2015 Ford F-150: Bed Tech First Look

E 2015 Ford F-150 ATV rear II

Ford knows as well as any truck maker that truck buyers come in all shapes and sizes. To accommodate them you have to offer rugged, functional and clever bed solutions to solve hundreds of different types of cargo-carrying and transporting problems. Although it may not look much different at first glance, the 2015 F-150 offers some unique and thoughtful changes and options to the bed area; it's making its debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The most impressive bed change is four new upper pop-out slots where extra tiedowns can be popped in and out within seconds. The mounting slots are permanently located on the side of the bed (one in front and one in back for all beds) and are likely to include many other types of snap-in devices such as storage boxes, bed dividers or ski racks. Called "BoxLink," these cleats are likely to be a good opportunity for aftermarket companies to create their own products. Ford included a full ramp/rack setup for its display, where the rack is locked in place for transport in much the same way it's snapped in place to help load a motorcycle.

The bed itself (walls and flooring) will all be made of thicker military-grade aluminum alloy, which is more dent and scratch resistant, we're told, than the steel bed it replaces. One new feature we really like is a set of rear-mounted, push-button LED cargo lights, easily accessible from the rear of the bed, as well as a new, lighter rear tailgate that is both remotely lockable (and unlockable) and openable remotely with the key fob (on select models).

Additionally, Ford is debuting the next-generation tailgate step on this truck, which now offers all the parts and pieces (step and grab handle) hidden inside. Just pull the drop-down latch on the top of the tailgate to access the step, and with two easy pullouts, your step and grab handle are ready to use. The new setup is simpler, lighter and easier to operate than its bulky predecessor. Also worth noting, the Boxside step (the one-touch hidden pop-out access step behind the cabin) has been available for a while for the 6.5-foot and 8-foot beds, but now it will be an option for the 5.5-foot bed as well.

Finally, although technically not part of the bed, the new 360-degree surround capability of the new camera allows for more accurate truck positioning when parking or navigating tight spaces. Likewise, a new trailer-hitch assist system makes it easier to hook up your trailer when alone, and a smarter trailer-tow wiring harness can now tell you exactly which bulbs might be burnt out anywhere on your trailering setup. More 2015 F-150 information to come.

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i'm disappointed they didn't include the rooftop/ bed step rack feature like on the Atlas concept. Thought that was the coolest feature i've seen on a truck since the ram box.

I was also hoping for the rooftop ladder rack, but I'm glad they included LED lighting in the bed at least. Truck makers should have done that a long time ago. I am a little worried about the strength of the aluminum bed, but I think I'll wait to see it in person before I decide.

OH!!! That tailgate trim has to go!!! UGLY!!!

Don't like the tailgate trim.

Well I'm glad the post wasn't cluttered with a picture of these tie-downs.

I wonder what INS rates will be considering replacement aluminum parts might be more expensive. And what about labor for body work.

This post would be great with pictures of the things being discussed!

Need to pattern this truck after the 250 and350, as does Ram the 1500 needs to look like a 2500 . these half tons are the look of some old grandma, or some wimpy city boy...

Lets Man up here.....

look at how bad the fit and finish is on that tailgate good lord!!!! the reveal is different in various spots bed to tailgate with the tailgate trim not lining up with the bedside and the top of the tailgate trim is literally waving!!!! geez what quality.......

Can we maybe get some more pictures in this section? This is the one area where a plethora of pictures (or videos) would be useful.

The manufactures have to do something to meet upcoming mandates. They each choose their paths and commit. You scoffers can't say Ford is sitting on their hands. They're swinging for the fence.

I think the scoffers and detractors will change their tune as more info comes out.

So will these bed LED's work with a tonneau cover i.e. mounted undernear the rails? Or with a tonneau will I just be left in the dark? pun indeed, sorry not sorry.

I like the way the ramps lock onto the tailgate. After hauling many a riding lawn mower and motor bike it is nice to have the ramps more secure and not sliding out from under you. like the pop ups for the tie downs as well. I would have to see the truck in person but the tail gate might grow on me.

For me I would trade all the trick options of Led lights, power windows, styled interior for a truck 20,000 less . I'm old school, but I remember a day when a truck carried lumber not groceries and somehow we still were able to drive our trucks without cruse control and leather seats

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