Too bad it wasn't deliberate, that would mean that you are brighter than your posts indicate.

LOL, Lou_BC can't even spell sentence right. wahahahaha

Bob for President!

Lou for dog catcher.

TRX4 Tom for Mayor.

Quit trolling johnny doe.

FordTrucks1 for police chief.

Frank for garbage collector.

Frank for garbage collector.
Posted by: lou is a troll | Dec 2, 2013 7:58:00 PM

I will second that and I don't even know the guy.

@Alex and Lou is a troll,

I'm not going to be bashing Canada or other country, but if I were to take an educated guess I'm some what sure Canada has a higher (much higher) percentage of "anti Americanism" (jealousy) than there's anti Canadian/anti-Australian in America. Lou and Al are really getting annoying with their jealousy and hate.

For instance if you were to go to youtube or this blog on PUTC and watch some sort of an Americana/American video or read some post about the USA, the first anti American comment will most likely be Canadian (try it you will be surprised). If I were to watch some canadian video (i don't know, them making syrup) or a Canadian truck post the first hate filled comment toward Canada would come from... most likely not an American and when there is, an American is defending Canada.

For the most part I don't think Canada is obsessed with the United States of America, but it just seems odd that most Canadians can't keep the name "America" out of their mouth when talking about anything. They keep everything competitive with Americans and in turn we the Americans really don't care about Canada. So why do you think Canadians are so fascinated with America? New Zealand (compared to Canada in general) doesn't complain or make everything competitive with Australia or Scotland with Britain or Hong Kong with China etc.

My only explanation for this is that Canadians are fed up with so much American culture and American trucks and vehicles in their country that all they want is some self recognition with their own culture. So they lash out anything they see as "American". Do they have the right to do this? I don't know. I do think they have the right to be frustrated but lashing out at Americana really seems insecure. Kiwis and Scottish people are very proud to be who they are but Canadians seem to be more insecure when it comes to being Canadian. It's not like it's Americans or America's fault.

I honestly don't know much about Canada...have never been there. But I have seen Lou post on here that he is from Canada and praises top down authoritarian government-run healthcare. Seems to me he wants everyone to be as miserable as they are.

@Bobby McMichigan - a keyboard error is much easier to correct than an IQ only high enough to keep yourself from drooling on the keyboard.

@John - why don't you stick to calling me a smelly pirate hooker.

This problem reminds me of the rear door harness recall Nissan had on the king cab Titan. The wiring harness going to the rear door could get pinched and/or rubbed through causing a short circuit in the automatic seat belt tensioner system. With this fix, the dealer will order some minimum wage slave tech to make the repair after scratching up the paint and doing a sloppy harness tape job like they did on my truck. When their sloppy tape job starts peeling off the harness,you'll have to bring it back in and hope they'll redo the repair job... which they probably won't do. So, I purchased the recall kit myself and redid their sloppy repair job on mine. Unbelievable I know, but that's what I had to do.

Just so all know, I had the harness get fried in my Nissan NV200 and it has been at the local Nissan dealer now for 2 weeks trying to get parts to fix it. Don't wait to get the protective piece put in place. Nissan doesn't even have the replacement parts in America.

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