2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Wins Two More

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The awards for the newly redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are still coming in, and it seems both fleet owners and off-road enthusiasts like what Chevy has done to the pickup.

The folks at Bobit Publishing surveyed fleet managers from around the country to determine the winner of the 2013 Fleet Truck of the Year award and found that, among the 36 different trucks evaluated, the 2014 Silverado 1500 got the most votes because of its long list of upgrades, standard features and efficient powertrains.

Likewise, the experts at Four Wheeler magazine found the new Silverado 1500 to be the best in its test, awarding it the 2014 Pickup Truck of the Year honor. The Silverado 1500 competed against the new Ram 2500 and Toyota Tundra.

To read the Fleet Truck of the Year press release, click here.

To read the Four Wheeler Pickup Truck of the Year, click here.

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Yeah. Cheap fleet managers.

So four wheeler magazine blasted the Ram for high step in, isn't it called FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE? While they blasted away at the Tundra for it's running boards that broke, cause they are mounted to the low slung Tundra frame (I have measured, and Tundras have some very low points, just not a low sitting removable air dam, so they falsely talk of ground clearance)

Then they complain about the low slung Chevy? They don't sound like they know what they want!

Couldn't bleed off the tires on the Ram even though the owners manual reccomends it in some cases? It is shipped ready to hold weight in it. Talk about lazy. Most folks who would own one would have no problem doing that if they just wanted to play. The truck is meant to work. They can praise the Shivy brakes all they want, it's not much of a braking test if they only test empty, try 1200 or 1500 plus pounds in the bed.

Typical comparison of a HD to a light duty, with typical comments geared for the LD. Do they ever work a truck? For their "needs", lol, a midsizer coulda won, cause they just want to play around.

But a low slung truck with an offset steering wheel, and light and trailer brake controls awkwardly placed, with an interior that just now matches the quitness and sound levels Ram and Ford had in 2009, wins? Whatever....

TRX 4 Tom "Someday the people that own a Ford are going to want an automobile"-John Dodge | Jan 8, 2014 8:57:24 AM

Acutally the GM trucks are quiter then ram trucks and the most commonly sold GM truck has more ground clearance.

The only way Ram beats GM in ground clearance is with their air ride that only 10 rich guys/gals with the cash will buy.



And last the GM trucks brake better then Ram with and with out weight


I am happy with my Dodge Ram 1500, but my next vehilcle purchase will be the Ram Power Wagon. Congrats Chevy for the award but I'd never buy a GM product.

Happy truckin folks,

If you want to be Rams air ride it'll only cost you 65 bucks from ruff country http://www.roughcountry.com/leveling-lift-kits/chevrolet-leveling-lift-kits.html

@ Derek Elias

I will agree with you there. The Power Wagon is the ultimate off the show room floor slow speed off roader. Don't get me wrong, I like the high speed off road Raptor, but my off road mainly consists of slow speed. If it were in this test then it would have dominated hands down. With its front and rear locking differentials, beefy axles/suspension, and integrated winch no other truck would stand a chance in slow speed off road. Unfortunately, they don't offer a Power Wagon in 2014 and will be returning in 2015 with the all new 6.4L Hemi. If they did, then that would have been the clear winner since Ram does not offer a any type of locking differential in it's trucks like Toyota's and Ford E-Locker or GMs G80 auto locker.

Another plus for GM in this test is that Toyota did not bring out the TRD Rock Warrior off road package for 2014 and is slated to come back in 2015. Essentially Tundra does not have a special off road package this year to compete with the GM Z-71 package or Ford FX4 package. Ram's Outdoorsman package is a laughable without any form of diff lock and they don' offer the off road tuned TRX4 package anymore. Essentially, the GM Z71 was the best in 2014 among the two other trucks in the competition. That will be a different story when the other truck makes off road packaged vehicles like GM's Z-71 package come out next, but for now I see GM having it in this one. That doesn't mean I don't think it would be different if a Ford FX4 was in the mix.

Congrats to Chevy.

I'm going to wait at least for the Colorado before I make any decisions about what newer truck to buy. As usual, my experience with 'used' is that it's not worth buying other people's problems. Good body, but one-wheel drive and a sick engine don't make it a good truck. I'm going back to buying new because then I get a lot closer to what I really need in a vehicle.

I was surprised by the fact that the new Ram 2500 with coil suspension and 6.4 lost.
This is what 4Wheeler had to say.......

