2015 Ford F-150 Details Video

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We take a closer look at the all-new (all-aluminum) 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum and explore some of the design features, interior changes and bed technology. There is a lot to discover about this new truck, and we'll likely be dipping back into this truck again before we actually get a chance to drive it.

To put this in perspective, what we're seeing here is a major redesign that far outpaces the 2014 Toyota Tundra refresh and pulls up just shy (although that is clearly debatable) of the complete redesign of the GM full-size cousins for 2014. More to come.


I would like to see the interior of the XLT models. Are the XLTs available with the 8 inch touch screen or are they stuck with only the 4.3 like the current ones.

I hope Ford will show these trucks at the Utah Auto Show this weekend

I agree with Rugby King. I can't find a single picture of the interior of an XLT or XL other than the spy photos from a while back. I'm also curious as to how this redesign falls just short of the redesign of the GM twins? Do you have any reasoning for that? Seems like this truck is a huge step ahead of GM as far as innovation and technology and has way more exclusive features, weighs less, more engine options, and probably better fuel economy.

Hey Mark Williams we agree on something: "To put this in perspective, what we're seeing here is a major redesign that far outpaces the 2014 Toyota Tundra refresh and pulls up just shy (although that is clearly debatable) of the complete redesign of the GM full-size cousins for 2014. More to come." That is what I said yesterday "All in all it is a good step forward in the direction they are headed but so are the GMT's. Honestly the new Tundra is the only one that didn't really progress as the both the F150 and GMT's have a new interior, exterior, weight reduction http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/07/18/us-autos-gm-trucks-idUSBRE96H13D20130718 (props to Ford getting more), rolled steel frame, suspension change and updated powertrains that fit the direction they were headed with direct injected, high compression OHV engines for GM and Ford less displacement engines. Both will receive the same tranny that was not available at either launch that the Ford guys gave GM a hard time about. Which ever you are a fan of you should be happy as both made solid improvements.
Posted by: AD | Jan 13, 2014 10:18:36 PM."

I agree with you it is a good solid debut for both trucks the GMT's and the F150. They both made solid progression down the road they were gong but Toyota got to intersection in for the 2014 Tundra and the light turned green and they just sat there. Now to be fair Toyota for whatever reason when it comes time to make changes if the vehicle had major changes on the previous generation debut Toyota will make minor changes for the next generation debut. Toyota will typically changes the shock valving, interior and exterior and call it all new or the new sport edition.

My predictions for power and fuel econ:

3.5 V6: 310/270; 19/27
2.7 V6 EB : 320/370; 19/27
5.0 V8: 420/400; 16/23
3.5 V6 EB: 420/470; 18/25

i'm impressed with the new look for the f 150. I would take a serious look at buying one in 2016,after the first year getting the bugs out. My last two trucks have been Toyotas,and they have been flawless.I'm not impressed with the new tundras,but that could change by 2016. I swore i would never buy another chevy or ford as my bronco and silverados were crap. If i did buy a ford f 150, i would deffinately buy extened warranties!

How did Ford's new F150 "pull up just shy" of the GM twins new pickups when GM barely caught up to the competition?

Put the pipe down Williams!

Agree with JSM. GM just revamped what they had. Ford is more innovative in their approach. I did however see a new GM last week in a parking lot. Gotta say, and I'm not a GM fan but it was damn nice looking. If I were in the market in a year or two for a 1/2 ton it would be a tough choice between Ram, GM and Ford.

(Tundra refresh and pulls up just shy (although that is clearly debatable) of the complete redesign of the GM full-size cousins for 2014.)

You got that 100% right, all Ford did was copy everything GM and Ram has already. The only thing Ford offers that GM and Ram don't is a front camera and light for the rear camera.
It's sure is funny watching the Ford fan boys bragging how kool the new uglier F150 after they copy Ram and GM. It's
going to suck to be a Ford fan, cause this rolling beer can will be the end of Ford lead in sales.

Ford has really grabbed the lead. Will the other manufacturers have the ability to catch up?

Ford did the same when they released the Ranger here in Australia. It was a massive leap for midsizers.

Other have come to the table. So I think maybe other full size manufacturers will try to compete. Ram has the best option with it's vehicle to keep pace with this new F-150.

In some way particularly with engines I think Ram is in front. The diesel is the way of looking forward. The Hemi boys won't like this, but I think it's time to put the Hemi to rest.

Is the Tundra the last of the full sizers to come from Toyota? What about Chev as well? I can't imagine them sitting on their hands. But the latest Chev is no technological marvel.

I wonder if we are starting to see a fragmenting of philosophies for what a pickup is for the US market.

With the new Colorado is Chev hoping that a cheaper midsizer will be the future. Remember like I've stated these new technologies will drive up the prices of full size pickups substantially.

Will Ford Nissan and Ram become the full size mainstays, with Chev and Toyota concentrate on midsizers?

The Chev in its current form can't last. The same for the Tundra.

Is Nissan taking a shot with both full size and midsize. Ford is trying to concentrate on full size pickups, but it still has the Ranger if it really needs to change tact.

We still don't have a clue on the cost of these new F-150s. The cost will determine how popular they are. There are many really nice vehicles out there, but how many are affordable.

Did he really say just shy? Ford dropped 700 pounds. They are using aluminum for just about everything on the truck. What did Gm do again? The only truck I think that comes close to this f150 is the new ram. The Chevy and tundra are just ugly IMO.

