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It's time for another round of improvements to the comment feature of our website. As we all know, there are many websites that do not allow readers to comment or provide additional information about the topics discussed. We do not want to eliminate this feature because it seems to benefit our most responsible users. Unfortunately, there are a few who are spoiling it for the majority, creating frustration and distraction.

Yes, we know there is a lot right about PickupTrucks.com and, yes, we know there is a lot of room for improvement. At the top of our list is an updated set of rules we'd like to employ and be more consistent with regarding how our registered commenters treat the related topics and each other.

From now on we are going to be more aggressive about staying on topic and constructively contributing to the conversation. Responses that simply use slogans ("Guts, Glory, Ram," "Like a Rock" or "Built Ford Tough"), personal attacks ("you idiotic dork," "that's stupid thinking" or any slur related to sexual preference, race or ethnicity) or non sequiturs (STAY ON TOPIC!) will not be tolerated. Also, anyone using multiple names under the same IP address will be banned. Of course, we'd appreciate your help with this as well, reminding one another (with support and respect) to follow the rules.

As always, we thank you for your support.



I'm all for civility, but everything is so politically correct these days! surely pickup truck fans can take a little trash talk without needing a nanny to keep us safe? where are the real men? they will probably pull a duck dynasty on my post here, oh well.

I don't mind a little trash talk , but a lot of that was just nonsense and made reading the comment section way too tedious.

I applaud this move, this has nothing to do with Political correctness. There are a untold number of forums where you can go flame people or make mindless insults or comments.
Good job pickuptrucks.com!

I think this is much needed. Some trash talk to certain limits is okay, but obviously some people do not act like adults on this website and their is no choice but to treat them like children in order to keep the comments civil. The stupid comments as mark listed above with absolutely no relevance to the article need to be stopped.

I applaud this decision. For far too long the comments section was good for maybe a handful of worthwhile follow on posts before the thread was hijacked and topics quickly circled down the drain to the awaiting trolls. Excellent move PUTC.

About time.

Violators should have a warning sent to their posted email address and if it comes back as an invalid dress then they should be automatically banned.

There is too much hiding behind fake names..

Anyone posting under someone else's name should be automatically banned........ I know that is tough since a savvy spammer/troll can easily access multiple IP addresses in the public domain.

@Mark Williams,
Great Idea. So much happening with Pickups across the world, last thing you want is silly abusive posts.


the spamming of nonsense was almost to the point of overwhelming. I could even stand for conversations to vary some on a topic if it moves that direction for a few posts during a debate but i'm so happy hearing the nonsense not be tolerated anymore. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who dont celebrate Christmas!

About time! How about the spam-riddled forums?

Awesome news...I would rarely scroll down past the story

Its about time!

Great! I get some people that want to post junk in my name, just because they dislike my opinion.

Seems like we heard something similar before. We'll see how long this new program lasts. Website hits and clicks seems to be the rule of the land around here.

Way to step up Lou BC. The first step in getting help is knowing that you have a problem. Maybe you'll get better if you stay off of the site for a while.

How about fixing the fact that this is a Ford bias site, Mike levine gets to promote his brand however he likes, and the main writer for the site gives waaaaaaayyyyyyy to much of his opinion and bias.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Going be a huge improvement in my opinion!

Wow people are evening trolling on this story. Good move Mark!

I'm glad PUTC is doing something about the comments, but I think the editors need step up thier game when it comes to posting articles. Some of the articles have been more of opionion including one recently bashing another journalists opinion who choose a Toyota for thier top truck. These types of articles only seem to spawn rediculous comments and almost seems the editors like to start arguments and bashing in the comments section. I like good hard reviews on all the trucks and other products that go along with trucking but I don't want to come on and read crap about some other journalist.

I'll take this move with a grain of salt. We've heard it before and more than once.

If you follow through, then great! With it this site can work it's way back to what it once was.

@Ken, Mike Levine has absolutely nothing to do with this site anymore. He sold it to Cars.com, and Mark Williams has been running the show ever since.

@ Mark Williams: If I'm not mistaken,this is the third time this year where you basically say the same thing about the children that frequently post bs on here.And within a week they will be back with all the childish crap.....yet again.I do not understand why you don't implement a formal registration to post on here that would make it much easier on you to control these wayward kids.Until I can see an actual long term improvement I will continue to just read the articles,then move on.I'm sorry Mark,but empty threats to these kids doesn't seem to work.Too bad too as this site has a lot of potential for informative discussions.Merry Christmas to you and yours.

@Mark Williams - looks like several posters are back at it under the name of fake "Lou" and "all American".

If you don't police the site then you will loose control for good.
as ToxicSludge has pointed out - 3td time this year with the same message.

@Don - one can be critical of other journalists or magazines but it is a fine line to walk. TTAC is a good example of a well administrated site. They have controversial topics and let threads wander but I have yet to see the petty stupidity rampant on this site's news blog.

Mark Williams.

A user login and the trolls will perish.


Mark Williams.

Moderators can also keep the comment section clean. By erasing all the stupid comments and keeping the trolls under control.

This site has far to much traffic and comments to have such a simple comment process. Not only does this encourage trolls, but there are much better platforms that reduce trolling, ensure single user posting, allow for direct commenting, 'liking', etc. Until then I will only be a casual commentor.

