2015 Ford F-150: Design First Look

C 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum Crew II

By Aaron Bragman

The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 that debuted at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit may be a complete redesign of the iconic pickup truck, but it's been designed to look familiar (especially when considering last year's concept Ford Atlas), featuring a set of style cues long associated with the F-Series. Even from a distance, it's obvious this is an F-Series truck. The grille shapes, the circular wheel openings and especially the beltline drop-down cutouts in the front windows immediately identify this as a Ford pickup. Lower models will have grilles that feature "nostrils" reminiscent of the original Ford F-1 pickup. But there have been some improvements and refinements to the design that show Ford has put a lot of thought into the shape of the new truck.


From the front, the obvious influence is the 2013 Atlas concept truck that Ford showed at the 2013 North American International Auto Show. The grille opening seems smaller than the current trend in full-size pickups (witness the massive amounts of chrome adorning the latest Toyota Tundra), and the headlights are separate units more integrated into the fenders than actually part of the grille — at least on high-end versions like the Platinum trim. Those headlights have a "light-pipe" surround that will be highly distinctive, and premium models can specify full LED headlights to replace the standard halogen projector beams. Automatic grille shutters behind the chrome block off airflow to help with aerodynamic efficiency, something that has received a lot of attention on the new truck. Rounded chamfers on the corners and a windshield that features a steeper rake thanks to moving the base of the A-pillars forward all contribute to improved aerodynamic drag.

The beltline of the truck is about an inch lower, and those drop-down cutouts in the front doors are actually 2 inches lower than on the current truck, making for much improved visibility from the interior. The lower beltline continues to the bed box as well, which is also an inch lower to aid in liftover height. Out back, every F-150 will have standard LED taillights, featuring a distinctive surround light pipe that mimics the design present in the headlights. More LEDs are present in the bed as well, both overhead and in the bed itself, to light up the cargo area. Optional on premium models are mirrors with LED spotlights, which can light up the area to each side of the truck at the push of a button, handy for dark campsites, work sites or even just parallel parking.


In our last comparison test of light-duty pickups, the Ford F-150 XLT was criticized for its outdated, "plasticky" interior, especially in the wake of top-notch offerings from Ram and GMC. The new 2015 F-150 banishes the old interior with high-quality soft-touch plastics, new paddle-style door handles right out of the Super Duty and more advanced display screens with easier-to-use functions. The first thing one notices about the interior is the visibility — the lower beltline and window drop-downs are combined with mirrors that have been moved forward by nearly 4 inches to create an easier view out. A dual-pane panoramic sunroof (available on Lariat trim and above) is massive and allows a ton of light into the cab. The cab is also wider than before, with seats moved about three-quarters of an inch outboard to accommodate a wider center console.

In King Ranch and Platinum versions, high-quality leather seats, real stitched dashboards, genuine wood and real metal trim create a truly upscale environment. Even lesser trim models feature smart designs and high-quality materials, however. To put it simply, Ford learned from Ram and GM, and has brought the F-150 up to competitive levels and beyond.

The new F-150's styling is an evolutionary step forward, a solid update of an iconic truck. In person it looks fresh, sleek and fully modern. Given that sales of the current F-150 are stronger than they've been in years, the company must have figured that it's best not to go too wild on what is already a good thing.


A 2015 Ford F-150 Int Overall II

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FordAtlasConcept Int II


Looks better than the truck it replaces. I see a lot of Ram styling
in the front. I will have to see one in person to see if the aluminum is solid. Will people be stealing body panels to recycle them?

I think it looks very nice. Lots of changes but it's still an F-150. Im glad they went the way Atlas I really liked that concept.

Richard Jensen up there is clearly a troll in need of a life, copying and pasting the same exact inaccurate message on several articles.

P.S. Richard Jensen is a poster on Blue Oval Forums, and this is clearly not him.

They could call it a T-150 the T standing for Tundra. Because it does have the same look in the front grille.

I'm not a fan of the DeWalt worksite radio look for the dash.

Our global Rangers sort of have that que.

They call it 'blokey', aggresive.

If you drive alot you would want something comfortable not confronting.

But it does look very modern, which means it will 'date' quicker.

First, I have to address a particular post at a particular GM forum. It seems those that don't find the styling of this truck to be all that are trolls. Imagine that. Bravo GM_. Typical. Keep up the great work!

Now on to reality: This truck's styling isn't all that. At best it's evolutionary--not game-changing, or ground-breaking. It's an update on an update. In fact, next to the current truck, it looks clunky--like it actually gained a thousand pounds. And next to the Atlas concept, it's a total letdown.

Heck, it might look better than the current GM trucks. I won't lie (I don't like their styling or much about them). But it in no way puts them to shame. Some people, like those at places like GM_ (that are way, way, way beyond predictable), are going to have to get real. Or get some sleep... and clear their heads a little.