And the front end was a rehash of the '90's ford medium duty trucks.

No Big Bore V8? GM or Ram just got my business for my next truck! With their Big Bore V8 Offerings! Ford are you listening? I & many people DON'T want a turbo V6 under my hood especially out of factory warranty!

I'm going to counter Alex's prognostication on mileage with my own.

3.5 V6: 310/270; 19/27 -- 18/25 at best EPA. Individual results may vary based on driving style.

2.7 V6 EB : 320/370; 19/25 -- 16/25
5.0 V8: 420/400; 16/23 -- 16/22
3.5 V6 EB: 420/470; 18/25 -- 17/24

I bet
3.5N/A 288hp 268tq
2.7Ecoboost 310hp 365tq
5.0N/A 370hp 395tq
3.5Ecoboost 375hp 440tq

My predictions were based on the following assumptions.

1. The V6 would have to have AT LEAST 305 (where Ram and GM are). It also could not drop below the 302HP of the 3.7, as it would be seen as a step backwards).

2. The base V6 has to match or "one up" the Ram 1500 V6's 18/25. It it is going to the trouble of saving weight, offering an even smaller engine, and marketing that as a fuel saver, Ford HAS to at least "one-up" everyone on that.

3. As the 3.5 EB is now the top of the line engine, it HAS to compete with the GM 6.2 on performance and economy.

4. The 5.0 can't give away any advantage to the 5.3.

The front end of this thing looks like a pig, it does look like a cross between the Tundra and superduty.

I know this is a truck site and not to steel your words Mark but to me the 2015 Z06 Corvette was the star of the show. Yes the F-150 has a bigger market impact but if we are talking technology and innovation the new Z06 is nothing short of amazing. Regardless of brand preference this is a car that all Americans can and should be proud of. It's literally going to make 200K+ exotics look stupid with its track performance. If Chevy has the technology to build an all aluminum super car frame that can hold 600+ hp I'm sure they can make a few aluminum body panels for their trucks... correct me if I'm wrong but the Silverado and Sierra already have aluminum hoods. For the first time in decades the new F-150 should now be a little lighter than the GM's but lets face it, they have needed to go on a diet for a long time now. If GM decides to get into the all aluminum game they will easily be the lightest once again.

I think Alex is close. I think at least one of the engines will be 27 mpg highway. Ford says it will be "closer to 30 mpg". The silverado 5.3 is rated 23 highway. Ford with a less powerful engine, half the size, at least 500 pound weight savings, grille shutters, more aerodynamic design might be able to do 27 mpg highway. The 5.0 should be able to match the silverado 5.3 if they don't boost the horsepower. I say they keep power the same and it gets 1 mpg better city and highway than the silverado 5.3. Ecoboost will get slightly better than 5.0, as it does now. Did they already say the 5.0 and EB will get more power? I don't see any reason to change the horsepower. Do you see people complaining about the EB power? Silverado 4.3 gets 18/24. F-150 should do better with their 3.5. This is what I hope power and mpg will be:

3.5 V6: 300/270; 19/26
2.7 V6 EB : 320/370; 19/27
5.0 V8: 360/380; 17/24
3.5 V6 EB: 365/420; 17/25

How is ford copying Chevy and ram? They are nothing alike. Ford just took a big leap over both. And by the way I will sacrifice a little mpg for power and the ecoboost embarrassed the new Chevy motors.

I cant wait to get a new fx4 in the summer of 2015.

I will need the 5.0 again or big ecoboost as i have a camper


Cool predictions.

I found this on the current 3.5 L V6 -
"Ti-VCT 290 hp (216 kW) and 255 lb·ft (346 N·m) 2011 Ford Explorer."
It could easily match the competition.

The 2.7 Litre will most likely target the Hp and mpg of the Ecodiesel and be much less in torque.
This is the highest output found in European vehicles:
"152 kW (204 hp), 435 N·m (321 lbf·ft)) – Citroën C5, Citroën C6, Jaguar S-Type, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ".

The 5.0 will be tweaked to beat the HP/torque figures of the 5.3. I suspect that it will have in the neighbourhood of 380 hp. I doubt that it will be over 400 hp but it is a figure that is easily reached. The Boss 302 already 444 hp.

The Ecoboost already beat the 6.2 Chevy at the Ike Gauntlet but that was more because of poor transmission tuning. The EB 3.5 will most likely be around 400 hp and torque will be around 450.

Ford may rely on weigh savings alone to improve performance.

The grill is too tundra like eww all you ford guys have fun with a little hot wheels truck, With that round body

@BAF0 - You're thinking small. On a much larger scale, the newest technology gets paid off, extremely fast when you're talking up to 5 million pickups on a production run, or entire generation. Like an 8, 9 or 10 speed trannys. Once they become 'standard equipment' on high volume trucks, profits start to multiply exponentially. Remember, GM, Ford and Ram trucks are already the top 3, most profitable cars on the planet. Have been for the last 20 years running. Small trucks are about the least profitable, even when hecho'd in Tijuana_BC. The Corolla S Plus 6MT will cost you more than the base 2015 F-150, after rebates.

It looks like a Tundra and GM cross, especially with the tail and face there are copied designs.

The cost will reduce per unit increase in production.

But the cost will be significantly higher. These newer trucks will cost more and put them out of reach of more people.

I really think these are cool trucks, but so are BMW M Series.

This is where Chev's Colorado might not be such a bad move.

Have a truck as or more capable as a future half ton but cheaper. Even in diesel.

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