2015 Ford F-150: Everything You Need to Know

 2015 Ford F-150 red front II

We've done all the digging, and now you have the as much information on the 2015 Ford F-150 as we could dig up for you from the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. We've broken down each of the important aspects of the new truck, so dive in and get an education on the segment's newest half-ton, due to go on sale near the end of the this year.


Intro: Body and Cab Configurations

Desgin: Exterior and Interior

Underhood: Four New Powertrains

Underneath: Frame and Suspension

Technology and Electronics

Simplified Trim Packages

Cool Bed Features

Five Things Ford Got Right

Video: 2015 Ford F-150 Up Close

Video: Top 5 Cool Things About F-150 

Ten Things Ford Got Wrong

Facebook Photo Gallery of 2014 NAIAS

Five Minutes With Ford's Frank Davis

The Switch to Aluminum Could be Costly



To read the full press release regarding the 2015 Ford F-150, click here



@Big Al and RoadWhale, HIDs and LEDs can be made in any color temperature, some people really like the blues (above 7000K), I really like completely white (neutral) light on headlights (6000K) and warmer light is obviously below that. I like warm lighting for interiors, but not for headlights. Even then, I think I prefer white light from the small reading lamps.

My question is... has ford addressed the MyFordTouch problems that it's current models experience? If I'm paying for tech, it'd be good to know it actually works.

This is the nicest looking Tundra to date. Leave it to Ford to steal a design (at least they didn't steal it from Ram this time). It was kind of them to design their own headlights.

@Fish Czar - here is a quote from Ford's head engineer "We started the serious work on this truck in 2009".

How can they copy the 2014 Tundra when this truck was being designed 5 years earlier?

Oh you say they have been working on this since 2009 but at the auto show last week they couldnt open the door because the interior wasnt finished... what a joke! I just wanted to see the sheetmetal shake when I shut the door, is that too much to ask? And another thing, can they make this truck any bigger because I need to get a bag of mulch. Your local gas station thanks you.

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