2015 GMC Canyon: First Look

1 2015 GMC Canyon crew front II

Not long after the reveal of the newly redesigned 2015 Chevrolet Colorado at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, people began to wonder when GM would debut its other small-truck offering, the 2015 GMC Canyon. All that wondering stopped the day before the 2014 North American International Auto Show when we got a closeup look at the newest little pickup. As expected, this new Canyon will give GMC buyers the same three-truck choice (midsize, full-size and heavy-duty) that Chevrolet buyers will have.

The new Canyons will be founded on the same two wheelbases (128 and 140 inches) and body configurations (extended and crew cabs) offered for the Colorado, as well as two bed lengths for the crew cab. The extended cab version will have conventional rear-hinged doors (unlike the full-size Sierra) and will only offer a 6-foot, 2-inch bed length at this time. Like the Colorado, the Canyon will not offer a regular-cab version because there will be a less expensive rear-seat-delete option (extended cab only) available that will effectively fill that slot.

Canyons will have three trim packages, starting with a well-equipped base model and moving up to the SLE and SLT. All three will be offered in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. GMC will exclusively offer an All Terrain Package that can be stacked on top of SLE models; it will effectively be the "sportier" option package for the pickup, similar to the Z71 trim level offered on the Colorado. The All Terrain Package includes unique 17-inch aluminum wheels and all-terrain tires, a body-colored grille, special badging inside and outside, uniquely tuned springs and shocks, and a special steering wheel.

All the mechanicals on the new Canyon will be similar, if not identical, to its platform twin the Colorado, with two engines available at the introduction and another coming online in 2016. The base engine will be a 2.5-liter inline-four gasser that's estimated to produce 193 horsepower; only this engine will offer a six-speed manual option.

The larger, optional gas engine will be the 3.6-liter V-6 (offered in a number of GM cars, crossovers and SUVs) and will likely offer more than 300 horsepower. Both gas engines feature direct fuel injection, variable valve timing, aluminum blocks, dual overhead cams, jet-spray piston cooling and a forged steel crankshaft.

The premium optional engine will be the brand-new (for U.S. markets) Duramax turbo-diesel 2.8-liter inline-four engine, available for the 2016 model year. No power output estimates are official yet, but some estimates have numbers in the neighborhood of 180 hp and upward of 350 pounds-feet of torque.


7 2015 GMC Canyon Int 3 II


As the premium entry in the segment, the Canyon will be filled with special details and standard features. In fact, all Canyons will feature active grille shutters to help with aerodynamics, as well as efficient engine cooling; this was first seen on the Ram 1500 HFE. The corner bumper step (pioneered in both the GM full-size pickups) will be standard on Canyons, as will 16-inch aluminum rims, rear fender-well liners, a backup camera and projector headlamps.

Many of the same technology improvements that made it onto the full-size Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s have made their way onto the new Canyon. The frame, although quite different in size and capability, uses many of the bigger pickups' design and strengthening techniques to make it strong but light. Although the specifics about the exact payload and towing capabilities have not been released, GM has said it will have class-leading numbers of 1,450 pounds of carrying capacity and 6,700 pounds of maximum towing. It's worth noting the front and rear suspension strategies for this new Canyon are identical in design to the global Colorado, but every part, we're told, has been retooled in order to better serve the U.S. consumer.

Other vastly upgraded features include a unique, more bubbled and organic-looking front grille; a more sculpted interior center console and door panel; a much more user-friendly pickup bed (which will include an optional EZ Lift-and-Lower locking tailgate); and this truck gets GMC's ProGrade protection plan that will include two years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first) of free scheduled oil changes, tire rotations and 27-point inspections. The truck will offer a limited warranty of three years or 36,000 miles, as well as a limited powertrain warranty for five years or 100,000 miles.

Finally, the new Canyon will offer more optional high-tech and safety features than any other pickup in the class, including lane departure warning, collision alert, StabiliTrak, rollover mitigation, trailer-sway control, a new 8-inch navigation screen, built-in 4G WiFi hotspot, available next-gen OnStar and much more. Of special note, the GMC Canyon will have a unique AutoTrac four-wheel-drive transfer case, similar in design and capability to the one in the full-size pickups that will give the driver a choice between two-wheel drive and full-time all-wheel-drive mode, as well as a 4-High Lock and 4-Low Lock functions.

Pricing for the Canyon has not been released but you can bet with all these options, pricing could get into the lower ranges of full-size pickup pricing, so GM will have be very careful. Production of the new midsize pickups at the newly refurbished Wentzville, Mo., plant should begin in the fall, with trucks making it to dealerships soon after. We should get a chance to get behind the wheel of the truck later this summer.

To read the full press release, click here.

To read the full specification chart, click here.

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I have been waiting years for this truck. Hail GMC!

Offer the diesel with the stick and 4x4 please.

Nice Truck! I would definitely give this truck a look and will once my Nissan Frontier is paid off! Pricing will be key. I'm curious how they will market this truck.