"What’s hot: Massive stance, solid axles, coil-sprung five-link rear, great on-road handling, fit-and-finish

What’s not: Axle hop, lackluster power, heavy steering, weak limited-slip rear differential
Our take: Cutting edge, heavy-duty truck

If there was one on-road aspect all judges could easily agree on, it was the underwhelming power from the 6.4L Hemi. With a rating of 410hp and 429 lb-ft of torque, we all felt like there should have been a better power-on-tap feel. Instead, the truck constantly downshifted to provide extra gearing to compensate for the power that just wasn’t there. An eight-speed transmission might be a good answer to the underwhelming power problem, or you could always opt for the torque-rich Cummins diesel option if your funds allow."

Underwhelming power?
So much for the 6.4 kicking everyone's ass.

They also weren't convinced that the coil rear offered much of an advantage over leaf.

Sound like 4Wheeler would rather test AWD cars and CUV's then trucks.

I looked at the fleet manager's sellection process and it consists of a page of photos and links to the manufacturer's web site.
wow - pick a pretty photo and get your information from the web.....

Not much of a sllection process.


I'm happy GM is finally getting some love on this new truck. There are a few upper level types at GM breathing easier now, jobs may have been in the balance. Of course if sales don't pick up soon all that could be mute. Want more $ on the hoods of the GM truck? It's coming...

@ lou bc

Ram should have continued to work with Cummins on the ISV 5.0L. That would have been a perfect power plant for the Power Wagon in place of the 6.4L Hemi in the 2500. I would trade my Ecoboost in a heart beat for a new Power Wagon with a 5.0L diesel. As it stands now, going to the 6.4L would be a downgrade for me engine wise and I don't need the capabilities of a 6.7L Cummins (or any other big HD diesel) to justify the added costs.

It's a little sad that 4-Wheeler invited 8 trucks to a comparison and only 3 showed up.

It must be disappointing to Toyota that after the interior was the main point of the 2014 redesign, the Tundra lost this comparison because of its interior. Take that out of the scoring and the SR5 wins going away.

@ Hemi V8

Fords trucks are caryovers nothing new until 2015 so their trucks are not elligible othere wise youd have the raptor and Fx4 in the mix. the Fx4 is supprior to the other makes off road packages with elockers and hill decent control and better approach and departure angles. and the raptor spanks them all.

The 2014 GM 1500 pickup shape really put me off! they raised the hood line and came up with a huge flat grill- all in the name of a 'bold' look. Now it just looks like a monster fat rad coming down the road. Have they never heard of streamlining?
Maybe they just like taking all their styling cues from a brick.

@All1 - agreed. The 5.0 Cummins and Power Wagon would of been a match made in heaven.

Now they have a 500 cc bigger engine with undewhelming power.

Looks like PUTC is finally editing the blogs. Good.

Keep up the good work.

correction - 700 cc bigger engine 6400 - 5700 = 700 cc

The new Silverado is a much better truck than they have been getting credit for. Good to see a review that recognizes this fact. They are very solid well built trucks. If you don't like the square look of the Chevy then you have the option of the Sierra with slightly rounder styling. There are things I would have done different if in charge like making the Z71 have the same stance and much of the same look as the Black Ops concept. (minus the wild graphics and bed rack.) I would also make the 6.2 available in more trims... speaking of that I would add a couple more trim packages as well. That said they are very good trucks and should continue to get better. I think and hope they have learned their lesson that they can no longer afford to sit still in today's truck world.


Re: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 wins Fleet Truck of the Year award


Having a small business fleet of 40+ to manage, and knowing most of the 1/2 ton market, all brands
I don't see how. We own Ford, GMC/Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, along with other brands of cars and SUVs.40% of our fleet is regular cab long bed trucks. I really can't find much about the new K2 in our primary configuration of regularcab 8ft box, that makes it a better truck to own over the Ford, Dodge or, Toyota. The K2's interior space and cab storage is a joke compared to any of the other 3 MFGs 2dr cab designs.

i just bought our first K2 platform 1500 last week. 2wd ext cab. We only have 4 trucks total in this configuration. The others are Fords, GM incentives and value pkgs led me to put this first k2 in the fleet. The new K2 design had nothing to do with that decision. The new tiny fwd hinge doors severely limit access to the back seat area, GM with the old 900s the rear doors rotated completely out of the way, and GM had an advantage over Ford, now Ford changed nothing, but for my purposes the 2014 Ford now has the advantage in function.

(I totally agree with this. No Regular Cabs available. And the extended cabs with fwd hinge doors don't work well for individuals or two people going back and forth to the rear/businesses.)

