Spied: 2015 Ford F-150 Interiors

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Photos and information from KGP Photography

Our friends at KGP just sent us these shots of the next-generation Ford F-150. This time they were able to get close enough to shoot a few interior shots — much to the dismay of the test driver. Here's what they told us.

Two Trim Levels Revealed

"We shot two separate F-150 prototypes, revealing two trim levels and dashboard configurations. While there are still portions of the new F-Series interior that are still a mystery, we have exposed a few details of the trucks' controls and button interfaces. It's likely that some elements revealed here don't represent the final materials, but the design, layout and configurations of the screens and buttons should be what's expected to be revealed at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit."

Atlas Concept Interior Traits

"Elements of Ford's Atlas concept truck can be seen on the interior design of the 2015 F-150. Starting with the prototype's instrument binnacle, we see a similarly shaped angular hood over the gauge cluster. The prototype's instrument hood also has places for contrasting trim on its outside edges, which appears to be an exact match for the chrome-edged instrument hood found on the Atlas concept.

"The F-150 prototypes also have a center-stack design that shows Atlas influences, with new, vertical air vents and similar screen placements. The prototype F-150 looks like it might have some dash-top storage. The layout of the central tunnel on the production F-150 and the Atlas concept are broadly similar, with the gear selector on the left and two cupholders on the right. The production truck actually gets a little more design detail, with chrome edging defining the two areas."

Uplevel Sync With MyFord Touch Layout

"The first interior that we spied shows a more upmarket trim level outfitted with the 8-inch central touch-screen display. Prominent knobs for volume and tune flank the upper cluster of buttons, which consist of two simple rows of numbered presets (1-6), which sandwich the media and skip controls. Two more big dials control the temp and dual functions for passenger comfort. We also see what appears to be a revised take on the rotary electric transfer case selector to shift between the various drive modes."

Midlevel Sync With MyFord Touch Layout

"Also revealed: Another prototype was caught with a midlevel trim setup, eschewing the 8-inch touch-screen in favor of a smaller (likely 4.2-inch) screen. This prototype reveals the Sync with MyFord setup, offering simpler infotainment options, while still clearly a step up from a base AM/FM stereo in base WT trim. The prototype captured here appears to do away with the shapelier button design that surrounds the 4.2-inch screen on the current truck. Instead, the 2015 MyFord Touch setup has two rectangular blocks of buttons flanking the smaller screen — source controls on the left (music, radio, CD, Sirius, media, phone) and a numbered keypad on the right. The two tiers of buttons that reside below the screen are similar, but simplified versions of the setup visible on the layout."

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7 FordF-150.intb02.KGP.ed-2935057037 II

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I like it, I guess.
I mean, as much as I can like a four-door, dinky-box truck with bucket seats and a console-mounted shifter. Shows some advancement over the current F-150, which is definitely falling behind some of the newer models (Ram esp.)
Can't wait to see the more standard XL/XLT bench-seat interiors, as well as the next King Ranch. (Even though I just said I don't hold fancy trucks in high esteem, King Ranch and other "Western" trims have a special place in my heart.)
But probably won't see much of those until the NAIAS in January.

I hear GM is planning to reveal the Z06 Corvette at the same time Ford showcases the new F-150 and Mustang. Revenge for Ford upstaging them last January at Detroit with the Atlas?

It must be a slow news day. They're spooning us the shapes of air vents, and bright work. Ooooooh.

WHHHOOOPTEEEE FRICKIN DOO!!!!! That sure doesn't look like anything special to me. There is one thing that I find interesting though, and that's the GIRLY GIRL GEAR SHIFT ON THE CENTER CONSOLE! A gear shift in a truck BELONGS ON THE COLUMN. I know the FORD GIRLY GIRL KOOL-AID GUZZLERS will just be in love with it. Some one pass me the waste basket...I NEED TO PUKE NOW.

It looks way too confusing with all those button. I have had pickups with console shifters but I think I would rather have a little more storage in the console then a shifter. Although when I drive my sisters car with a console shifter it's pretty nice.


The shifter looks cool I guess.

Mix like a robot and more clean look ?? Y don't thing next year for sale be big,,,50k for pickup is to much,36k is a good price???

@ miath


What's the matter Michigan Bob, your welfare check late?

I really want to see this truck. I'm sure they have a very nice interior in store for their customers. I'm thinking this truck will get 26 mpg highway.

I'm not a fan of the console shifter and the buttons under the screen appear to be on the small side. Oh, and the round wheel wells have to go.

Other than that it looks good to me.

That's really ugly. My 2010 RAM 1500 Laramie looks better than this Ford 2014.