Very nice looking truck. Is it bad that I was still hoping for the new 4.3?

Here's some interesting infromation.

It'll be coming your way. We currently receive this engine in the new Colorado's here.


These site have some interesting information pertaining to diesel development.



@High Milage
I don't know how they came up with the 180hp and 350ftlb of torque. That what the 1st generation 2.8 Duramax developed.

GM have developed the engine a further. It now has 11% more power and 6% more torque and use 4.3% less fuel. Read my above link.

Wow.... a miniMe. The Colorado had its own personality whereas this looks like a Sierra.

GMC said the Colorado and Canyon would cater to different lifestyle groups............. really?

Oh, now I get it..............

"As the premium entry in the segment, the Canyon will be filled with special details and standard features."

The different lifestyle groups are those with disposable income and those without.

@High Mileage
At the risk of being shot down on this site again. I agree very much the US manufacturers', government regulators, UAW, energy industry, agri industry (corn biofuel subsidies) etc are making it difficult.

On TTAC I supplied information showing how the 40 cetane diesel fuel in the US actually makes it harder to meet emission targets. Diesels need to run a minimum of 15:1 compression to reduce NOx levels and other pollutants.

The 40 cetane fuel makes this nearly impossible. All you have to do is read up and find out the US is becoming the world's largest refiner/exporter of high cetane diesel.

I wonder why the US doesn't change the diesel standard to match Europe. The higher cetane diesel will not affect current diesel engines, sort of like running higher octane gasoline in a car, will not make a difference.

But this will allow for less sludges and contaminants from developing and shortening the life of a diesel engine.

It also provides for less pollutants, easier start, lower compression ratio, etc.

It's another technical barrier, like CAFE, NHTSA safety standards, chicken tax, etc.

This is a very simple problem that can be met. Most diesel fuel available at the pump is already Euro standard, but the manufacturers have to develop engine to run on a lesser quality fuel.

Talk about real dumb a$$ regulations.

Looks exactly like the full-size. Yet I like this better???

If you read these comments from the so called experts and GM (subjective??) it sort of matches up to what several of us bloggers at PUTC has been discussing.

The full article is in the link at the bottom of my post.


Executives at the No. 1 U.S. automaker are counting on the 2015 Canyon pickup when it debuts in the fall to be a "true conquest machine" that will attract full-size truck owners from rival brands. Target buyers include those who want something smaller and people who currently drive crossover vehicles but want the utility of a truck.


While large pickup sales are expected to rise only slightly from 2013 to 2016, midsize pickups will see sales increase by more than a third, according to research firm LMC Automotive. The leader in the mid-sized truck segment is Toyota Motor Corp's (7203.T) Tacoma.



I really like the look. I just may replace my 07 Silverado with this pickup. I tow nothing and only use half my bed for my work, so the size is fine with me. Would be cool if you could get the small V8 in this rig. Guessing someone will drop in a 6.2 at some point.

I want to know the gas mileage and if the 4 cyl can be matched with the 4x4 ? Is it full frame or half frame unibody?
The full size pickups are going 20 MPG with a full size bed and heavy towing,,, so I need a very good reason to part with my full size pickup and go for this.

Big Al ? I know you love the Toyota Tacoma, I owned a 2011 Tacoma, DC 4x4, top of the line options, I got rid of it after 1 year cause it rusted out, rust bubbles on the inside door and the chrome wheels pitted, heater motor noise, it also made grinding noises when decending a hill without throttle, only had 5000 miles and the Toyota Dealer told me I abused it and the warranty is gone! The Tacoma was the WORST pickup I ever owned! Now I own a 2013 F-150, the transmission was stuck in 4th gear, dealer fixed it under warranty and gave me a loaner truck at no cost, LOVE my Ford Dealer!

This is one UGLY truck...I think GM designers have a bumper problem.They just dont know how to design the bumpers.Rear bumper hanging down,front bumper is bigger then the grill...truck doesnt look right.Interior is nice.

I wonder if there will be a new Envoy along with the Trailblazer. The Chevy Colorado looks better.

I like their business model, making the mid sized trucks look like the full sized trucks. I do not care for the design of the new GM products at all, but if they get people to like the new look, they will sell both full and mid size. That's how Ford started the Ranger, selling it as a smaller version of the F150 and that's what catapulted it to the top in sales.

I just don't like the looks of SQUARE fender openings.

They put that ugly rear bumper on it too with the corner steps. May be handy but sure is ugly what GM and Chev did. I'd be replacing it somehow with a full bumper without those corner steps or go with a roll pan.

like all GM products the nose is in the dirt, great for my grandma....
Ill stick with 2500 Ram or 350 Ford...


Envoy? You think? Trailblazer?

GM should cremate those marques. Along with the Saab, the Izuzu, and the Olds versions of that dreadful SUV family.