No mention of approach/departure/breakover angles, water fording index, wheel travel, who are we kidding here?

Four Wheeler could not recognize off-road when it is off-road!

Their off-road test really tests just basics that my Subaru can accomplish.

How about a simple test, one of those deep but narrow ditches you find out near farms on backroads! See if they can make it through that or something without tearing their little front plastic bumpers.

@expedition - look at the photo's provided. The plastic air dams are already plowing real-estate.

@Lou BC,

Yup, poor approach angles and look carefully at the poor breakover angle!

Departure angle is always iffy with a pickup because of having a bed that goes beyond the rear axle. Just have a sturdy bumper that can take hits is all.

Not surprising, best truck built last 40 years. I'm surprised they compared it to 2 pos's, the Lamb and Junkdra, easy win, and ford was to scared to even show up.

I do think there are some on this site who make a comparison through numbers, ie, max hp, max torque and approach, ramp over, departure angle, brightest taillight.

This displays that many on this site probably don't own a pickup or even a vehicle.

There is a very important aspect of owning a vehicle. That is the day to day operation of the vehicle.

Most pickups don't ever venture off road, most are driven on road surfaces that a race car could drive on without ever scrapping an air dam or what ever.

If you want a great off roader even in a pickup you wouldn't buy an HD or even full size truck. Sorry.

Smaller vehicles with a wheel base that is long enough to remove the chop when driving would be the best alternative. That's why a 1/2 ton will always be a superior off road vehicle to an HD. And a midsizer will be a superior off roader to a 1/2 ton. A Grand Cherokee will be a superior off roader to a mid sizer. A Jeep Wrangler will be a superior off roader to a Grand. A quad will be a superior off roader to a Wrangler. As you can see there is a trade off in ride quality and vehicle size.

As I stated what must be taken into account when buying a vehicle isn't just how well it will do off road when 99.9% of it's time is spent on road.

Out of that 0.1% of the time off road only 0.1% when in 4x4 is the when the 'real 4x4' attributes are tested in a vehicle. So now you can see why manufacturers build off road pickup like they do.

If you were to buy a vehicle that will spend more than 10% of its time off road and you want to use it as a light duty truck you wouldn't buy a full size or even a midsize. Even though a mid size probably would be a better option.

You would buy something like a 76 Series Landcruiser ute with a tray and a V8 diesel not a NA pickup.

NA pickups and global midsizers are compromise vehicles. The smaller ones will be better off road. Diesel power will again enhance off roadability.

A V8 wouldn't matter much off road either. Gearing will do the work.

For serious off road work a diesel is the best. It offers superior FE and torque.

I will be very interested in the US Colorado. If it can come out with a diesel and have an after market suspension it will be the best of all your off roader pickups.

I know the Raptor can do 100mph down a dirt road. But not many would do that. Most off roading is under 50 mph and there isn't to many V6 full size trucks that couldn't acheive that.

It's all about traction. But the most off road many see is going down a manicured track with a few ruts.

@ Big Al from Oz - If I had planned on spending more time in the back country, I would of purchased a HD. 1/2 ton drivetrains do not hold up in the long run under those kinds of conditions. Even simple modifications like tires and offroad bumpers can put enough stress on a 1/2 ton to shorten its life. That does fit with your comment that very few 1/2 ton trucks will see extrreme use. Car companies know that and build to the lowest common denominator.
My brother's company had been extremely surprised at the extra costs of repair, upkeep and depreciation they have suffered when they changed over from mostly 3/4 ton bush trucks to 1/2 ton trucks.

@ big al

I will have to disagree with you on some of what you said. I don't know how things are where you are, but in Texas (who buys more trucks than any other US state) a midsize will not cut is for most that use their 4x4 trucks for their intended purpose. A lot of people here need the payload and towing capabilities of a half ton or greater along with the 4x4 capabilities. As I am typing this on my phone waiting for my gas to pump, I am looking a F350 Screw covered with mud of all colors with a 800 lb welder and probably another 800 lbs worth of equipment in the back. As a person that works around the oilfield, a midsize truck will not cut it carring the amount of weight we need to tow or carry while getting us through washed out dirt roads, rocky ranch roads, or even when there is no roads at all on the pipeline. You pretty much make your own roads in thise cases. Even a pipeline radar espector who needs to haul up to 2,500 of radar and exposing equipment need a 1 ton.

