Updated Rules of Engagement

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It's time for another round of improvements to the comment feature of our website. As we all know, there are many websites that do not allow readers to comment or provide additional information about the topics discussed. We do not want to eliminate this feature because it seems to benefit our most responsible users. Unfortunately, there are a few who are spoiling it for the majority, creating frustration and distraction.

Yes, we know there is a lot right about PickupTrucks.com and, yes, we know there is a lot of room for improvement. At the top of our list is an updated set of rules we'd like to employ and be more consistent with regarding how our registered commenters treat the related topics and each other.

From now on we are going to be more aggressive about staying on topic and constructively contributing to the conversation. Responses that simply use slogans ("Guts, Glory, Ram," "Like a Rock" or "Built Ford Tough"), personal attacks ("you idiotic dork," "that's stupid thinking" or any slur related to sexual preference, race or ethnicity) or non sequiturs (STAY ON TOPIC!) will not be tolerated. Also, anyone using multiple names under the same IP address will be banned. Of course, we'd appreciate your help with this as well, reminding one another (with support and respect) to follow the rules.

As always, we thank you for your support.



What is the new site?

Posted by: Don | Dec 23, 2013 12:01:34 PM

I would like to know as well. It would certainly be BETTER THAN DEALING WITH THE BS in here day in and day out. That is why I hardly drop in here.

I've stopped paying as much attention to this website because of the garbage comments. Good job on your part... I just hope you follow through long term and this isnt just a 3 month push.

@man, this is a blog, not the forum. I guess this is also part of the problem. People don't even understand the site.

It was about time! I saw the post last year and noticed nothing became of it. I can NOT wait for this to finally go into effect. Thank you staff!!!

Anyone interested in a new Forum can check out the General Discussion section of the Forums. Second thread.

The article says "No slogan responses" yet on the first page there's one.

This site will discover that it will a part time job to filter comments not meeting the updated rules of engagement.

It's not for everyone, just you. Most people know the difference. I was responding to your less than intelligent post "That's great give the new forum and get lost (take Tom with you. Apparently "he don't even go there anymore", yet there he is posting)."

Thank you, it became romper room.

If assistance is desired, give us a way to vote posts up, vote posts down and report spam/abuse. Some people are stuck on trash talk. A way to hide posts from certain posters could also give some quantifiable board management feedback as well as make the board immediately more usable for the folks who prefer to not be bothered. Perhaps when the trolls stop getting fed, they'll go find another bridge to lurk under.

So we're not supposed to use the slogans but its ok if you use them? I am of course referring to the Bartles & Jaymes "Thank You For Your Support"

finally is going to be way more helpful to read the comments, the spammers and their brand fight ruins it for the rest of us

Now next step is enforce the user registration so nobody can post with someone elses name

I vote on the question or comment. I will also make comment if I feel my words contribute to the discussion and has not be completely duplicated by someone else's words. I am interested in all of the discussions, although I may not be able to post my opinions because my workplace and I have to wait until the end of the day to make my comment or provide an answer.

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