I leave out the Buick version because

A it was available with a good V8
B it had rear air suspension

There was a short run of Trailblazers with the SS badging that might have been cool, never got to try one.

wow that really is a nice looking truck. I am happy it does not have a small truck look to it. It looks quite premium. I am sure it will sell well. The ??? is going to be will GM find new customers by curtailing the imports sales numbers, or is it going to cause GM's big boys sales? We shall see. Hopefully, The full size sales will not go down for GM.

too much tech! i feel like its going to be too expensive. those s10's were affordable and bullet proof with a 4.3 and 5 speed. (I've owned 4 and still have 2). at least make the work truck 4x4 6 speed without all of the tech crap. More bed tech would have been better suited. a true ZR2 version would be cool (dreaming.) How about a BAJA edition with tube bumpers and light bar! (really dreaming.) I guess I'll have to keep my 91 BAJA and 03 ZR2 both with 4.3 5sp

I like it even though it looks like a Honda Ridgeline. Hope it out sales the Tacoma, Frontier, & Ridgeline Awesome if you could get one with a 6.2L vortex ;)

@Papa Jim, I actually liked the Envoy/TB XL. I also think that 4.2 I6 would give the 5.3 V8 a run for its money. I think it was GM's best 6 (at least until the new 4.3).

Looks pretty good, I think GM was smart in offering the Colorado for those who like a slightly more rounded sporty look and then you have the Canyon for those who like a more traditional square truck look. Most will like one or the other, its what they should have down with the full sizers.

Wow Nice this is a winer good job gm

Definitely looks like a suitable replacement for a '90 F-150--especially with the I-4/6-speed stick combo. Wonder if I could push this past 30mpg on the highway?

Exterior-wise, the truck looks like a 3/4 scale Sierra. As such, I don't see how it or it's twin is going to sell well unless there is a substantial price different from the full size trucks.

I have the feeling that most people who say it looks good are saying that because it looks like the Sierra, and they like the Sierra design. There is nothing wrong with that, but it points out a big problem if its true, that is, how will people decide between it and the Sierra.

On a side note, I wonder why they didn't put the 4.3 in the truck instead of the 3.6? As with others here, that decision makes no sense at all.

GM is really turning off the Chevrolet enthusiasts to GM-GMC by doing all of this great stuff to GM-GMC and giving the proverbial middle finger to Chevrolet. They did it with the new Impala, they did it prior with the Camaro vs Firebird, they did it with the Malibu, Cruze and Traverse. They've done it with the Silverado for a good 10 years now plus. It's no wonder their sales have tanked. And now GM does it with the Colorado. You'd think these idiots would learn. They keep skipping the butter on their bread and butter like they've been doing, soon even the bread buyers will be gone. What a bunch of morons to ruin Chevrolet Motors liked they've gone and done since the 80's.

Competition is Good!!! The Next F-150


Can't believe you are breaking the news before PUTC. Sounds like they aren't doing their job.

@Hemi Monster, I just had a few minutes. What are your thoughts? Looks like the website is Canadian lol

The Front End looks like a Toyoda and the back looks like a Ram, I know GM did the same thing copying Ram from the back. I guess that's the most aero dynamic you can get.

@All American
It's hard to say. Half of me likes it, the other half isn't sure. I think overall the design looks better than the current one. I guess there will be plenty of time to discuss it in the next few days.

@Hemi Monster, We'll have to see, the only thing I can say is that this is good for both GM and RAM will make us more competitive.

The website looks have way done so I think someone forgot to delete and just allowed my super computer to find lol.

Thanks for the link AllAmerican, not real sure what to think about the new F-150. My first reaction was wow that is ugly but I will reserve judgement until I see real world pictures. Not too many surprises in the styling department, if you liked the old F-150 you will probably like the new one. As far as the Canyon I think it looks good, a bit over-styled in the flare department but good overall and appears to be the new standard in midsize luxury.



Check this out, my younger brother is loving it...

The red one kinda looks like the Mexican Lincoln Mark LT.

No more Badge Engineering tactics, I like this move, lets keep this going for more years to come between Colorado and Canyon.

Looks like a nice truck have been looking for something to replace my 2000 Frontier. Please consider offering the crew cab with the 4 cylinder manual, hope the diesel comes with a manual option as well, won't drive an automatic. Overall, good effort GMC

would. the. truck. be fine. hibrid. for. a. soft travel and. motor for. work


If the boys over at Nissan put the 2.8 Cummins ISF in the new frontier and push it for 2016/ 2017 with a quality multi ratio transmission like a 7 or 8 speed auto, I guess whose midsize to buy, new fronty or a new colorado, will come down to price. Nissan already offers the same goodies in a center screen on the current fronty. Sounds Like Nissan may be considering the new competition the detroit boys are bringing since the frontier out sells the titan and would probly be Nissan's better cash cow for their developement team.

just to put the rumors to rest and give some hope their will be stick offered for all Colorado and Canyons. Now on to the DIESEL myth well not really a myth their will be a Diesel but it wont be offered until the 2016 model comes out so if you want the diesel it will be released but more then likely in a year or so if I had to guess probably 9-12months after the 2015 Release...No thanks necessary just helping you guys out.

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