The same goes with most of my friends and myself on our personal time. I have to check and move around various hog traps around my in laws farm/ranch. Some times there are roads to get to where I want to put it and sonetimes there are not. Also the factor of my deer lease which the camp house is 8 miles from a paved road. I have to tow over 8,000 of corn, water, small hunting truck, and other equipment on that 8 mile stretch a few times a year. Sometimes the summer rains have washed out the roads and sometimes they haven't. Also, feeding feeders with my half ton backs things 10 times easier sinse it can haul so much and it is the perfect height for me to jump on the side of the bed to feed the feeders. If I used my small Hi-jet hunting truck then I would have to go back and fourth a few times because putting all of the bags of feed would go way over the small trucks payload. I am not alone eithet. A lot of people I know in farming, ranching, or hunting us their truck the same way. Like I said, I agree with you that a smaller vehicle is more capable, but it won't get the job done for people that actually use their trucks for doing heavy hauling off road.

@johnny doe: Where is any evidence of GMs being quiter then Rams?? Not just some dumb GM commercial. The FLT said they were even, Car and Driver (they like cars, no wonder they chose the Chevy) SAID BOTH were 41dBA idle, 68dBA at 70 mph, and the Chevy was louder then the Ram 1500 at full throttle, 74dBA vs. 73 Wow, 5 years to match the level of Ram and Ford!

Thanks for the two comparisons of the Ram 1500 to the GM 1500, too bad you totally missed it that it was the RAM 2500 that was compared to the Tundra and Chevy, which sits a whole lot higher then the low rider Chevy. Which they complained about the Ram being higher, the Chevy being too low. Did you even read it?

The Ram 2500 in this configuration has about TWICE the payload of the Chevy tested, that was my point. Test them loaded, or with some weight, why don't they? The Ram would have handled better, the Chevy? Sitting even lower!

There is no comparison in ride height, Chevy 1500 4x4 vs 2500 Ram 4x4.

Only 10 rich people will afford the Ram air ride? I bet a heck of a lot more then 10 people, that aren't rich, but aren't cheap like some other people, will find a way to afford the air suspension. It does more then just some Rough Country kit, that just raises the truck. Does the cheap kit lower it at speed for better mileage and handling? No. Does it lower the truck for entry, or for loading things in the bed? It will make a ramp angle a whole lot less steeper. Another no for your cheap kit. Will it level the ride when a load is in the bed, or a trailer hooked up? No. Is the price of install/possible realignment included on your cheap kit? No. Will your truck when using the cheap lift kit handle the same, and get the same good mileage as when stock? Oh no!

Johnny, please don't compare some cheap lift kit to an air suspension. Apples and Oranges.

The Ram 1500 specs don't show a higher running ground clearance. I am pretty sure a truck with 20" wheels and 33" tires will have a lot more clearance then one with 17" wheels, and 31.7" tires, do the math. That's also just one measurement, have you ever stepped away from your computer and actually measured things on these trucks, and compared them? I doubt it very much! Please, feel free to measure control arms, skid plates, air dams, rocker panel, frame heights, cross member heights, mufflers, gas tanks, receiver hitches, not just the lowest point in the differential or (the removable) air dam.

I have measured!

As for the GM 1500 brakes, as if you didn't notice on the link you provided, I was the first to comment on it. I was hoping you noticed? So anyway, the GMs stopped best when empty, ok, great, however when the 1200 pounds was added they gained more length in stopping distance then Ram, 6 feet longer for GMC, 8 feet longer for Chevy, and Ram gained only 5 feet, when loaded. So the GMC was still 4 feet shorter then Ram, the Chevy, only a whopping 1 foot ahead of a Ram, loaded. Both of those trucks have 520 to 580 pounds more payload. How well will they stop? We might never see it tested, but GM and Ford can go on posting whatever stupid crazy payload tow ratings they want. LOL. Did you notice the Ford gained the most, 13 feet when loaded, yet it claimed the most payload! Wonder how good it stops at Gross Vehicle Weight Rating! Do you want performance numbers from empty, or loaded? Do you load your truck? You talk like you do...maybe not?

BTW, usually a vehicle with a smaller wheel/tire combo has the advantage, that's the Chevy in this case, but 17" wheels are available, on the Ram.

Funny thing, these jokers like Consumer Reports can say "GM 1500s get better mileage" It's untrue. Their 5.3 might beat the Hemi, but the 4.3 gets less mileage then the 3.6. I wonder how long they will wait to test the v-6 diesel Ram, so they can say "most mileage for a half ton"? For what it's worth to you, johnny, test Ram v-6 vs. Chevy v-6 same configuration, cause both use 265/70 15s. Oh, you probably wouldn't want that. Too equal.