Well done PUTC. This is bad news for the dime-a-dozen "Guts Glory Ram" crowd

Does this mean that Mark Williams won't write biased Ford stories that he always writes?

I know a lot of people that own a certain brand of pickup and these people are in love and obsessed with that brand even much more so than owners of another brand. It's no big deal to me, never insulted by it, in a way I kinda respect their passion for the pickup they own, cause I wish I had that same passion for the pickup I own.

Thanks Mark, I find the childish behavior amusing but its probably because I've seen much worse, and these are just words on a computer screen. If you're looking for any help I'm sure you can pull my contact info.

Well, it seems most of the 'normal' bloggers have nominated each other to be excluded from this site.

It would be good to see less name calling and personal attacks. It is good that truck owners feel loyalty to a particular brand or type of truck, it is rare in today's world to have this. A line needs to be drawn when the brand loyalty and childish behavior. In all honesty all of the trucks offered are of much better quality and will provide years of dependable service if maintained properly. Every manufacturer has their strong points and their weak points.

This is the second time in less than a year something had to be said, now its time to take the comments section away. I dont read the comments anymore because of the useless comments that are made or the personal attacks on others.

@Rob - "I dont read the comments anymore because of the useless comments that are made or the personal attacks on others"

That's the solution Rob if you don't read the comments section then you have nothing to worry about. I don't understand why others don't so the same if you don't like don't read it.

The thing I don't understand is if you don't read the comment section then why is it so important that now its "time to take the comments section away"? Just don't read it!

"Also, anyone using multiple names under the same IP address will be banned."

I don't feel that's a good idea. Many people change names with each post so somebody else doesn't copy the name.

Also, what if you're at a college, office or place where multiple people post under the same IP or using wifi?

If you allow open comments with no log in, you have to allow people to use multiple names under the same IP.

Nobody in their right mind is going to use the same name on every post or they will get trolled by somebody who doesn't like the comments being made.

don't get your hopes up guys, it's not going to happen.

I have been a forum member for over 11 years and we were begging for years after Mike left to get some help with the spam and the trolls, never happened.

It's not going to happen this time either.

The core members left and started a new site just to be able to talk without spam.

and that text entering system is awful, I can't even read it

@Mike - it isn't too hard to come up with a unique name or user ID.

If someone will troll you due to the comments made - isn't that the reason why the bog needs policing?

The other point is if a person is restricted to one name, you will be less likely to troll or say inflammatory comments since that name will have to carry the responsibility for making those comments.

Using different names from the same IP i.e. multiple users on the same IP can be sorted out easily with an email sent to the bloggers in question.

A log in process with an assigned name is the simplest way to solve many of the problems endemic to this site.

@Lou BC, logging in would be essentially what PUTC had in the Forums, which they've neglected since Cars.com's purchase.

@ Lou BC "The other point is if a person is restricted to one name, you will be less likely to troll or say inflammatory comments since that name will have to carry the responsibility for making those comments."

Yeah that is true yet you continue to say things like:

“@ PURPLE SHAFT 4 LIFE - maybe if you relaxed your grip, it wouldn't be purple. VM Diesels are made in Italy. Ram's HD's are made in Mexico.”

“@Truck Crazy - MichiganBob doesn't have a locking tailgate because if he forgot his keys, he'd never be able to get his beer cans out of the box.”

“Those Fiat fans are clueless. @lean mean Chrysler machine, here is a Dodge Caravan commercial for you...”

Hasn’t deterred you from being an idiot! Has it….

I guess just because you post on this site as a “registered user” doesn’t mean you don’t have sh@t for brains.

@FYI - PUTC does need to step up and actually do something. If they neglect the site after making one more statement about cleaning things up and don't do anything, the trolls will get even worse. Case in point - "fake Lou" is still here even after they said they would clean up fake posts under my name. Mind you "fake Lou" uses multiple IP addresses and does not have a legitimate email address so the bottom feeder is hard to dig out of the slime he lives in.

Of course this could just be a form of entertainment for Mark seeing that this is warning # 3 this year.And it seems evident that nothing will ever be done.He comes up with these decrees and warnings which go nowhere,as usual.Nope,the more I think about it the more I believe he's just as bad as the children that pollute this site

All these false promises from Mark Williams are a big joke. Cars.com is purposely running PUTC into the ground and will eventually abort the site after ultimately making their site more prominent.

Wow, I never thought this day would come. It's about time!!

These updated rules should only be posted on April 1st.

There are several people posting under my name. I've been a member here longer than most, probably any of you guys. I am very displeased at what has happened to the forums, don't even go there anymore. I don't however try to lay the blame on Mark. That's not to say he isn't somewhat responsible, I just don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Here's what I do know. Whenever anyone responds to so called spam, whether it's brand favoritism or plain stupidity, they are guilty as well. If you really want to end this childish behavior, just ignore these posts. They are here to fire you up and get some type of response back and forth. Stop responding and they'll eventually go away. Respond back, then look in the mirror, you'll see a spammer. Ok, who will be the first to keep this spam going?

". I am very displeased at what has happened to the forums, don't even go there anymore."

There was a serious lack of support for the forum. Then this blog killed what was left of it. Because PUTC doesn't seem to care about the forum, and this blog is a disaster, a new forum was created. It seems the best of the posters have moved over to the new site where all this drama is not going on, and there is moderation to deal with spammers.

All this BS talk about cleaning up the comments section is just that, BS.

What is the new site?

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