Column shift please and bring on the redesigned Super Duty!

well, I like the gear shifter so far, hard to tell to much, but it looks like the center stack is similar to a chevy.

The only good looking thing on a Ford are the tires (not the wheels) !

Looks about like expected for the most part. One thing that is standing out to me is the placement of the climate controls. They look really low plus they are behind the shift lever. One more observation is that the vertical vents give it more of a Chevy / Ram vibe.

What's with the small goofy looking screen in the 4th pic? Is that the radio pod interface for the cheapo models? Yuck! Say what you will about the Titan, at least the cheapo models had the same attractive looking dash as the more expensive models. It's very easy to change out the cheap single CD double din radio for a nice touch screen aftermarket unit and have a relatively nice looking center stack. Heck, some guy on the 'net even shoehorned an i-Pad into one.

I guess Ford and GM want to rub it in to the cheapskate buyers by giving them two different dash designs. I'm not liking the "mirrored" radio and HVAC controls on the higher line unit either.

I like the look of round vents better but since Toyota went with that theme Ford has to move on. LOL

@AllAmerican - did you actually look at the link you posted?
Here was the finish order:
1. GMC Sierra (outsells Silverado every year in Canada)
2. Ram 1500
3. Chevy Silverado

Why are you bragging about that kind of finish?

It goes to show that GMC's work grade versus professional grade status for Chevy/Sierra is readily apparent in those results and hurts Chevrolet.

It's quite obvious these are prototypes and the trolls are saying it's cheaper than their truck, lmao. The the 4th picture clearly shows a different dash trim level that will show basic info such as temp, oil pressure etc.


Please buy a computer, I have no idea what you post with your flip phone.

Looks like a Ram steering wheel with a GM looking type center stack. The thing I hate the most if I had to by this is all the radio station preset buttons are on the passage side, I bet that be a pain to change the radio while driving. Other that looks okay from what I can see so far.

If the interior looks anything like the atlas concept then it should sell well. My concern, however, is that if Ford wants to stay in the game(as in having a shot at TOTY 2015), they need some dramatic exterior changes. The basic sheet metal and look has been the same since 2004, with only minor styling changes in between. Don't believe me? Go and compare a photo of a 2004 with a 2013 and you'll see what I mean. Sure the front clip and all is different, but there are still a lot of similarities. It's just like if you compare a '99 Superduty with a '13. There are still a lot of similarities sheetmetal wise.

Anyways, back to my point. They should make sure the exterior styling look like the atlas and I think that along with the interior changes should be a winner. Ford should make sure to learn from the hard lesson that GM learned today about "conservative" redesigns.

@HemiMonster - valid point. Ford could run the risk of a Chevrolet blunder.
The hard part to balance is how much change is too much?
Evolution versus revolution works but with the Chevrolet Silverado, they tried to go retro 80's but retained too many design cue's from the GMT900 Silverado.
The Sierra on the other hand is a logical evolution of the GMT900 Sierra. A page out of Ford's design manual.
I used to really like the 2014 Silverado but I find the looks are loosing their sheen and the Sierra has grown on me.

I just noticed that the driver's side A-pillar grab handle has returned for 2015! I always hated the recent trend to get rid of it.

@Lou BC
I do agree that the Sierra is more of a step in the right direction than the Silverado. I definitely think the Sierra looks better and I know a lot of people feel that way too.

I think Ford is at the point where it needs some defining changes to the design. I've always thought that the F150 looks okay, but maybe a bit boring. If Ford wants to stick with the current style, maybe it should be made to look a bit more assertive, especially with the front clip.

I still want to know about the frame. As I still here they are staying fully boxed up front and going open c under the bed like Toyota http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2013/11/2015-ford-f-150-to-drop-fully-boxed-frame.html.

I am very skeptical as Ford had said the Tundra design was a weaker frame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVW-uKLvNbY. Ford had said they would do the SAE Tow Rating on the next major redesign of the F150 so why go to a "weaker" frame? Then their is the Mike Levine comment "I really hope Toyota gets their features and engineering right on the next Tundra" I guess that would mean it was so wrong they are going to adopt it?

@AD, I don't see any credibility in that article. Everyone has a "source." Mike Levine said that quote when he ran this site, I'm pretty sure he had no inside news about Ford's 2015 F-150 at the time. Perhaps what COULD happen is that Ford is giving the cab chassis its own frame with a C channel section for up-fitters. It might help increase sales to fleets. The fully-boxed frame has too many advantages for on-road handling and off-road capability for the consumer market that it would be stupid for Ford to get rid of.

I just want to know what changes will be under the hood.