@Lou and ALL1
I don't disagree if you are moving lot's of weight. But it comes back to what a vehicle is rated to handle and your intended use.

As a rule of thumb you only load your truck to 50% of its rated load capacity when off roading. So in our case the best load is about 1 500lbs, then trailer weight. Very few will go outback here off roading without a modified suspension as well.

My view on vehicles like the Grand Cherokee is that they are only good for a couple of people on a weekend outing. My comment was aimed at saying that larger vehicles aren't as good off road generally as smaller vehicles.

Vehicle size does have limitations on what you can and can't achieve.

As for vehicles, in the US/Canada I do believe that an HD with a trailer or whatever to tow quads/bikes and carry your camping gear is a necessity. But I don't know how well it would go here since our tracks are more or less used to handling smaller vehicles.

I do know here that Landcruiser style vehicles and our midsizers are what we use. Landcruiser utes are quite agricultural on road like a Wrangler. As Robert Ryan and myself have stated/shown our diesel utes are different, in drivetrain strength and durability in comparison to the US midsizers. This comment wasn't designed to start a war.

As for how and what the vehicles between our countries are used is different. I don't think I would even use one of our gasoline powered midsizers for anything really challenging.

For a serious time away in the Outback with a midsizer you wouldn't have a total of more than 5 500lbs of load. That's 1 500lbs in the pickup and towing 4 000lbs. More than that would place quite a lot of limitations.

I've seen people with bigger loads but it will slow you down considerably.

TRX-4 Tom: are you for real? trying to compare a 1/2t Chevy to 3/4t Ram? why not compare the HD truck to a HD truck? like with the Chevy = 3538lbs payload reg can 4x4 and the Ram? reg can 4x4= 3030lbs and the 1/2 t trucks? it is even worse for the Rams, even with their air ride, the Chevy=2007 reg cab 4x4 V-8, and the Ram? = 1930lbs, and that is a V-6 only! 2wd! there is no comparison when all things equal!!! sure the HD Ram will tow more, but then again the 1/2t Chevy will tow more than a 1/2t Ram~~~with more power and fuel economy also!

@Lou in BC: The Ram had 3.73 gears (not optional 4.1s) and the tallest tires in the group, and out weighed the Tundra by 1050 pounds, the Chevy by 1600, because, uh, it's a truck that can hold about 1,200 more then the other two, and can handle a much heavier trailer.

They spec'd the Tundra with 4.30s, why not get a 4.10 geared truck? Why not a 3.73 Chevy? The Tundra had little bologna tires, and the Chevy, street friendly tires, good for braking and decent for mileage numbers.

The Chevy gearbox actually makes it have a gearing advantage. Atleast over the Ram. The trans in the Ram is better the 545 RFE they used before in 2500s, but still lacks the low speed gears the Chevy has helping it. The Aisen trans has the better ratio, too bad it isn't used.

Your comment about the 6.4 shows you, as well as them, fail to compare 2500s to 2500s. More apples to oranges, maybe you been hanging with johnny doe?

This isn't much of a 4x4 comparo, more a "how much fun can we have in the sand" type. The other two don't hardy have clearance, and I don't mean the rear axle low clearance number. Lol, broken running boards, air dams digging in, and yet they complain about step in? Confused people.

Maybe they could have tested them with some sort of a load? Does everybody drive around completely empty, besides Big Al?

It's funny the bigger Ram can turn faster then the two others, straight axle can do that.

The only rear fail the Ram has from a 4x4 point of view here is they coulda shoulda made the link arms for the suspension longer for more travel, for more extreme people.

Funny commercial Chevy has now, showing 5 people getting into a 1500 after dirt biking. Imagine how much more gear, and how much farther they could travel without bottoming out if they had the Ram in this write up. Lol, the 2500 costs less then the overpriced Chivy. The Chivy wins with a 55 series tire, real off roading there!

Lol sandman. Chevy tow ratings are a joke!

Are you for real? They compared the two, or three, not me. They busted the Ram for ride, I pointed out the truck can do a lot more they the over rated Chevy, which rides better because of its lesser capabilities.

We seen in the LD challenge how great those Chevys tow, tow numbers are just unrealistic, but give Chevy credit if you believe them. Their numbers are meaningless, from 8th graders.

