Toyota Celebrates 10 Years in Mexico


Toyota has been making Tacoma trucks and beds at its Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California (TMMBC) plant, just outside Tijuana, Mexico, for more than 10 years, producing close to 60,000 pickups for sale in North America. To honor that milestone, they recently donated $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Tecate, Mexico, as well as three brand-new Tacomas to three other charities in the area: the Red Cross of Tijuana, the local fire department, and the Children's Foundation of Tecate.

In the 10 years Toyota has been producing midsize Tacomas in Tijuana, the plant has upped its output of trucks from 30,000 units (when it opened in 2004) to 57,000 units this year, and will eventually produce 63,000 Tacomas (with the addition of 50 new employees) by the middle of next year. The plant also produces all 200,000 Tacoma pickup beds as well.

Plant Milestones: 

TMMBC dates II





No mention of the Tacomas built in San Antonio?

Which Tacomas are built in Mexico? Just the regular cabs?

Ram also builds their regular cabs in Mexico.






Nice ground clearance

It should be noted that San Antonio took over NUMMI's production capacity.

Some Tacos were previously assembled in Mexico in parallel with NUMMI, and continues to do so today, mainly DoubleCabs.

Do they sell the Tacoma in Mexico or the Hilux?


Good for Toyota. GM, Ford and Fiatsler all build vehicles in Mexico too. So stop trolling.

Wooppie Ding Dong

expdition will be along shortly to tell us he has never seen or heard of a Taco made in Mexico. Meanwhile the most popular Taco DoubleCabs are made in Mexico and has upped its output.

@ obama luvs ram,



It drives me crazy,you clowns complain about trolling,yet you are the ones who TROLL !!! Your name insinuates mocking of Chrysler,and the name Fiatsler you are trying to insult them,right ! Why wasnt there any Mercedesler names here before(Chrysler-Mercedes merger)You should know RAM is a part of the CHRYSLER GROUP !

Furthermore,I would rather have a Ferrari than a Toyota/GM/Ford,as Ferrari is a part of Fiatsler as you say..

YOU ARE A TROLL !! So,please STOP trying to act like you are NOT ,you are the PROBLEM !! I bet you are to dull in the head not to know that,as it obviously shows in your uneducated,ignorant posts !

At this point,I would say go out and do a Burnout,but to you it would be going out and smoking crack you must be on from your incoherent posts,you are the biggest TROLL on this site !

@CDN Dodge RAM Owner - funny to see you say that someone is dull in the head. Fiat of North America is blessed to have you in their corner.
Are you going to buy a hecho en mexico 6.4 powered Potencia Furgoneta?
Hemi V8 wants one.

They're proud of this?
Taking advantage of slave labor wages, less stringent regulation and tax loopholes (NAFTA) is something to celebrate?

What a bunch of pigs.

only about 25% of Tacomas and only double cabs are produced at the Baja plant. The Baja plant also produces the SMC (sheet molded composite) beds for all tacomas. They need to increase capacity at the San Antonio plant since they cannot keep pace with the sales of Tundra and Tacoma at this point and havent been able to for a good long while now.


Slave labor, really. What a bunch of hyperbole. BTW, many manufacturers, auto and otherwise, have facilities in Mexico. More power to them. Or would you prefer that instead of Mexicans being able to work in their own country that they be forced to cross into the United States illegally looking for work and take the risks of being preyed upon by drug smugglers or possibly dying in the desert trying to avoid U.S Border Patrol. Bottom line, you sir are an idiot.

I did a short search a little more than half of the Tacoma Dcabs on ebay are made in Mexico. if the VIN starts with a 3 then it is made in Mexico. If it is a 5 its is made in the US.

However, I would bargain harder on a Mexican built Taco and if the dealer wont play, I'd specifically ask for (put on purchase contract) a US built Taco or the deal is void. They may have a higher profit margin on a Mexi-Taco due to lower wages and production costs.

Now you all know that I am all about Mopars and purple shafts, but I don't get all of the hate for proud American workers and American made products! I sure am proud of my American made Hemis, American made VM diesels, and American made HD pickups! Us Mopar fans always support the American worker and keep all that profit in America!

@ PURPLE SHAFT 4 LIFE - maybe if you relaxed your grip, it wouldn't be purple.
VM Diesels are made in Italy.
Ram's HD's are made in Mexico.