@AD, Alex - Mike Levine also hinted at the possibility of a monocoque frame. The Transits are not BOF and can be had in chassis/cab formats so there is a possibility that rival companies may have mistaken spy shots of such a frame and labeled it a boxed to open C frame like the Super Duty or Tundra.

The AutoNews C channel story was never picked up by anybody else and here is a post on f150online from a couple weeks ago in response to the the AutoNews story....

Just thought I'd throw my input in here. I work for and automotive company in Detroit and I do a lot of stuff with ford and I've already scene the 2015 f150. And as far as the frame goes, at least on the trucks that are going through testing right now, have a boxed frame. The body is indeed aluminum to save weight and increase fuel millage, but I have yet to see one with and non boxed frame.

That is kind of what I thought as Ford went to far with fully boxed advertising to go open c on anything smaller than the Super Duty line up.

As for the engine line up I am curious about that as well mainly the 5.0L to see if any of the next gen mustang rumors with the flat plane crank or direct injection will be introduced because any of those would give the 5.0L more power than the 5.7L iforce even in pickup tunes.

Does anyone else see a little hint of Ram style steering wheel?

Geesh. Look at that low slung frame and poor ground clearance. It is just begging to be snagged by a rock if you take it off road!

That interior looks like it came out of a Fisher Price factory, and look at all of those crazy buttons! They need to go back to the design studio!

Meh. Looks like the inside of an 80's GM product.

This interior looks promising but I can't tell much. If it's like the Atlas then it's going to be a huge success.

"It goes to show that GMC's work grade versus professional grade status for Chevy/Sierra is readily apparent in those results and hurts Chevrolet."

@Lou, it hurts Chevrolet pretty bad here too. I'm starting to wonder what the deal has been on Chevrolet's Silverado. It's almost like they're trying to get it to fail in the marketplace. They don't advertise it much, there's no talk of new features or how "strong" it really is in technical terms. You would think if it's a work truck they'd talk about that stuff. And notice the Sierra gets those fender rock chip flares? Wouldn't the supposed work truck get those instead for going down gravel roads? Or if it's a luxury trim truck they'd talk about that but they don't even go there either. They have this High Country-Denali trim that nobody knows about outside of the internet because Chevrolet-GM does nothing to promote it. Weird. I actually still like the Silverado best of the two this time but they need a single headlight model. Like the square body Chevy's had in the 70's. Those single round headlights were always my favorite. Chevrolet-GM really just need to go with 1 truck that has it all and drop the marketing confusion.






If you don't like it, don't buy it. simple as that. why does everyone get so bent out of shape? jeez.

on a side note, I bet the driver was pissed lol

FORD F-150

Just saw the new Mustang and it is kind of like the new GM pickups blah!!. Hope Ford does a better job with the new F series. As far as Ram/Dodge the interior is nice, but so ugly to look at. Drove a 2014 6.2 Sierra Denali 57k sticker, disappointing. Best drive, Raptor.

I think that Fords Apple is showing and thats not a bad thing. The appearance of a MacBook hasn't had a dramatic change for about 5 years but the insides have been upgraded every year since the current style was intruded back in 2008. Apple sells em as fast as they can make em. I think people like consistent improvement on a good foundation over re-inventing the wheel. Ram/Dodge buy into that. They haven't had a major exterior styling change in a decade. The insides, drive lines and interior have gotten the updates. Ford looks to be headed down the same path. Take a good platform and continuously improve it. GM on the other hand got lost with the GMT 900's and has yet to find its way back. They had nothing good to improve on so they were behind at the start. Toyota and Nissan haven't felt the need to make a major change in years, they didn't improve the trucks and they have gotten really stale. Some new makeup on the old Tundra does not a new truck make. The Atlas may share a lot of external styling with past F-150's but like a MacBook the internals will be substantially upgraded. The 2nd gen Ecoboost should be fantastic. Can't wait.

@AD - I can see a flat plane crank in the Boss 302 but it doesn't make sense in a slow revving pickup. It sure would confuse someone if you pulled up in your F150 and it sounded like a Ferrari.

GM on the other hand got lost with the GMT 900's and has yet to find its way back.

- Hell yes they did! I agree. WTF were they thinking? Especially with that ugly ass Silverado? They already ruined the Silverado in 03 with the angry China man front end clip. Did they really need to ruin the Silverado further? 3 piece bumpers, cheap interiors, cheap body durability, Ugly Nissan Titan stampings to boot?? I'm convinced that GM designers have been out to axe the Silverado since 03. The 900 was effing awful! Who knows what the deal is with the new one. It's better but Not great. Stupid ass GM. Always screwing up Chevrolet any way they can. And what's with the trims? Where's Chevrolet's Platinum? Where's the Raptor? Where's the Power Wagon? WTF???? Share holders must surely be pissed at the way GM damaged Chevy.

