2015 Ford F-150: Trim Packages First Look

B 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat FX4 Sport II

(Lariat FX4 above)

The 2015 Ford F-150 debuting at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit will carry a modified trim package strategy. Instead of the 11 unique trim packages available for the 2014 model year, the new lineup for the half-ton pickup truck is somewhat simplified. Here's the breakdown:

  • XL: This is the base model pickup with many standard features with a choice of two appearance packages: Chrome or Sport.
  • XLT: This model offers even more standard features with a unique grille; it also offers Chrome or monochromatic Sport appearance package options.
  • Lariat: This well-equipped model has loads of new features, a unique grille and offers Chrome or Sport appearance packages.
  • King Ranch: A very well-quipped trim, King Ranch has unique features inside and out, a dedicated grille and will offer a polished Chrome appearance package option.
  • Platinum: This continues as the top-of-the-line premium trim package offering the most luxurious new cabin design with the highest-grade materials seen in the segment.

Here's Ford's official statement: "When the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 goes on sale late this year, it will continue the tradition of offering the broadest selection of trim levels in the full-size pickup segment." We heard it time and time again from design and engineering teams — they know this truck, at every level, needs to set a new standard.

We should note that the FX4 option package will continue to be available on just about anything offered in four-wheel drive and include the carryover electronically locking rear differential, extra under-carriage skid plating and specially tuned shocks. In some upper-level trim packages, this equipment will already be included.

Finally, nothing has been said about the fate of the SVT Raptor and whether it will get the new aluminum body treatment, new frame tweaks or a version of the existing 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine (which would be an interesting first for the Raptor). At this point Ford will continue to run the existing design on the production line, with all Raptors equipped with the 6.2-liter V-8. Our guess is Ford will make another big announcement about the Raptor in the near future.

C 2015 F-150 Platinum pkg II

(Platinum 4x4 above)



Can't wait to get my crew cab fx4 next summer. Caribou color for me

Wow! Come on all-new Super Duty!

I'd like to see a 5.0 V8 EcoBoost replace the 6.2! What better engine could there be for a Raptor and Mustang GT500?

@Mark Williams
"Our guess is Ford will make another big announcement about the Raptor in the near future"

A 5 litre Coyote Ranger?

No mention of the STX trim. Maybe it got folded into the XL chrome/sport choices.

Hope they make a new and improved Raptor, it would be neat to see a new design for that Already Incredible looking truck. Maybe an upgrade from a 2012 Raptor to a Hopefully coming 2015 Raptor for my step dad. :)

Richard, Richard, Richard...

Of course, it's clear that you're a fanboy for Obama Motors' exercise in plastic called the Silverado, and/or the "all-American Guts and Glory" Ram that's owned by the Italians and made in Mexico, but would it hurt to get just one fact right? Just one?

Guess we'll let the sales figures speak for themselves.

Of course Johnny troll is here to say something bad about the ford. I think it looks awesome. The headlights and grille very much like the atlas, but not quite as extreme looking. Has a much more tough look to it. If you want a sporty girly looking truck you might as well get a colorado Johnny. The only thing I don't like is the piece that partially separates the headlights. I wish that was integrated more into the light.

What a nightmare to wash and wax that front end. More crevices than an 80 yr old lady.

The headlight design to me (for real), looks like a side view of a toilet without the tank attached. The tank would be near the top center of the truck and the lower portion would be the cut-a-way view of the pipe going to the sewer. I hope Ford doesn't add any brown accents to the light assembly? eeewww.

ya - looks like a tundra
what where they thinking
some nice features - heres hoping the super duty looks better

Personally, I'm glad to see that the Chrome is now optional and that a monochromatic (ok, black) grill is available on all but the KR and Platinum. Maybe I can convince them to paint the black to body color if I bought one. At least that subdues that overbearing bright fascia I've had to look at for over a decade.

The World's Best Selling, Toughest, Most Popular and simply BEST Truck =the awesome , all-new FORD F-150 just blew the other lagging pickup "pretenders" further into the Dark Ages with the revolutionary 2015 FORD F-150. America's Ford F-Series sold a modern record 763,402 units in 2013=more the 189,600 units more than the Government Motors Chev/GMC Twins combined!! GM has Recalled the whole 2014 production run because of Safety/Defect FIRE Hazard!!! The awesome ,all-new 2015 FORD F-150 will easily increase it's dominating full size truck sales popularity in the next decade because of SUPERIOR Products that people trust, love to drive and own!! DRIVE a NEW FORD F-150 before you consider ANY of the other losers! Drive an AMERICAN WINNER and Industry Leader==The American Ford F-Series Trucks!!

LOL....I do have to laugh at Dale's comment about the front headlights looking like a toilet without the tank......it does! I am a F150 fan, however, I think I will order a 2014 FX4 in Sterling Gray.

Never have had a preference in trucks. Owned both Ford's, Chevy's, and Toyota's. That was until now. My new 2015 F150 Lariat is years ahead of competition. Based on Ford's commitment to continue being the best in the half ton segment I am now 100% a Ford fan!

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