It is getting harder and harder to comment here because everyone is bashing the Fiat/Chrysler partnership and I'm getting sick of it. People don't realize that Fiat owns Maseratti and Ferrari, as has been mentioned already. They are responsible for much more than the tiny cars they are know by. They are very much a relevant company, both in the US and abroad.

On the other hand, it seems other automakers are having troubles of their own. Read the link below, the Chevrloet brand is being discontinued in Europe. OUCH! If I was a GM guy I would have plenty to be worried about. Chevy definitely is not as relevant of a brand in Europe as the US, but first missing TOTY, now this??? Me thinks that things aren't going too well for GM right now.

When bikers invite you to a party, you know your Ram Truck sent the right message. Guts. Glory. Respect.

Lou. I guess you haven't been reading or posting on PUTC for too long. Us Mopar fans know that things made from Cape Columbia to the Diego Ramirez Islands are commonly known as American! Also, I explained in another thread that Christopher Columbus was Italian and discovered America, so that means that our VM engines are American!

@ master

you CLEARLY are just coming up with something to make yourself feel good. The invoice price of a tacoma is the same whether its built at San Antonio or baja, there is NO DIFFERENCE. the profit margin which is almost nothing to start with is the same either way...... Unlike other manufacturers Toyota has a way of doing things and it doesnt matter where its built they are made with the same production process and over 70% of tacomas parts are us made. your reaching for straws, If you really wanna know where one is built yes the first digit 1,4,or5 is USA production and 3 is Mexico. for those who are wondering now a 2 is canada........ the way to tell is the 7th digit from the end of the VIN is the plant code. If you see an X it was built in San Antonio and the letter M is the Baja plant.

CDN Fiat Owner,

So you're TACO RAMPAGE then?

"you CLEARLY are just coming up with something to make yourself feel good."

@hemi lol,

No, that would be YOU.

I do not care what the invoice is. I refuse to pay the same price for a Taco built in Mexico as opposed to a Taco made in the USA! This is my feeling! I will demand a discount if is made in Mexico or demand a US made Tacoma. Otherwise there is no deal!

On ebay over half the Tacoma Dcabs started with a 3 in the VIN which means it was made in Mexico.

At my local dealer they have 8 Tacomas: 5 Tacoma Dcabs and 3 Access. All 5 Tacomas have a 3 that starts the VIN and are Made in Mexico!

Every DCAB at my lcal dealer has a 3 that starts the vin = Made in Mexico.

Next closest dealer 50 miles away: all Double Cabs start with 3 and are made in Mexico.

I was able to located at another dealer in a neighboring state has "one" Dcab made in the US.

A few weeks ago there was a report from the editor at TacomaHQ on the Tacoma and it was said that crewcabs are 90% of Tacoma sales.

If 90% of Tacomas are double cabs aka crewcabs and most double cabs are made in Mexico, somehow your just 25% of Tacos made in Mexico doesn't add up!

@Master/Lou & hemi lol, I'd guess it is closer to 50% of Tacomas made in Mexico. I searched on ebay for "2013 Toyota Tacoma", filterted from highest price. I came up with the following: first 3 made in Mexico, next 3 made in US, next 3 made in Mexico, next 1 made in Mexico. That's the top 10 on ebay. Adding it up it comes to 6 Made in Mexico to 4 made in US. Or 60% of doublecabs made in Mexico. That is all for now.

@Lou: a purple shaft (cam) is an old Mopar grind camshaft. It is well known that the Purple Shaft cams are outdated and get out performed by the likes of Crower Lunati Competition Cams and Hughs Cams.

@TRX 4 Tom - I know what it is whether it is mr. tight grip or a cam.

@Mr. tight grip -

What is the name for a resident of the USA?

What is the name of a resident of Mexico?

What is the name of a resident of Canada?

A “U.S.-made end product” is defined (§25.003) as: “an article that is mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States or that is substantially transformed in the United States into a new and different article of commerce with a name, character, or use distinct from that of the article or articles from which it was transformed.”

To use your logic, the USA is Asian since Asian countries like China and Japan own a large portion of USA debt.

@HemiMonster - you can thank the Ram retards for the fact that the Fiat/Chrysler partnership gets brought up to annoy. You are an intelligent poster getting caught up in collateral damage.