@Big Al from Oz - most who actually use their trucks in my back yard for anything other than play own HD pickups. I know guys who play in the back country with Jeeps and other small 4x4's. The local 4x4 club is mostly pre-Tacoma small trucks.
Play and work are different.
I'd rather have a UTV (side by side) than any truck for play. They cost almost as much as a used truck but last under constant abuse. Most here own full sized trucks to get out there to set up the base camp which often requires some 4x4 use and then use something purpose built for the rest of it.
I do see abused 1/2 ton trucks that are personal use but those tend to be owned by the "more money than brains" part of society.
All1 describes the benefits of full sized trucks rather well. Our small trucks do not have the tow/haul capacity and that is one reason why they don't sell as well as 1/2 ton trucks.
I see more and more guys buying Kei trucks like what all1 has because quads (like pickups) get used by morons who tear up the back country and the backlash are restrictions limiting quad use especially during hunting season.

@big al

Ah, I see. We are talking about two different things. I am talking about going off road to use a truck for its intended purpose which is to tow/haul and you are talking about going off road to play. In those cases, yes I would rather take a Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. Here in Texas, most of the land is privately owned so going out on a 4 day excursion is out of the question. We usually tow the Jeeps and ATVs to places like Hiden Falls Adventure parkand have a weekend trip. That way if we wreck our Jeeps then we can jusr loaded up and head back home.

If we do use our trucks off road then it is usually to bring everything with us which looks something like this. And yes it is an Ecoboost.

@TRX4 Tom
"Maybe they could have tested them with some sort of a load? Does everybody drive around completely empty, besides Big Al?"

Most of America, Canada, Australia, NZ, even in the EU. Most pickups haul air most of the time.

I mainly haul a fishing boat, fuel, beer etc for an outing. Lot's of guys go out hunting etc for extended periods. But, I haul air most of the time and why not over 30mpg I don't need to have a car for affordable day to day transport like you do.

As I've pointed out to you I was originally after a 4x4 SUV ie, Discovery with a V6 Lion diesel or the Grand Cherokee.

But, the way our new pickups are it was hard not to buy one in lieu of a SUV. They are that good.

Like I've stated our older midsizers I wouldn't have bought. I wanted comfort and off road ability.

Here's a video on the Ranger, the BT50 is identical. Not to bad a vehicle, he even describes and shows how the engine works in idle so it doesn't stall going up a steep grade.

I hope the US Colorado will have the features the Ranger/BT50 have here.


I didn't buy my pickup for anything other than play.

Other do use pickups for work. But heavy work is done by a 4x4 truck not a pickup.

Well I use trucks for a load. Most the time. I don't think you get out much, Big Al.

If you seen me coming from Washington to Arkansas, with a bed full of parts with a Back Flip covering it, you might assume I have nothing in the back. That big shed from Home Depot fits in the back of my D-250, but folks that can't see over the bed ASSUME it is empty.

Can you see what all is in their beds? Your rental that you drive in the few times you visit the states lets you see that? In the one or two cities that you go to? Do you go out to campgrounds? I don't mean the tent campers. Go out to the dunes and places where people haul their tow haulers? Do you actually see people getting firewood? Have you ever been to a racetrack or a rodeo?

You really have lost track of how people use pickups. Yeah, their are a lot of folks hauling air in trucks, like the guys with diesel smoke stakes that run around. But some of us drive trucks when we need them, and cars the rest of the time. Your 30 mpg truck (maybe @ 65 mph on flat ground?) also uses fuel that cost almost 25% more here. You could get a car to get that 30 PLUS MPG, geez, Charger V-6s get better then that. Blow your money how you want. It's yours.

@TRX4 Tom
I'm glad you use your truck to haul car parts. As you have stated in the past you can't afford to run your truck as a daily driver and have a car.

I would assume then you use your truck to carry a load.

I am with TRX-4 Tom on the Chevy tow rating thing especially after yesterdays Ike Gauntlet. I mean c'mon, a 2014 Nissan Frontier Quad cab PRO-4X 4.0L V6 with a 3.36 rear axle was only 14 seconds slower towing the same 5,740 lbs boat than the 2014 Silverado Z-71 5.3L V8 with a 3.08 rear end. Really? Just 14 seconds? The Silverado should have totally dominated the little Frontier especially since the Frontier was at it's max towing rating and GM claims the Silverado could tow another 900 lbs in that configuration making me wonder if the Frontier would have had a better time if the Chevy was maxed out too. Come on fan boys, if this was another make then you would be all over this. I am sorry, if that don't get you to question GMs towing standards then I don't know what will.