@ FordTrucks1

What are you talking about? I live in the southeast and they run Silverado ads here all the time. During NASCAR races, NFL and MLB games you can't go 5 minutes without seeing one. They run them on FOX News and CNN too, as well as during Duck Dynasty. Heck they pretty much turned an episode into a Chevy ad! Yeah they don't advertise the High Country, but I've never seen a Ford ad for the King Ranch or Platinum either(other than from local dealers). I don't think GM wants the Silverado to fail, nor is the Silverado a bad truck. It just needs a few things it's competitors have that it doesn't(8 speed auto, 2 door sport truck package, Z-71 apperance pkg with painted grille and bumpers on LT and LTZ, 4500/5500HD Med Duty model, etc). Hopefully for the '15 model year they'll add them.

What are you talking about? I live in the southeast and they run Silverado ads here all the time. During NASCAR races, NFL and MLB games you can't go 5 minutes without seeing one.

@ Obama, IE: GovtMoCo Boy, Nascar/Nascrap? Please. Like they matter. Dale Earnhardt died along time ago. NFL? Sorry, GM designates GovtMoCo Sierra trucks as the "official" truck of pathetic loser steroid infested NFL jocks and Govt handout lovers like the trailer park people living in the south east of both major US races who watch the NFL. No Chevrolet's allowed. MLB? I've only ever seen Ford ads. Funny thing is, you can see Ford ads in All of these events. Ford covers all territory. So does Toyota, Nissan and Dodge. They all take the trash and the treasures.

Government Motors needs to pick a truck. One truck. Either the GovtMoCo or the Chevy and then target everyone. Their current strategy is complete BS. It's an outdated relic that was only kept in place to help Opel of Europe and Buick of China. (Thanks Obama). Every savvy investor knows that. People are right, they want people to buy stock in the company? Pick a single truck man.

No wonder CEO Ackerson is gonna split from this mess asap. That Reuss guy is chomping at the bit to fuel his global Buick/GMC agenda. Sad. These guys will sink like the Titanic if he gets in charge.

Here is a few 1,000 gallons of fuel to the fire. GMC has admitted (at least in Europe) that Chevrolet is the cheapo bargain brand. That strategy has failed and they are going to kill the brand in Europe at the cost of 1 billion dollars. The brand will be kept going in Russia since it seems more popular there. (Ouch - that has to leave a mark... only Russians like Chevy).

"After talk of increasing the seperation between Chevrolet and Opel, GM has announced that it will axe the Chevrolet brand in Europe, despite previously aiming to make Chevrolet its low-cost brand"

Why don't we substitute the word Sierra for Opel and Chevy is.......well....... still the Silverado.



Chevrolet is the "official vehicle of Major Leauge Baseball".

Last I checked I wasn't getting any Govt handouts, nor was I living in a trailer park.

I'm pretty sure I didn't vote for Obama either.

He'd be happy to know you endorse his one truck strategy though. If you look up the interview Bob Lutz gave Jalopnik you'd know Obama wanted to kill off GMC because "it's pretty much the same as Chevrolet".

What's hurting GM is a lack of commercial vehicle choice. Asplundh Tree Experts(you know, the one that operates all across North America) is replacing their older GMC 6500/7500's with shiny new F-650's & F-750's. Their also getting new Super Duty's to replace their GM 2500HD's. This is a company that owned it's own Pontiac-Buick-GMC store in NJ until 2012. Mike Levine ran a story on this a few years ago, when they switch medium duty's to RAM or Ford their switching their light dutys too, because it's easier.

A real man drive a gmc,,,,,,not a substitute ,,,, like the fragile ford,,,,:))

My Chevy truck is broke.

This thing is a joke.

The repair bill makes me broke.

It is cheaper to snort coke.

The center stack with MyFord Touch looks better than the new GM's already.

@Frank...Who's a troll? I'm just offering my opinion, but you gotta admit, the upper center stack in the 4th pic does look stupid.

If they are worried about a big hole taking the place of the fancy higher line radio/HVAC unit that's not included in the low line models, they could just slap a tasteful blank out plate over it with the Ford logo. They used to do this in the olden days. I'd much prefer that than a cobbled up geometric mess of small display screens, buttons and knobs.

Yup, I think the dash in my base Titan looks better than any other low line truck currently out there. And, it doesn't take much to upgrade it compared to the PU models that have two different dashes (GMT 900's) or center stacks (this '15 F-150) depending on model trim.

@the real Mike - you make a valid point. The smaller infotainment displace does look stupid.

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