@HEMI MONSTER - I posted a similar link on the Ford spy shot thread.
The interesting thing is that Chevrolet was marketed as the economy cheapo brand in Europe and they failed.
The same thing is happening in North America with the Sierra and Silverado. The Chevy Silverado is marketed as the cheapo brand.
The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada named the GMC Sierra as Canada's truck of the year. The Ram was 2nd and the Chevy Silverado 3rd. The Sierra scored 649 points and the Silverado scored 636. The interesting thing is that the Silverado had a MSRP $4,280 dollars higher than the Sierra and it still lost.
Chevrolet is getting down rated by GM corporation. They admitted to in in the EU and will loss 1 billion dollars.
In the USA they admit it but only through hiding behind public relations hyperbole. The Sierra is professional grade and the Silverado is work grade. That still says that the Silverado is the cheapo brand.

@ master

again there is no difference between a tacoma built in the usa and one in baja. think whatever makes you feel better. it seems to me that you wont buy one anyway the way you talk. maybe you want to buy a mexican built fiat ram or chevy or ford.

wherever you live you happen to be around where they are distributing more tacoma dbl cabs from the baja plant.

Not sure how your math where you live works but if 53000 is the total production for 2013 that translates to roughly 4425 per month. the nov. numbers show a total of roughly 142000 tacos this year if my memory serves me correct. meaning 48500 which is about a 1/3 built in baja a number elevated by the fact that they cant built enough tundras to keep up with the raise in production so more pressure for baja to produce.

BTW im pretty familiar with these trucks and where theyre built so you want to just let it be. Toyota would be producing almost all tacomas in the us if gm wouldnt have backed out of the NUMMI plant in freemont CA. this forced Toyota to scramble to figure out where they were gonna produce them.

Hemi LOL,
There is a difference between the two: one is built in Texas by Texans, one iis built in Mexico by Mexicans. I want the one made in Texas. That is MY preference!

I said HOW I WOULD make a deal: I would bargain harder on a Mexican built Taco and if the dealer wont play, I'd specifically ask for (put on purchase contract) a US built Taco or the deal is void. If you would do it differently, or take the Taco made in Mexico, that is fine.

You can stop with the made up figures or "makes you feel better" or "just let it be because I know a lot" or saying that I might want to buy a Ram. That means you are on the losing end of the argument.

That is one sharp looking Tacoma!

The new Colorado does not even come close to the good looks and toughness of the Tacoma!

My Access Cab Tacoma was built in Fremont, CA and today they are built in San Antonio, TX.

@Matt, Thanks for your post. The double cab is around 54% of sales. Toyota sold around 141k Tacos last year. If they do 57k units in Mexico, that's over 50% of DCabs made in Mexico and perhaps as high as 75%.

expedition, If you buy an Access cab, you have nothing to worry about because THEY ARE ALL built in Texas by Texans! That is one pro for the access cab.

44.7% of Tacomas are built in Mexico.

Toyota is moving more and more Tacoma production to Mexico because they want to use US production for other vehicles, Tundra, etc. In July Toyota was building nothing but 2014 Tundras in Texas.

A lot can be said about the GM twins, but like many others, I believe that the fact there are 2 trucks is the biggest problem. For any die hard GM guy, they have to choose between the 2 trucks and I know plenty of guys who will buy either Chevy or GMC depending on what they're in the mood for. The point is their sales are cannibalizing each other.

It seems a lot of people, including me think the Sierra looks much better than the Silverado. How are they expecting good sales numbers when the most desirable of the 2 trucks is the one that few people buy? GMC sells less trucks than Ram. Unfortunately for GM they have to market one of the 2 brands as a cheap work truck and the other as the premium one. That is bad for Chevy as it eats away at people's perception of the brand.

"maybe you want to buy a mexican built fiat ram or chevy or ford." - lol

Ford trucks, F-150 to F-550, are all built in the USA. Starting in 2014 F-650/750 will move to USA.

Ford also tops the American-Made Index.

Thank you.

" Read the link below, the Chevrloet brand is being discontinued in Europe. OUCH! If I was a GM guy I would have plenty to be worried about. Chevy definitely is not as relevant of a brand in Europe as the US, but first missing TOTY, now this??? Me thinks that things aren't going too well for GM right now. "

Well bad news all round .Holden could be pulling out of Australia, Ford is by 2016. Yes GM is in a very bad way in Europe, but Ford is not far behind it.

2016 could be a disastrous year for Ford and GM overall, not just outside NA.

I think it's good that they're celebrating 10 years in Mexico.

Toyota has to invest and improve their diesel's to remain competitve globally.