2014 Nissan PRO-4X

2014 Chevy Z-71

@Big Al: I didn't say I couldn't I couldn't afford to drive a truck, it makes no sense to drive one at times I don't need one. There is a difference.

With what they tested here they could have tested all SUVs, cause there is no points from them for space or payload.

Just gas mileage, braking, and 0 to 60, with street going SSA tires. They contradict themselves.

Looks like they put a lot of effort into the test, they couldn't get a 3.73 Chevy with an offroad tire, or a 4.10 Ram.

@TRX4 Tom and ALL1
I can see why the Chev won, I could even see why a F-150 or Ram can win. They stated it was a very closely contested.

The reality is there isn't much difference in the trucks overall.

They are built to do the same thing as each other.

I think alot of the objection is a little subjective with a little truth.

But if the Ram won some would say how can anyone take this seriously, it has a low payload or something else.

The F-150 the same arguments. Ford guys will state that it out sells other brands so it must be better.

Trucks are funny things, actually all vehicles. If you don't need a feature or a performance dynamic then it means little if a vehicle can out accelerate or out tow or out carry. Because it appears they used the trucks as most would use them, more as SUVs.

When you buy a vehicle you just don't go out and buy the biggest and baddest of everything. You might just not need those attributes the vehicle offers.

They were after the best product testing normal vehicle use.

I think the test was sensible. As I owned a 2004 Kia Sorento. The best vehicle I've ever owned, it wasn't class leading at anything other than I would think to most fuel a V6 could consume.

But it was good to very good at everything, not excellent at anything. It was a dream to own never once did it break down stop or have warranty work. I even hung onto it until 6 months ago and sold it to a friend cheap, because he would take care of it.

So, if the test was very closely contested and one of the pickups offered something you needed more then I would buy that pickup.

@Sandman 4x4: I don't know where you got 3030 for a 2500 single CAB 4x4 Ram, 2014 Ram 2500 6.4 regular cab 4x4 has a 3599 payload. That's as much and a bit more then the Chevy regular cab 4x4 2500, of 3538.

The 1500s can stand an honest payload raise in the 4x4 models, as the GVWR isn't hardly much more then 4x2s, with 225 extra pounds of drivetrain stuff.

It's a good start that the Ecodiesel 4x4 gets a 6,950 GVWR, vs 6800 hemi, quad cab, but since they are letting it weigh that much GVWR, why can't they let the Hemi weigh that? Want to see something weird? Build a single cab 1500 4x4, add 3.0 diesel, and it takes GVWR off. Backwards. They need to work on this.

The GM extra payload being so much higher, I would really like to see how both stop at GVWR. Then get an empty stopping distance. Then average it out.

@big al

?huh? Why was I in on the last one? I was agreeing wit TRX-4 Tom on the Chevy tow rating argument he was having with sandman. It had nothing to do with you twos last exchange.

Sounds like TRX-4 Tom is mad Ram lost I didn't notice it was a 2500 Ram by the way and my bad on that part. Still solves the problem where you been calling GM half ton trucks low riders though. Simple 2 inch level kit 100%bolt on for 65 bucks and air shocks in the rear for 100 bucks even with a garage installing them will be far less then Rams price on the airbags, and do the job just as good. As for fuel mileage I still bet you the GM would get better MPG, hell the new 6.2L damn near matches the Hemi 6 speed. You could get the 20 plus inch rims for more ground clearance, but their not worth a damn in snow or offroad with street tires just ask the guy next door to me he has 2010 Ram 1500 with 20 inch rims and he's stuck driveing around in 4WD all the time in the winter, but anyways you could get the same size rims on a GM so yeah.

@ALL1 Yeah once again another truck with its best towing gear ratio vs a GM truck with its worse towing gear ratio.

Oh, lol johnny doe, still comparing your cheap lift kit which does not do as the Ram air lift does. Does it lower the front for mileage, and better handling, at speed? No. You now talk of air shocks, can you lower or raise that in the cab? No, you have to take air out or add it.

You really think a two inch raised truck can get the mileage as the stock one they tested here? Wow, you can stand to read up.

How's the quality of ride with those air shocks anyway? Yeah, I had some on a 69 Dart once, lol, been there, done that!

It's more then a an air bag, it's an AIR SUSPENSION, big difference.