Looks like they copied the 2014 Toyota Tundra

The previous F-150 actually had projector HID Xenon headlamps, not Hallogen. The Ram and Chevy Silverado have projector Halogen lamps

I'll reserve final thoughts once I see one in person, but the first thing I noticed when I saw the interior was how busy it looks (if Apple has shown one thing it's style, simplicity, and functionality do sell a product). One of the things that I think both RAM and GM got right was a combination of technology and clean lines. I'm overwhelmed by all the gadgets in the console. I get that people didn't like the touch screen Ford offered, truth be told, it was finicky. But compare that with the RAM where they used a nice combination of hard switches and touch screen. Ford seems to have jumped from one extreme to the other.

Again, maybe the truck shows better in person, but photos don't do it much justice.

Uhhhh might take awhile to like this new truck , I am not sure I am sold on the looks.

ugly lol

This truck is much better in every aspect. Love all the hate from gm becauae their trucks couldnt even compete with the last gen f150. Bravo Ford. Ill take mine with an ecoboost.

Not a brand loyalist....EVER! Currently own a Chevy Duramx.
I've owned them all....except for a Ram.
For the haters, and to this guy above, if you don't think Ford will maintain or lengthen its sales lead in light trucks you don't understand business and marketing. This F150 will cause ripple effects across the industry and competitors will have to respond. I hope the diesel half ton Ram, and baby Chevy have similar effects.....we'll see.

I can't believe people think this looks like a tundra.

Looks like a SuperDuty got liquored up and boinked a Tundra... pass

I'm not a big fan of the F-150 but despite everyones reviews on it's looks, it's no denying the fact that you will see a large number of them on the road once they hit Dealerships.

WOW. dodge meets tundra equals 2015 150. this is one ugly truck!!!!!

awesome!!! does not look like a tundra at all!!!

I like it-especally in the low end version with the black grill. Wish they had kept the 3.7L engine, but I guess the 3.5 will work with less weight. Wonder what the MPG will be with that base engine?

I like the new bed line-lower and slanted in-easier to get to things.

Want to see the ext. cab.

Do we have an on-sale date?

People see what they want to see. I do see quite a few similarities in appearance with this new F-150 and the new Tundra. Unto itself there is nothing wrong with that. When looking at all the new trucks, one-if being objective-can see how they are becoming to look more and more like each other. It makes sense when attempting to design a vehicle utilizing aerodynamics to increase fuel efficiency.

Personally I think this is a pretty sharp looking truck and if I was in the market for one right now this new Ford would be at the top of the list. It has some nice innovations and I would gladly put the money down on one with the 5.0.

While I can't visit the Detroit auto show, we get one fairly close to where I live that I think I'll schedule in. I really want to get a better 'feel' for this truck, despite its size.

Wow inside look like dodge ram???

It's awesome. Drool @ #1

Wow. You are looking at the 2015 MT Truck of the Year for sure. The baby GM are nice but look how the newest GM full size did against a year old truck with just a different engine. 2014 Dodge was picked because game changer and I believe the 2015 F-150 to be that. The other are just jumping into an open market and are very similar to what is already there (Tacoma) until 2016 when diesel hits and then I think the Colorado/Canyon can see there time.

I was about to go and lease a diesel Ram so as to try before buy, but I really really like the looks of this truck! Wish it was going to make the New England Auto Show but unfortunately not.

Gotta laugh at the "it looks the same as the old F150" comments coming from the peanut gallery. I own a 2010 and there are a lot of differences.

Evolution versus revolution.

Ford did a great job of changing the looks enough to show change but kept design cues from the 2 previous F150's to keep traditionalists happy.

It is always a tough line to walk.

@ Lou BC: Though I'm not a big fan of the F-150, I would have to agree with you based on the fact is what makes the new truck revolutionary is not so much the exterior design, though that's only a small part, but the new technology from the Drivers Command Center, to the Powertrain choices, a near full length Moon Roof and even a never thought of Remote Tailgate Opener, who would have seen that coming,
this will cause the competition to rethink some things during their Mid-Life refresh or Major Redsign in the next few years.
Well have to wait and see what the next Nissan Titan and 2016 Honda Ridgeline has in store, though that truck will no longer have a uni-body design, based on the recent silhouette
that was skecthed.

Liked the pure Atlas concept vehicle shown last year better than this new F-150, but I am glad that sone ATLAS ideas did filter down to this.

the only thing i don't really like at first glance is the jutting out grille, i would like to see it more flush with the head lights, well that's my opinion at least, other than that it looks great. I will have to see it in person, vehicles usually look better in person.

I think it looks great! Ford seems to know how to keep the
F-150 looking like an F-150, while making great innovations and new designs, all at the same time. I've always been a Ford guy, and this truck is the reason why.

When did Ford Hire the designers from Tonka? Seriously this thing looks like it was designed to be a kids toy. Is this a truck or a Transformer? WTF Ford?

What happened to being a WORK Truck?

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