I think the Toyota philosophy is very similar to the GM one. That is to slowly improve a product and not be to radical. This was also aided by the lack of development funding.

@Robert Ryan,
I do totally agree with your comment, the US will become more like the French, but with slightly larger vans.

CAFE will choke full size trucks, I can see a way out and that is to use 2.5 to 3 litre diesels in the full size trucks.

I read somewhere in this thread a person disputes my $27 000 claim for the price of a pickup. But that Pentastar, 8spd with the little bed is the closet full size that can be compared to our pickups for FE, not work. This pariticular style of pickup is what will be the norm for US pickups in 5 years because of CAFE. Like I also stated it can't carry or tow much.

Our best performing pickup dual cab is getting 40mpg on the highway and that's US gallons.

I'm even getting 32mpg out of my diesel which is the same diesel that's going into the US Transit. It can tow 7 800lbs and carry 2 500lbs. They are even towing 30' fifth wheelers with the BT50 now.

After using Carilloski's AUD to USD pickup price converter (thanks Carilloski) our cheapest Ranger would cost about $18 000 in the US and it is getting 35mpg on the highway.

All I can say is the US has to change the direction the UAW, Big 3 and government are heading in and adopt the UNECE regs for pickups to remain affordable in the future in the US.

As I wrote before high tech, exotic materials will price them out of reach for most, like that Ram for $27 000. I hope sanity prevails.

I don't want to see the demise of full size 1/2 ton pickups, but the UAW seems to be hell bent on destroying them.

Looking at the times my "single" above post was made it seems odd that there is up to a 23 minute delay.

Oh, well, I wonder how that occurs?

@Big Al--The US car and truck market is on target to sell 15.5 million new vehicles. This gives the auto makers, especially the domestic producers, little incentive to change things. The real problem is that the domestics become more complacent and have even less desire to make change. Papa Jim and others have brought up that the jobless rate is still very high and that the economy has not improved as much as we are being led to believe. No or low interest rates and the return of more favorable leases has fueled the increase in sales along with pent up demand for new vehicles from delaying purchases over the past several years. Much of the increase in new vehicle sales is in the truck segment. Manufacturers can raise prices with little fear of outside competition because the market for trucks is protected.

@Big Al
The most obvious conceit here is the idea that something like CAFE actually does anything beneficial. Or that the Department of Energy helps energy markets.

CAFE was the bureaucrat's answer to the idea that energy is finite and Washington must DO SOMETHING about it.

Forty years later they still believe that. Same for the DoE. The DoE is the number one impediment to increasing America's energy supplies.

Most of the growth in energy exports we've seen in the US came about during recent years because refiners and other exporters saw a chance to improve their lot by taking their products global.

DoE policy: The recent growth in energy supplies has happened in spite of -- not because of -- energy mandates and DoE efforts to distort the market.

Like I have stated before, the free market in Australia has killed off their home based manufacturing. Not good for Australia as they will most likely have no domestic auto manufacturers after 2016. So, how does cheap imports flooding the market help the country as a whole? Too bad Au doesn't have their own chicken tax, might have saved thousands of jobs. Al, if you haven't checked lately, the Au dollar is trading about 90% of the value of the USD currently. Not long ago you were also telling everyone on this forum that US half ton trucks would be getting smaller like global trucks. Actually the opposite happened.

@papa jim--The higher oil and gas production is due to higher energy prices, improved methods of drilling, fracking, and expanding sales in international market. As you have correcly stated the DOE has little if anything to do with the expanded oil and gas production. The technology used to explore and produce oil and gas is so much better than it was even a few years ago that the risk is much less. Also many of the existing oil wells have had their production lives extending by improved recovery methods. The oil and gas industry is much more efficient and the technology used by the industry as a whole is much more advanced.

I don't know what any of this has to do with Toyota's 10 years in Mexcio, but you should understand that DOE does significant research regarding drilling R&D, extraction improvements, more efficient uses of fossil energy, etc. However, their primary focuses are not about exploration or energy markets; it is about R&D, science, and other things they don't have in most places, such as Australia... .


Your comments are probably confusing to many folks. The DoE is an utterly unnecessary answer to a question that no one was asking.

The really important new work (research) is being done by energy companies, and universities. Texas A&M is a leader in this regard. The DoE is an impediment.

The advances in energy technology and transportation almost never come from the government. The Manhattan Project and the Interstate Highway system might be the biggest exceptions.

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