I agree the 20s aren't the best for offroad, be it Rams 20s or Chevys, I am surprised they won't put a 32.8" or so 275/70 17 or slightly taller tire instead of the 60 series 20s. A tall 70 or even a 75 series tire, would be much better. But then they would be screaming about them not performing well enough in the autocross. You know, the one where the Ram beat the Chevy loaded and unloaded in the LD shootout.

If your friend had a Chevy with 20" wheels and Chevys tire size, he would do worse.

Speaking of tire sizes, Chevys tallest tire on a 2500? 22.6" The Ram here has 33.2". They put that together with the fact that Ram has put out a lot of 3.73 6.4 engine 2500s, and the Chevys transmission gear ratio advantage, plus the fact the Chevy needs 4.10s, they get their reviews saying Rams 6.4 isn't any stronger, but if they would ask for a 4.10 geared truck, it would be another story. But that's another story of low riders there again, the 2500 Chevy. We beat that dead horse.

@johnny doe

When will you guys quit making excuses. The 5.3L V8 has a 94 peak hp and 102 lb-ft of peak torque advantage over the 4.0L V6. The 3.08 in the GM was mated to a 6 speed and the 3.36 in the Nissan was mated to a 5 speed which that alone would negate the small rear gear advantage in the Frontier. Also, all that doesn't matter with the fact that GM claims that the Silverado in that configuration can tow even more. Looks like GM needs to reevaluate their towing ratings and standards unless you GM guys are used to towing under the speed limit by about 5-10 mph. In that case, keep making excuses for them, it gives them no reason to change or upgrade. Expect more and you get more. Keep making excuses and you get nothing better. This should make anybody question GM when they claim that just putting a slightly shorter 3.42 rear axle in that same truck will allow you to tow 9,600 lbs or even 11,000 lbs with a 3.73. It would be more believable if they claimed the 3.42 towed around 7,500 and the 3.73 towed that 9,000 lbs. I can see that, but not the way it stands now.

ALL1 The Nissan weight close to a 1,000 pounds lighter and factor in the trans gears that comes out to a 4.10. Gearing matters more in hills then raw power. I like I said their you go compare to completely different set ups once again. You're just out to bash GM and that's all their is to it, or you would be comparing more apples to apples testing.

@johnny doe

Please explain this to me. So a 3.36 rear axle comes out to 3.73 with a 5 speed? Hdoes that happen. Man you GM boys will believe anyones marketing. So what does a 3.08 rear axle come out to with a 6 speed? A 3.73 as well since it has another extra gear? I would love to hear how this b is possible. What Nissans marketing meant back 10 years ago when they said that was when compared to previous models that had less transmission gears(4 speed) but a shorter(higher number) axle ratio. The new model made the taller(smaller number) axle ratio equivalent to the shorter gear due to more transmission gears/speeds. It is just like GM saying that that a 3.42 with a 5 speed is equivalent to a 3.08 with a 6 speed. It was all marketing.

You are also getting mad at me for posting actual events and real numbers when you bash and call other makes (and posters) names on a routine basis without any facts. You call other makes junk all the time yet you don't have any real world experiences or factual numbers to back it up. You will never see me call other makes junk because for one they aren't and two all makes have their problems. All makes have their good and bad. I will however call Ford or any other manufacturer out when I think their number are BS. If you don't like me stating my opinion that GMs 5.3L numbers are BS then call GM up and tell them to make them more realistic.It Iis funny that those that tow know the 5.5.3L numbers are a bunch of crock and just a marketing ploy to say it compares in capabilities with the Ecoboost, but some of the GM boys stand fast behind GMs marketing.

teeareexfourtom: I got all the numbers from Ram.com! and used the 5.7 Hemi to compare apples to apples 6.0 Chevy HD to 5.7 Hemi HD as the standard pay loads. As far as the little Nissan and Chevy towing against one another? yes the trailers weighed almost the same, BUT the trucks weigh about 1,000 difference!! and at the GCW would be 1o%!!!!! That is a lot! Lets not forget that the Chevy with a V-8 and 1,ooo lbs more weight will still get better mpg than the Nissan v-6 either empty, loaded, city or hyw!

" That's why a 1/2 ton will always be a superior off road vehicle to an HD."
Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Jan 9, 2014 10:32:07 AM

what 1/2 ton truck from the factory have solid front axle's?
what 1/2 ton truck from the factory has more ground clearance?
what 1/2 ton comes with 4.56 gears?
what 1/2 ton has disconnecting sway bars?
what 1/2 ton comes with lockers front and rear?

Please big al show me the 1/2 ton that has more capability than the 3/4 ton Dodge Power Wagon?

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